The Subliminal Clarity of Blurry Cellphone Videos

Mass protest in Labrang, Amdo, March 15, 2008,

Anne Applebaum, the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and scholar (Gulag, A History), writing on the 2008 uprising in Tibet, concluded: “Watching a blurry cell phone video of tear gas rolling over the streets of Lhasa yesterday, I couldn’t help but wonder when – maybe not in this decade …Tibet and its monks will have their revenge.”

Blurry cellphone videos and shaky amateur videos, phoned straight in or circulated on the internet, have been an unquestionably valuable tool for Tibetan freedom fighters in Tibet to get their message out to the greater world. The 2012 student protests in Rebkong, Chabcha, and even Beijing, demanding “Language Freedom”were captured on blurry cellphone videos. And, of course, we’ve all seen the blurry cellphone videos of the self-immolations in Tibet, that have filled us with concern, sadness, but most of all, admiration for the courage and resolve of those giving up their lives for our freedom.

Strangely enough a few “blurry cellphone videos” recently played a vital role in the Tibetan exile community in New York City, exposing a conspiracy (“of dunces”) by certain local leaders (claiming to be carrying out the Dalai Lama’s wishes) to turn the preeminent commemoration of Tibet’s independence and resistance to Communist China, into what can  be called a surrender rally, where all previous slogans as “Free Tibet, China Out of Tibet, Tibet Belongs to Tibetans and Bhod Rangzen were to be banned, and what can only be called “beggar’s” appeals to  the PRC  would be allowed.

This scheme was headed by the president (Sonam Gyatso) & vice president (Thinlay Kalsang) of the Tibetan Community of New York & New Jersey (TC NY/NJ) and the president (Ngawang Palden) of the Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (RTYC NY/NJ) and was specifically intended to remove from the rally individuals and organizations calling for a Free Tibet and for Independent Tibet; organizations as the  Students for Free Tibet (SFT), the Tibetan National Congress (TNC), and even the venerable US Tibet Committee (USTC), which is not only the first Tibetan activist organization in the USA, but the organizer of the very first March 10th Rally in New York City.

When these Free Tibet protesters showed up for the rally they were bluntly told to leave by the community and youth leaders, and when they refused the organizers called on the NYPD to force “Free Tibet” protesters to leave the rally. The police officers, to their credit, refused to do so stating that it was illegal in the US to stop or arrest people for expressing their first amendment right to free speech, and that anyone could shout “Free Tibet”. All this was caught on a blurry cellphone video.

Things went downhill from there, with the organizers continually trying to persuade the NYPD to arrest or push out “Free Tibet” protesters from the March. Another video actually catches the president of the the TC NY/NJ  with his hands together in obsequious supplication, requesting a NYPD cop: “No Free Tibet. No China Out of Tibet.” (3.00 minutes into the video) to the amazement of the SFT president Tenzin Dolkar la, standing nearby, who asks in surprise “What, no free Tibet?” Tibetan Vines, a comic Facebook page posted this brief segment to the tune of Jay Z and Alicia Keys song ” Now you’re in New York…” which went viral (relatively speaking) in the small Tibetan digital world and opened the eyes of teenage Tibetans to the disgraceful antics of their elders.

Even Western Tibet supporters at the rally were intimidated and bullied by the president of the Tibetan community.  One female SFT staff member was threatened: “Be careful. You are going to get a bad name. You are going to suffer. SFT is going to suffer. Your family is going to suffer.” All because she was holding a “FREE TIBET” placard.

RTYC NY/NJ president Ngawang Palden and TC NY/NJ president Sonam Gyatso threatening Free Tibet activists and supporters.

That same evening the rally organizers made all participants attend a “Clarification Meeting” (see video) at the Tibetan community hall. The chief guests at this meeting were Kalon Ngodup Tsering and MP Tashi Namgyal, who made absolutely no effort to tone down the inflammatory rhetoric that followed. Speaker after speaker denounced Free Tibet and Rangzen activists, even castigating the owners of certain Tibetan restaurants at Jackson Heights allegedly patronized by Free Tibet activists.

The principal speaker was vice-president Thinlay Kalsang, who now took center-stage and revealed himself as the éminence grise, or to put it in contemporary political language, the Dick Cheney of this clown coterie. But it also became clear that the organizers were worried that their scheme had not played out as intended, and that incriminating cellphone videos of the fiasco had appeared on the internet. Thinlay Kalsang, back-pedalling, claimed that no one had been told NOT to shout “Free Tibet” or “Rangzen”, but that only a polite request was made. “A request is only a request” (buegue buegue ray) he added, ingratiatingly.

Thinlay Kalsang (in polka dot coat) denouncing Free Tibet protesters at Meeting. MP Tashi Namgyal & Kalon Ngodup Tsering (seated at left) in silent collusion..

The Tibetan community world-wide was shocked at this attempt to exclude – even forcibly remove – Free Tibet Protesters, from a March 10th rally. A number of Tibetan eyewitness to this disgraceful event came out openly, expressing their observations and opinions on videos

The most clear and straightforward one was posted on YouTube by Thupten Thogmay, whose neutral, factual statement had real credibility. He is a declared Middle Way supporter and admits, in the video, that when he was a community leader he had, one year, attempted to stop me (Jamyang Norbu) from being invited to speak at a rally, presumably because of my pro-Rangzen views.

Thogmay’s only motive in making his statement appears to be to provide an honest eye-witness account of the events, and help prevent further conflict and division within the Tibetan community-in-exile. He explicitly states that Free Tibet protesters at the start of the rally came with their banners and posters and were orderly, well-behaved and looked “positive and happy” (nawa kyipu). Then one of the TC NY/NJ leaders went over to the Free Tibet protesters and shouted at them “What are you doing here? Why did you come? You are not allowed to come here. This is our space. Go away.” Thogmay adds that the statement was made antagonistically, with “a black face” (dong nakpo). Thogmay declares later that it was absolutely clear the whole fiasco was started by “our side” (Middle Way) and not by the “other side” (Free Tibet). At the conclusion of his account Thogmay calls for the resignation of the  president and vice-president of TC NY/NJ and the president of the RTYC NY/NJ. Another, three part video statement, made by a former community leader, Lobsang Tashi also calls for the resignation of these leaders.

The organizers went into censorship overdrive and desperately attempted to get all these YouTube videos and cellphone videos removed from the web. They initially succeeded in a case or two, but a day later the same videos not only reemerged but  some had morphed into props for insults, derisory sub-posts and comic relief at chat-sites and what have you.

The issue was taken up by the Tibetan parliament in exile where four MPs condemned the forcible exclusion of Free Tibet protesters from the 10th March Rally. One MP in particular, Ven. Monlam Tharchin, gave a detailed account of this event and called on the Sikyong and the CTA to investigate the organizers, as they had somehow obtained, ahead of time, the officially embargoed March 10th statement of the Sikyong, and completely misrepresenting a part of the statement, told the Tibetan public in New York that the CTA had officially called for the exclusion of “Rangzen activity” from the March 10th Rally. Ven Tharchin said he had also seen the video of the “Clarification Meeting” and declared that this was the only time in exile history where a 10th March meeting was devoted to condemning fellow Tibetans, and not uttering a word of protest against the Chinese.

Another MP Serthar Tsultrim, asked the Kashag if it had issued instructions forbidding people from shouting “Rangzen”? He added that if the Kashag had done so he would never support such a ruling. He demanded to know how in a free country like the USA, and even in India, the CTA could order people not to shout slogans they wanted? Two other MPs, Lobsang Yeshi and Dhardon Sharling, also spoke out in defense of Rangzen activists.

The Central Executive Committee (Centrex) of the Tibetan Youth Congress suspended the president of the RTYC NY/NJ, for going against the TYC’s declared goal of Tibetan independence. The New York branch president immediately disputed his suspension and started a campaign to challenge Centrex.

To play down the rising outcry in the exile-community world over, Kaydor Aukatsang, the representative of the Office of Tibet in Washington DC, called a meeting on April 4th of all community and organizational leaders, along with the president of the SFT and the US Tibet Committee. The two members of Parliament representing the North American exile-community also participated. The meeting appears to have gone smoothly with everyone agreeing to work together and dropping the nonsense of banning Free Tibet activists from future rallies. A group photo was taken with everyone all smiles. The Office of Tibet and the two MPs gave their solemn assurance that the final draft of the agreement document would be circulated to everyone before it was issued publicly.

Instead, on April 10th, the Office of Tibet and the two members of Parliament posted the final statement-of-agreement on the Office of Tibet Facebook page, without consulting the other six organizations. A photograph of the meeting and the final documents (in both Tibetan and English)  can be accessed on this website

In this rewritten final statement the finger of blame for the March 10 incident was suggestively and underhandedly pointed at Free Tibet activists and their supporters who had posted the cellphone videos on Facebook. See points 4 & 5:

4. We are however disappointed that on the day of the commemoration certain individuals chose to mar this special day by seek to disrupt things first on the streets and then escalating the argument online….

5.  Social networking sites are excellent tools , but they can also fan the flames and magnify differences…etc.

Point 3 of the statement of agreement specified that future March 10th rallies “…should have a unified message” and people should refer to the banners used at the Tibetan People Solidarity Campaign organized by the CTA in 2013. This campaign to promote  the Middle Way policy,  not only excluded any mention of Tibetan freedom, independence, or China’s military occupation of Tibet, but instead called on India to “Help to Save Tibetan Culture”, and even featured this bizarre message “China, Save Tibetan Lives”.

CTA organized Tibetan People Solidarity Campaign Rally in N.Delhi, 2013

Clearly, if the “unified message” agreement were observed any slogan or banner calling for a “Free Tibet” or demanding “China Out of Tibet” would not be tolerated in future March 10th rallies.  This distorted letter of agreement was immediately criticized by many. The Office of Tibet quickly removed the statement-of-agreement from their Facebook page and website, and pretended nothing had happened. Someone re-posted the controversial documents on line, just hours after they were taken off. The leaders of the SFT and the US Tibet Committee, who were probably stunned by his cheap pettifogging trick, issued a message withdrawing their endorsement of the statement-of-agreement. A heavily edited version of the now defunct agreement letter finally reappeared in the late evening of 17th April.

Most probably the representative of the Office of Tibet (like certain American politicians posting racist emails or sexual videos on the web) hadn’t quite realized that nothing can be completely removed from the internet; and that attempting to do so might precipitate a phenomenon called “the Streisand effect” whereby that particular information gets even more widely disseminated and publicized as a consequence.

This is conjecture, but the March 10th event in NYC was probably a testing ground of sorts for the Middle Way leadership to find an effective means of excluding Free Tibet and Rangzen activists, not only from all future March 10th rallies, but even possibly of marginalizing and ostracizing them from the exile-community altogether. The high priest of the Middle Way, Samdong Rinpoche, had hinted at something like this in an official statement where he denounced those advocating Tibetan freedom and independence as more dangerous than Shugden worshippers or Chinese Communists. He was very recently in New York City to rally Middle Way supporters.

Of course it doesn’t take any political insight to see that such a development would create a fundamental and disastrous division in our community of a kind never experienced before. All previous discords: the issue of Taiwan money, pro & anti Gyalo Thondup factions, two Chushigangdrugs, Shugden, etc, would all pale in comparison.

If I remember correctly, Sikyong Lobsang Sangye’s main election platform was “Unity”. So this might be an opportune moment for the Sikyong to effectively demonstrate his commitment to that principal, and more critically, prevent, on his watch, a fundamental and perhaps even violent split in our society.  A good start would be an unequivocal declaration that all Tibetans have the right to express their political views without fear of official, semi-official, or even pseudo-official (I am not joking) coercion or ostracization. While at it he might investigate the business of his 10th March statement being accessed in New York before its embargo date, and a part of its message being criminally misrepresented to create conflict and  division in Tibetan society.

Concluding reflection. Blurry cellphone videos bad for out-of-control cops in the US, bad for Chinese Communist bosses in Tibet, and bad for wannabe bosslings in exile community. Good for the Truth.

Sikyong in European Solidarity Rally for Tibet, alongside Mayor Jacqueline of St. Gratien carrying Free Tibet poster. Paris, March 15, 2005.


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  1. Should I adore you or abhor
    You talk unity but you act otherwise
    your words are entertaining but detrimental
    You appear brave but you are a coward
    You say like you love Tibet, and you may be
    but your action hurts Tibet and help naught
    Your Rangzen passion may be true but flimsy
    Now your struggle seems cheap, irrational
    reduced to a struggle of your own ego

    Your love for Rangzen, if there is any truth
    reminds me of an ignorant possessive lover
    Who slowly killed his own love
    You don’t know what you are losing
    through your words, in an effort to gain
    Because you see only yourself, your desire
    your wanting to be fulfilled
    It is only about you but at what cost..?
    We can’t pay Tibetism for the price of Tibet

    Seems like I am starting to abhor you!

  2. Jamyang Norbu la, always’s love reading your articles. Many people will criticize you for speaking the truth, but you speak out and challenge us to rethink our Tibetan policies. Please continue to do and you are true Tibetan patriot. Please remember that “One who follows the path, leaves no footprints.”

  3. We’ve not only crossed the Rubicon, we are letting the stream dry out completely. Maybe there never was Rubicons and streams. Maybe everything is middle-way, like some, half alive, half dead cat, which, again, never existed, except in someone’s imagination. Imagine that! Assuming the Sikyong’s ‘think tank”, or brain in a vat, had judiciously considered the pros and cons of what we Tibetans are attempting to do on March 10th, yet, Is this really what the Tibetan people in Tibet want? All 6 million? If no one shouted Free Tibet! and instead, “China have dialogue with His Holiness” China will eventually…….what? How? Why?

    Sikyong’s government looks so timid, lost and confused in this situation, and that effect reflected in their reps in NY and the local NY leaders. Maybe a nice vipassana retreat may do wonders for this shell shocked group….

    Those Tibetans who truly have some faith in democracy, we must hold our popularly elected parliamentarians accountable. If they did their jobs, it’s less probable differences escalating into street clashes. Someone need to throw down in the Parliament over this issue. I am serious! The parliament is the place to fight for the rights, to burn with partisan passion!! If our elected MPs cant make the Speaker resign again then I’ll be very sad.

  4. You think you are so clever and so good to write in a distorted way and you might think people won’t catch your intention through your way of writing but the way that you present the points or facts clearly shows how your intention to serve your own point of interest! Why didnt mention about tyc reelection result? More over you wrote in way that if sft released the statement after office Tibet removed the post but in fact it’s vice versa . So that clearly shows how you are trying to distort the facts and Only trying to win the debate!

  5. JN
    You are nothing but a trouble maker in our society. No one even pays any attention to what you say or write other than your puppets. People of NYNJ have made it clear that they stand with the elected leaders, which they proved on the Election Day of Rtycnynj.

  6. Jamyang la, thanks for the detailed follow up. It is important to record this for future generations about the depravity of some Tibetans to push their agenda on others. Right now, there does not seem to be any accountability at all at any level and instead some of these people are being rewarded for their deplorable behaviour, which makes us wonder if it is actually preferred from leaders.

  7. Jamyang Norbu la,

    Till today I have a huge respect for you even you have lot of criticism but today you proved that I was wrong. I know every insights about this incident and the way you have tried to distort the informations is very saddening. I think you are left with no option than to seek publicity by writing these aritcles. I now feel pity on you.

  8. I don’t see how anyone can disagree with what Jamyang la has written here. This is exactly what happened. Anyone who followed what unfolded in NYC will know this is just an accurate summary. Jamyang la even linked to the videos and documents that show exactly what he has detailed. It’s fine to disagree with his tone or dislike his style but frankly, disagreeing with these facts reflects poorly on your intelligence. This whole fiasco (I won’t call it ‘incident’) could have been solved if the RTYC and TCNYNJ leaders had just apologized publicly and admitted that they were not proud of their actions.

  9. Janyang la thank you so much as these black history in struggle history also right to know by our generation to generation.

  10. All done and dusted, the behaviour of the powerful people involved in the 2015 March anniversary in New York and NJ was one that was aimed at appeasing the Chinese at the expense of rebuking and humiliating those Tibetans whose hearts were bursting with the desire to express their opposition to the Chinese occupation of Tibet. Thanks Jamyangla for bringing the unsavoury episode in public domain so that the average Tibetans at least now know what transpired in NY and NJ.

    The vested interest group, the so called the leaders of the Tibetan community in NY/NJ must be made to resign from their official post immediately, and the Exile government must institute a through probe into the illegal and highhanded actions of the so called leaders and necessary actions must be taken if found guilty.The Tibetan people in general are not in a mood to take bull-shits from people more inclined to appease the Chinese than with any desire to lending solidarity with those fellow Tibetans remembering and protesting the day when Tibet was invaded and forcibly occupied by the Chinese.

  11. Also you have mentioned Sertha Tsultrim, Ven. Monlam Tharchin and Lobsang Yeshe spoke strongly against the organizers, what you fail to mention is what happened to the other organizer which was Chu-Shi-Gangdruk and all three MP’s above are part of the same organization. Where is the accountability in that.
    Showing blurry video images to support your stand is fine but show the other side as well. Both parties behaved terribly and that should be accepted.
    I am not sure how far you can say that Thupten Thokmay was neutral which is sometimes hard to understand. If he has spoken against the SFT folks, he wouldn’t have been neutral in your eyes….
    Freedom of expression doesn’t only come with rights but with duties as well.

  12. Tibet will never be a proud nation unless each Tibetan dare to think / reason and not just belief in divine intervention.

    Its sad that “White House” never acknowledged 25 dead from quake that hit Nepal on Saturday. White House condoled Bangladesh where there were only 2 dead but omitted Tibet in list of condolences. How pathetic and indifferent the so called champion of democracy and Human Rights.

  13. Tibet will never be a proud nation unless each Tibetan dare to think / reason and not just belief in divine intervention.

    Its sad that “White House” never acknowledged 25 dead from quake that hit Nepal on Saturday. White House condoled Bangladesh where there were only 2 dead but omitted Tibet in list of condolences. How pathetic and indifferent the so called champion of democracy and Human Rights.

  14. These are interesting times. We now have Tibetan fundamentalists infringing on our rights. It is unfortunate that they say that they are following His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s wishes but His Holiness is not a tyrant. His whole life, he worked to promote democracy and love for freedom.

    The actions of these fundamentalists, posing as community and government leaders are hurting His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s legacy. Their actions will soon make him unpopular among the “freedom loving” people of the world. Such actions can make the CTA irrelevant and lose any legitimacy among the Tibetan people.

    I would not want to be a part of Tibet that shuts me down the same way the Chinese shuts down Tibetans in Tibet.

  15. I think the fundamental division in our community is not so much of Umay lam and Rangzen but of Sheeple and Free thinkers.
    Sheeple are much like the chinese. Chinese stress on stability at any cost and our sheeple stress on unity at any cost. By unity they mean Uniformity.
    I’m not saying one is better than the other but we all know the progression is from a sheeple to a free/independent thinking person.

  16. We have only one Jamyang Norbu who speaks out or else, we will never be able to understand the meaning of “freedom of speech”. This is not BS. This is the core of our very existence, fighting for the rights of our brothers and sisters in Tibet. More and more I think about 21st century, we are still way behind, in understanding the true sense of democracy. And we are still in a murky water, still not clear.

    10 March 2016, we are going to see Chinese flags and dragons in place of our National flags and snowlion…

  17. My best friend is a Christian. We are like brothers and very close to each other. But when Sunday comes, he goes to Church and I go to my Dharma Center. I respect his religion. He respects my religion. But that does not mean I go to Church and he comes to my Dharma Center.

    Rangzen and Umaylam people can do lots of things together but it makes absolutely no sense for them to be together in a rally – one calling for complete Independence and the other calling for Genuine Autonomy. Two very different messages. I think Rangzen and Umaylam people should go to their own respective places of worship and not get mixed up and end up in hell.

  18. @19
    you’re right.

    MOST of the hard core Umaylam people are motivated by material and personal gain in the now and coming from a fear based , mind and head centred , pragmatic approach. while MOST Rangzen people are proud, freedom loving, passionate and basically coming from a heart- based approach. So in this way we can say that Rangzen have a better shot at going to a heaven-like afterlife than the fear driven, heart closed UmayLam people.

  19. While I respect Jamyang Norbu la’s sense of fair play by allowing all opinions to be expressed on his website without the incredibly pusillanimous censorship so loved by Tibetsun, there should be zero tolerance shown to anyone who hurls mean spirited homosexual references, especially against someone of Samdhong Rinpoche’s preeminence. Such a holy being as the Rinpoche may not even come equipped with an anus, especially if he is sporting a third eye somewhere on his organism.

  20. While we’re in a state of mumbo-jumbo, mishmash and hullabaloo, our opponent must be giggling and gloating from ear to ear in a sizzling state of schadenfreude. In life there’s always a price to pay; for eternal bickering is the price of democracy.

  21. Everything starts with the person called Tenzing Sangpo who works at Tibet Community of NY NJ.

    TENZIN SANGPO. This person is stupid, no brainer or he must be a Chinese spy. You can see him arguing with people in all the videos.

    It is time to put him in a limelight and uncover his agenda.

    Check his profile on Facebook.

  22. When we imagined we had “Democracy” when in reality what we had was “Democrazy with Tibetan Theocratic Flavour”, I guess we are bound to be disappointed. Its all our fault. We thought the people will be a better judgement and expected they would do the right thing. I think the expression “Bhod Raway Phung” rings doubly true.


  24. Jamyang la you are the man with balls. Ibow down to you and request you to live as long. We can not offer you tenshug but this is my tenshug to you. You make me proud being Tibetan. Thank you. Just don’t be bogged down by usual Tibetan Politics. You know and we know these people don’t have any new ideas, they want to follow someone and call it unity..Please live long my lord and leader Jamyang la. You are my king.

  25. #23 Pasang Bhutia’s offensive comment has been removed from this post. I request all readers not to use obscene and objectionable language in their comments. Thanks JN

  26. #25 Buddhist Outsider, your comment is not in my thrash or in the spam file. You might not have posted it correctly. You can post it again, if you like. Sorry.JN.

  27. repost my comment

    if the REAL cause of problem, couldn’t be identify…then don’t expect the problem to go away from it self!!!

    the ROOT cause of problem is in the head of CTA, many will try to say no, justify or whatever blah blah

    the problem is there…these are just puppet for the higher authority, they can’t do what they done if they don’t have the green light

    Thats it in short

  28. Few days after the March 10th buffoonery in NY instigated by the local yokels, the Sikyong was busy soliciting patronage and support for Tibet with his European Solidarity Rally where he boldly proclaimed, “….so that the Chinese government can see that the Tibetan flag is flying very high(in Paris), and one day soon, we’ll hoist this flag on the rooftop of the Potala Palace with His Holiness in it!”

    Assuredly, the CCP will receive such rhetoric as confirming their suspicion that Dharamsala, far from negotiating in good faith, just want to bring back the feudal system with the Dalai Lama at the top. If anything, what the Sikyong said could only harden China’s stance against Umeylam, far more than bunch of nobodies shouting Free Tibet on March 10th Uprising Day, a day hitherto observed and protested in the same way for 2 scores and 16 years thus far.

    The mountebanks in NY/NJ meantime are expressing opinions polar opposite to that of the Prime Minister. NO Free Tibet signs!! NO China out of Tibet signs!! And even denouncing Tibetans inside Tibet who took down the Chinese flag and hoisted a Tibetan flag circa 2008 as traitors!! Black is white. Slavery is freedom. These local idols of Morondom are incapable of playing by the rules but their nonsensical hyperbole appeals to the uncomplicated mob who takes special delight in their leaders peculiar imbecilities. And if there be a Martian Luther amongst the rabble, he’d tell you that Reason is a whore, and hypocrisy is something other people commit.

  29. TYC, SFT and the newbie TNC have done a great disservice to the word RANGZEN. They have made it so cheap and created a whole class of armchair Rangzen fighters. They don’t seem to realize the gravity of the word and the amount of works and sacrifices it entails. I honestly don’t see anything in their actions that prove that they are for Rangzen. Wishing for Rangzen or mere utterance of the word doesn’t make one a Rangzen fghter. Please please stop abusing the word. Let your actions speak. I request all genuine Rangzen fighters, if any out there, to restore the word RANGZEN to its rightful place. Thanks!

  30. “The mountebanks in NY/NJ meantime are expressing opinions polar opposite to that of the Prime Minister.”

    I don’t think its opposite of prime minister, Sikyong has said to give up democracy, and just be under china, forget China out of Tibet

    all these people are just following the teaching of higher authority..thats it

  31. I kept my observation within the context of the March 10th and Euro Rally but certainly your point is valid even in the light of what went down in NY. The pack was first whipped up by Dharamsala, none would dare commit such brazen act of discord amongst fellow Tibetans especially on March 10th if they had no assurances from on high. Incidentally, just in the last few months, the Sikyong implored Dharsa businessmen to be ethical, boasted that the Dalai Lama is more moral than the CCP, swore that truth is on the Tibetan side, and so forth. He is basically playing the sophist, teaching one set of rules for behavior and act according to completely different rules. So why the double standard? Cui bono?

  32. @ 36 Buddhist Outsider

    “If the REAL cause of the problem couldnt be identify…then dont expect the problem to go away by itself!!!”

    @ 30 Allen yangzom noted ” .Why in NY? nowhere else this is an issue..”

    So, Buddhist Outsider you tell me why is the problem only in New York? All other places, whether you are a supporter of Middle way or Rangzen they seem to be united when it came to MArch 10th protest.

  33. @Tenzing

    The problem is not only in last 10 march

    it is a way years from now

    did you remember the havoc that has happened in TYC? where the organization has pushed hardly to stop its independence stance

    Karma Choepel who has been humiliated, and threatened, has created big deal out of him, just because his stance is independence

    these just examples, there is a lot more other things prove that the CTA head try hard to supress anything related to Rangzen, and as the days passes, the suppression is increasing, because no body has challenge it, or at least identify it..when these things happen, everybody blaming the puppet, not the master, thats why its continuing

  34. By not telling the truth about China we Tibetans are like rest of the world becoming a China aka Mao apologist.

    Its sad that we are afraid to denounce Mao even 40 years after his death – instead we sing a word or two in his praise like a Chinese.

  35. @Karze

    Thats were the Higher authority or CTA head is pushing

    they don’t want to denounce china or even mao

    because its not inline of their policy the middle way

    he are willing to sacrifice tibet, just to promote his own policy…and if its his own policy successful, he will gain self benefits…sadly, thats were tibet issue has lost in

  36. Of all Shugden followers are top on the list of China apologist. See their tone of language just like a Chinese running dogs.

    They not only refused to condemn but even acknowledge the Chinese occupation and oppression of Tibetans.

  37. To Those Who Cannot But Hate JN:



  38. Prediction: New Yorkers will face the New Kadampa fools again at the Javits Centre birthday party in July. What to do: throw money, shout back, or ignore them?

  39. I am sure Tibetan peaple know the truth of Dharamsala’s dictational strategy but majority are recoil from assertive action being viewed as anti-Dalai Lama or pro-China by their community. Ignorance,illiterate and blind faith is the main cause of this New York and New Jersey problem. And there are few opportunists who take this very advantage for their fame, wealth and seat.
    Jamyang Norbu is trying to open our eyes. We should be behind him and stop the political corruption in Dharamsala for Tibet and Tibetans. Enough is enough.

  40. Namkhah:

    Isn’t it ironic that you conservatives after censoring all avenues of free discussion have to come here on JN’s blog to air your thoughts?

    Geshe la you couldn’t come out openly too. Yet you guys are front and center in censoring JN from RFA and VOA.

  41. ROSE: How is the weather over in Malaysia? Is Guru Tsem the big lama sweating in the heat or is he electrically cooled? Maybe Tsem should go and crusade against corruption himself, but then he would need leave behind his giant Made-in-China plastic idols and he may not get the Wifi he needs everywhere.

  42. Sikyong election fast approaching and some early candidates brandied about such as Gyari Dolma, Dhadon Sharling, Tashi Wangdi and Tenzin Thethong, to vie with the incumbent Sangay. At the end of it, more names are sure to be drawn in, maybe more ladies. I like the idea of a lady Sikyong. I mean, why not? Whats to lose when the winning formula simply hinges on obtaining a balanced budget at the end of the year? So doable. Any Tibetan lady accountants out there? Your time is now!

  43. Syikong election is coming up soon. You folks here who complain everything about CTA must stand up for election that includes Jamyang Norbu la himself. Door is open for everybody. We will see where people of Tibet stand by. Otherwise this whole nagging complain has to stop because it has no bebefits.

  44. @53 90% of Tibetan people are not educated enough and brave to stand with JN. Most of us still believe in magic and mystery of spirit world.

  45. Some Predictions and Thoughts on the 2016 Tibetan Election Season by TPR.

    TPR writes that Sikyong candidate Tashi Wangdu is a Middle Way man. Nothing wrong with that of course, but then, why is TNC throwing their support behind him? Did TNC turn into the NDPT, the handmaiden of GP? Seems Speaker Penpa Tsering is in the running too. I wonder who he had to kill for the honor? lol

    I guess Karma Chophel will not run as his political aspirations to higher office was forever snuffed out by His Holiness. Poor leper.

    The stage is set, the game is rigged. Clear skies and Umaylam as far as the eye can see. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?

  46. I will proudly choose Indian citizenship or even take a Zimbabwe citizenship if I could get one. But never accept Chinese citizenship.
    I told the same to a very high Chinese diplomatic official who has since risen higher in his position, to his face after a nice conversation when I met him at an open air exhibition.
    Sometimes, the Buddhist in me also have this thought that,may be I should say a prayer or two that, may be – I mean may be, I should be born as one of China’s powerful princeling so that I could destroy it from within.

  47. One of the wildest allegation in “Noodle makers of Kalimpong” is Tsarong printing counterfeit currency in Tibet at a time when Tibet did not have even a match factory. Such allegation will diminish the veracity of the book.

  48. @Truth

    Luckily, Karma will destroy china by it self…China is slowly going into the destructive way..there is conflicts inside its will as the security weren’t like before…now news about china facing explosions is no longer rare thing as it was before

    the communist party won’t live long

  49. Lithang Athar Tsering can also run for the top post. Gangchen Lama can thus be Finance Minister and His Eminence Tsem Tulku can be in charge of Physical Fitness. Former Geshe Kelsang Gyatso can be in charge of real estate acquisitions, he’s really good at it.

  50. The first lady Sikyong candidate of 2016 enters the fray!

    Kalon Dickyi Chhoyang la from Canada taking up the challenge. If the likes of His Holiness, the Karmapa, the Feminist Collective, really think themselves such stanch Feminist, they should publicly endorse her, or another lady.

    Please put your money where your mouth is for a change! There is no primer empowerment of women than electing one to the highest office.

  51. No woman no cry. Looks like some over-eager fan jumped the gun, Kalon Dicki Chhoyang la is not running with the bulls, at this time.

    “Dear fellow Tibetans,

    As most of you know, elections for the 15th Kashag and 16th Parliament-in-Exile, will take place on 20 March 2016. I have been asked about my candidacy for Sikyong relating to the upcoming elections. Though I am touched by the public expression of support and confidence, I do not intend to present myself as a candidate. It has been an honour to serve our people as Kalon over the last several years. I believe every one of us has an important and unique role to play.

    Bod Gyalo!

    Dicki Chhoyang”

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