Raining on China’s Victory Parade

What Victory against Japan?

Chinese Communist party cadres and members should bear in mind that Chairman Mao himself declared: “Chinese Communists should be grateful to the Japanese for invading China” otherwise the “… Communists would have remained too weak to seize power.” My source for this is unimpeachable. Mao’s personal physician – the one person always at his side. Dr. Li Zhisui in his The Private Life of Chairman Mao describes the Chairman’s meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Kakue Tanaka in 1972. “Mao thought his talks with Tanaka had been warmer and more intimate than his meeting with Nixon. When Tanaka tried to apologize for his country’s invasion of China, Mao assured him that it was the “help” of the Japanese invasion that made the Communist victory and this visit between Communist and Japanese leader possible.”

When Tanaka brought up the questions of war reparations Japan owed China, Mao regally waved it away. He was actually much more interested in Japanese investments. China had been bleed dry by the Great Leap, the Great Famine, and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and its GDP was then lower than that of many sub-Saharan nations.

For decades the CPC  kept up the big propaganda myth that Japan was defeated by the invincible PLA, a myth largely accepted by experts in the West. But the narrative has changed in recent times. “Historians now agree that the Nationalist armies of Chiang Kai-shek, not Mao’s Communist guerrillas, did the bulk of the fighting against the Japanese. The majority of the estimated three million Chinese soldiers who died from 1937to 1945 wore the Nationalist uniform, while the Communists, nearly vanquished by Chiang at the time of Tokyo’s invasion, spent most of the war rebuilding behind enemy lines and only occasionally ambushing Japanese troops.”

One historical fact though, even now ignored by historians, is the sad fate of many hundreds of thousand of Nationalist soldiers who won the war against Japan but got stuck in China after Chiang’s retreat to Taiwan. They were largely conscripted into frontline units during the Korean War to conduct suicidal “human wave” attacks against the the UN forces. Those that survived the war were packed off to Laogai camps, and often executed.


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  1. Angry Tibetan Girl


    Middle Way, or, the I don’t have a plan B, I’m shitting in my pants, Plan

    If we look at all the facts, starting from when His Holiness first introduced the plan, the dialogues that followed, the dialogues that continued to follow, and the dialogues that were demanded to be followed up with all failed. In the end, the dialogues only helped to safeguard more dialogues and the combination of all those dialogues resulted in, well, NOTHING, except maybe CTA clamping down on other Tibetans calling for Rangzen. A special demand made during the dialogues from the Chinese side. China basically kept saying the same thing the entire time, which went something like: There is nothing to negotiate, Tibet is already autonomous, we call it Tibet autonomous regions, Kham and Amdo are fictions you Tibetans have created, lets talk about the Dalai Lama coming back to Tibet so that we can keep a watchful eye out for him like we did the late Panchen Lama.

    So I wonder, why is the Tibetan government still holding on to this failed policy which has no legs on which it can run on? Why would China give us something it says we already have and what leverage does the Tibetan government have? The answer? They have no leverage what so ever, but why still hold on dearly?

    Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, a graduate of Harvard Law school, along with the number of new administrators he came with to CTA has brought nothing new to the dialogue conundrum. If anything, in a desperate move to get China’s attention, they cut down a lot of the original asks from the original Middle Way that the Dalai Lama proposed. By the way, CTA will never get to dialogue with China because they say you guys don’t exist in the first place, duh! dialoguing with you guys would be, duh! counter-productive for them. So why push hard and intensify middle way campaigning, not with the Chinese, but with the Tibetans worldwide?

    The only conclusion I can draw on is that they are shit scared out of their minds to come up with Plan B. They’re not savvy, or dare I say, innovative and smart enough. HH started working on the Middle Way plan since even before he announced it officially in the late 80s. Tibetan Government in Exile, before it became Central Tibetan Administration, spent about 30years invested in this policy which ultimately failed time and again. And now, all of a sudden, the new kids on the block are suppose to hit the drawing boards and come up with a brand spanking new plan B that surpasses the previous failed one, without even an ounce of experience or education in constructing actual policy, or even dealing with real international diplomacy work??? Oh hellz no, that ain’t happening. They won’t scrap all the old stuff even though it isn’t working, and start fresh. Because that would mean actually putting in real work, starting from nothing, and building a brand new blueprint, which they are in no way shape or form ready to do or even attempt. Cause that would require actual talent in real governance, not just talking and looking the part. And at this point, we don’t have anyone like that currently occupying CTA leadership. It’s not to say we don’t have actual talented people who could do this work, but they’re not the type CTA invests in, especially now, more than ever. There are way too many careerists either at CTA or trying to strive for CTA leadership. Carrerists at the end of the day are carrerists, looking out for their careers, nothing more, nothing less.

    #tibetan politics

  2. the nationalists wasn’t any less crueler then Chinese communists

    Mao has invented some of chiang kai shek strategy of opression against the other ethnic or countries that China occupied, by contunueing transfering chinese to either tibet or east turkistan

  3. the day China will fall, the world hypocrisy would exposed, as all of atrocities will be public, and every one can see it, and this so called victory day, will be a lose day…as this is the day communist china has given birth

  4. Dalai Lama: Sikyong, the reason I summoned you today is very important .

    Sikyong Sangay (pretending second to none in devotion): Luo-so. ( yes, your Holiness )

    Dalai Lama: When you requested for Kalachakra teaching, I didn’t know your real intention. Now that I am getting a clearer picture. I think religious teaching should never be used for politics.

    Sikyong (lies once again as usual) : No , Your Holiness. There is no politics.

    Dalai Lama: OK . Whatever, we have to postpone the Kalachakra teaching for now.

    Sikyong : Luo-so.

  5. Follow up on Wangchuk Tsering @ 6

    Sikyong drives back to Kashag . He is clearly disappointed. Kalon Pema Chhonjor knew it and could see through it all. It is from their long association that Kalon Chhonjor knows, this time they are not able to outwit Holiness.

    ” It is postponed, right? Chhonjor said.

    Sikyong did not say anything in response, but kept pacing restlessly. After a awhile, he said: ” What now ?”

    Chhonjor looked tired. He didn’t sleep much the night before. He kept brooding whole night that this is coming when he was shared the news that Sikyong was summoned for audience the next morning, before His Holiness was to start teaching.

    He knows now Sikyong will see many bad days. The scariest of all that might leak out is about the feelers the two sent to Shugden group that the two never took on them like Samdhong and others.

    Sikyong himself is lost in thought. Kalon Chhonjor noticed it when he woke up from his own thought?
    ” Did you discuss this with Kador? May be, he has some idea”

    Sikyong look angry and gave a disappointed look at his buddy.
    “What bloody idea he has got? May be he will say, instigate Indian lalas to say they are loosing lot of money because of Kalachakra cancelation!”

    Here you go, this a brilliant idea! yelled Kalon Chhonjor as if a Chinese computer hacker able to access the secret password of the Dalai Lama’s e-mail account.

    Slept through Harvard Sikyong is himself surprised at the potential of his own innate mind. When he saw his own strategist is glowing admiration at his random musing, he knew he has found something at least for now.

    So, get Indian lala story moving.

    ( I invite others to continue the story)

  6. North American Chithue Norbu Tsering is urging people not to vote for him!
    He says this time around, he will not be in a position to shoulder the responsibility even he is voted. He is also saying he will not be endorsing any Sikyong candidate.

    He has said that last time round Sikyong Lobsang Sangay sought his endorsement . He seems bit disappointed that Sikyong withdrew his appointment as Representatiive of Office of Tibet, Japan.

    Chithue Tashi Namgyal is holding out till the primary election. He is expecting his Ume-lam friends in New York and his friends in media to promote him to the top.

    Meanwhile, Kalsang Augastang(?) the Tibet Office guy is discussing whether he should get his people to vote him as NA Chithue . He thinks that it is a better bet, in case Sikyong Sangay looses his election.

    Some people close to him in Swiss are worried that his days are numbered once Sikyong Sangay looses. But some others are saying, he and Sikyong already has an exit plan. They are some stories that they have set up a foundation for preservation of Tibetan Antiques, worth lot of money.

    These may sound like a plain make up rumors, but don’t reject these outright as some wishful thinking. Many of these conversation at the ‘ high Tibetan society dinner parties’ often turn out true . Just keep watching . If you are politico fan, the pot has just started boiling.

  7. ཆོས་རིག་རྒད་པོས་གཏིང་ནས་བྱུས་བཀོད་དང་།།

    This from Khabdha. There is very interesting and elaborate composition in praise of
    Sikyong Lobsang Sangay peopled with many characters including games being
    played by various people.
    The rough translation of the above paragraph goes something like this:

    ” With the old man at Religious Office (meaning Kalon Pema Chhonjor) as chief architect,
    Kalon for Information and International Office, and Health Department Kalon speaking in one voice,
    This Gang of Four (Sikyong led)
    Has destroyed the Tibetan cause .
    For this achievement, I bow in admiration.

  8. For centuries, it was Tibet that had committed heinous crimes against China and the Chinese people.
    1. During Tang Dynasty, Tibetans invaded and ransacked Chang’an, the capital of Tang Dynasty
    2. During Song Dynasty, Tibetans conspired with the Mongols to invade China
    3. During Qing Dynasty, Tibetans conspired with Manchu to rideshod over China and the Chinese people.
    4. Almost half a century, Tibetans conspired and colluded with CIA to rebel against China and the Chinese people.

    If there is anyone who needs to apologize to the Chinese people for the centuries of destruction and death, it’s Tibetan themselves.

  9. @12 Janman

    Now that things are collapsing all around China and no amount of military force or economic control can stop whats going to unfold in days or months or years to come- someone has begun to change his tune. Its quite a revelation. I never imagined that this day would come when a Chinaman would actually stoop to this level.

  10. Lobsang sangay sold a cow
    Penpa Tsering ate the cow
    But Lukar, since he is from Tibet,
    He had a Yak and he refused to sell it.

  11. @pasang

    every evil empire would have a day that will fall, its Karma..there will be a disasterous day for China, when all Bad Karmas that has been stored for decades, would crash badly once a day, it will be very terrible for China, and people would feel sorry and would say why is that happening

  12. Gedun Chomphel:

    Lobsang Sangay sold the cow,
    Penpa Tsering sold the milk ( this accordingly to his talk at McLeod Ganj)

    Lukar Jam had said it nicely about their candidacy. He said ( quoting Phayul) here:
    He is selling salt, the other three (candidates ) are selling garlic. I like that quote. True patriot should win this time not a Manchurian candidate who undermined International Campaign for Tibet and funded Chinese Lobby firm!

  13. With the failed Middle Way Approach and the upsurge of Rangzen advocacy likely to dominate the 2016 Sikyong and Chitue elections, I would keep like to share what is/was India stand on Tibet-China negotiations in the first place, according to Gyalo Thondup in his book “the Noodle Maker of Kalimpong”. Quote: “At the end of 1988,Yan Mingfu and the Chinese government agreed to reopen negotiations with the Dalai Lama’s representatives. Yan Mingful did’t agree with all the points the Dalai Lama had outlined in his Strasbourg statement, but he thought the statement could serve as a basis for new discussions.He even agreed that the Dalai Lama could choose the venue for the meetings and the negotiators on the Tibetan side. Yan asked me to convey this discussion to the Dalai Lama…. I carried the message to the Dalai Lama …..I spoke to members of the Kashag, too, emphasizing how important this new opening was and what a big step forward this would be.

    The Research and Analysis Wing of Ingian intelligence somehow got a wind of this new torn of our negotiations. Mr. Nair, the head of the research dividion asked me to meet in Delhi. I Tashi Wangdu, Dalai Lama’s representative in Delhi, and Kashag member Lodi Gyari with me …..When I reported on my meeting with the Chinese government and told them that the Chinese had asked the Dalai Lama to choose the venue and the Tibetan Representatives, Mr. Nair’s deputy, Ranga Natam, protested immediately.Almost before I stopped speaking, he declared that the Chinese could not be believed and urged us not to participate in such negotiations. He thought the Tibetans should fight for their independence. He almost jumped out of his chair as he said this, the words bursting from his mouth.

    My response was a sarcastic retort that the Indians wanted to hide in the bushes while we Tibetans fought the Chinese.
    Both men, Mr. Nair especially, were embrassed.Nair apparent had not meant to be so blunt about his views that the Chinese could not be beleived. At least Tashi Wangdu and Lodi Gyari,and I know understood that the Indian intelligence dido not want us to negotiate. They wanted an independent Tibet-and for us to fight for it.
    I had already returned to HonKong when I saw the news that Tashi Wangdu had just made a public announcement in Geneva on January 15, 1989. I knew immediately that this was an unacceptable breach of prococal. He had not informed the Chinese first.
    Before I could even think about what to do, Yan Mingfu called me, demanding that I come to Beijing immediately. I did no even speak to Dharamsala before flying to meet him…

    Let me stop the quote for now.

    Just ponder Who is fooling who!

  14. Voice of Tibet has very good programs. Just watch and listen.
    Very unbiased. May this station remain as independent for ever.

  15. I am a Tibetan with lot of connections inside Tibet. I urge you to talk to Tibetans inside Tibet . These days the first thing, many Tibetans in Amdo region ask is about Astok Lukar Jam’s candidacy to Sikyong’s post.

    All of them are flabbergasted by the individual rights accorded by ithe Tibetan democracy under the leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

    Just the fact that a Tibetan who was a prisoner of China several years ago is now a proud candidate for the highest office of Tibetan government/struggle has become a very important political symbolism of, what it means to live in a democratic society and what it means to live in an autocratic country!

    People virtually look at this piece of news as almost miracle. Many say , it is something like imprisoned Liu Xiaboe getting a chance to stand for election to the post of President of China!

    People say that things like this, is able to happen Only because of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

    Now the question: Will the people close to His Holiness or people who In the name of loyalty to His Holiness create all the strifes in exile community , will do the right thing and not damage the image of real Dalai Lama? I hope they do.

    Otherwise, people should know who are true followers of His Holiness the Dalai Lama or who are the Thupten Lungrigs or Kalden Lodroes, who are nothing but self-serving parasites who infect the bodhi tree that we all hold dear ! Lha-gyalo.

  16. Yuan Dynasty which was built by Genghis Khan and his son during their invasion of China and Tibet. These Mongol Emperors butchered and raped millions of Chinese. What does China say today? Tibet has been part of China since Yuan Dynasty. What an absurd. Qing Dynasty which was built by Manchu people during their invasion of China and Tibet. Manchu Dynasty treated Chinese worse than dogs. What does China say today? Some of the laws imposed by Manchu Dynasty are that of Chinese. On example being recognition of Dalai Lama has to be approved by the central government. For centuries China has been fighting against Mongols and Manchu. One of the physical evidence today we can see for their fight is the Great Wall of China. Neither Mongol nor Manchu are Chinese.
    Nothing surprises by Mao’s accreditation for Japanese contribution for the success of China as a nation. Actually Mao and communist party of China was successful to over throw Chiang Kai-shek’s government because his Nationalist government was absolutely weakened by Japanese force. Otherwise there was no way Mao can over throw Nationalist Government.

  17. Sangay Gyatso @ 19

    Its very good to hear that.
    I listened to Lukar Jam’s speeches and first time in my long life i feel connection. Unlike you i don’t have much connections with high or low people inside or outside Tibet and have no any means to influence other. But it is very encouraging to hear Lukar Jam and resonance of his speeches with so many people.
    Yes, it is true that its due to the kindness and good guidance of HHDL that we are now reached this stage. For that we are forever grateful.

  18. Yuan Dynasty which was built by Mongols. Millions of Chinese butchered and raped during their invasion of China. Today China proudly claims Yuan Dynasty being one of their own dynasties. Same story goes with Qing Dynasty which was built by Manchus. China has been fighting with Mongols and Manchus for many centuries. This is the proof that Mongols and Manchus are not Chinese.

    Mao succeeded to over throw Nationalist Government which was severely weakened by Japanese forces. Millions of Chinese butchered and raped by Japanese and Mao was grateful to Japanese. It seems like a Chinese culture to be grateful and respect to butchers and rapist of their ancestors.

  19. Just finished watching Lukar Jam interview on VOT. Very impressive. Supporters of Lukar Jam just has to organize public screening of this VOT video. After watching this video, I understood why people like Kalden Lodroes and Thupten Lingrigs are worried. Their business will be closed.

    My vote is for Lukar Jam. I have registered but yet to pay Rangzen Lhakdeb will be going to make payment due several years this weekend.

  20. Yes, I agree. Not only Lukar supporters, but others suspicious and torn between the two -Rangzen and Middle way – should watch the interviews. If I recall, RFA was the first to carry two major interview with Lukar. They were radio broadcasts,but sadly, these two interviews are either not available on RFA website. Why! While I thank the individuals for doing the interview, suspicion is gathering that RFA Tibetan Service management has decided to block or curtail interviewing Lukar Jam and allies…
    Insiders say, Kalden Lodo and not Tethong is charge of who gets interviewed and who will be the interviewer. Follow their interviews, and you will know why…..

    While the Ngabo Jime episode is in the dark, his expulsion has landed RFA Tibetan Service in the lap of Gaden Phodrang and CTA to some extend. No wonder many call RFA, the Xinghua of Dharamsala.
    You will listen and you will know.

    Remember, those old days when all the Tibetan had to turn was All India Radio’s Tibetan Service. Who listens to its drastically reduced program. Of the there foreign aided radio stations, RFA was the favorite for much of the time, both in side and outside Tibet, till Ngabo’s departure. RFA’s standing is sinking like Titanic thanks for Libby-Kalden-Lungrig intrigue under the aegis of Samdhong on behalf of Gaden Phodrang. I am also curious about the US government’s investigation and report on RFA. This report I was told confines to issues, although serious, and doesn’t cover the firing of Ngabo. But justice comes slow everywhere. Gaden Phodrang minders should be careful what is coming. The least thing Tibetans want to hear his His Holiness’ direct or indirect involvement with what happened at RFA Tibetan Service.

    One thing before I quite: Did Lukkar Jam actually say, he would have people like Ngabo Jigme as as advisors. How daring!

  21. I used to be die heart fan( YOung blood even though I have limit of tibetan language) of listening Radio Free Asia where different opinions and newly interviews happens. BUT NOT ANYMORE. For the last two years I switched my focus that is on Voice of Tibet and Voice of America. They are more interesting and have exclusives.

    I can not believe what is happening to RADIO FREE ASIA? It is really boring news now a days to say atleast for us young Tibetans. They need to shift focus and bring back the liveliness that they used to have. This is 21st century, we as a middle path follower should know lots of China and international news instead of religion teaching. I hope learning lessons from Mao era, we should not uphold Mao’s ideology of managing and propagating once own. It will only hurt and harm ourselves(Tibetan) in the future.
    Lukar Jam’s interview with VOA is hit in our exile communities. People are talking it all over. Very impressed by his plan. Straigtforwarded and pure hearts. People like him (inside tibetan and outside tibetan experienced) knows really well. Kudos for naming Ngabo Jigme la for advisors. I think Ngabo la is most expert on China/ Tibet issues in our society. I heard that he does not speak but only acts and his book will come out soon. EXCITED!!!!! TRUTH WILL PREVAIL SOON!

  22. I talked to a stringer of radio free asia and he says it was never like before with that ex-monk abusing them when the tone of the story is not to his liking.

    the stringer says, as much as ex-monk hates lukar jam, he is indicating to the stringers to file as much negative story on Sikyong Lobsang Sangay as possible. I think this is not good.

  23. Tibet election politics 101: Notes from my conversation with a veteran Tibetan political observer in Delhi .

    The veteran political observer says that in American politics, you follow the money to see who is winning or who is manipulating. But in exile Tibetan politics, it is what the underlings of the political players are saying and doing that one should follow to figure out the message, intent and strategies of our players. ( He refuses to says leaders. He says, they are not there in stature as yet!)

    His advice is: To understand Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, keep an eye primarily on Kalon Pema Chhonjor and Kalon Ngodup Tsering. (Yes, there are others too)

    He says, if you keep tap on Pema Chhonjor, you will know that these days, he is now calling all the top lamas that Kashag or his religious department offered Tenshug / long life prayers , to issue diktat to their respective monastic population to cast their vote preferably to Lobsang Sangay as first choice and if not, NEVER to Tashi Wangdu.

    He says, Sikyong’s camp at this point wants to knock Tashi Wangdu out of primary contest. Behind the scene, he says they are doing everything to trash him as corrupt, immature candidate.

    He says, strategy is that they fear that Tashi Wangdu will cut into his Khampa and Ngari vote bank! ( So, for supporters of Tashi Wangdu, it is time to work twice as hard as rest of other candidates.)

    Our political observer says as far as Tsoksto Penpa Tsering is concerned, he is less disciplined or structured than Sikyong Sangay. He says, there are many who act like his underlings, like Chithue Dawa Tsering, who wants him to win. But our observer says , Chithue Dawa Tsering’s and many like him supporting Tsoktso is more driven by their distaste for Sikyong Sangay than their love for Chithue Tsoktso.

    The observer also suspects that volunteer Sikyong candidate no: 5 Tashi Topgyal ( the cowherd who wants to make history) could be Lobsang Sangay’s transplant, to play dirty with Chithue Tsoksto ( one who attacks Chithue Tsoktso’s character by raising the allegation of ‘murder and drinking’ ) during public debates etc. and also to confuse Tashi Wangdu ‘s supporters with other Tashi and thereby to cut into his vote count.

    Our observer says, if Tashi Wangdu could do well in primary, he has a real shot at becoming Sikyong, which at the moment is not the popular opinion.

    Regarding Lukar Jam , he says he has very high hill to climb, but the very fact that he volunteered for Sikyong post had served the cause of Tibetan democracy like never before. He believes Lukar Jam has a shot at the Sikyong post , if he could pass through the primary hurdle.

    He says , his vote is for Lukar Jam and he wants LJ to be more presentable and should try to get rid of little bit of his Amdo accent which will help him win young college going students votes, which in the end can really make a difference.

    He says , LJ should seriously go after every vote , and to do this, he really has to go into hostile territory without getting angry. He says, if Lukar Jam can take all the nasty attacks calmly and offer real intellegient responses like he is doing, he will be making history.

    He says, in fact , LJ should appreciate whoever attack him and say that he understand where it is coming from – from their love for our country – Tibet. ( although, often this is not true with umae lam followers). He says, on intellectual level, LJ has no challenge.
    Chime Dorjee, Kathmandu, Nepal.

  24. People are impressed by Lukar Jam? With what? Does he have any accomplishment? Did he give any sort of intellectual lecture? What I am hearing is that people are neutral in the past and now Lukar Jam is starting to get in people’s skin.

  25. Knowing how religious you are white, maybe you don’t like Lukar Jam because he is not a tulku?

    White wants to get his filthy hands on the blueprint for Rangzen so he can go invade Canada like the Benedict Arnold that he is.

  26. There iare two type of White. @ 27

    One who are naturally white, and then some species are white because it always buries its head under the rock and refuses to see the sunlight. They always prefer their death trap over light of the day. You are entitled to your ignorance and arrogance.

  27. Here comes couple of open minded people, liberal people, non-religious people, educated people. Sounded like their mind is set in the stone.

    Election result will come soon so we will talk by then.

  28. Hahha methinks thou doth protest too much White. But, please, go on.. How is Lukar Jam getting under your skin? What’s he doing wrong? What should he do to fix it?

  29. I was referring to some of the things I heard about Lukar Jam. Answers to some of the questions you asked and this will be concise. Lukar Jam has a problem with every status quo existed within the Tibetan community, Dalai Lama, religion, Middle Way Approach, CTA, Tibetan way of thinking and so on. It reminds me of Mao’s ideology and this gets me in my skin.
    Lukar Jam asked are we allowed to criticize Dalai Lama or not? Dalai Lama is like our King, symbol of our nation, heart and soul of Tibetan people. Many countries around the world still do not allow to criticizing monarchy and people get punished for criticizing.
    I also heard that he does not believe in religion. In America, if you claim you are atheist you have a zero chance of winning any level of public office. There was one known atheist congressman in the history of American government and that was Pete Stark (D-Calif.). Even he only admitted being atheist after leaving office.

  30. @29 White: Of all the candidates for Sidkyong, Lukar Jam has the first hand experience of Tibetan suffering under Chinese not only by living in Tibet but as political prisoner in Chinese prison.

    I applaud those who have sacrificed even their life for Tibet. Tens of thousand of Tibetans have died since 1950 fighting for freedom but we rarely give credit to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

  31. Karze, White, like his NY friend, Tenzin Nyima, who submitted an opinion piece to TPR, seems to insinuate that Lukar Jam is either brainwashed by the CCP or is an actual agent of theirs.

    Did I get that right White la?

  32. I never thought of Lukar Jam being Chinese agent or any other anti Tibet agent. He is more of a production of ignorant or ego or narcissist.

  33. # 12 JANMAN

    In other words:
    Tibet’s aggression during the Tang, Song & Qing dynasties could only be carried out because Tibet was ONE
    strong & independent sovereign nation.

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