Forging a Rangzen Strategy

In my last post I mentioned that I would come up with an analysis of why the Chitue denunciations and the marginalization of the TYC and Gu-Chu-Sum had happened, and what the Tibetan public could do about it. Readers will have to wait a little longer for the article as I am preparing a talk on “Forging a Rangzen Strategy” for Tibetans in Toronto. The event organized by TNC Canada will take place this coming Saturday. Please forward the posters and Live-stream information to those who might be interested. Thanks. JN.


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  1. Dear Jamyang Norbu, also many pro-Tibet supporters would be very interested to listen to your talk. Is it possible to have also a simultaneous translation in English?

  2. thanks Jamyang for the activity

    I think its time to start taking serious action from Rangzen supporter, to stop MWA failer way in the TGIE, So, I think Rangzen must gather in Dharamsala, and do talks, instead of north america or europ, to prepare a serious strategy to protest TGIE forcing MWA, and start adopt rangzen there

  3. Goodluck and hope you will also make it accessible to Tibet supporters as Carlo Buldrini suggests. There are lot of steadfast supporters who got demoralised by the fantastical about turns by CTA and orwellian flock.

  4. I will say already Nov 30th talk will be a success – an ‘auspicious’ start for Rangzen strategy.
    Peoples are tired of just waiting and waiting & not able to do much.

  5. TNA should serious consider doing the next Rangen talk in Dharamsala for Konchok’s sake.Any serious and tangible Tibet policy should incorporate a dialogue through diplomacy backed by the strength.

    That is where the currently 40-plus years failed appeasement policy has now only on option if it should ever succeed. And that means, CTA should used strength of TNC as a bargaining chip against China. Sadly, what is how happening is that the CTA has virtually turned the all the democratic groups -beginning with TYC-into anti-Dalai Lama – a blunder that our young, energetic, but inexperienced Sikyong who think and talks as if he has actually replaced the Dalai Lama, but there is no sign His Holiness not given up his hold over the Ganghen Kyishong for reasons best kept to himself.

    It is amazing how His Holiness has declared in Japan that Rangzen activities are hurting the Tibetans in Tibet. Really!!!!!!!!


    yeah, its very sad how the Dalai lama playing a dengerous game, which is certainly will further split Tibetans worse by accusing Rangzen for being the reason behind the suffering of Tibetans!!!!

    “Some say we need to change the MWA, but if those of us living in free countries push for independence, the people who suffer as a result will be Tibetans in Tibet,”

    its very weird that his holiness desperatly push MWA while he claim resaigned from being political leader of Tibet!!!!?????


    Dear Jamyang Norbu,

    Congratulations for the Tibetan National Congress, The Forging Rangzen Strategy, November 30th, 2013, Livestream, which watched with great interest. I suggest that the next may have simultaneous translation into English!

    So… RANGZEN!

    Believe me, we together can transform this. A true revolution does not mean violence. It means mobilizing the collective consciousness. Do not be afraid. Tibet can be free, as the non-communist China as well. Time is coming! Be together and full of faith. Freedom and human rights will be the prize. There is a way to get them, but mostly the Prime Minister of Tibet can move it, in name of the State of Tibet in exile, with the International Community pressing positively for.


    Please see my Open Letter, at Partido Budista Brasileiro, Facebook too.

    The time is now! It is time for the Snow Lion…

    Time for the International Community to stop, once and for all, the genocide of an entire Nation.

    Time for You to go to the International Court of Justice. This is the only possible way, and place, where we will have a real dialogue with China. We are talking about the most important judicial organ at the United Nations, this Peaceful Palace located at the heart of the peaceful city of Hague in the Netherlands. The only capital in the World, known for its history in peaceful international settlements, for territorial and boundary disputes. And, therefore, this will be how to achieve the fullness of Human Rights, as a consequence implicit in the act.

    Time to constitute a team of experts in International Public Law. The best possible team, to claim and demand for Justice, which means a repossession claim of the Tibetan territory, to bring back His Holiness the Dalai Lama and His people to a Free Tibet and, consequently, the prompt reinstatement of the Human Rights, further declaring that the continued presence of China in Tibet will be illegal and must be terminated as soon as possible.

    As His Holiness has said, only the dialogue will solve that question and it can no longer wait for a good faith dialogue coming from China. It is an absolute reality that no dialogue would be possible at this time without the presence of the International Court of Justice, as mentioned above. Regardless, this is an action that only Tibet can do it! No one can do it in its place!

    After all this, Tibet could be considered a Humankind World Heritage by the United Nations, and begin to shine with dignity and self-existence.

    I also believe that His Holiness the Dalai Lama should lead, be the voice of the Chinese non-communists, speaking to them since now, in the media, giving the hope of better days, with His universal message of peace, freedom, brotherhood and compassion. No one better than HHDL to play this role on behalf of Universal Love. With positive result, in the same process, for the Tibetan cause.
    Tibet needs more and more political leaders. Tibet needs help to be rebuilt. Tibet needs independence.

    I remain at your disposal.

    Yours sincerely,

    Flávio Marcondes Velloso, professor.

  8. Can someone please tell me how to access the archive? When I click the link, it takes me to Livestream page where it says the event ended.
    Is there any place else that the talk is saved at?


  9. hello mr. JN la
    recently, in nyc, at your rangzen imperative talk, you said that only rangzen(independence) can/will ensure the survival of the tibetan race on this planet. does that mean that if P.R.C was to accept the other alternative, “genuine autonomy” that the TGIE is asking, it won’t ensure the survival of the tibetan race? Genuine autonomy as per my knowledge is to have control over everything but military and external affairs. i am confused as how would such structure not ensure the survival of the tibetan race. thanks you…hoping for your reply.

  10. @14 (Karma)

    As explained by Sikyong at Council on Foreign Relations, the CTA’s “genuine autonomy” now means that future Tibet will have no democracy — instead the CCP will remain in control, militarization will be at China’s discretion, and this so-called autonomy will be for limited duration (after that Tibet reverts to being a normal Chinese province, just like Hong Kong in 50 years).

    That means that the CTA’s “genuine autonomy” is a sham. It used to mean something when His Holiness proposed it in 1987, but opportunist Dhasa politicians like Lobsang Sangay have watered it down to nothingness.

    So there will be no real autonomy, no “control over everything but military and external affairs”. This means the Tibetan race will continue to be absorbed into China, slowly or fastly, but surely.

  11. Mr Jamyang Norbu la,

    this is my simple request that please seek independent from china not from our exile administration and from His Holiness the 14th Dalai lama
    if you think you are capable of anything then write article on current situation on tibet, about self immolation… but BIG WHY ?????? always criticizing
    your own nation.Dividing our society .

  12. You cannot and dare not act, but you can only complain whenever you get free time and safety.

    China is adapted to your complaints, but the crux of matter is, they things in their way whether exiles like it or not.

    If exiles wanted to be taken seriously, then more and less talk and complaints.


  13. And are we surprised? Meantime the Chinese people can find imaginary enemies of the state like harmless Tibetan Buddhist leaders while their own leaders skim away the national wealth to foreign countries. How chortle inducing.

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