March Madness


On March 10th this year does CTA plan to honor the sacrifice of the Tibetan people in 1959 or celebrate the savage crushing of the Uprising by the PLA?

The Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) just announced a live webcast of its official function for the 56th National Uprising Day at Dharamshala. Shockingly their publicity image is a photograph of the enormous public rally at Lhasa on April-May 1959 organized by the Chinese authorities to celebrate their crushing of the March Uprising. As shown in the CTA chosen image, nearly all the people of Lhasa were forced to participate and raise hundreds of Red Chinese flags and banners, and shout slogans denouncing the “reactionary clique of the Tibetan upper strata”, express “..their determination to wipe out the reactionary rebel bandits” and praising Chairman Mao and the Communist Party of China.

This is the CTA’s chosen March 10 photograph: a celebration of China crushing the March 10th Uprising.

A mistake based on having zero historical awareness? Perhaps a Freudian slip – an error in speech or action that reveals an unconscious or repressed intention or wish. It is now more than clear that Dharamshala wants the 10th March rallies not to be events to challenge China’s occupation of Tibet but rather opportunities to make China understand that Tibetans do not want independence and wish to accept being a “minority” people within the PRC and under Communist rule. After all, this is the natural outcome of the new official CTA policy of abandoning independence, democracy and accepting CCP rule.

In order to promote this new policy Dharamshala has managed to gain control of the Associations that administer the various Tibetan communities worldwide and also some of the TYC branches, and made them drop all previous slogans and messages (in English) such as “Free Tibet, China Out of Tibet, China Go Home, Shame on China” and in Tibetan “bhod kyi dakpo bhomi yin (Tibetans are masters of Tibet), Bhod Rangzen (independence for Tibet)” etc. In their place are a variety of anemic wishy-washy slogans essentially variations on “Genuine Autonomy for Tibet” and “Chinese and Tibetans are Brothers”. In true anti-democratic fashion, all non-official slogans are banned.  All that is left now is to replace the Tibetan flag with the Chinese one – could that be far off now?

In New York City the Tibetan Association has also ordered everyone attending the 10th March rally not to bring their own banners but to use pro-China banners issued by the association. (The Association’s official poster also uses the same image as the CTA leadership of the Chinese rally celebrating the crushing of the Uprising, which must be a very wild coincidence indeed.) I also know that such organizations as the Tibetan National Congress and the Students For a Free Tibet are going to display their own pro-independence banners on March 10th and there is unfortunately every possibility of a clash between these two conflicting groups. As if Tibetans didn’t have enough internal divisions and conflicts already.

What I don’t understand is why Tibetans who want to voluntarily accept being citizens of China, still want to have anything to do with March 10th commemorations? After all, that event celebrates nothing less than the violent uprising of the Tibetan people against China’s occupation army in Tibet. Thinking long and hard about it only two reasons came to mind for such perverse behavior:

1. Even if these people didn’t believe in the Tibetan cause they want to hang on to every institution and symbol of that cause essentially to milk  it for self-serving reasons, as such institutions as the ICT, United Nations for a Free Tibet (UNFITT) and others are profitably doing.

2. These people are willing instruments of the PRC’s strategy to undermine and destroy individuals and organizations in exile advocating and fighting for an independent Tibet – a goal that China has clearly and repeatedly declared to be the fundamental challenge to it sovereignty and integrity.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear of this development. Since, as I understand it, Tibetans do wish to be a sovereign nation, it is tragic that the only recognisable organisation that could represent this truth is not doing so. I wish all Tibetans well and hope that one day this confusion will be resolved and the proper message put back in front of the world.

  2. Well, this doesn’t sound fair to me. A mistake may be but to present and argue (poorly though) this as some sort of deliberate act is at least implausible if not exceedingly inflated. After all there is a clear message written on the screen shot picture.

  3. Jamyang lak, please could you kindly elaborate a little bit more about the self-serving institutions specially ICT? How the institution is self-serving? It would be an eye-opening to me and many others if you could take that point to a higher level instead of giving us just the “tip of ice berg”.
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks Jamyang Norbu la, for giving me yet one more reason not to go demonstrating, even though, I wasn’t planning to go anyway.

    Its ironic that on CTA mouthpiece Tibetnet, one can find quite a few articles predicting, if not the actual fall, then at least the decline of the Chinese Communist Party. (here’s another endgame article
    et, on the other hand, CTA actions of late, such as no democracy in Tibet and turning March 10th Uprising Day into the Happy Emancipated Serf Day, indicates, at least to me, that CTA actually believe that the Chinese Communist Party rule, far from falling, is only at its initial stage, moving inexorably toward an Omega Point of a 1000 year Reich.

    However, I am not expert enough in Tibetan politics to read between the lines, there might be very good reasons for such ironies.

  5. Whether you like it or not, you are equally responsible for the mistakes. They are the one’s chosen by people like you and me. As always Jamyang la, your destructive comments on smallest of mistakes are not so welcoming. If they are to blame then you should personally come and do something about it.
    Sitting on your cozy chair and typing some fancy words is all that you could do.

  6. What i dont understand with CTA attitude towards 10 March demonstration or for that matter any demonstration where we are directed by the authorities not to mention any slogan or words which might hurt the chinese. My question is, if we cannot express what is truth then why do we organize such demonstrations at all… And if they cannot hurt chinese sentiments then why dont they let others loose their feelings at demonstration….

  7. “the exercise of power perpetually creates knowledge and, conversely, knowledge constantly induces effects of power” by Foucault. may be CTA slowly change hatred we have towards CCP and turn people a supporter and friend of CCP.


    You know I sympathize with Jigme Ugen la. I am also like him. I type better than I speak. That might be because we all have our strengths and weaknesses.

    Then it makes sense that an individual who can pen a fabulous March 10th statement can also be incapable of not making the same awkward, superficial, and convoluted speeches.

    Someone close to him must have also had the same realization, which would explain the musical accompaniments that follow some videos,irregardless of the subject matter.

    Perhaps more study and less twitting may help.

  9. The Canadian director of SFT, Urgyen Badheytsang la, perhaps best known for the part he (in concert with local SFT members and T Tibetans) played in ending the brainwashing Confucious Institute, a CCP parasite, from infecting Toronto schools.

    Once more unto the breach dear Urgyen la!

  10. Thank you Jamyang-la. This is a great substantive information gratifying the history of our Tibetan National Flag. Never give up Rangzen and this is a leap forward towards Rangzen. Long Live Dalai Lama.

  11. iamtibetan,

    Jamyang Norbu is personally writing this blog and also gave many talks. what more you asking for? you are going to give the direct access to HHDL for Jamyang Norbu or call Jamyang Norbu to give talk at CTA on March 10th podium? put some thoughts in what you write o.k.

  12. It would seem that March 10- 2015 Uprising Day in NY degenerated into scuffles and insults amongst the Independence protesters vs MW Tibetan community of NY/NJ.

    Pema Yoko la, another tireless activist and the hostess of Lhakar Series had this to say.

    My heart broke today. For the first time in my life my own people tried to ostracize me for simply standing up for a Free Tibet. I saw the unity of the Tibetan people and our struggle falling apart in front of my eyes.

    I never thought I would see the day when a fellow Tibetan, an organizer and community leader, would yell at me and call me ‘Shamday’ or ‘Shameless’. But this is indeed what happened today at the March 10th Tibetan Uprising rally in New York City. It was one of the most shocking experiences of my life. After organizing countless Tibet protests over the past fifteen years, for the first time ever, I glimpsed a future where we might lose everything we’ve been working for.

    In a truly outrageous and disheartening move, the organizers of today’s rally tried to kick out anyone carrying signs that said “Free Tibet” or “China out of Tibet”. I saw some of them actually go to the police and ask them to intervene. One of the organizers said: “We do not want those slogans in this protest. We are the organizers of this protest and “Free Tibet” and “China out of Tibet” are not allowed.” They even got the police to put up barricades to stop many of us from coming into the main square at the UN. And though the police were obviously confused by this request, they did it.

    At one point, the General Secretary of the Tibetan Community of New York & New Jersey even threatened one of our friends. He said: “Be careful. Don’t get a bad name for yourself. You are going to suffer. SFT is going to suffer. Your family is going to suffer.” This was because our friend was holding a banner that said: “March 10th. Tibetan National Uprising. Free Tibet.” The Secretary also publicly declared from the stage that the organizers of the rally “support His Holiness and the Central Tibetan Administration.” He said this to manipulate the crowd and turn it against us, as if we were the people who are opposed to His Holiness and the CTA. I thought, how sad it is that they use His Holiness’ name for petty politics, but do not understand His teachings. One of the greatest sources of strength in my life is His Holiness. Throughout his leadership, His Holiness has led the Tibetan people with a greatness of democratic vision, advocacy of tolerance, and appreciation of diversity.

    Despite how upsetting this behavior was, I tried to talk reasonably with the organizers. But when I tried to engage with them, they flatly refused to listen. They would not talk to or dialogue with me in any way. Instead, I was shouted at and told that I was “shameless.” I looked at their signs supporting dialogue with China and found it ironic that they advocate talking to the Chinese but cannot even talk to a fellow Tibetan in the struggle.

    I went to the rally today not as an organizer but as a Tibetan citizen, as I have been doing since I was a baby in London. The reason for this is that SFT had to reluctantly withdraw from the March 10th organizing committee, because the other Tibetan community leaders made it clear that there was no place for our ideas and voices in the committee. We were going to be shut down at every turn, even though we’ve been helping to organize March 10th in New York and around the world since 1994.

    Our decision to withdraw from the committee was incredibly difficult and troubling for us. From my experience organizing March 10th in London and other cities, we bring youthful energy, creativity, optimism and inspiration to the events that we join. We also bring non-Tibetan supporters. Having supporters at our rallies shows the world – the people passing by on the streets – that Tibet is not just our issue, it is a global issue.

    But far from valuing support from non-Tibetans, the organizers today created an environment where our supporters were treated very badly. Today I watched two of our supporters being treated poorly by our own people just because they were with us – the so-called “Rangzen” people. My friend and colleague Lucy very politely asked a Tibetan woman in the crowd: “Are we walking to the Chinese consulate now?” The woman shook her finger in Lucy’s face and said, “I’m not speaking to you.” One of our oldest supporters in New York – a woman who went to Tibet in 1985 and has been an active member of the movement since then – was so upset by what she saw that she left and went home.

    What has become of us? Why are we so “divided”? In my opinion, this is really a false divide. We are in a struggle for the survival of our people and our nation. We may have differences of opinion but, ultimately, we need to set our differences aside and work together. But to be united, we do not all have to work in the exact same way or parrot exactly the same lines. We should not try to push out, exclude or silence people who may think a little differently than we do. That is what the Chinese want. And this is what they are doing in Tibet. This is not the world we, as Tibetans, want to create.

    As I reflect on this day, the only shame I can see is that Tibetan community leaders in New York & New Jersey are dividing our people by saying who can and can’t attend the March 10th protest. Joining a March 10th protest is the birthright of every Tibetan. It is our duty and obligation to speak out for our people inside Tibet who continue to bravely resist Chinese oppression. This event is organized for the public to commemorate our proud history of resistance to Chinese rule. It is not a private event to be controlled by a few people who expect everyone else to fall in line. March 10th is an emotional day, a historical day – we’re commemorating all of our people who have been imprisoned and killed by the Chinese. It is a day to speak up for our people inside Tibet.

    Ultimately, I believe that the handful of intolerant people who tried to hijack the March 10 rally today are a disgrace not only to the Tibetan struggle, but also a disgrace to the Middle Way Approach. However, we will not let their extremism hurt the Tibetan struggle. No matter what bullying tactics they try next, we will never let the message of the original people’s uprising – Free Tibet, Bod Rangzen, China out of Tibet – be forgotten from history.

    No matter what happens we will continue to fight for a free Tibet.

  13. Hi jamyangs la, I think u u r well educated n politician leader for Rangzen movement. I hope u knew that CTA stands for middle way approach through referendum of different view of movement. But Why u n ur member r still stands for Rangzen even majority of tibetan stands for middle way approach? Have u ever think about the Tibetans in tibet, spending their each day in fear of death, imprisonment n torture? Do u think rangzen activist in free country can reduce the risk of lTibetans life in tibet? What r the steps that rangzen movement have achieved so far to gain free tibet in this free world? Does minority rangzen movement help for united tibetan? Sometimes I feel that u guys r copying the dirty politics like Nepal, for example if congress with the election , moist starts violating in the country like road strick , n try to reelect, if u give me answer for all my question then it would be great.

  14. Its like the Mainland Tibetans vs. the Hong Kong Tibetans. One couldn’t give a fig about democracy. Doctor Lobsang Sangay once made a derogatory comment about local “Ma/Pa Politics” popular in the Tibetan Settlements. Strange how it suddenly looks like he might be the head of a global Ma/Pa Party. haha

    As always, another reasonable editorial piece by TPR

  15. Shame on those Middle path vigilantes. Its very clear now that the so called Middle Path policy could not escape the power of the Illuminati. Way to go, Join the Illuminati and add more chaos to this Kalyug by proving that might is right and that yes, only money talks.


    Few American Tibetans are giving all Tibetans a black eye in the social media. We look like bunch of Tammany Hall hucksters, as Abe would say.

    Few rabid MW retards whining to the man in blue to silence other Tibetans. The NYPD schools these dumbasses on the constitution of the United States.

    The cop is like, “The 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of speech…”
    The clueless hicks reply. “Yes, yes!” “You are right.” “We agree, we agree.”

    They agree not because they see the farsighted and fair-mindedness of the American Constitution that guarantee some protection to the individual, this same Constitution which is the model for almost all Democracies around the world. They agree not because of that, but because they fear the law.

    An American citizen who doesn’t even know the 1st Amendment of the American Constitution. Why are the Americans so stupid?

    OH btw, where is the TNC in all this? Why silent on this issue? Shouldn’t they be Opposing something?

  17. What the hell is going on there? I just watched this youtube video. Are they venting their frustration of the Shugden issue on to the Rangzen people? or are they sold to the Devil? Who could have imagined we could get to such state of affairs..

  18. I once, mainly out of ignorance, was dismissive of Kalon Gyari Dolma la.. However, when the Karma Chophel controversy broke, the young Chidue Dhardon Sharlingla bravely stood up and appealed to the CTA MPs to grant more tolerance to differing views. The gentlemen behind her wore expressions of disapproval, which, to be sympathetic, could also have been a case of bad indigestion. While Kalon Dolma la was listening attentively and nodded approvingly at the reasonableness of her feminist colleague. Then a year later, a particular incident (I wont say too much on it) occurred within my vicinity, involving Gyari Dolma la, her actions on that day makes me want to believe that she is a lady of principle, and a classy, mature statesman.

    Today, on the commemoration of the 56th anniversary of the Tibetan women’s uprising against Chinese regime, the Home Minister said, “The reason why I thanked the representatives of the various Non Governmental Organizations was that I heard a very disheartening news. We must be able to tolerate both positive and negative things. So to briefly speak about it here on this platform, the right to commemorate March 10th uprising anniversary belongs to the entire people of the three provinces of Tibet. So we must collectively respect the significance and meaning irrespective of what your personal opinions are and work together.”

    Why have two March 10th statements from one government? The statement from the parliamentarians under Speaker Penpa Tsering ’s face seem more China friendly than the Sikyong’s March 10th statement. Why the discrepancy? Maybe our exile ministers don’t agree with each other on this issue either.

  19. List the name of Middle Path Bastardos. I keep hearing some one connected to Rinchen Dharlo and another a henchman of Sikyong Lobsang Sangay – the Manchurian.

  20. Phew….. its was alwas a great piece to read from this bolg… i just wonder what really is goin on around NY/NJ tibetans…. it shud be noted that 10th march is reminder to all the tibetans about the uprisings that has taken place in Tibet and the massacre that has followed afterwards…. Its the history of our nation and as tibetans to make the world known of the genocide that took place and not about appeasing the chinese under whom these black day has taken place… as far as here in india ppl still carry their banner with slogans to raise their voice against the chinese for their act.
    its a shameful actof the organisers and a dictator move.cos CTA or HHDL has not issued any statement on restricting ppl from raising their voice on 10th march…Tibet is a free nation once and its our duty to make it free nation again….BOD GYALO

  21. China to Award Samdhong Lama with ” True Hero for Sowing the Seed of Destruction of Tibetan Unity Award.” – Xinhua

    Chinese Consulatar to attend Samdhong Lama’s Mind Training and Pseudo-Compassion Talks hosted by Tibet Fund in NY next month. – Global Times.

  22. While we are engrossed with the news of the stupidity of the March 10 organizers in NYNJ, the below news is doing the rounds in the larger media. Looks like China is bent upon controlling everything.
    “China’s Tensions With Dalai Lama Spill Into the Afterlife”- The New York Times

    “Atheist China claims ‘right to reincarnate’ Dalai Lama”- The Associated Press

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Tibetan organizations as important as Tibetan Community of NYNJ, Chushi Gandruk, and RTYC NY are already infiltrated by the enemy! China seem so determined to control everything.
    Soon they will tell us when to breath or not to breath!


    It’s time to shake our wings and test the winds
    Our roost is worn and he has flown
    It’s time to make the journey on our own
    It is only right our needy wishes he rescinds
    Or we will never make it across the valley
    Wherein the weakly cannot safely parley
    Leaving us to fend for ourselves is only natural
    For only the strong- willed shall endure;
    Grow flight feathers and mature
    This journey of ours is long and our flight path astral
    It is our dream to fly free you cannot deny
    We will resist, and not lie down and die chained
    Come brothers, gather around the precipice
    Pray to the heavenly bodies in the sky
    its’ time, its’ time, it is time to fly free

  24. This is a sad but logical consequence–Since the 1990s officials from Dharamsala have been going to Tibetan communities to discourage Tibetans from advocating Rangzen and even using the name Bod Zhung.

    These people are well-connected and close to the seats of power.

    Strangely, they started by talking up the sanctity of democracy while at the same time issuing dictats.

    Of course, they are masters at using HH the Dalai Lama as a whipping tool. Any dissent or personal opinion is made to seem as a direct challenge to His Holiness with the result that “it will shorten His Holiness’ life.”

    So on 10th March 2015 Tibetan officials are kowtowing and swearing that do not want to separate themselves from the embrace of the Chinese Government.

    What do we have to show for it?

    Over 136 Tibetans martyrs who sacrifice their precious lives for Bod Rangzen. Tibetan officials in Tibet demoted for having good relations with Tibetans. No let up in anti-Dalai Lama diatribes.

    Who is “Zhamdren”?

  25. March 10th is the commemoration of the 1959 Lhasa uprising, spontaneously achieved by the common citizens of Tibet against Chinese rule. In the same vein, the protests carried out each year around the world are an expression of opposition to China’s continuing illegal occupation of Tibet and the murder of millions of innocent Tibetans and not a directive of the “Tibetan Government in Exile” for political posturing. If we are governed by a democratic institution, then “ordering” Tibetans to abandon their Slogans and Accusations of Chinese brutality; calling the local police to ban such gatherings from demonstrating in front of the Chinese embassy is hardly “Democratic”. Such orders and mandates are practised only by Autocrats and Communist that usually have usurped the power of the people.


    Right now in Europe, the Sikyong is thanking all Tibet support groups and pleading for continued support in the future. Wangpo Tethong la the Euro Chitue also presented, The Paris Lessons wherein he warns of declining popularity for Tibetan issues.

    The days of U2, Radiohead, Chilli Peppers, Pearl Jam, Beastie Boys, etc, representing Tibet movement is gone alas. Tibetan passion waning on the world stage, so a thinking leader would have reasoned, the last thing the movement needs right now is bunch of angry looking hicks playing Country Mouse politics in the big apple, alienating Tibet support groups.

    I am dubious that experienced, mature CTA officials like the Sikyong, Minister Dolma la, and Chitue Tethong la really believes the NY/NJ tsokpas did something good.

    These tsokpas did make history I must grant. First time Tibetans attacked fellow Tibetans on Tibetan Uprising Day. My heros.

    I am afraid to ask what the NY/NJ tsokpas has in store for the next March 10th to out shame us from this year?

    Hey, I know, lets slap all the Tibetan babies that have Free Tibet bibs on. I think China will like it and will give us dialogue if we did this.

    Dont be fooled by their cute little chubby faces, we must be practical. Sure he might be a two year old but we all know where he got his new milk bottle, right? Thats right, from the Chinese government. I am unmoved by his giggles, every Tibetan knows, Shugden babies love giggling.

    Hello police officer la, listen these babies have no right to act like babies. Not on my day! I have 99.99 support from Tibetans from across ten directions and three timelines, yak, yak, yak.

  27. These NY/NJ chaps will screw their Tibetan counterparts while offer up thier own bum to China to be fcuked. Sadly China just ignores them. Obviously they know it stinks. Beware all you sane and proud Tibetans, we have to fight these clueless a-holes no matter what; these are the types that will accept China appointed Dalai Lama and other ridiculous Chinese schemes given slightest of chance.


  28. Hai Guys, Do not forget the head work of HHDL has put on Tibet issue. We are identified as Tibetans in this globe, in the name of HHDL. Jamyang Norbu, better stop more destruction and division among ourselves. If you are fighting for independence, challenge Chinese communist leaders directly, we will follow you definitely. You should put in action, not on paper. Show us Rangzen – Jamyang norbu, then we will salute you. Your criticizing CTA head to toe all the time will not be tolerated.

  29. @ Nga Bodhmi chik yin

    why you making us laugh with your head to toe joke? This is serious. whether you can tolerate or not is your business.Will not make any difference to people who want to follow their heart and their truth o.k ?

  30. Nga bodhme chik yin, well, you know Jamyang Norbu. I think the guy is in love with his own voice. He can go on and on and on riling up the global Tibetan community by making preposterous, and dare I say, DANGEROUS assertions. You see how this malcontent, on the day before the 10th, even suggesting that this situation may lead to a “clash” between Rangzen and Umaylam ……and, ermm.. . .mmmm…


    Webcast of the 15th TPiE Proceeding. Today I felt so proud of my MPs in Dharamsala, especially the first monk gentleman, I am sorry I don’t know his name and Karma Chophel la, whos words really moved me.

    Thanks guys!! And I also love the new look Parliament.

  31. Its quite hilarious that on one side the CCP has totally rejected the idea of the Middle Way Policy or ‘genuine’ Autonomy for that matter…yet here we are so hot and bothered about it and even going to the extend of trying to forcefully silence our own people who want freedom and Independence! Independence is our birthright and if we want to call for it, NO ONE has the right to gag us and specially not so in the land of Liberty!

  32. Unless CTA / Kashag issues a clear statement stating that they will not tolerate the behaviors like the one displayed by the four NYNJ M10 Organizing Committee leaders, it would be fair to assume that CTA and Kashag encourages this kind of act by all community leaders. When these four leaders claim that they are acting in accordance with the policy of CTA, we shouldn’t be so surprised. Once you adopt the MWA and appeasement policy this sort of thing is bound to happen. Jamyang la and others have already predicted this sort of things long time ago.

  33. Kashag wig Sherig Kalon Mr. Ngodup Tsering la who happen to be in NY on March 10th(also at the alleged, ny/nj “tsokpa meeting” that night) gives his take of the situation.

    FF vid to 43:00

    Very professional parliamentary proceedings. I can say this as I have watched all of the 2015, 9th sessions thus far.

    I just have one minor request to the MPs. Can we please not pick our nose? I have seen few people playing with their noses, one even had his finger right in there. For a minute there I thought the gentleman might be the honorable tsokpa minister from NY digging his nose to find some evidence for the March 10th fiasco.

    Presumably, these parliamentary webcast proceedings are (apart from informing all Tibetans) meant to communicate to the rest of the world the cultivated, good intentions and good works of the Exile Community.

  34. Speaker Penpa Tsering la walked out the House after a chidue accused him of killing someone in the past. My Tibetan comprehension isn’t good so I can’t say with certainty, but I think the crux of the matter, from the point of view of the accuser, seems to be, that the speaker is abusing his position by not allowing certain debates to take place in the Parliament.

    It’s understandable when passions run high and in the heat of the moment, we all say things we later regret. Hopefully our leaders can sort this out, a minor glitch in what has otherwise been a very cool and professional parliamentary proceedings.(IMHP)

  35. I hate the use of word “Bodrig” instead of Bodpa or Bodmi. Early elder Tibetans exiles never use this term. I guess this is term coined by Beijing to legitimise their control and sovereignty over the occupied country such as Tibet and other so 56 ethnic minorities.

    Jamyang la can you please write on this please.

  36. I am confused why people make a big deal about small petty businesses instead of giving importance to unity. We are always victims of division amongst ourselves for thousands of years.lets end up these unrealistic fights between us the Tibetans. We have dreams to achieve and don’t forget that.

  37. Vijay Kranti struck 7 with one blow!!

    7 hypotheticals abstracted from 1 event that has not yet occurred, nor ever may. Or, maybe Vijay Kranti is a godman who can see the future which is all bad for the Tibetan side. I was thinking that it is bad now. But who can say with any certainly what tomorrow will bring? HKers shown me that CCP isn’t as strong as their bluster.

    Advising Tibetans with regards to China, “You have to be careful”, is as trite as asking someone to, “Please pass the salt” because “We have to be careful” is the most oft used platitudinous catchphrase that is ever brandied about in the Tibetan Community. Just watch some parliamentary sessions and see how often such cautionary phrase is used and abused.

    Mr. Kranti accuses Dharamsala of desperation. Again, if we Tibetans are not desperate then what are we? Lets not play with words or I will feel obliged to email Alan Sokal. He suggests His Holiness to endure, be detached, and wait, like Israel. I am actually waiting for a Nuremberg like trial against the CCP Nazis lead by the US and England haha.

    Anyway, the “tibetologist” maybe acting dodgy for the sake of sensationalism, maybe blissfully clueless just what the hell is happening inside Tibet, the oppression that’s taking place there now; every day, day in and day out. The exploitation of the environment by the CCP tyrants, the so called “economic development” which is turning Tibet into a giant shithole Chinatown. Native Tibetans, their movements restricted, (this may tickle Alex Jones) Tibetans forced to carry identity cards that are embedded with sophisticated second generation chips. The most pernicious, the most insidious is the relentless wave of Han Chinese flooding into Tibet. All these are happening now, now, NOW! There is no time to sit on our comfortable asses talking endlessly about “measuring pros and cons if a situation presents itself. We are way past playing it safe having no leverage. Tibetan politics is a game of risk because that is what the situation dictates. Conversely, however China choose to act involve risks too.

    His Holiness is doing the best he can do, and whether any Tibetan or foreigner likes it or not, he will do what he thinks is best for Tibetans inside Tibet, and almost all Tibetans trust him wholeheartedly in this endeavor, come what may.

    On another point.

    Everyone should be relieved when I tell you that Speaker Penpa Tsering la is back and like the rare sun which finally manages to breaks through a dark and cloudy day, a sunny smile suddenly burst forth from that lugubrious countenance when one Chidue screwed up.

    Poor child. Another mind completely corrupted by Jamyang Norbu.

  38. The CTA commemorating the March 10.2015, 56th Tibetan uprising against the Chinese with live webcast showing pictures of Chinese celebrating their victory against the Tibetan protesters is regrettable and unacceptable, to say the least.Since in exile the Tibetans have commemorated the 10th March as a day of remembrance of the Chinese occupation of their country in 1959; Tibetans have protested with banners and placards bearing slogans reminding the international community of the sad day when millions of Tibetans were killed and Tibet was forcibly occupied and eventually forced the Dalai Lama to flee with his handful of followers.This day is also remembered by shouting slogans telling the Chinese to leave Tibet; calling upon world leaders and the world community to come forward to help the Tibetans to regain their birth right of freedom and independence.

    The New York organizers have behaved and acted in a manner that is sufficient to bring tears to the eyes of most Tibetans; their actions and thoughts behind their unpardonable action, especially in dealing with pro independence Tibetan demonstrators was most unfortunate and smacks betrayal of the very cause for which the Dalai Lama and his followers had fled to India.I am truly unhappy and upset to read how Pema Yokola La was shabbily treated by insulting her in many ways than not by the NY organizers of 10th March anniversary. They truly owe an unconditional apology to her and her friends protesting and demanding the Chinese to leave Tibet.

  39. Jamyang Norbu la had rightly summed up— If you wanted to live with China–Don’t bother about commemorating March 10th.

    Leave it to the Rangzen people who are truly representing people who revolted against the Chinese occupation.

    And then Bhu Dawa had correctly pointed out that this is the greatest legacy of Samdhong Rinpoche!!!

  40. @TSETAN DHONDUP la if one day everybody start eating shit will you also join them? wake up from your cozy dream. you are a human being and there’s difference between human and machine.

  41. “Well done is better than well said”-
    “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do”-Benjamin Franklin

    I really wish people like Jamyang la and many here do something for Tibet rather than complaining all the time. Everyone is wellcome at CTA

  42. The disrobed monk , the whiteiscolour calls JN and others fools. And if we debate him much, then this delusional ex-monk will claim that he is the most tolerant person.

    I have written before and I will try here again that I work with one of his kind and it makes me sick even to see his face.

  43. 4sixmollions

    You made very intellegent comment and I don’t have to say much. People like you have no respect for monks, ex-monks, and Tibetans living in Settlements. Hopefully you are Not sick of being Tibetan.

  44. its interesting article..thanks Jamyang La

    I am not Tibetan, and I am long time observer of tibet issue…I can clearly see the problem is from HHDL, he is the head of CTA, whether every body think he have nothing to do with oppression to rangzen supporter or not, he is still responsible for what happen…its his policy the middle way, and the middle way opressor is his responisbility, if he can’t stop this opression as most tibetans think, he must quite then, if he is secretly doing this, and that my openion, its worse by the way, and either way HHDL must quite, otherwise, nothing will change

  45. @ Buddhist Outsider. Go back to school and learn how to read and write English. Also, it is obvious you know nothing about HHDL or the politics of a Tibet. The only “oppression” I see here is your presence on everyone else. Forget about Buddhism and go back to Taoism.

  46. @Dolma

    Ok Ok relax…no body has forced you to lestin to my openion

    if its that hard for you to see any one have any critical thinking toward Dalai Lama, then don’t open your lap top..otherwise bear the criticism..Internet is free place..were close minded people like you shouldn’t be

    I am not chinese by the I don’t care about Taoism 🙂

  47. The Office of Tibet made a statement on the March 10th humiliation. The letter has been removed from the Office of Tibet website; a common practice, it would seem, TPR and some Chithues, like Monlam Tharchin had already exposed such a deviant behavior by some of our bigwig politicians, now NY rep of Kundun doing the same thing. Hmm, who else posts articles and statements, then removes them later? Rhymes with Hanna.

    I have read the statement, and knowing how these creatures think and act, took the time to copy it down. I’ll post and comment on it when I have some time…

    Don’t expect too much from this badly written, one and a half page statement which only took them a month to write..

    I will have more to say later, but anyway……

    SFT, USTC refute letter from Office of Tibet on March 10 incident

  48. It is very concerning to know about potential huge political problem of Tibet,the disagreement between current CTA political stand point which is Middle Way Approach and advocates of independent Tibet. Recent March 10 incident is the clear and present danger message to all of us who care about Tibet. Both parties must resolve this issue immediately through democratic system that we all believe. Both parties must work towards salution. Otherwise we will destroy ourselves without China.

  49. Achievements of Samdhong Rinpoche:
    First he didn’t pay Rangzen lakdeb for so many years. Imagine this, while Tibetans working a construction worker on the road and on the farm in shechak were paying. Samdhong Rinpoche was living on a princely pay of school principal, besides collecting offerings made to the Rinpoche. Still he didn’t deem it worth paying Rangzen lakdeb dues. He started paying only when he was an opening for the post of Chithue Tsoktso.

  50. Samdhong Rinpoche is the one who disbanded all the economic enterprise of exile Tibetan government saying they are all Lok Sto meaning not the right way to generate income.

  51. Samdhong Lama is the one who instigate the whole Rangzen and Umelam fight by branding Rangzen followers as worse than Shugden followers.

  52. I am not shugden followers but when people in New York put Bogus Lama on the pedestal and workship him, it makes me sick.

  53. Around here, the world stops when stanley cup starts, so still havn’t found time to comment on the “commemoration”(NYNJ watered down the tragic day by calling it a celebration too) alas but I am posting the Statement by the OOT just incase some havn’t read it yet……

    One quick point if I may. Representative Kaydor Aukatsang in this statement echoes what most Tibetans have been pleading: work together, have dialogue, and resolve issues through democratic means..which basically means, talk to each other honesly and take the best advice or failing that, find a mutually agreeable solution for both interested parties.

    My proposal would be, there are 365 days in a year, so I think its fair to suggest choosing any day of the year to suck up to China except March 10th. Why not make the Kalachakra a time to carry China friendly banners? Or Kundun’s nobel prize day? Or His birthday?

    Statement on the 2015 March 10th Commemoration in New York

    On April 4, 2015 Representative Kaydor Aukatsang along with North American Chithues Norbu Tsering and Tashi Namgyal met with representatives of the six Tibetan Organizations in New York; Tibetan Community of New Yokr and New Jersey (TCNYNJ), Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC),Reginonal Tibetan Women’s Association (RTWA), Dokham Chushi Gangdruk, Students for Free Tibet (SFT), and US Tibet Committe (USTC).

    The purpose of the April 4th meeting in New York was to bring the six organiations together, reflect on the experience of this years’ March 10th commemoration in New York, and find a common ground for a more united commemoration for future March 10th events in New York.

    This statement was agreed upon by all the participatants of the April 4th 2015 meeting incuding the Representative and the two Chithues.

    1. We strongly acknowledge and apprecite the hard work of the Tibetan Community of New York and New Jersey and other organizations in planning and organizing this year’s March 10th event. We believe the organizers kept the collecive interest of the Tibetan people and the current policy of the Central Tibetan Administration at the core The planning was well documented and communicated to the public in advance and decisions were reached in a democratic manner. Turn out was strong.

    2. Meeting participants felt it was important to consider an official component as teh core part of the commemoratio. The planning, message and speakers should be arranged in keeping with the soleminity of the event and unity of the people. Once the official component is over then the rest of the program can be more general and open.

    3. Organizers should agree on banners to be displayed on March 10th in advance and the banners should have a unified messagte. Organizers can refer to the banners used during the Tibetan People’s Solidarity Campagn organized by the Kashang and the Tibetan Parliament in New Delhi in January 2013. As for slogans, the organizers should try to be as inclusive as possible.

    4. We are, however, disappointed that on the day of the commemoration certain individuals chose to mar this special day by seeking to disrupt things first on the streets and then escalating the argument online. We urge everyone, regardless of whatever the grievance, to resolve issues calmly with civility and through in-person meetings.
    5. Social networking sites are excellent tools, but they can also fan the flames and magnify differences if not used sensibily. At the 2015 March 10 commemorantion in New York, we witnessed some community members attacking one another on these sites. We urge everyone, especially representatives of varous organizations, to refrain from venting their anger and other strong feelings on social networking sites. It is best to resolved differences through face- to -face meetings.

    6. Meeting participants agreed that the six organizations would collabroate on future March 10th events based on the above five points and under the leadership of the Tibetan Community of New York and New Jersey; the community-based organization whose leaderss are directly elected by Tibetans residing in New York and New Jersey.

    7. Lastly, meeting participants agreed to seek the guidence from the Tibetan leadership in Dharamsala in organizing major community events including March 10th.

    The Office of Tibet hopes the above statement will guide the planning of March 10th commemorations and that all organizations involved will contintue to work together.

    Representagive Kaydor Aukatsang

    Dated: April 10, 2015

  54. Actually, the alarm for the rifts among tibetan has come long long long way ago..but as the time is passing, the dengerous alarm is increasing

    as I am not tibetan, and long time observer there..I see the conflict in different way from tibetans

    the problem is from the controler of CTA, the head..he is the one have great influence…so when protest in last 10 march happen, and the protest leader has stoped the independence supporter, this thing is clearly coming from higher authority…protest leader cannot do that, if they don’t have the green light…hope it clear what mean

  55. Well, if not standing up for a free Tibet, one should at least stand up for one that isn’t completely being robbed by the Chinese in broad daylight. So where did all this stuff they are selling on the internet of yours come from anyway? And why do they keep on lying about used items, saying they are brand new? Then they try to cover it up by refunding you so you don’t tell other customers… And who cleaned and sorted and packaged all those Tibetan charms that are now being sold as new, regardless of age nor sacredness? I assume that is a lot of work for very little pay considering the price they are being sold for en masse.

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