The China (Proliferation) Syndrome

The recent news of the release from house arrest of Pakistan’s rogue nuclear scientist A.Q. Khan had leaders and commentators in the free world blowing hot and cold – as usual. The release was condemned as “a blow to international security” but as always the behind-the-scenes role of China as the leading proliferator of nuclear weapons and delivery technology to rogue states, was studiously ignored.  I have commented on this question before (Buying the Dragon’s Teeth etc.) but I am returning to it as the likelihood of a nuclear device getting into terrorist hands has now dramatically increased with the rise of the Taliban and the creeping failure, as states, of both Afghanistan and Pakistan.  I also hope it will give some of my readers in Dharamshala an idea of the ruthless and Machiavellian extremes to which China is prepared to go to achieve its strategic goals.

Pakistanis may proudly hail Khan as the father of the “Islamic bomb”, but what is generally not noted is that Khan’s PhD is in metallurgical engineering. Khan was certainly responsible for stealing blue prints for the manufacture of enriched uranium from a Dutch laboratory in 1972 and he was put in charge of Pakistan’s uranium enrichment program in 1976. But he was not involved with the actual design, development and testing of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. He wasn’t even living in the country when Pakistan’s nuclear weapon program was secretly launched in 1972.

A New York Times report describes China’s vital contribution to the genesis of Pakistan’s nuclear program. “China, a staunch ally of Pakistan’s, provided blueprints for the bomb, as well as highly enriched uranium, tritium, scientists and key components for a nuclear weapons production complex, among other crucial tools. ‘Without China’s help, Pakistan’s bomb would not exist’ said Gary Milhollin, a leading expert on the spread of nuclear weapons.”[1]

According to a survey of WMD proliferation published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, “China’s assistance to Pakistan’s nuclear program over the past 15 years may have been critical to Pakistan’s nuclear weapon breakthroughs in the 1980s. China was believed to have supplied Pakistan with the plans for one of its earlier nuclear bombs and possibly to have provided enough highly enriched uranium for two such weapons.”[2] The Carnegie Endowment supported survey also details China’s assistance to Pakistan in the construction of plutonium production reactor at Khusab and an unsafeguarded plutonium reprocessing facility at Chasma, giving Pakistan, for the first time, a dependable source of plutonium for use in nuclear weapons.

India was initially ahead not only of Pakistan, but even China, in the nuclear field. In the fifties the Indian leadership and scientific community generally subscribed (somewhat naively in retrospect) to the Nehruvian vision of the upliftment of the third world through the peaceful harnessing of nuclear energy, while from the start China’s “…nuclear effort (aided substantially by the USSR) remained almost exclusively military”. In 1955, India’s top nuclear scientist, Homi Bhabha, was president of the landmark international Atoms for Peace Conference in Geneva. India’s first nuclear plant (1957) at Trombay “seemed open and aboveboard. There was no secrecy about it.”

The irony is that India’s nuclear weapons program resulted directly from two Chinese actions: the 1962 military attack on India and the 1964 explosion of China’s first nuclear bomb.  “The Chinese bomb hurt Bhabha’s pride as much as his patriotism.”[3]  Within weeks Bhabha was calling for a nuclear deterrent, and in a few months Indian prime-minister Lal Bahadur Shastri gave the go-ahead. But Bhabha’s death and the strong political and moral opposition to the program kept it on hold till 1974 when under Mrs. Indira Gandhi, India conducted its first test.

Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and superior delivery system has in a real sense neutralized India’s overwhelming advantage in conventional military terms that it enjoyed over Pakistan. By building up Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal and missile systems, China has effectively checkmated India and blind-sided its challenge as China’s main Asian rival.

China has also in a sense checkmated America and its Asian allies, South Korea and Japan, by providing, through its proxy, Pakistan, nuclear weapons technology to North Korea. In June 2002, the CIA delivered a comprehensive analysis of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions to President Bush that Pakistan, one of the Bush Administration’s important allies in the war against terrorism, and chief recipient of Chinese nuclear technology, was helping North Korea build the bomb.”[4]  Pakistan’s, “A.Q. Khan, is known to have paid at least 13 visits to North Korea.”[5]

Furthermore it has given the Beijing the opportunity to assume the moral high ground and set itself up as an honest broker between the USA and North Korea. It has organized a couple of fruitless meetings in Beijing, assigning to itself an assertive mediating role, and never failing to condemn American lack of cooperation for the collapse of the talks.

On February 17, 2004, the Washington Post came out with the story that Libya’s nuclear weapon design had come from China. The discovery was made by international inspectors after they studied a package of documents turned over to U.S. officials in November last year by Libyan authorities. “The bomb designs and other papers turned over by Libya have yielded dramatic evidence of China’s long-suspected role in transferring nuclear know-how to Pakistan.” The Post story also mentioned that  “the packet of documents, some of which included text in Chinese, contained detailed, step-by-step instructions for assembling an implosion-type nuclear bomb that could fit atop a large ballistic missile. They also included technical instructions for manufacturing components for the device, the officials and experts said.”[6]

China’s actions “were irresponsible and short-sighted, and raise questions about what else China provided to Pakistan’s nuclear program,”[7]  said David Albright, a nuclear physicist and former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq.

It might be noted that the bomb design for Saddam Hussein’s aborted nuclear weapons program was also of Chinese origin.[8]

On June 15, 2004, Reuters reported that congressional investigators from the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission had accused China of sending nuclear technology to Iran in exchange for oil.[9]  Pakistan and China signed long-term nuclear cooperation agreements with Iran in 1987 and 1990, respectively. Accords with both countries involved training personnel, and in the case of China, the accord included an agreement to provide Iran with a 27KW miniature neutron source reactor (MNSR) and two 300MW Qinshan power reactors. Western intelligence suspected that Pakistan, which many estimated had succeeded in manufacturing a nuclear bomb in 1986, provided Iran with nuclear assistance. Reports in Western press and leaks from Western government and intelligence sources indicated that Pakistan had trained Iranian scientists in plutonium extraction and possibly gas centrifuge enrichment research.

In January this year a book came out that could be described as a political history of nuclear weapons from the discovery of fission in 1938 to the nuclear train wreck that seems to loom in our future. Thomas Reed and Danny Stillman’s The Nuclear Express is as discerning as it is timely.  It is also explicit in pointing out and condemning China’s sponsorship of the Pakistani program and the reckless “nuclear weapons programs for sale” exporting of technology that it has unleashed. My only complaint, and it is perhaps nit-picking, is that it doesn’t address sufficiently what I call China’s “nuclear-threat-by-proxy” strategy, whereby through proxies China manages to deliver real nuclear threats to its adversaries, while appearing to remain above the fray.

If it were humanly possible to view the whole thing dispassionately, overlooking the possibility of nuclear conflict in South Asia, North-East Asia and the Middle East, and the potential passage of nuclear weapons into the hands of Islamic terrorists, one can only marvel at the skill and patience with which China has consistently outmaneuvered its many enemies and competitors.


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  1. Dear Norbu La,

    I start from here now on to read your illuminating and forceful blogs and want to try to leave a comment. The above two comments do sound utterly irrelevant to the theme of your blog and I don’t think it isn’t the way your informative writing should be treated…

    It is really a thrilling and venturing piece of writing…..rather alien or novel to what we tend to deal with.

    Thanks so much Norbu La!

  2. LOL! This is so out of the left field that I can’t even get angry with the sheer stupidity of the post. My mindset was focused on the nuclear proliferation by the Chinese amongst the rogue nations like Pakistan, North Korea, Libya and the corresponding lackluster response by the western nations and then I came across this rant by a the Dogyal fanatic. You know I got one for you. I like to play ping pong naked. Just thought I should share that with you since it doesn’t seem like it has to be relevant to the original post. It feels so good to finally let the world know about this little secret of mine. lol

  3. To TT and others,
    Please don’t post anymore comments unrelated to the general discussion here. I have asked my webmaster to delete all postings by TT.

  4. Nice job to expose real Chinese menace. Only reliable effective international strategy is to fund and support sabotage of China. Diplomacy with the devil not effective. China is terrorist, fund terrorist, is embodied terrorism. Fight fire with fire. But if Chinese burn all the people (terrorist) Tibet need only burn the firestarters (this much is war). To me, terrorism means target innocent civilians as Chinese target peaceful protesters. This terrorism. Killing Chinese Communists is only an act in a war that started in 50’s and never ended. Killing Chinese Communists would not be terrorist. Let no man call it terrorist when Chinese Communists are killed. You may fairly call it vengeance or fury or even fairness but its not act of terror. Is act of protection of Tibet nation and people to include the Tibet women and children who being brutalized.

    It would be the revival of the activity of Chusi Gangdruk noblest warriors. This much Patel feel deep in heart. Let world use any name they like. Who cares if Tibet get power and freedom again?

    Norbu la, I like your work but I liked you more when you spoke truth of need to use violence against red Chinese. There may now be no other chance. When you talked about turning Tibet into such a disaster that no one in their right mind would want to live there I think you struck the chords of truth as to only solution for Tibet.

    My Gandhian background make me not like this bitter pill swallowing, but also tell me there no use to hope for a dream and lie about reality.

    If I can play God in my Patel mind, I say I gladly trade 100 Communist officials dead bodies to save one simple ravaged nun in Lhasa.

    Now why world people feel scared when I talking like this and not feel scared when that simple nun gets sentenced? World is like dirty filthy place of pain. Maybe the only solution will also be dirty and filthy. Sad but is true?

    .Sharma Patel

  5. Thanks Jamyang la for your informative blog on the most evil nation on earth. From my recollection of Chinese history, it seems that all ruling Chinese figures have become leaders using “power that comes from a barrel of their guns”; to quote Mao in his own words. The Chinese public makes a huge noise about being humiliated by western nations and being treated disrespectfully, yet ironically, they encourage their despotic leader to do the same in Asia and Africa where they blackmail and disrespect smaller nations. The Chinese bask in the warm glow of “aids to African nations” with itsy-bitsy donations and a stadium or two thrown in to boot; but behind the scenes, China is the biggest supplier or weapons and machines of war in Africa, Asia and certain South American countries. In return, these nations must support China in the UNO, so that they can appear to have legitimate world support and boost their “clean” image on the world stage. And with the recent world economic disaster, China is the one behind the scene, squeezing the economic balls of the western leaders and driving them to a tizzy so that they can’t think straight. So, when it comes to upstaging these seasoned black-mailers and hypochondriacs, what power does “representatives of HHDL” have over them that can bring them to the bargaining table. Our approach when dealing with China so far has always been a simple frontal assault which fares no better than a tantrum kid being fended off by an adult with one shove on the head. I feel the “negotiation” approach has failed us all along; we need to put our heads together and our feet on the ground. It is tiresome to always be trying to climb the moral high-ground while we have no support beneath our feet.

  6. Well, I feel that people constantly confuse self-defense with terrorism and term anything that involves violence as simply inhuman and uncivilized but throughout human history it has been proven again and again that sometimes violence is acceptable and most probably the only response when it becomes the question of self-defense and self-preservation. If that were not the case, the world would have been starkly different today with the umimpeded advance of the Nazi Germany or the cold steel of communism. But we don’t consider those wars in which much violence has been prepetuated by both sides, aggressor and defenders alike, as violence of the evil or the uncivilized. It is rather felt as a necessary heroic deed that saved the world. So, we must be clear about what we are talking about when we talk about protestors using violence or public mayhem as a mean to vent their frustration – even if it involves human lives. We must remember they are the aggressors and they are in our country. Before anything else, Tibetans are humans, and then they are Tibetans, and then finally buddhist and precisely in the order. So, if there have been violence in the streets of Tibet, my response is always this: It is regrettable but it is certainly understandable, remember they are in our country.

    Besides, I believe our non-violent approach is probably the reason why we are not taken that seriously by the world community aside from the occassional pat on the head and few sound bytes in the media. I always believe that the non-violence approach will only work if there is the counter-balance of the threat of violence from another front and thereby even provide those who legitimately seek a peaceful approach a valid and tangible ground to stand on. Why do you think all the presidents keep rushing to the middle east to seek a peaceful and meaningful solution to the middle east while we get constantly shoved to the side? I understand israeli-palestanian conflict has many other features that makes it different than ours, mainly due to Arab power and US reliance on Israel, the oil, and the such but it seems violence almost always make every president rush there for some reason.

    Why am I talking about violence and non-violence in a topic that has to do with nuclear proliferation by the Chinese? Hell if I know. Mostly, it is a reflection after Patel’s comment and then there is the element of hurt spurned by Hillary Clinton’s visit to China where she publicly declared human rights and tibet will take a second place to the global economy and US will whore itself again to the most repressive regime in the world. Fat Arze! Wasn’t it her husband who sold us out to China before? Thanks a lot, you pair of ugly politicians. And yes, I like the scorched-earth policy where no people, and most certainly Chinese, would want to live in Tibet and make a living there. Due to the recent protest and uncertainty in Tibet, there are reports that most Chinese are having second thoughts about livign in Tibet and planning to return back to China. Think about that for a minute. And before anybody says anything, sorry about the rant. Hahaha.

  7. Tenpa,

    Patel feel he love you like brother just because you can call Hillary the fat arse. Its not going far enough. She is a lowly demon sow. I am so much liking your points and Gyalpots. Patel always held Tibet can achieve nothing until gaining leverage. Leverage way is violence way. Its the fact. For the sake of maintaining legality nature, let me tell a story about mythical place called Commie-Sa.

    In Commie-Sa they like to rape nuns and torture minors and kill dissidents. It went on a long time in Commie-Sa while the leader of oppressed Nying People prayed for Commie-sa souls. Then one day one Nying boy got so tired. He made secret plan. During 19th month of Commie-sa year, on anniversary of Commie-sa invasion, the boy shot Commie-sa army commander. Commie-sa was not worried…. but then the next army commander got shot too. After this happening 12 times then Commie-sa came to negotiating table. But by then, all the Commie-sa people were so afraid of the Nying warriors they had all gone home. There was no more occupation of Nying land. Nying people were free.

    Now isnt that a painfully beautiful myth tale?
    Death is sad when it comes to any man but same time even the bodhisattva will kill one man to save the 500. How much more the entire nation and whole tradition of Lord Buddha teaching and whole beautiful culture-religion-way of life?

    Patel is only impotent thinker with no skill in guns or bombs.

    Still thanking you as brother for speaking your words of truth.

    I think the revolution for Tibet starting first in internet. After many painful sacrifices over few decades, Tibet will be free!!!!!!!!!!

    Then Patel will visit Lhasa to buy Tenpa, Gyalpot, and Jamyang Norbu so many cup of chang.

  8. re: the fat arse

    Hillary Clinton can not even handle pain of Monica Lewinsky give Bill good time. This being case, she having no courage to face a cattle prod rape like our Tibetan sisters who protest even knowing what will come. But Hillary is good at keeping silent when happening to Tibetan women, isn’t she. Yeppee, she is good at keeping quiet as long as its *just* the Tibetans who get raped and tortured.

    I want Ngawang Sangdrol as secretary of state.
    Hillary Clinton should go to Drapchi to learn about compassion in face of evil. But I dont think she has this much courageful, this much power, this much heart.

    I can not stand this sow who is secretary of state. Obama is good but Hillary such poor choice. So disgraceful to brothers in Ari what she did in China. Ari is such good country so why good state department must head by this fat arse. Shame on Hillary Clinton. She should bow head, resign, accept her shame. At least say sorry for her big most error. But she will not do it. Too much ego. So pathetic.

    Anyway, Patel will rant forever until Tibet is free. I wish world government can understand pain of Tibetan suffering. Nobody even care.

  9. for spreading weapons of terror…
    for murdering 1.2 million Tibetans…
    for occupying east Turkestan…
    for brutalizing unnumberable dissidents…
    for raping countless nuns…

    the world has punishing China by give MFN, Olympic Games, and extended hand of friendship?

    if China had spread only one weapon of terror…
    if China had killed just 1 Tibetan…
    if China had just occupied part of Turkestan…
    if China had tortured just one dissident…
    and if China raped just one Buddhist nun…

    this would be enough cause for war. Because they are doing all this not in their country, but in Tibetans country.

    How then shall the world ask the people of Tibet to keep quiet?

    How then shall the world ask the people of Tibet to practice peace?

    Patel shall not.

    Patel will only say that in vastness sea of karmas coming, he feels sad for what is coming now. But this sadness much will vanish when snow lions fly over Lhasa.

    so sorry to write so much my worthless english and small mind. Very bad day for me due to pain of Hillary Clinton causing it.

    I wish Hillary will accomplish two aims at once and act like Pawo Thubten Ngodup. Then we would not only get more recognized for Tibet struggle, but Ari might get a decent sec of state. Ha ha ha. Only joking much. I wish no ill on Hillary, but is my free right to call the sow a sow. Only thing I wish for her is that God will grant her a spine one day.

  10. Whenever I read a text of Jamyang Norbu, I highly regret that it will have little influence on Dharamsala. Jamyang has been commenting on Tibet’s and China’s political affairs for more than three decades, but his writings seems to have been less remarked in Dharamsala where Tibetan leaders in exile are too busy applauding and acclaiming every decision made by the Dalai Lama, than in Beijing where the danger of such an eloquent writer is directly felt.

    Today, with such a clear-sighted commentary on Communist China’s “nuclear-threat-by-proxy”, my feeling of hopelessness is even stronger. I’m not yet done with my hangover from last November’s political disaster and already I have to be reminded that those driving the boat from the Himalayan foothills are thousand of miles away from the harsh reality of politics. The world is threaten by Chinese leaders’ disastrous recklessness and brutal disdain for global security, but Dharamsala keeps on believing that Tibet could strike a peaceful deal with them, at no cost, on the simple basis of “truth”. “Truth will prevail”. “Truth insistence”. The truth is that, in the meantime, Chinese nuclear know-how proliferates dangerously in the hands of the villains.

    Will there be, one day, anyone in the TGIE courageous enough to face “the ruthless and Machiavellian extremes to which China is prepared to go to achieve its strategic goals” and to act accordingly? In his previous post, Jamyang Norbu underlined the lack of experts invited during last November so-called Special Meeting. Considering this present commentary on Chinese nuclear threat, isn’t it time for Dharamsala to adopt a new approach and start employing native and far-sighted advisors such as Jamyang Norbu rather than foreigners with hidden interests in China?

  11. I second Christopher and wish my govt. will finally recognize the true patriots in our midst and quit treating them like black sheep of the family. It hurts me personally when the bravest and the most noble of our people get kicked to the curb and die broken hearted while the arse-kissers create a river of saliva down Gangchen Kyishong that no sane person can safely travel to and fro. I think the main reason for the political stance of the current administration is the perservation of buddhism and Tibet the nation becomes a distant second. And in that philosophy, it is ok to have 8 million Chinese living in Tibet as long as they are practicing buddhism. That, I think is a flawed logic and can only lead to future problems with immense consequences. If that was a good logic, why didn’t we become one with CHina when both were great buddhists countries at one point? The nation of Tibet was there long before Buddhism was there and it shall be there long after buddhism is gone from the land of the snow.

  12. I was disappointed with last Nov’s meeting because nothing came out of it.

    At least, it will be a good starting point if they formed a forum where couple of accomplished scholars and writers like JN to do research, and also TGIE gradually incorporate essential points into policy.

    This article is very intersting. China uses North Korea like puppet and through it, spread Nuclear Tech which concerns the West. China’s victory in Nepal for Maoist also another indicator for everyone be alerted. Don’t forget China also almost owns Myarmar and it has its listening devices in Bay of Bengal and listening and mornitoring Indian military activity. At the same time, CCP uses all Chinese who migrated to foreign country as medium through which stealing necessary information and technology.

    Be Alert!


  13. It seems as if all the worlds’ governments have been afflicted with the malady of ‘U-me Lam’ (? the way of the headless) in dealing with this most brutal and totalitarian government. WAKE UP PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

  14. Patel being of the mind of also greatest respect for the Shakyamuni’s teaching, for Holy Dalai Lama, for big Gyari incarnation, even for the Samdhong scholar and so forth.
    But sad fact is if the most able lamas can’t accomplish the goal, maybe problem lies in looking for answers from lamas. Maybe lamas picked wrong political goal due to spiritual farsightedness create political shortsightedness.
    Is this much possibility? What will same lamas say if asking?

    Lamas can’t fight well. They are bringing they malas to a cattle prod fight. China is happy to keep raping-torturing-killing while Tibetans recite manis.

    But political freedom stems from blood
    more than from the mani mantras.
    Wake up and face the fact.
    Only with a mixture of insane quantities of Tibetan and Chinese blood both will the lotus flower of freedom bloom in Tibet and also in China. Dont pretend there is a possibility that negotiate settlemtn will come. Bloodshed very bad thing, but experience endless atrocity in passive stance is worse thing.

    If peace settled could come, would already come with such great men trying for it. Now is the time all people resign. Tibetans no need more gurus but do need more fighters — whether in violence way or peaceful way — but must fight.

    Real religion of Shakyamuni Dharma is the total selflessness in all things. Also means no concern for this body-mind. Means ready to die when Truth calls, no making excuse. And what truth calling? Truth saying Tibet is an independent nation. Truth saying this torture WILL stop. Truth saying our nuns had enough. Truth saying our monks need their religion free. Truth saying no biggest holy lama can give political freedom any more than greatest warrior can give abhisheka.

    I dont ask Jamyang Norbu for abhisheka.
    And I won’t ask Gyalwa Rinpoche to fight for freedom.

    I will fight for freedom so that Gyalwa Rinpoche can bestow his presence of abhisheka on his people in TIBET!

    This much from Sharma Patel.

  15. no poem but to think aloud is like this:

    who is the black sheep?
    it is relative.
    Dalai Lama is black sheep
    for the Communists.
    Hu Jintao is the black devil
    for the Tibetans.
    Lhasang Tsering is the black sheep
    of autonomy’s dreams.
    Autonomy is the black demon
    of dead warriors of four rivers
    and six ranges.

    Jamyang Norbu is the black sheep
    of Dharamsala?
    Patel is the black demon
    on his blog.
    One man’s Chenrezig is
    another man’s demon.

    Tibetans Gonpo looks like
    Americans Satan!

    Chinese worship Mao.
    Tibetans worship Chenrezig.
    People like this
    can not live together.

    Why ask them to?

  16. jamyang norbu,
    using scare tactics on dumb tibetans by the middle way gang is deplorable, bad and sad.
    but the hard reality is no matter what we say they will continue to do it regardless.
    so isn’t it time we too use scare tactics to get people more vocal on independence?
    it’s pity so far there are only two individuals in the whole tibetan world who are courageous enough to speak up against the sheer stupidity of our leaders. they are jamyang norbu and lhasang tsering. others are just bunch of cowards who deep down in their heart know independence should be the ultimate goal but when it comes to speaking up they would say ‘middle way’ like hillary clintons.

    please list scare tactics.
    without indepependence, buddhism will be dead.
    if tibetans don’t fight for independence, the US consulars–the grandchildren of thomas paine and jefereson– will not issue them visas to ari!

  17. tibet has been subjugated by different brutal buddhist fatalist religious traditions for atleast 1300 years with absolute authority. even today with the tibetan govt with religious leaders at the top power house will never put efforts to garner international support for militant action for independence nor will they make attempts to use force on their own to put that lethal pressure on china and the international community to give us back what rightfully belongs to us–RANGZEN. they will always come up with excuses after excuses not to do so. they will continue to do anything to further chinese interests and claims even if it means to lick and suck hu jintao’s asss literally. they will not move an inch from their so called “genuine autonomy” “middle way” philosophy until tibet sinks into an eternal coma. the so called leaders like samdong lama(not rinpoche-nothing precious about this dangerous cunning politician) keep saying “in the life of a country, 50 years is nothing” but what they don’t want to realize is the ability of the chinese regime to move atleast 50 million chinese-in addition to the presence of 10 million chinese already settled against 6 million tibetans in tibet-in the next 100 years. tibetan people even today being absolutely dominated by powerful monks/monasteries(politically,financially and sheer physical muscle power) will never allow a change in the system of tibetan govt which is mixed up with politics and hence just chaos and directionlessness. tibetan lay people will continue to remain powerless to do anything for another century and that’s the end of everything. the extinction of tibetans as a people, culture and nation. in a world of political realities, miracles don’t happen.
    tibet will be dead like manchuria and inner mongolia. despite independence, even outer mongolia is a dead culture with one mogolian to 20 chinese/russians in their own land. too late. too sad. too bad. too sad. hopelessness rules anything tibetan and it is here to stay in the tibetan psychic forever. tibetan dooms day. eternal damnation.

  18. All I see in this forum, is naked hatred of China from a tiny group of desperate Tibetans. It’s either bad China, evil China, terrorist China, and blah..blah. No wonder China sees it rights not to compromise on what she sees is right. Go get a life, desperadoes. May Buddha has mercy on you all.

  19. I like jamyangs writings. He is hard hitting and calls a spade a spade. Still i do see a silver lining in the dark clouds.I think JN knows there’s a huge awareness among tibetans of the way in which they can voice their opinions (in tibet) . They are becoming extremely creative and organised.(I learnt from some friens of mene who have relatives and parents in tibet that privately they are absolutely foregoing the losar celebrations. This single collective act unnerves the chinese communists much more than for example protests ) All this was unheard of a decade ago. This is inpart due to modern technology but mainly because of the new found realisation that all tibetans are bound by their common destiny and we stay afloat or sink together! I believe when this potential fills to the brim we can achieve even more. Maybe we can take a leaf out of the chinese adage of seeing a crisis as an opportunity.We may be the oppressed but i do not see the common chinaman as an enemy.The CCP has be targeted and not ordinary chinese. One has to be rational although sometimes its extremely hard.

  20. This is off the subject but several months ago someone here advised me to read the ARt of Warfare by Sun Tsun and I told myself that I will read Machiavelli which will serve the same purpose but which I can read in a language that is closer to the culture of the person who wrote on the subject.

    This is not the kind of material I read willingly so it is taking me long but I see how essential it is for us Tibetans to read it in order to understand our enemies. The Prince and the Discourse by Niccoli Machiavelli shows how perpetrators of political crime successfuly carry out their deeds and how successfuly they hold on to countries they occupied with force, guile, or other means.
    I am still at Chapter eight but that’s only because I am unused to this sort of subject. An important point I want to make is that the chapters are very short and precise. The writing is simple and straight forward.

    This particular version I am reading has an introduction by Max Lerner who was a professor at Brandeis. The introduciton by Lerner is interesting in that he is sympathetic to Machiavelli as a person. He contends, convincingtly too, that Machiavelli is a decent human being who made accurate observations of the political mechanism into path of which he was thrown by fate.

  21. “All I see in this forum, is naked hatred of China from a tiny group of desperate Tibetans. It’s either bad China, evil China, terrorist China, and blah..blah. No wonder China sees it rights not to compromise on what she sees is right. Go get a life, desperadoes. May Buddha has mercy on you all.”

    Thank you to English friend Mr. Prescott for composing my thoughts in proper English as follows. I have asked Mr. Prescott to assist me where possible as my poor grammar could create impediments to the comprehension of my meaning:

    1) you see how we hate China. Do you see the reason? The reason is that they have murdered, tortured and raped our Tibetan people for 50+ years. Would you ask us to love China? We are not the Dalai Lama and we can not love the same people who murder, torture, and rape our people.

    2) Desperate? Very much so. We are desperate to end the atrocity in Tibet. We are desperate for the lives of our people in Tibet. We are desperate for Tibetans to have their NATION back.

    3) Bad China? Yes. Evil China? Yes. Terrorist China? Yes. Check the facts, buddy.

    4) We do not expect or want compromise from China. We want independence for Tibet.

    5) Get a life, desperadoes? Thank you. Yes, we are desperadoes, maybe been out riding fences for too long now. We’re some hard ones, but you know, we got our reasons. (smiling)

    5b) It would be nice to get a life. A “life” for us would entail our nation, our way of life, a semblance of peace, freedom from torture and terror, our religion, and our god and king with us. Yes, we would very much like to get a life. It is more likely, however, that we will get a death before that. This much is okay with us. Therefore, it is quite fair for you to label us “desperadoes.” Now, I don’t suppose you have some pistols we might borrow?

    Mr. Prescott, for Sharma Patel, my favorite Buddhistic Hindu zealot for freedom.

    God bless the resistance! Free Tibet!

  22. Right on the mark Sharma! Bravo!!

    “Now, I don’t suppose you have some pistols we might borrow?”

    ….and some machine guns, and rocket missiles and some nuclear weaponse, and ……


  23. “Bad China, Evil China, Terrorist China — notes from a subterranean adventure”

    Recently, Patel and I had the good fortune, with a small sponsorship from a certain magazine, to investigate firsthand the source of the various evils propagated by the CCP. Sitting over a warm cup of chai at Patel’s old haunts in Kathmandu, where we dodged the glances of suspicious Maoist youth, we prepared for our quest. We were baffled by China’s distribution of nuclear technology, her grave human rights abuses, and her seeming refusal to join the modern world. We were more baffled at how China could get away with such atrocity, in a time when most nations have left the horrors of the Inquisition and the like to history. How then, do the Chinese Neanderthals propagate such unceasing and insidious brutality? This was to be our quest.

    To make a long story short, after searching some old Communist writings, we discovered a network of secret mazes beneath Hu Jintao’s little publicized home in Beijing. Spelunking madly, we searched for the origin of the caves. We descended deeper and deeper, into the belly of the beast as it were. Alas, the truth became clear. While the West talks of the axis of evil, and religious men dream of the axis mundi, it became apparent that Hu Jintao actually occupies a domicile with a direct route to Satan. It may shock some of our eastern friends to know that there is really a Lord of All Evil, but there is…and he has an emissary who just happens to be the leader of red China.

    This explained a lot. It’s utterly inconceivable the way the Chinese torture. No human being could create such brutal techniques. It turns out that Hu Jintao regularly sends his minions of soldiers to the dark lord, Lucifer himself, for instruction. Satan seems to have a particular grudge against religion; hence the Chinese brutality directed so vociferously at monks and nuns.

    Patel and I were lucky to escape with our lives. Patel was able to convince the dark lord that he was actually a Buddhist Tibetan rather than a lapsed Gandhian Hindu, and the prospect of a denizen of hell contemplating bodhicitta threatened to undermine Satan’s whole scheme. We were released.

    Unfortunately, in our haste we dropped the alphabet explosives we had intended to plant in Hu Jintao’s library. That was a loss.

    At least, however, we have discovered the truth. China is more than evil, bad, and terrorist. They are actually the emissaries of Lucifer himself. It makes a lot of sense. Now the question remains: why is Hillary Clinton courting Satan? And why is Christian Europe and North America (with the exception of a few courageous interfaith friends) in league with the Devil?

    -Prescott and Patel, back from Beijing, reporting live

  24. When I heard stories and read reports and watched footage and saw pictures of the Rwandan genocide in 1994, I saw Chinese arms and cheap Chinese made machetes which were used in the butchery. The PRC likes to talk about interference in its own affairs, but has no qualms about making a buck off of other people’s miseries, nor does it have any qualms about trying to play proxy nation chess with other countries around the world.

    When the Sendero Luminoso wracked and hacked their way across Peru, killing thousands of indigenous Quechua speakers in its attempts to make a Maoist paradise, I saw the indirect hand of China there too. Peru’s social inequalities were always apparent and painful (the effects of 500 years of disempowerment and destruction of native culture there), but China exploited it. But it was checkmated there. The Senderistas were smashed in the end, because their zombie ideology of Maoism was so foreign to the native people and to the more westernized Spanish-speaking people, it was bound to fail. If Peru had been a neighbor of China, perhaps Peru would today be another colony, like Tibet.

  25. Chinese communist party is like a phsycopathic teenager gone wild,with it’s rediculous philosophy,and with their self destructive aspirations, it’s just simply a matter of time before, it too extincts of the face of the earth! It simply doesn’t have the sincere will too realy safe guard,it’s own peoples stability and prosperity in the long run.Instead Communist china is always ready to safeguard their “control” over their fellow chinese,with any means neccesary.To the point where any national government would be considered Cowards,If any applies and practices communist chinas “insecurity policies”. The way i see it for example: It’s as simple as a Domestic violence dispute between a men and a women. I’ll convince ya’ll to recognise China as the women that complains and tries to control every small defects,that they might be enjoying in their relationship.All she want’s is a perfect relationship without any conditions, merely putting makeup over the defects is good enough,as long as in her dillusion, she’s in charge and putting on a good show. This type of relationship doesn’t last. as times passes by so will she be able to enjoy the fruit of isolation.

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