Lobsang Sangay’s wrong Churchill quote

I haven’t been feeling well for the past month and have been unable to contribute anything new. I’ve noticed that some of you have posted comments on a few of the old blogs, so in order that you have something more up-to-date and relevant to chew on I have inserted two excellent opinion pieces by Christophe Besuchet, a long time Tibet activist. He has already posted them on rangzen.net, but they are so well-written and absolutely incisive about our present political dilemma that I think they should be re-read and discussed widely. JN.

Investigating Lobsang Sangay’s “Obama of China” Statement

Thanks to Lobsang Sangay la and Jamyang Norbu la, the Kalon Tripa race has its first Sarah Palin incident. Palin, of course, is the defeated 2008 U.S. vice presidential candidate who supposedly said she had foreign policy experience because she could “see Russia” from her house in Alaska. That gaffe was taken somewhat out of context to criticize the half-term governor for her perceived weakness; in her case inexperience.