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  1. A reflection of what one understands from all these comments, including those of the previous posts:

    Saying that whatever Chinese does is bad or tricky, because it has illegally occupied Tibet, is somewhat similar to demonising China. Tibetan freedom fighters must concentrate on how to free Tibet from the Chinese control. The grip must be loosened, so that Tibet separates from China. Depicting China as a giant ghost like character with all the qualities of an opened “Pandora box” is not a workable tactic, nor is it wholly true. Also, it is not what the Tibetan freedom fighters are supposed to be most concerned with. Their concern is to free Tibet, which is their birth right, and they must do it in their own way with least regard to what the Chinese say or do. Eventually, the grip must be loosened forcefully, no matter whether China is like a god or a devil.

    It has become absolutely clear that repeating the Chinese deeds that would damage its image is in no way going to help, in terms of making the freedom fighters’ work easier than it has ever been. One must fight and Fight unto Death. Let Shakabpa resound ones, “Shi chig le may na yang gya mi chog la yug gö re ta!” No compromise. No unwarranted squabble kind of things. Fight and fight with the spirit of “Srinpo Dongmars”, their remote super fighter ancestors.

  2. འདི་ཆུ་བཞི་སྒང་དྲུག་ཚོགས་པས་བཟོས་པ་ཞྀག་ཡིན་ནམ། ཡང་ན་མི་སྒེར་གྱིས་ཆུ་བཞི་སྒང་དྲུག་བེད་སྤྱོད་བཏང་བ་གང་ཡིན་གསལ་བཤས་ཡོད་པ་ཞུ། གཞི་རྩ་ཁམས་པ་ཚང་མ་ཆུ་སྒང་གི་རེད་དེ། ཆུ་སྒང་སྤྱི་ཡིམཚན་དེ་མི་སྒེར་པས་བདེད་སྤྱོད་གནང་བ་ཡིན་ནའཚམས་པོ་ཡོད་མེད་གཟིགས་རོགས་ཞུ།
    དེ་སྔོན་ཆུ་བཞི་སྒང་དྲུག་གི་མིང་དེ་མི་སྒེར་གྱིས་བེད་སྤྱོད་གཏོང་མཁན་རེ་ཤས་བྱུང་སོང་བར་ང་ཚོས་བསམ་འཆར་ཕུལ་རྗེས་མཚམས་འཇོག་གནང་སོང་། དེའི་སྐོར་ནང་ཚགས་ཞུས་པཡིན་པས་དགོངས་འགལ་མི་གནང་བ་མཁྱེན།

  3. This is an interesting observation. I am afraid I might have been one of them who used the word “desperate” when describing the valiant acts of these patriots. But my intention was in no way to disparage their acts.
    I felt that when brave and honorbale people are subjected to oppression to the degree that Tibetans in Tibet are, with such efficiency as the Chinese are capable of, their reaction, I think, is to give up their own lives to let the world know of the outrage without sacrificing their principle. I don’t think people will resort to burning themselves if the situation they are cast in is desperate.
    I can’t read the whole essay because the shade of grey and the small size of the font is very very hard on my poor eyes. I hope to read the rest with an aid of a magnifying glass because I respect the writings and would not like to deny myself of the opportunity to read them.



  5. “with such efficiency as the Chinese are capable of”

    Capable of what?

    Chinese reaction to protects are ALWAYS too timid from an enforcement perspective. Civilian police are not equipped with firearms, and PAP doesn’t get deployed until AFTER shit hits the fan.

    Large scale riot control is a forte of the West, I’m afraid. China can learn a thing or two from the Seattle police department.

    By the way, you know you can change the text size in your browser, right?

  6. “Chinese reaction to protects [sic] are ALWAYS too timid from an enforcement perspective.”

    ALWAYS? Tiananmen was too timid then?

    You’re pathetic.

  7. Right on Radio Chamdo.
    They sure were efficient in blocking millions of people from crossing the borders with Nepal and India until 1980. Now with those big brother cameras everywhere, including some blinking from the armpits of Buddha statues in Jhokang and Potala palace and the Chinese police and soldiers armed with modern weapons, and the internet I would think they are extremely efficient now.

  8. Oh look, it’s our esteemed research scientist.

    I’m talking about Tibet, post 1989, but good catch on Tian An Men. Touch.

    To Dawa

    Chinese law enforcement isn’t exactly stellar. When’s the last time you actually set foot in China?

  9. “Chinese reaction to protect”?
    You sick bastard, don’t you dare twist the story from your twisted brain. Those people who are in fire were beaten with nail spike baton by your comrade. Did you know that? what kind of protection are you talking about? you whore cunt.

    Now again, You are such a pretentious cunt, did you know that? Don’t pretend and try to level it up and justify with what Seattle police does by saying “ large scale control”.
    Yes I agree you can learn from Seattle police, not one or two in-fact many thing, but “large scale control” is not the one. You have already controlled the whole country. How large do you need?
    Thing that you can learn from Seattle police is how to serve the citizens with their right, with respect in human way. Seattle police don’t hit their citizen with homemade baton with nail spike on it.
    And I am sure Seattle army will never run a tank on their people. You got that?
    So don’t try it man. you will get nothing from here.
    Dawa la, no need to thank this chink. Everyone here knows about his tacky Chinese attitude. Either he will correct your grammar or spelling. Because he is the only college grad from the village near Wu River some were in remote china and he has a funny accent.

  10. “protest”, mea culpa.

    “Seattle police don’t hit their citizen with homemade baton with nail spike on it.”

    they didn’t, but you might want to read up on what happened last time WTO was in Seattle.

    “Because he is the only college grad from the village near Wu River some were in remote china and he has a funny accent.”

    Well, first, you’re wrong. Second, my english is significantly better than yours, my most recent misspelling notwithstanding, and third, you’re dumb. Really dumb.

  11. Chinese Engineer

    If you have an ounce of human decency you will refrain from posting constant abuse at a time when Tibetan people are suffering so much.

    If you can’t control yourself, I urge the moderators to set tighter rules for acceptable conduct on this forum.

  12. China says there’s a blizzard “closing the highway” at Nyalam between Nepal and Tibet, but the weather for Thursday showed .76 in precip and 3mph winds (listed by Xinhua as six meters snow and gale force winds).

    Today’s ChinaDaily article said that “hard-hit Nyalam” was “hit again Sunday,” but this time the weather report showed zero precipitation.

    What’s most disturbing is that same articles description of “689 houses destroyed, and 20,000 head of cattle.” Hoping that part is also fake.

  13. I did. Thanks for the correction.

    My command of English is much better than my recent misspellings would indicate, however.

  14. To Billie K

    My constant “abuse” is aimed at the worthless tibetan EXILE posters here, posters who readily indulge in IRRELEVANT ad hominem against me.

    Speaking of which, I don’t have any human decency, since I am a COCKROACH, remember? Or is it a FLY?

  15. So I guess I’m supposed to read that with cannibalism in China and come to the conclusion that I am below a cockroach?

    oh goodie goodie.

  16. Many of my mainland friends suddenly were from Hongkong/Taiwan to my Indian/other friends. I dont blame them..they are afterall human.

  17. I think it would be safe to suggest the Chinese government is the one behaving desperately.

    Both spiked and electric batons now reported deployed in Ngaba. And the CCP says “feudal Tibet” was medieval?

    And CCTV English is again today hammering the story of the “Nyalam Blizzard of February 8” even though the weather records for that day show at most a couple of inches.

    Restriction on the story distribution is listed as “not access Chinese mainland,” however one interprets that.

    I’m still making allowances for some freak blizzard that somehow doesn’t show up in weather stats; however, the only news sources for this blizzard are Chinese state media (and one Nepal media outlet which is simply repeating it word for word).

    You can go to http://www.worldweatheronline.com/map-search.aspx and check it out.

    My guess is the point was to close travel between Nepal and Tibet. CCTV also lists the “blizzard” as having shut down cellphone service in the area (now restored, thanks to the clearing of 2 inches–er, 6 metres–of snow).

  18. I finished reading the full article and appreciate what Christophe is trying to convey by our use of word “desperate” to describe the self immolations.

    I think I was looking too much through the prism of my own feeling of desperation and sense of hopelessness, and projecting it out… These people who were self immolating themselves are from areas where people are very brave and literate. I agree that their actions must be ignited a greater sense of purpose.

    CE: Please I am not suggesting that you are a canibal. I am being metaphorical. I meant to say that these bugs don’t kill their own kind to make themselves more comfortable and more affluent.

  19. I agree so much with BILLK | FEBRUARY 13TH, 2012 | 1:47 AM when he says:

    “Chinese Engineer

    If you have an ounce of human decency you will refrain from posting constant abuse at a time when Tibetan people are suffering so much.

    If you can’t control yourself, I urge the moderators to set tighter rules for acceptable conduct on this forum.”

    And I normally believe in free speech.

  20. I agree so much with BILLK | FEBRUARY 13TH, 2012 | 1:47 AM when he says:

    “Chinese Engineer

    If you have an ounce of human decency you will refrain from posting constant abuse at a time when Tibetan people are suffering so much.

    If you can’t control yourself, I urge the moderators to set tighter rules for acceptable conduct on this forum.”

    And I normally believe in free speech.

  21. Don,

    Chinese Engineer is undoubtedly a psychopath. It’s sad that despite his quality western education (according to him) that he elects to behave as he does. IQ is no guarantee of EQ for someone who is first generation removed from manual labour. His father probably still has mud between his toes and a tide mark on his legs from toiling in the paddy fields.

  22. Don

    Chinese Engineer has greatly changed the tone of this forum. Previously, Chinese nationalists would come on for a stoush but it would be conducted within certain limits. Chinese Engineer has cranked up the nastiness level considerably and it has probably driven peole away from participating. I know I spend less time on this forum than I used to. So, I think, in practical terms, a general commitment to free speech can co-exist with a demand for civility.

  23. BILLK ,
    you are right, it has been the trend in the most forums. i think it is new a policy came from 50 cent party . The ccp knew that they can not win arguments so they say nasty things to drive people away.

  24. “I love sweet”? Nooo doubt about it. Look at your stinky bad breath and those rotten teeth when you smile.
    Where were you? Haven’t heard from you for few days. Ohhh, let me guess. Your pimp must have sent you out to serve your sugar dad Xi Jing Pig, while he is in town. He must have brought you some more sweet from back home. Specially your’s fav, 3incher.

  25. Brother Radio Chamdo,
    with respect I have to say your assumption on his father is most likely incorrect. Again,”most likely”. His father or uncles must be one of those corrupted official loaded with cash stolen from their own people.
    ‘First generation removed from manual labour’, as you mention can hardly make to west for education. Even if they do, I doubt about their loyalty towards CCP.
    River Town by Peter Hessler, is a good reading.

  26. To CE
    #31 ? Now what happen to your “IQ” which you are sooooo proud of?
    Read # 29 so you can understand #30
    What happen there at #31 to you, is called, “Chink’s paranoia”.

  27. Yes, I have definitely seen this trend. The original, somewhat insidious “staff” of Tibet-related YouTube channels has been replaced with (no doubt lower-cost) spoiled fenqing who just scream meaningless epithets as necessary.

  28. they are not replaced and rather increased these ” internet commentators” known as 50 centers. As we become more vocals, the ccp had to hire more these people and the most on them are on the job training. they are desperate!

  29. Psychopath now? And undoubtedly too? Let’s count the labels you morons have thrown at me: sub human, various types of insects, canines, and now, a psychopath, all because I do not share your very skewed view on Tibetan history and the realities in Tibet, and refuse to revel in your stupidity.

    Since the reading comprehension skills for most of you are poor, let me keep my diatribe short:

    You fuckers are morbidly stupid and completely irrelevant.

  30. @ CE
    Aaaa.. Remember the, “Moronic”? “Cunt”, your favorite word, and Illiteracy, low IQ, Dumb, fucker, stupid, and poverty, so and so on, all because we do not share your very SKEWED view on Tibetan history and realities in Tibet, and refuse to revel in your smartarse???

    Since the reading and writing comprehension skill of yours is excellent, Mr. Chinese Shakespeare . But what good does it to your golden quill when you run out of ink? Any answere? Yes you already give us the answer on #37 “ You fucker are morbidly stupid bla bla bla”. We already know that, so save your breath, you don’t have to repeat it again. Okey?

    @Sheila, “Spoiled fenqing” precisely, and excellent word. I didn’t know there is such a term. I call them red flagger. Thank you

    @ Deveno, “Apeyro” ? or Apery?

  31. Re #37

    [Live from the Blog Commentary Box]

    … and the crowd is hushed now awaiting the response by Chinese Engineer…

    …. an audible gasp from the crowd now as post #37 is made, let’s have a look …


    … oh yes, it’s a beautifully executed Reverse Victim Position with a Chi-Com Bully Flip!!!

    Well Michael a very standard and predictable response, but one that seems to have gone down well with the crowd.

    Well I’m not sure David, I do think most of them are laughing. However one has to admire the sheer audacity of using such a standard response, that’s where its beauty lies.

    And the judges are ready now …

    China 10, Russia 10, Sudan 0 [thump] no 10

    Oh a perfect score!!!


  32. Hey CE, if we are so irrelevant, why do you bother? Whatever you have to say here does not make any difference to us either. We will never stop, we will teach our children, our children will their’s, IT will be embedded in our DNA, until Tibet is returned to Tibetan. So, if you do not have anything constructive to say, just get lost! Your comments only make us dislike you chinese people even more.

    China out of Tibet!

  33. Writer detained – A team of 20 policemen took Gangkye Drubpa Kyab, 33, from his home in Serthar on Wednesday last week, RFA said, citing acquaintances of the popular author.

    It seems like there’s this trend to totally overdo it as far as force numbers–remember the pictures from several weeks ago showing 31 police doing in one poor guy; now this business of 20 policemen to arrest one man.

    If this isn’t a purposeful attempt to ramp up tension, what is?

  34. Whether we are relevant or not or how ‘disgusted’ this communist engineer is, he will punch in his time card tomorrow and show up at work. With same diatribe and bluster that’s is typical of chicoms thanks to Mao (I have no doubt this communist engineer was a red guard or his father was). You can’t talk logic or be polite with these people when you debate or argue with them. That’s a big NO. They see it as weakness and attack you more fiercely. Their mindset is governed by this Chinese proverb: if you have a will to condemn there is always a way and, so, if you thinking of winning over him by presenting facts, figures, sensibility, rationality in ur point etc. you are wasting time. You talk back to them in double the amount of their bluster and condemnation. That’s how you deal with this chinese engineer. Even reformed former red guard Wei Jinsheng once told me ‘ when you talk to Chinese communist you must talk from position of power and dominate them; you can’t be polite, they don’t get it’. And If nothing works, it’s time to use the language they invented and understand most: shoot first ask questions later.

  35. chinese “engineer” is interesting in a way. He is the indivudual, personification of CCP, because he espouses all ccp strategies. As such, and because he reflects the mentality of ccp, he has things to teach us: the philosophy of this regime, the paranoia and aggressivity that characterises it.
    And we do have to know the enemy in its flaws and force to better assess it, and ultimately confront/deafeat him. chinese engineer teaches us things against his own will.
    as a loyal and dedicated muppet he exposes quite a lot.

  36. i think we need to remember that chinese “engineer” is after all human like all of us despite his support of cockroach behaviors and politics. next life he will be maybe tibetan and be tortured. I am interested in knowing which button will make him realise that.

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