Growing Support for Lukar Jam Atsok in Europe

English Translation of an article written by veteran Tibet activist, Tsewang Norbu la (of Germany) recently published in Tibet Times

Strong Rangtsen Results will Strengthen Umaylam

True to my principle of transparent public dealings I am outing myself right at the beginning that I am going to cast my vote to Lukar Jam Atsok for the post of Sikyong during the first round of election on October 18, 2015. I know Lukar Jam for some time and whenever I go to India, I always try to meet and talk with him. The more I met and talked with him, the more I was impressed by his intellectual depth, political and social understanding and of course his personal integrity.

In addition we cherish the same principles like Rangtsen and the need to change CTA back to Exile Government in Tibetan language. With great pleasure I read the following passage “We are very happy that His Holiness and his government in exile (emphasis by Tsewang) are situated at Dharamsala in my state of Himachal Pradesh”, Virbhadra Singh, Chief Minister. (Page 17, Tibetan Bulletin Volume 19, May-June 2015).

In the last two weeks or so I met or talked on the phone with several prominent Tibetan protagonists of Umaylam in Europe who are closely following the ongoing election campaign. Many of them are highly impressed by Lukar Jam Atsok´s intellectual depth and clarity and the issues he is raising. Since they know me that I am a Rangtsen protagonist, some even encouraged me to go public and support Lukar Jam openly as he has so far impressed them most through his arguments.

Such positive feedbacks show how important it is to back publicly deserving candidates like Lukar Jam who are disadvantaged in their access to government media machinery. We all know that incumbent office holders like Sikyong, Kalöns or Chithues per se have better access to government media machinery or other official platforms. It is in this light that I welcome the following two developments (a) “the code of conduct” issued by the Election Commission and (b) the postponement of the Kalachakra Empowerment 2016 which will ensure better equality of opportunities among the candidates.

What is at stake during the upcoming election of Sikyong and Parliament? Tibetans in Tibet and in exile know very well that the current repressive situation in Tibet has to be changed. The majority of the Tibetans follow Umaylam or the Middle Way Approach to achieve a genuine autonomy by staying within framework of the PR China. The protagonists of this school have entertained great hopes in President Xi Jinping that under his aegis the stalemated dialogue will be resumed and the hard-line policy in Tibet redressed. The situation in Tibet today is even worse than when Xi Jinping took over the office. Quite recently he has given a complete rejection to the Tibetan hope of any dialogue. China expects nothing less than a complete voluntary Tibetan submission.

It has always been my maxim that the demand should be higher than the result one is prepared to accept at the end. If the protagonists of Umaylam want to engage China into serious dialogue, than they need very strong protagonists of self-determination as an instrument and Rangtsen as goal. The more Tibetans support Rangtsen candidates, the greater chance will the protagonists of Umaylam have to impress Beijing to enter into dialogue. We have this card in our hand and hope that the Tibetan voters use their suffrage more wisely this time.

Cast your vote to Lukar Jam Atsok for the post of Sikyong and all other Chithui candidates standing for Rangtsen or Self-Determination. This is in your hand and Beijing cannot deprive you at least of this right. It is time to send a clear signal to Beijing. Boe Gyallo.


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  1. its a very good news

    Lukar Jam clearly has increased in his popularity, I think if there is a faire election he would win, but I have feeling that the election might not be clean..due to known bias for middle way

  2. Thank you, JN-la. Growing up in India, I was raised with Rangzen as our primal goal and I am not going to be swayed by the schizophrenic-behavours of CTA and our current leaders. I am going to vote for Lukar Jam for myself, my daughters, my fellow brothers and sisters in Tibet and future generations.

  3. General Tibetan population will decide the future of Tibet. Tibetan people around the world are so closely connected with all sorts of social media networks. Any news is spread within the Tibetan community like a wild fire continent to continent. In this sense no candidates have any particular advantage through advertisement. So it all depends on what people really want.

    Some people here already not very confident for Lukar Jam winning so they are already laying down some foundation for blaming game. CTA can only lay out rules but CTA can not control people’s vote or who they want to vote as long as candidate meets the requirement.

  4. Diapers and Politicians need to be change often. And change is coming this time. Every Rangzen lover should send a strong message this time and hope the election will be fair.

    RANGZEN kyi hi hi

  5. mee too I think if there is a faire election he would definitely win, but I have feeling that the election might not be clean..well but noyhing to say only that they deserved it where they are now. against everyone

  6. Bravo, TseWang Norbu la.
    Wis you are a Europe Chitue candidate!
    I would like challenge the myriad Chitue candidates all across to declare their true stand on the vexing duel issues – Middle Way or Rangzen.

    The future of Tibet’s future in is at the cusp of change, and if you want to be part of the change, come out the cocoon, and make your declaration now.

    Trust me, His Holiness expects us to come of age and take charge of our own future.

  7. Personally I am a middle way advocate. But I always believe that Rangtsen movement is highly honorable and equally important that CTA and all middle way advocates should cherish and accommodate. And as a Tibetan, I am proud of Jamyang N, a Tibetan intellectual (rare among the rarest) who understand global politics thoroughly and can response to any baseless attacks on us; as he did for Melvyn C. Goldstein’s.
    It (Rangtsen) can pressure China to enter into meaningful dialogue to compel China to accept Umaylam’s terms. It will always support Umaylam by pushing Umaylam nearer to its goal.
    Movements carried out by Chandra Shekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose always helped in pushing Ghandhi’s non-violent movement goals further.
    The most difficult to understand is how Rangtsen advocates turns anti-Dalai lama, as popularly labelled for. They are anit-china. Definitely. Because China is the one who annexed Tibet. But how those are against HH Dalai lama. His Holiness is not the one who annexed Tibet…!!
    Any CTA officials and Umaylam advocates who ostracizes and demonizes Rangtsen advocates is a clear sign that they don’t know politics. They need to educate themselves politically.
    Bod Gyalo.

  8. Let us also make sure we elect the right Chithue for North America.
    I have two candidates:
    Tseten Lhagyal of New York and Nyima Dorjee of Canada ( one who is working for Tibetan immigrant. Hope I got the name right.

    I welcome good-for-nothing Norbu Tsering for not standing for re-election. Last time , he won on the His Holiness the Dalai Lama’ s endorsement of sort. But then, when he got mentioned for Office of Tibet, he is reported to have got the endorsement which is best described in two words (” Oh Oh!”) meaning – never again! ( This despite his speech in Tibetan parliament that people like JN should be dealt the same way as you treat your rotten tooth.)

    I also expect people to let Tashi Namgyal to go into retirement. They had their days. Let’s say thank you to them out of courtesy , for their service.

  9. Lukar Jam’s tasks ahead, if he wins, are going to be utterly challenging. Not only will he have to provoke the PRC ruling regime’s home policy, but also that of the Central Tibetan Administration’s. He is more a passionate Rangzen lover than a politician. His office tenure will be a test, the result of which can be black and white, a kind of game politicians normally play with much care. Beyond doubt, he is straightforward and sincere. Good Luck.

  10. Hello,our truly beautiful, very very sincere friend of Tibet, Maura Moynihan, can you help verify whether the one Benjamin Wey that the U.S. attorney for Southern District of New York has indicted for unlawful gains from a scheme amounted to tens of millions of dollar is the very same guy that Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and Dhonchue Kaldor befriended and retained as Tibet Lobbyist, one that you exposed in your important story?

    If he is the same guy, media is reporting that ” if convicted on the criminal charges he could face up to 25 years”

    I did some research and to me this guy seems to be very same guy that Lobsang Sangay and Dhonchoe Kaldor is hired as their lobbyist in underming ICT.

    I know JN is not a fan of ICT but prison bound Benjamin Wey ?

    Maura, thanks for all your love and support for Tibet. One reason, Tibet issue is in the fore fronts is, because of hundreds of passionate foreign supporters like you all around the world working tirelessly. I know a lot many of them, many of them are now aging, but aging beautifully.

    JN la , can you help connect this message to Maura Moynihan or help us connect or debunk the link here.

  11. Who doesn’t want to be a millionaire as a human? Who doesn’t want Rangzen as a Tibetan? But the fact is that it is next to impossible to become a millionaire if you just have only 10 dollars in your hand. It is next to impossible to achieve Rangzen when you have almost nothing in your hand except truth. We do not have clear history, we do not have clear boundary, we do not have population to sustain for long struggle, and we do not have international support. Tibetans are minority in their own country and it is getting worse by the day. Tibetans are compelled to become Chinese due to the situation that requires Chinese knowledge to survive. New Tibetan generations in Tibet soon going to become like young Tibetan generations in the West who rarely speak Tibetan. Tibetans in Tibet who hold authority and economic power most likely doesn’t want Rangzen.
    Can Lukar Jam can answer any of these question?

  12. A veteran Tibetan politico junkie told me that, as in American politics, they tell you to follow the money, In exile Tibetan politics, the trick is to keep taps or “follow” what the underlings of the political camps/leaders are upto, and herein, one can easily fiind out the message, intent and strategies of what these Bihari leaders are up to.

    His advice , to understand Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, one should keep an eye primarily on Kalon Pema Chhonjor and Kalon Ngodup Tsering. (Yes, there are others too)

    He says, if you keep tap on Pema Chhonjor, you will know that these days, he is busy calling all the top lamas that Kashag or his “ministry” has offered Tenshug / long life prayers to issue ditak to their respective monastic population to cast their vote to preferably to Lobsang Sangay as first choice, and if not, NEVER to support the candidacy of Tashi Wangdu. Kalon Pema Chhonjor thinks that except for Bon master, all others are at his command.

    He says, Sikyong’s camp at this point wants to knock Tashi Wangdu out of primary contest. Behind the scene, he says they are doing everything to trash him as corrupt, immature candidate. He says, strategy is that they fear that Tashi Wangdu will cut into their Khampa and Ngari vote bank!

    Our political observer says that Chithue Tsoksto Penpa Tsering is lot less disciplined or structured than Sikyong Sangay. He says, there are many who act like his underlings like Chithue Dawa Tsering, who wants him to win. But he says, Dawa Tsering’s infatuation is more driven by his distaste for Sikyong Sangay than their love for Chithue Tsoktso.

    The veteran observer also says, the real behind the scene players to watch are, Delhi Dhonchoe and Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche. He says, they are the real Mokambos,( name of a cunning villain in an Indian flick)

    He says, more than anyone else, the two won’t like to LJ to win, above all others. He says, the game to watch is the underlings to these two powerful people. He says, the two does not agree on many issues and while Samdhong Rinpoche may prefer Tsoksto Penpa Tsering, Delhi Dhonchoe hates the guts of Chithue Tsoktso.

    The observer says, earlier the two could not match the power play of Juchen Thupten and his loyal base, but now that Juchen is busy trying to outwit Yamraj down there, this time we have to watch ourselves how this movie ends! Dorjee, Kathmandu , Nepal.

  13. With open criticism to those self-serving Tibetan officials in Gangkyi, I have been worrying about Lukar Jam safety. Remember Prof. Dawa Norbu publicly beaten and dragged, Gungthang Tsultrim being brutally shot while he was doing his evening prayer, Shooting of Bonpo Lama in Nepal etc., all shoveled under the rug.

  14. Country fate is decided by few exception people, later whose personal life get entangles with country history. Their failure becomes country’s failure, their success country’s success, so much so that, their life becomes subject for study to understand country past. Tibet is to produce one such exception next year. What does Tibet wants from him Is worth questioning. The question itself is a quiet old though, but it was only on recent month after Lukar Jam announced his candidate for Sikyong 2016, it found a soul, new enthusiasm, new pluralism.

    Mr. Lukar Jam definately will not as successful as he desire to- pass many bill he promised to pass, even If, he wins the election by great margin. Old guard in large number will be there to oppose, they will not shy away to block his good initiative in Parliament. They had already builted fortress around Dharamsala, outsider are not so welcome. They keep Dalai Lama quite unreachable within the fortress. They do two things good in His Holiness name legitimate their power and silence their own critics. But in whatever way you look Mr. Lukar Jam candidate is great symbolism in itself

  15. གསར་འགོད་པའི་སྒྲིག་སྲོལ།
    ཨེ་ཤེ་ཡ་རང་དབང་རླུང་འཕྲིན་ཁང་གི་དམིགས་ཡུལ་ནི་གསར་འགོད་པ་རྣམས་ ནས་གསར་འགོད་པའི་སྒྲིག་གསྲོལ་གྱི་གནས་ཚད་མཐོ་ཤོས་དེ་ལག་བསྟར་བྱེད་རྒྱུ་དེ་ ཡིན། ང་ཚོའི་རླུང་འཕྲིན་དང་གནས་འཕྲིན་དྲ་བའི་གནས་ཚུལ་རྣམས་དྲང་བདེན་དང༌། ཕྱོགས་ཞེན་མེད་པ་དགོས།
    གསར་འགྱུར་མཁོ་སྒྲུབ་བྱེད་སྐབས་གསར་འགོད་པ་རྣམས་ཞི་འཇམ་དགོས་པ་དང་། མི་སྒེར་རམ། ཚོགས་པའམ། གཞུང་ཞིག་གི་དྲིལ་བསྒྲགས་དང༌། འཁྱོག་བཤད། རྫུན་གཏམ་སོགས་ལས་གཡོལ་དགོས། ང་ཚོས་གསན་མཁན་རྣམས་ལ་ལམ་སྟོན་སོགས་ཀྱི་གཏམ་བཤད་མི་སྤེལ་རྒྱུ།
    ང་ཚོས་གསན་མཁན་རྣམས་ལ་དྲག་སྤྱོད་དམ། གྱེན་ལངས་སམ། ཡུལ་གཞན་དུ་བྲོས་བྱོལ་འགྲོ་རྒྱུ་སོགས་ཀྱི་ངན་སྐུལ་མི་བྱེད་རྒྱུ། ང་ཚོས་གསན་མཁན་རྣམས་ལ་དགོངས་ཚུལ་སྤེལ་སའི་གླེང་སྟེགས་བསྐྲུན་རྒྱུ།
    ང་ཚོའི་རླུང་འཕྲིན་དང་གནས་འཕྲིན་དྲ་བའི་གསར་འགོད་པ་ཚོས་གསར་འགྱུར་སྤེལ་སྐབས་གནས་ཚུལ་རྣམས་རྫུན་གཏམ་མམ། ཁུངས་ལྡན་མིན་པའི་གནས་ཚུལ་མི་སྤེལ་རྒྱུ། བྱུང་ན་གནས་ཚུལ་གཅིག་ལ་ཁུངས་གཅིག་ལས་མང་བ་འཚོལ་ཐབས་བྱ་རྒྱུ།
    ང་ཚོས་ཆབ་སྲིད་ཚོགས་པ་དང༌། ཕྱོགས་འགལ་ཚོགས་པའམ། བཙན་བྱོལ་ཚོགས་པའམ། ཆོས་ཚོགས་སོགས་ལ་འབྲེལ་བ་མི་གཞག་ཅིང༌། གསར་འགོད་པ་སྒེར་གྱི་ལྟ་ཕྱོགས་མི་སྤེལ་རྒྱུ།
    ང་ཚོའི་ལས་བྱེད་ཀྱིས་མཁོ་སྒྲུབ་མ་བྱས་པའི་ཕྱི་ཕྱོགས་ཀྱི་གནས་ཚུལ་ སྤེལ་སྐབས་དགོངས་ཚུལ་གང་ཡིན་པ་དེ་ང་ཚོའི་ལྟ་བ་ཡིན་པས་མ་ཁྱབ་པའི་གསལ་བཤད་ཞུ་ དགོས།
    ཨེ་ཤེ་ཡ་རང་དབང་རླུང་འཕྲིན་ཁང་གི་ལས་བྱེད་པ་རྣམས་ནས་གསར་འགྱུར་ལས་ཁང་གཞན་གྱི་འགྲོ་གྲོན་བཏང་བའི་རྔན་པའམ། རིན་མེད་གུང་སེང་སོགས་ལེན་མི་ཆོག
    ཨེ་ཤེ་ཡ་རང་དབང་འཕྲིན་ཁང་གི་གསར་འགོད་པ་སྐལ་ལྡན་ བློ་གྲོས་ལ་གསར་འགོད་པའི་སྒྲིག་གཞི་འཁེར་དགོས་གི་མ་རེད་གཞན་གསར་དགོད་པ་ རྣམས་ལ་རེད་འདུག།།
    The above is from RFA’s website.

    Word is speading fast that RFA is boycotting coverage of Sikyong candidate Lukar Jam. Insiders says Mr. Kalden has order stringers to boycott Lukar Jam’s activities. He has and is trying to stop airing news and repots about Lukar Jamp’s campaign. It is also now well know to listners that RFA Tibetan servcie has barred satff from interviewing Sikyogn and Chituie candidates. Only a few managers have been assigned to cover and interview the candidates. What is shame. Natually, RFA’s listernship is going down the tube…..

  16. In Tibetan society, it seems we cannot disagree with somebody without losing respect. It doesn’t have to be either with us or against us approach. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has worked his entire life for Tibet, whatever we are today basically because of his tireless work. It is disheartening to see people disrespecting him. Why Lukar Jam is acting like that Dalai Lama is a problem for Tibet? Why he is acting like that people who support Dalai Lama are problem for Tibet? If we live long enough we will see the difference between Tibet with Dalai Lama and Tibet without Dalai Lama. I can put my life on the table it won’t be better.
    Sikyong Lobsang Sangye, Howard graduate person having hard time to gain people’s trust. What kind of people can gain trust and respect from Tibetan people? Lukar Jam? We need somebody who can unite whole Tibetan before he or she can do anything. Dalai Lama has done that better than any other Tibetan leaders in the history. My concern is we could destroy ourselves without China whatever is left of Tibet. Rangzen is not the problem. Lukar Jam can seek Rangzen, fight against China or do whatever he want that will help to gain Rangzen. He needs to seek Rangzen from China from Dalai Lama and CTA. He can present himself with great ideas, new ideas, strategic plans but he doesn’t need to destroy status quo. CTA has to respect people’s idea.
    Despite Lukar Jam has no slightest chance of winning, it is a grave concern Tibetans like him to exist. The man who rejects what Tibetans stand for and what Tibetans are made of.

  17. In Tibetan society, it seems we cannot disagree with somebody without losing respect. It doesn’t have to be either with us or against us approach. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has worked his entire life for Tibet, whatever we are today basically because of his tireless work. It is disheartening to see people disrespecting him. Why Lukar Jam is acting like that Dalai Lama is a problem for Tibet? Why he is acting like that people who support Dalai Lama are problem for Tibet? If we live long enough we will see the difference between Tibet with Dalai Lama and Tibet without Dalai Lama. I can put my life on the table it won’t be better.
    Sikyong Lobsang Sangye, Howard graduate person having hard time to gain people’s trust. What kind of people can gain trust and respect from Tibetan people? Lukar Jam? We need somebody who can unite whole Tibetan before he or she can do anything. Dalai Lama has done that better than any other Tibetan leaders in the history. My concern is we could destroy ourselves without China whatever is left of Tibet. Rangzen is not the problem. Lukar Jam can seek Rangzen, fight against China or do whatever he want that will help to gain Rangzen. He needs to seek Rangzen from China not from Dalai Lama and CTA. He can present himself with great ideas, new ideas, strategic plans but he doesn’t need to destroy status quo. CTA has to respect people’s idea.
    Despite Lukar Jam has no slightest chance of winning, it is a grave concern Tibetans like him to exist. The man who rejects what Tibetans stand for and what Tibetans are made of.

  18. This is a violation of Election Commission rule, if EC has tooth and Tibetan democracy is not a sham, it should action.

    Even if you take politics out of it, for an educational institute to ban its student from hearing from an intellectual is dead wrong. Last year during a graduation ceremony of high school student, the director of Upper TCV in his address, appealed to students stay ” far, far away from intellectual who in the name of democracy, criticize His Holiness the Dalai Lama” .

    The news was reported widely in Tibetan media and at that time the intellectual implied in the speech was Jamyang Norbu la.

    Despite this administrative pressure, I know for certain that TCV teachers are no fools and if the students are smart enough, many of them will figure out the things for themselves.

  19. White

    I guess you have someone pushed you to lead campaign here, it must be either CTA or CCP..its most likely CTA, they are desperate to stop Lukar Jam

  20. White: So unease about Lukar Jam. Why? People like you are disgracing our history and democracy. I am from inside tibet who resides in the west now a days. During my parents era in Tibet, Mao Zedong was worshipped by chinese, people should be ready to recite his little red book everywhere.

    I do not want to live in that era now.The west environment has enlightened me on accepting other people’s view no matter you like it or not. We came to refugees (specially) read Tenth March statements earlier and you will know why we are here. Tibet issue is not a single people or institution issue, It is for the generations and the Tibetan people. One person can not decide Tibet fate’s.
    Using the name of Dalai Lama, Middle way, patrioitic or not is nothing new. No cultural revolution in exile please.
    Secondly, we always accuse China about freedom of religion and information, press. Happening to Lukar Jam is the exact work of China that we are doing. Please from now on do not accuse China.This is what we are doing now in a stateless country. Imagine if we have a country…. In the name of ….. I can see the future…. North Korea, Eteria, Mozambiue……on and on.

  21. I have been living in the West since 1989. I do not have any relatives, friends working in CTA. I have zero connection with Gadhen Phodang. Last time I saw and received teaching from His Holiness the Dalai Lama was in 2008 during North American Tenshug in Medicine, WI. I have no personal interest to gain by supporting Dalai Lama or CTA. Whatever opinion or view or zest I have is because I am a Tibetan.
    Some of you compare His Holiness Dalai Lama with Mao and Hitler. China has been doing this since Chinese occupation of Tibet. It’s a sad situation.
    It seems some people here have fire burning inside to criticize the Dalai Lama in the name of democracy. Democracy gives you right to criticize but that does not mean you have to criticize. In fact criticism is very easy thing to do even fools can do it.
    Lukar Jam called Dalai Lama old monk “Lhargen” . He also questioned “Are we allowed to criticize Dalai Lama or not? Does he think he can do better job than Dalai Lama? When does this nonsense stop?

  22. White: Lukar Jam has also called Dalai Lama, Peace holder, Chenrigzig. But you only notice Lhargen. In Kham and Amdo region, Lhargen is a dearly word use by peoples. Moreover it is not disgrace word if you think deeply.
    I thought it was so unique, powerful and an eye opening for me when I hear ” are we allowed to criticize Dalai Lama or not”. People like Lukar Jam, Jamyang Norbu, Ngabo Jigme are paving the road to a better road of history for us. History of the world shows that people like above are hardly sustain in society because of their new ideas and notion. Eventually they will shaped the country for they seeds are sown in youngsters by their writings, action and notion.

    Lukar Jam: The first candidate to run Sikyong even though he knows the environment of hatred and anger toward him. Through his action I learned he is a in tibetan “PHo Rab”. He stands in his own way rather than chela, and buttering dharamsala/ Gaden Phodrang/ Samdhong.

    Jamyang Norbu: Patriotic, Historian, Expert. He is the only Tibet expert who challenge china and others through his writings. Who else we have till to this day who can do that? Name somebody???? Nobdy is there.

    I can not beleive you have been living in the west since 1989. Election debates are going on? Can you see how lively debates they do.
    Remember when there is Supply/ there is demand. Every thing is 50/50. As a tibetan saying ” Ri Phari Mayna Tsuri May” . So everything is interdependent.

  23. Dear Mentally Whited-Out @ 35, and others in the club,

    Give me a chance to make one last attempt to restore some of your in-born memories and wisdom. I will recount you an incident and then explain it to you.

    During annual Congressional lobbying, around the time Free Asia director Nagobo’s firing, a group of us were hosted at a house of a very hospitable lady, who also happened to be working for Tibetan radios. One night, our conversation turned to firing of Ngabo.

    The people in DC provided us enough education to understand of what was going around. It was not on sided either. ( I was also trying to flirt with someone close to people who benefited from Ngabo’s firing and had no good thing to say about Ngabo (but nothing real of substance)

    Our host and others recounted story that the first thing Ngabo did, right after becoming the director of Free Asia was he sought the audience with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his guidance. Ngabo himself told this story to the staff that , His Holiness the Dalai Lama instructed him to build a very strong, independent radio that is not afraid of criticizing anything that is wrong in our society and, His Holiness stressed that ” you (media )should not back away from criticism even if ,it is me, the Dalai Lama, who is making the mistake.”

    So, how did this turned into, ” let the thousand flowers bloom” campaign? That is the puzzle.

    Then, there is this much quoted statement from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, (strategically promoted then, by group of people trying to undermine a very important and highly capable diplomat that we ever have or will ever have, in a very long time) : the word was this, that

    His Holiness said , ” all the while he has been speaking out against the ill of corruption in the world, how can he himself be surrounded by corrupt people? ”

    O.K alright. But then, what about people now being promoted and patronized by Gaden Prodrang! Buddha’ s truth can’t be selective!

    I still believe , there are good many honest people around His Holiness and they should really protect His Holiness from real crooks like Kalden Lodroes and Tenzin Dhondhens. Or, the good people in Gaden Prodang has to spun another fairy tale of that these two are very special whatever.

  24. @White: His Holiness has completely retired in 2011 and he has said that repeatedly to Tibetans and to wider world .

    You should give a rational of your argument than invoking HHDL’s name.

  25. No freakinbody should use HHDL in their talk.but why the heck someone needs to ask the public if one could criticize HH when every one is subjected to criticism based on their performance. If u wanna critique go a head use ur shrinking brain once in while …dont just bark.

  26. Story of five men who wants to become Sikyong.

    Five young men grew up under different circumstances and influences.

    One man grew up deprived of all the freedom, under assault by China. Leafing through the life and literature, he realized how true the great philosopher Rousseau was when he said, ” the man is born free, but is in chain everywhere.” He wants freedom for all Tibetans – true freedom. When he was born, his parents named him LUKAR JAM.

    Second man grew up in total freedom, having the wide pasture of beautiful Ladakh for his playground. As the youngest children,his simple, straight-forward parents thought he will grow up to become the best sherperd. But this young man, knew in the depth of his heart that while he enjoyed the wide rides of his life, army service and all, he really saw that Harvard educated man is no better than his next door sherperd. He thought he can do MUCH better than that, and said, ” I can do better than that, baby!” George Costanza style.

    Third man grew up like the fourth man , studying hard inspired by his teachers and joined the exile government. Restless by nature, he is a sharp observer of men and women ( some say, rather too much of young women). He knew early on that to get to top or anywhere, having a core principle is the biggest hurdle. He read in the book titled survival of the fittest, one should live like a lizard and become a Camelon. First he wanted, nothing more than to become a Kalon and to become one, he became Sikyong Sangay’s strategist for Sechak and won lots of accolades. But when Sangay became Sikyong, he was checkmate by Sonam Topgyal and Pema Chhonjor. But he learned a valuable lesson, the Harvard educated spin-doctor is much swallower than himself in depth of knowledge and experience. When this realization hit him, he was like Archimedes and went out (almost naked )shouting,” Eureka! I want to be the Sikyong.”

    Fourth man grew up maturing faster than his age. He loves life, which includes good wine and fine companions; relishes jokes and discussions both meaningful and meaningless. He grew up observing Samdhong Lama and considered SL on par with the Chanakyi and thinks that for the greater good of Mauryan empire, which here is nothing, but Ume-lam, he should become the Sikyong.

    The fifth and most important man grew up in the same way like four others mentioned above. But from early on, two things mismerized him more than any other things, and may have shaped his ideology and personality. One was his parents having to sell their much loved cows and hens to fund for his college and the other was how Subhash Ghisingh rose to power in his hill town of Darjeeling. He saw Subhash Ghisingh sitting on big throne, that even the Indian PM do no sit on. He also knew Ghisingh, beforehe rose to power, was nothing, but a thug. He knew right then and there that he wants to become Tibet’s Ghisingh. (No real improvement for Tibetan people? No problem! People in Tibet , dying in self-immolation? No, problem!)
    There on the loss of revenue from sale of cow and hens, he swore never to be poor and to get the power like Ghisingh. Thus, he came Sikyong and could never think of leaving it.

  27. The opening of the Post ‘Strong Rangtsen Results will Strengthen Umaylam.’ sounded as if this guy supports Umaylam secretly. And you know the Umaylam guys who blah, blah and blah about
    Umaylam, they would say something like, ‘Slowly and gradually we will get WHAT WE WANT’ I request the suffering people to stick to their principal as the chinese have always said that Umaylam has an undisclosed agenda of Complete freedom.


    Phayul[Wednesday, September 16, 2015 21:25]

    By Tenzing Sonam

    For the sake of honouring the Snowland
    And to win Tibet’s complete independence
    Based on the manifold truth
    Raise the Tibetan flag, children of the Snowland!

    Think about Lolo. Brave, gentle, patriotic Lolo. Languishing in a Chinese prison, serving a six-year sentence for singing these stirring words of hope and encouragement. How would he feel if he knew that had he sung those same words in exile, he would now be reviled, branded anti-Dalai Lama, hounded by trolls on social media, and pressurized by our own government to refrain from using words like ‘independence (rangzen)’?

    What would beautiful, noble, serene, Ani Sangay Dolma think, making the ultimate sacrifice for our country, with a smile on her lips and rangzen written on her hand, if she knew that in exile, her sacrifice would be in vain, for she too, daring to articulate the banned word, would be cast among the disbelievers, the unity-breakers, the anti-Dalai Lama clique?

    And what of all the others – the self-immolators, the demonstrators, the resistance fighters, the thousands over the decades who gave up their lives fighting for Tibet’s independence and for the safety of His Holiness – what of their sacrifice and the cause they fought for, and continue to fight for? Can we exile Tibetans look them in the eye and honestly tell them that today, as rangzen activists, they are no better than the enemy?

    How have we descended to this absurd, illogical and unthinkable situation? Do we really believe that unity can be enforced through intimidation and the threat of upsetting His Holiness? I have watched with increasing horror as the space for reasonable debate and discussion in our society has been systematically shut down in recent years. Rangzen supporters have been vilified and ostracised, tarred by the convenient brush of being anti-Dalai Lama. I need not recount here the many attempts to enforce this new regime, from targeting individuals to pressurizing groups like TYC and SFT to change their pro-rangzen stance to the recent shameful events at the 10 March commemoration in New York.

    It is no secret that I am a rangzen supporter. I have written several articles since 2006 outlining my reasons for questioning the long-term viability of the Middle Way Approach and emphasising the importance of reinstating the goal of independence as the cornerstone of our struggle (for those interested, I have provided links at the end of this article). If anything, I believe there is an even greater urgency today to review the Middle Way Approach and rethink the direction of our national struggle. These are my opinions, based not on wishful thinking and emotional immaturity as some would like to believe, but on my own reasonable analysis of the situation. You are welcome to accept or reject them. And as long as we can have a civilised discourse, I will respect your views even if you disagree with me.

    But I want to make one thing absolutely clear: to support rangzen is not to be anti-Dalai Lama. How much clearer can that statement be? To believe in the goal of rangzen is not a sign of impractical idealism, emotional confusion or an automatic endorsement of violence. These insidious and destructive accusations are tearing apart the very fabric of our community, ripping our movement into shreds and making a mockery of our long and hard-fought struggle against the injustice of the Chinese occupation. In a democratic society, a plurality of views and the right to freely express them is supremely important. In a tiny community like ours, striving to make the transition into a functioning democracy, it becomes all the more urgent to correct this course towards authoritarian bullying.

    That this should be happening at a time when His Holiness has devolved his political authority and we have elected our first Sikyong is, perhaps, not surprising. The sudden vacuum left by His Holiness as our political head rendered us insecure and uncertain and our immediate response was to hold on to him even more tightly than before. In our attempt to prevent him from leaving us to our own devices, we redoubled our efforts to prove to him that we were loyal, committed and devoted to him. And one manifestation of this painful separation anxiety may well be the hardening of attitude towards those deemed to be disloyal to him.

    But surely, when His Holiness made the difficult decision to withdraw from politics and once and for all sever the tie between religion and politics, he understood that he would be throwing us into some disarray, that there would be a period of introspection and uncertainty, but that the mechanisms of democracy that he had established would eventually overcome them?

    In a talk to the Tibetan community in Paris in August 2008, His Holiness had this to say on this matter: “Since we are on the path of democracy, in order for it to function, it is not appropriate that a lama leads the people. It should be based on elections. Secondly, it is the struggle of a people. Not the struggle of one generation or of a few selected leaders, and nor is it to benefit a small minority. Therefore, the people should lead and do the work and not depend on one or two persons. Normally, on the lips of Tibetans, it’s always – ‘The Dalai Lama knows best, the Dalai Lama will do it…’ – but it is a mistake if you say such things. It is also dangerous to depend on one person. The Chinese also say that your Tibet problem is nothing, it is dependent on one person and if that person passes away the issue of Tibet will also disintegrate. This is what they say, but this is not the truth, absolutely not. Therefore, we should be able to fight and struggle, generation after generation. We have to prepare ourselves for that. It is very important.”

    When His Holiness set into motion the chain of reforms that ended with the devolution of his political authority, he was clear that what he wanted in place of centuries of theocratic rule was a system of governance more in tune with the 21st century: a secular democracy, a government where religion was completely separated from politics. This may be why he refused for himself even a figurehead role as head of state in the new government. He recognised that in order for Tibetan society to evolve and become a genuine democracy, the era of theocratic rule would have to be definitively and decisively terminated. No vestige of our past political system could remain if a new start was to be successfully made. Of course, while His Holiness is alive, he knows fully well that he is there to guide, counsel and offer us his support, so the need to codify his role in a formal political sense, even as a figurehead, doesn’t arise. His concern is for the future, when he will no longer be there for us. And the only way we can legitimately carry on his legacy and represent the people of Tibet is if we have successfully established a secular democracy. This is truly visionary thinking on His Holiness’ part and it is our responsibility to do our best to fulfil it.

    We are yet in the infancy of our transition to a full democracy, still unsure about exercising our rights, still feeling our way deferentially and diffidently through conflicting emotions and choices, still burdened by the weight of our conditioned past. This is only natural. But this is why it is so crucial that these upcoming elections represent a decisive step forward in shaking off the straitjacket of the past. And why it is absolutely necessary that the witch-hunting of rangzen supporters in His Holiness’ name stops. And if anyone has any doubts about His Holiness’ own views on this question, they would do well to remember these words from a press conference he held in Dharamshala in 2008 soon after the uprising broke out in Tibet: “So now we fully committed to democracy, therefore criticism… differently. Now look at the Youth Organization. Right from the beginning, they are very, very critical about our approach, the Middle Way Approach. Even my own eldest brother, now I think 85 years old. Once you see, he told me, he expressed to me, my dear younger brother, 14th Dalai Lama, you sold out Tibetan legitimate right. Like that, many Tibetans are critical about our Middle Way Approach. This is I feel, a healthy sign of our sort of commitment about democracy, open society.”

    This then brings me to Lukar Jam Atsok and his candidacy for Sikyong. Of course, as a rangzen activist, I am happy to have a candidate that supports my own views about the Tibet struggle. There are many good reasons why he is a valid candidate for the post but I will not go into them here for this article is not about promoting his campaign but about our larger democratic process. I will certainly vote for him, but in one sense, whether he wins or loses is unimportant to me. What is significant is that by throwing his hat in the ring on a rangzen platform, he has taken advantage of the democratic rights bestowed on us by His Holiness and broken the taboo of being a rangzen supporter. This is a bold and courageous step on his part, given the current vitiated atmosphere against anyone daring to speak out in support of rangzen.

    As a candidate, he can bring to the open the debate around the Middle Way Approach and rangzen that has been increasingly silenced in our community. And hopefully, his campaign will pave the way for a more forward-thinking generation of politicians who will stand on their own merits and ideas rather than forever hiding behind the smokescreen of what they believe are His Holiness’ wishes. And in doing so, I have no doubt that Lukar Jam Atsok is furthering His Holiness’ vision of a future Tibet that is a vibrant, secular democracy. This is why his candidacy for Sikyong is so important for Tibetan democracy.

    So for the sake of Lolo, Ani Sangay Dolma and all the others still in prison, for those who have self-immolated on our behalf, and for those who came before us and died for our country, let’s stop this demonizing of rangzen supporters. Let’s give Lukar Jam Atsok a fair hearing and an unbiased platform to present his case. And of course, may the best candidate win!

  29. Why Tibetans should not vote for Lukar Jam

    By Tenzin Nyima

    New York

    The recent comments on social media has made me question whether Lukar Jam’s stand for Rangzen is more significant than his other statements for his candidacy.
    When the Tibetan National Congress endorsed him for Sikyong 2016, in their statement, one of the major points was that: “Lukar Jam stands firmly for the principle of non-violence”[1].

    At his first public talk in Dharamsala[2][32.53min – 34.18min], he mentioned that Non-violence and other’s before self are just mere words and have no meaning especially with regards to the Education Policy. One of the principles of Tibetan Democracy is Non-Violence and having that as a guiding principle for education, I find no fault with it. He further stated that if you are attacked, you should attack back. How is this the principle of non-violence or is it the principle of an eye for an eye. So the reason why Tibetan National Congress supports Lukar Jam seems hollow if they don’t even know that.

    When Lukar Jam says that he doesn’t question what His Holiness the Dalai Lama has done for Tibet but this is what he writes in Tehelka dated July 11th, 2015.

    “Although the Dalai Lama has failed to restore freedom in Tibet, he has worked tirelessly to make Dharamsala the Vatican of Tibetan Buddhism, at times even at the expense of Tibetan national interest.”[3]

    I am not sure what to think in terms of this article. Is he saying that His Holiness has cared more about making Dharamsala an abode of Tibetan Buddhism rather than working for Tibet? Is he belittling all that His Holiness has done for Tibet and Tibetans since coming into Exile.

    If he becomes Sikyong, he says that the Dialogue process will never happen[4][24.56min – 26.45min], if so what are his plans, I fail to understand. His Holiness has for time immemorial asked Rangzen Supporters to bring him a plan for Independence and till date there has been none.

    One of the first thing Lukar Jam said he will do if he becomes Sikyong is that he will change the name of CTA to Tibetan Government in Exile no matter what.[5] For your information, the name Central Tibetan Administration was changed according to the devolution of political powers of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and based on concerns of political and other sensitivities regarding the name from India as well as the State of Himachal Pradesh, therefore the name was changed by the parliament. So the first thing Lukar Jam wants to do is change what His Holiness has stated out of concern.

    Lukar Jam, the President of Ghu-Chu-Sum has been unable to change the stand of his own organization which stands for Middle-Way and he has the effrontery to say that he can change CTA.

    I am not even sure why he is still the President of Ghu-Chu-Sum as the recent controversies are if you don’t support Rangzen, leave TYC but if you support Rangzen, you can even run an organization standing for Middle Way. This should have been a 2-way street but it seems that Democracy should only work when you support Rangzen. Where is his integrity?

    Lukar Jam has said that for Tibetan people’s cause, there maybe bad people who practice Good Lha and Good People who practice Bad Lha.[6] When has a Dogyal Practitioner ever contributed for the Tibetan Struggle. Being a Tibetan and the way they are protesting against His Holiness, I don’t think I have anything more to say against them. Even Tendor, former Executive Director of SFT, is against Dogyal Practioners when he wrote an article on Huffington Post[7], but when Lukar Jam says something like this, Tendor is still able to support him just because he is a Rangzen advocate. Where is Tendor’s integrity?

    On 30th June, 2008 in Tibet Times[8] and another article on the same lines on his own blog,[9] Lukar Jam has written cleverly but the connotation is the same,


    The Patriotic Re-education policy by the Chinese Government is no different from how Dogyal Practitioners are being restricted to practice.”

    Can he please explain what he meant by that? Doesn’t His Holiness have the fundamental right to say that he requests Dogyal Practitioners not to attend his teaching? Comparing Patriotic Re-education to this is a huge disservice to those who have undergone patriotic re-education and Lukar Jam may even have been the recipient of that as well.

    The recent debates on social media about Lukar Jam is that don’t bring His Holiness in the debate and Lukar Jam has never said anything against His Holiness. Whether he has said anything directly or not, the above evidence and many others point to the contrary and it is for oneself to decide.

    The recent article condemning Speaker Penpa Tsering for saying that he will not share a podium with Lukar Jam has even been translated and published on Rangzen Alliance[10] as well as Tibetan Political Review. This is the not the first time Penpa Tsering has said this and he has said that a year or so before the election as well. Is it not the right of a candidate to choose who they want to debate with. In some elections around the world, there is not even one public debate. Having a public debate is not about democracy and please don’t make it so and it is Penpa Tsering’s fundamental right in a democracy whether he wants to participate in a debate or not. The largest Democracy in the world is India and can anyone please direct me to a link of public debate between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. Also why were only 10 out of 16 republican candidates part of the first G.O.P. televised debate?

    After listening to a number of talks by Penpa Tsering, there is not one mention of Rangzen as a reason for not participating, however he has said that he will never share a podium with Lukar Jam because of Lukar Jam’s defaming statements against His Holiness.

    I would beg all of you not to say that Lukar Jam was misunderstood, from the comments above, there is no misunderstanding. Lukar Jam said publicly that he has respect for His Holiness(But I guess what he means is that he is against the Middle Way, Dialogue, Non-Violence, “Dogyal Persecution”(I use this word “persecution” because this is what I understood from his article in Tibet Times as mentioned above) but he still respects His Holiness.

    I understand when Lukar Jam says that politically he doesn’t agree with the Middle-Way policy introduced by His Holiness as a Rangzen advocate. However questioning the integrity of His Holiness as mentioned above is appalling and looking at some of the well known Rangzenpa’s sidestepping this personality of Lukar Jam is shameful.

    Just because Penpa Tsering candidly has said that he will never join Lukar Jam in the same podium, the Rangzen supporters have started condemning him but fail to condemn Lukar Jam for his statements against His Holiness.

    It is wrong, when someone says that Rangzen Supporters are against His Holiness but when someone also says that standing for Middle way is “Surrender of our Independence” is wrong. Lets not make this about Rangzen or Middle-Way.

    I am writing this because I think some young Tibetans especially in the West are carried away by Lukar Jam’s stand for Rangzen and are encouraged to vote for him so that this election becomes a statement for Rangzen especially for the preliminary election. However what many fail to understand is that just because someone stands for Rangzen doesn’t make him the right candidate. One should analyze what one stands for and more importantly what the person can do to resolve the Tibetan Issue and honestly all these pseudo intellectuals and activists are incomparable to what His Holiness represents and what he has done for Tibet and the Tibetan Struggle. Don’t even try to put someone like Lukar Jam up there.

    I will personally never vote for Lukar Jam not because he stands for Rangzen but because of his disrespect and his cunningness of saying everything that His Holiness stands for is wrong but at the same time saying that he respects His Holiness and has never made any allegation. It is disheartening to see that of all the Rangzenpa’s out there, the Rangzen Basket has only Lukar Jam. Whether Lukar Jam is saying the truth or not, this is for you to decide.

  30. Akha kha White. I just hate how you and your NY buddy frame things. Well, I had hoped, one day, you would be more reasonable, more, how shall I put it? More Middle Way about things. I an Tibetan atheist, am sympathetic to some of what you have to say, especially touching the all too vociferous criticism (guilty as charged) of His Holiness and Tibetan Buddhism while we are in exile. I thought it was right of you admonition us not to bite the hand that feeds our struggle, especially from the podium. That’s why, as I said before, for the nonce, might it not be better idea to leave His Holiness’ good name and reputation out of these elections, and instead, focus more on policies and promises.

    Alas, its obvious now, that people like you White, are going to make these elections all about His Holiness, not even caring that His Holiness has said, as recent as last week, that he is fully retired. And while you defend the Sikyong, Dr. Sangay, but how could that be if at the same time you believe (against the wishes of His Holiness), that His Holiness is still the political leader of Tibet? So please stop pretending you care for the sikyong position or any of our secular leaders, beyond, they should do what they are told.

    You want theocracy, that’s all. Well, it’s not going to happen, time has moved on White, the arrow of democracy was released by His Holiness, and now its much too late to unbend the bow.

    Right now there are like minded people like you, called the Jonang sect, on hunger strike at the very gates of the exile Parliament, demanding by duress, exactions of their own chidues, or starve trying.

    Whomever the lowlife ringleaders were, who convinced the Jonang sect to go on a hunger-strike against our own exile-government, no doubt, these leaders, in public, will claim in unison, they loveeee His Holiness and Tibet the best.

    Tell me White, what would you do with the Jonang sect? How would you resolve it? Or are you going to say, let His Holiness handle it? Hahaha, Jesus Christ, some people will have us eating out of anybody’s hand cept our own.

  31. Do I need to believe that CPP have done a good job with their propaganda brainwashing people in the last 50 years? CPP have labeled Tibetan government as theocracy government. CCP have compared His Holiness the Dalai Lama with some of the ruthless dictators of our time? CCP have labeled whatever His Holiness has been doing as a leader of Tibetan people is driven by self-interest and political power. CCP have labeled Tibetan people as backward and feudalistic society.
    No patriotic Tibetan will tolerate any political message that resembles Chinese propaganda.
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the symbol of our nation. His guidance and teachings are inseparable in Tibetan people’s life for many generations to come if not for ever. As a Buddhist we do not believe in God so theocracy government is out of the question. Theocracy is a CCP language
    Jonang issue and Shugden issue are very small compare to Rangzen vs MWA. Jonang and Shugden issue covers only small fraction of our population where as Rangzen and MWA covers the whole population. Please do not mix up.
    As long as Lukar Jam belittles His Holiness the Dalai Lama, he won’t’ have any room within the Tibetan society. He can criticize Lobsang Sangye, Penpa Tsering , Zamdhong Lama and anybody else but not Dalai Lama.

  32. White. I whole heartily favour your stand. Although MWA is also ignored by CCP but if does accept it, it may be the only solution at least to save the Tibetan culture as whole which clearly is being targeted by China. It intends to wipe out completely what was and is Tibetan.

    Independence approach offer no fruitful dialogue with China and therefore becomes an illusion.

  33. I support WHITE.
    DO you guys know what Shubash Chandra Bose said to his compatriots, the extremist of India Freedom Struggle who were opposed to Gandhi policy of appeasement. He said, ‘Tum Mujay Khoon do, Mey tumay Azad Dhun ga’ (For those who don’t understand Hinda-it says you give me blood and I will give you freedom) I would like to ask Rangtsen Supporters (The extremist of Tibetan freedom Struggle)how much are they willing to sacrifice for the cause. Until now I know of only two Rangtsen Supporters in India and they did stand to their believe and offered themselves to the fire- the great Pawao Thupten Ngodup and Pawao Jamphel Yeshi. Pawao Thupten Ngodup, an aging and retired soldier already know the price of Rangtsen and Pawao Jamphel Yeshi was born and brought up in Tibet, educated in Tibetan Transit School in Dharamshala. Both of them didn’t boast of being a Rangtsen supporter but paid the ultimate Sacrifice. Other than these two brave heart I don’t consider anybody RAngtsen Supporter. They just bluff about it as they are too naive to understand activisim that ragtsen need, or perhaps they were hurt people and are just finding means to create confusion here and there, maybe ancestor infused ideology of the old society that passes from generation to generation and never cease to be. I wonder how many of you will turn up if ever Astok calls for the young and brave to come out and set off to Tibet to fight those reds, I ams sure he too will be disapponted. Just fancy.

  34. VOID,

    May I ask would YOU show up if in case you were called upon to fight for your country? I presume you call yourself a Tibetan.

  35. Subash Chandra Bose was a fighter for independence who asked his followers to give up their lives for the cause. You (Void) and White as Tibetans who want Tibet to be a part of the PRC and for Tibetans to live under the Communist Party have no right to ask Tibetans anything. It would be like the British and their Indian stooges asking Indian nationalists to give up their lives. It would just be a trick to weaken the Indian cause.

    The Middle Way is not a Gandhian Way. Gandhi was struggling for an INDEPENDENT india. He just wanted to do it in a non-violent way, as most Rangzen activists are doing.

  36. @48 Tens of Thousand of Tibetans have died fighting for freedom. Didn’t you know Chushi Gangdruk?

    How many Tibetans are dying in Tibet for independence. Have you not watched the news in 2008 Tibetan galloping on horse calling for independence.

  37. White and Void do have a point. Obviously a Rangzen stance automatically means violence. If Lukar Jam la should win, we will definitely be going to war with China so that we can annihilate the Chinese race from the planet. To be frank, this idea scares the shit out of me. Maybe I should take the coward’s route and switch my loyalties to MiddeWay? That way, I can let His Holiness do all the hard work while I personally take no responsibility.

  38. White, you exhibit how stupid and duped you are.. no you are not white, you are black, and soon become dark. I challenge you. Can you truly take it. I can hear your smokescreen shriek.

    You say, “As long as Lukar Jam belittles His Holiness the Dalai Lama, he won’t have any room within the Tibetan society….” You really think, and are afraid of His Holiness being belittle by Lukar. You are weaker than the Hair worrying about the Sky falling…Lunatics cherish personalities whereas patriots love their country over individuals. No one is indispensable. Tibet’s future cannot depend on one person, no matter who he is, was, or will be. Period.

  39. True that Jamyang La. Middle Way is no Gandhian way. I believe Rangzen is. Why does everyone assume Rangzen means armed struggle? India gained Rangzen non-violently but still many died. Many Tibetans have also died for Rangzen non-violently and are still dying by burning themselves. Gandhiji made his own salt and spun his own clothes as defiance against British rule, Rangzenwalas have shed Chinese made clothes etc., have boycotted Chinese Olympics, organized rally against visiting Chinese leaders etc. Tibetan Freedom concert of 1989 in San Francisco was for Rangzen. These are the Rangzenwalas’ way. What have Middle Way people done except cause disharmony in our small community (case in point NY/NJ 10 March)? So, please don’t ask us how we are going to achieve Rangzen, the answer is in the history of India, the answer is in Martin Luther King participating in various marches and protests , the answer is in the brave Tibetans self-emulating, lone protesters in Tibet shouting Rangzen slogans.

    I heartily support and admire Lukar Jam Atsok’s courage in being openly for Rangzen. His candidacy will test the validity and strength of our fledgling democracy.

    Bhod Ranzen!

  40. Chances of winning Lukar Jam is already bleak. He made it worse by himself, totally hopeless, by calling His Holiness as “Larghen”. He is supposed to win Tibetan’s vote. But how he can win by pinching the hearts of those very Tibetans whose votes he is seeking. Tibetans pains a lot within if any derogatory comments have been made against HH.

  41. As expected without any shred of doubt, the TCV establishment has declared war on Tibetan democracy, and in the process, sadly, demeaned His Holiness the Dalai Lama. TCV, as a whole, has been, is now, and will be the unchallenged fiefdom of Mrs. Pema Gyalpo, and a few cohorts.

    But Mr. Lukar’s bravery will liberate the students and raise their heads and hands high as I hear they have already dared to meet Mr. Jam any way.

    One sincerely hopes the Election Commission will take up this outrageous undemocratic high handed self-aggrandizing individuasls so used to the old Tibet we lost -serfdom.

    To all those self-demeaning heartless bonded exile souls, sure you love the Dalai Lama and by extension and his family members…. and for you the issue of Tibet comes second, but for the great majority silent populace, who also love the Dalai Lama no less, Tibet comes first. Yes, we must have and love leaders, but we must have nation to lead and love. A leader without nation, and nation without freedom/independence has no meaning.

  42. Jukar Jam is indeed a brave man to have thrown caution to the wind, and he needs to be congratulated for the stand he has taken, yes, Rangzen, which is dear and invaluable to the hearts of every Tibetan. Having said that, i am not very sure whether he would be in a position, to unilaterally change the course of the Tibetan polity, from the Middle path policy to that of total independence without the full support of the exile parliament, and most importantly the ratification by the Dalai Lama. Lukar Jam, i believe would be faced with the proverbial cul-de-sac, and he would find himselt at his wit’s end as to how to pull down the barrier. I dare say, the Rangzen platfom is being used as the means to catapult himself into the Sikyong’s chair……its a clever ploy and it might well pull off.

  43. I had a nightmarish dream last night.

    The year is 2048. His Holiness the Dalai Lama (here after HH) is hosted in an somewhat majestic ancient Chinese building, that pale sing board that reads office of Gaden Podrang, in Chinese,Tibetan and English. HH is looking indistinguishable from the grand old master that we see in Chinese paintings of good luck. HH is still graceful, radiates his still naughty smile.

    I saw Tibetan children learning Tibetan history, -where it is taught that Tibetans separatists kidnapped HH and took him to India. It reads that Pandit Nehru tried befooled HH by talking about Tibet’s independence. Fortunately, long after Nehru was gone, great many patriots like Samdhong Lama, Thupten Lungrik, Sharchok Kugdha , Kalden Lodroe , Tinley Kalsang and there are others with names like White, Void who convinced HH to return to great motherland.

    They have all died( some one of them have died a dog’s death)but their portraits don the door steps of great People’s Hall. Words below pays tributes to their contribution: ” Without the contribution of these true patriots , providing themselves as the stepping stops, this grateful nation could never sealed the fate of Tibet. ”

    The text books warns the students about the evils that existed in old Tibetan exile community, which was filled with evil people like Jamyang Norbu , Karma Chomphel, Karma Gyatso , Lukar Jam and people with strange names like Light from many lamps.

    India is equally against China in power. Myself has aged a lot. Still a proud man who refused to accept China’s rule, kept cursing as Orwellian history.

    I never had such a weird and scary dream. When I woke, I am relieved that year is not 2048 and there is still a fighting chance. I like many others, will not never give up Rangzen.

  44. I had a nightmarish dream last night. ( for the sake of white and void, I revised some of the stupid mistakes I made.)

    The year is 2048. His Holiness the Dalai Lama (here after HH) is hosted in an somewhat majestic ancient Chinese building in China. The building has a pale sign board that reads: Office of Gaden Podrang, which is written in Chinese,Tibetan and English.

    HH is looking indistinguishable from the grand old master that we see in Chinese paintings of good luck – Me -Tsering ( the person of long life) HH is still graceful, radiates with his still naughty smile.

    I saw Tibetan children learning Tibetan history, – where it is taught that Tibetan separatists kidnapped HH and took him to India. It reads that Pandit Nehru tried to fool HH by talking about Tibet’s independence. Fortunately, long after Nehru was gone, great many patriots like Lobsang Sangay, Samdhong Lama, Thupten Lungrik, Sharchok Kugdha , Kalden Lodroe , Tinley Kalsang and there are others with names like White, Void who convinced HH to return to great motherland.

    They have all died( some one of them have died a dog’s death)but their portraits don the door steps of great People’s Hall. Words below pays tributes to their contribution: ” Without the contribution of these true patriots , providing themselves as the stepping stones,this grateful nation could never be able to seal the fate of Tibet.

    The text book warns the students about the evils that existed in old Tibetan exile community, which was filled with evil people like Jamyang Norbu , Karma Chomphel, Karma Gyatso , Lukar Jam and people with strange names like Light from many lamps.

    India is now, equally match in power against China. Myself has aged a lot. But still a proud man who refuse to accept China’s rule, kept cursing that re-written history is all an Orwellian work.

    I never had such a weird and scary dream. When I woke, I am relieved that year is not 2048 and there is still a fighting chance. I like many others, will not never give up Rangzen.

  45. Dear Graceful Old Man
    Ofcourse I would, if it was the call of the hour, if it was the only best choice that was left. And I swear to you that it would not be like the fight that took place in Indian Freedom Struggle and also be warned that it would never be for the faint hearted. But until now I have my choices, I see logic in Umaylam.
    Truly said Sir, the middle way is not a Gandhian Way. Frankly speaking comparing Tibetan Freedom Struggle with Indian freedom struggle doesn’t do the justice at all. Gandhi had a luxury of being surrounded and followed by great many faith full supporters in their own land, whose number itself would be enough to drive those handful of Britishers overnight but it was the humility of Gandhiji that he opted non violent method of struggle. Humanity should be thankful to Gandhiji for that.
    Subash Ji, on the other side was confident that with the united Indian force they can just wipe out the Engies from the subcontinent and might even invade England (in their wildest fantasy) and with this confidence he uttered that famous quote. He was so full of faith that it was possible. The Azad Hind Fauj was established under Subash Ji and there were many who joined the force but unfortunately it didn’t really take flight.
    As Rangtsen doesn’t come cheap, people with this inclination should prepare themselves mentally for the occasion that will demand sacrifice not necessarily now. Don’t just say that we are going to be non-violent as Gandhi and take resounding slap on your cheek. Don’t fancy the characteristics of Indian Freedom struggle here, as this time it will be bullet aimed at your fourhead. Infact It doesn’t look graceful at all. If you think shedding Chinese made goods (I wonder how you do it), Holding Concerts for Rangtsen and getting high(Was it in China or Tibet? It would have made a difference). Hasn’t it been what the Umaylam people have been doing until now?
    Umaylam is not the path of cowards as some may think. It is the righteous path until the time that shatters the chinese childish arrogance and its hollow might. A lot of people contributed to the Indian freedom struggle in building nationalism, unity and to do away with the old customs of the society and its education which took around 200 years but the final blow to the British Raj came not from Indian patriots or their means of struggle but from that suitable time which dragged British into the second world war. So people just take it easy and stop the polarization our our tiny community.Astok make sense but a little sense.

  46. A post from Khabdha:

    September 25th, 2015 at 3:33 am

    ༄༅། །སྤྱི་ནོར་༧གོངས་སྐྱབས་མགོན་ཆེན་པོ་མཆོག་གིས་མང་གཙོའི་ལམ་སྟོན་གནང་བའི་འོག་ ང་ཚོ་བཙན་བྱོལ་བོད་མི་ཡོངས་ནས་བོད་ཀྱི་ཐུན་མོང་མ་ཡིན་པའི་ཆོས་སྲིད་ཟུང་འབྲེལ་ཀྱི་གནའ་པོའི་གོམས་གཤིས་བཟང་པོ་དང་། འཚེ་མེད་ཞི་བའི་ལྟ་བ་གཞིར་བཟུང་། བོད་ཚང་མར་ཆབ་སྲིད་དང་། སྤྱི་ཚོགས། དཔལ་འབྱོར་བཙས་ཀྱི་རང་དབང་དང་། འདྲ་མཉམ། དྲང་བདེན་ཡོང་བ་བྱེད་རྒྱུ་ཡིན་་་ཞེས་བཀོད་འདུག


  47. Buddha died 2600 years ago, Jesus died 2000 years ago, Muhammad died 1400 years ago, Gandhi died 60 years, Albert Einstein dies 60 years ago but their teachings, wisdoms, ideas, and principles are exalted at the highest level to this very day. His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings, wisdoms, ideas and principles are engraved in the minds of people of Tibet. Nothing can stand between Dalai Lama and people of Tibet. As a middle age man I learned this much that no one is fit to call anybody stupid or lunatic giving the fact that we know so little in this vast universe. “I know that I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing”-Socrates.

    In no time in my life thought Rangzen advocates are bad people or ill intended people or anti-Dalai Lama or aggressive people until they start opening their mouth. Of course I am referring to some of the people here who called themselves Rangzen advocates that includes Lukar Jam.

    There is a difference between disagreement and dislike. The problem is disliking the Dalai Lama and CTA Not disagreeing with Dalai Lama and CTA.

    Advocating Rangzen is not the problem but lacking strategic plan and realistic approach.

    Anyway future of Tibet is decided by people of Tibet. For now what individual can do for Tibet is give birth to Tibetan children, contribute green book, participate activities that promote Tibetan cause.

  48. @63 So you support Burkha, female genital mutilation, criminalizing those who work on Sunday or slavery and racism and so forth.

    Blind faith is dangerous.

  49. It is important to understand the difference between the private sector and public sector. TCV schools and Monasteries are private sectors. They are not funded by government. They have full authority over whom they want to invite to talk in their organizations. It has nothing to do with CTA.
    Rangzen advocates have been claiming that majority of Tibetan people support Rangzen so why Lukar Jam is having trouble finding platform for his campaign? Instead of complaining any Rangzen supporters can arrange campaign platform and create a crowed if there is any. Who can stop such an activity? So far Lukar Jam has been invited all the Major Tibetan broadcasting Media. So he is not left behind in terms of coverage. It is up to the candidate who they want to debate with especially in the early stages of campaign. So nobody can blame Penpa Tsering for not debating with Lukar Jam either.

  50. I am not surprised given the history of Tibet how these monastery will survive one’s own position in the name of Country.Private/Public sector really. We know what is really going on? Too bad!

    Tibetans in Bylakuppe were appalled by recent Sera’s boycott of Lukar Jam. So many monks are now paying attention and gaining support for him. Thank you for boycotting. It is only helping and refreshing people’s mind.

    Instead of Gaden Phodrang advising monasteries to how to handle Lukar Jam, they should advise HHDL on other issues like recently about female’s appearance. The BBC interview was a disaster and it was a very controversy news happening in the west.

  51. @65: TCV schools are not private. I am hearing this for the first time. According to your logic even CTA itself is private as most of the funding for the programme are donations and grants not from Green book.

  52. Lukar Jam sees Tibet and Tibetan people in Tibet issue is more important than HH Dalai Lama issue. He does not bring religion in politics. When you bring religion and superstition in politics it gets very dirty and confusion. Religion is a personal matter and can never be forced to embrace others as tax.
    Actually,our CTA and its sycophants are seemed to be pro-China. It has conceded Tibet Independence (Rangzen) and embraced Middle Way Approach which makes China happy. CTA and sycophants have conceded Tibetan Exile Government into Central Tibetan Administration. And Tibetan Freedom Movement greenbook into Danglang Chetral. I think Western countries are exploiting HH Dalai Lama and his message against China for their own benefit, not for Tibet and Tibetan. China is now super power nation and no can challenge her.
    It is time for change and if you want to see a positive change in Tibet and Tibetan, vote for Lukar Jam. If you want to see Tibet wiped out from the world map, vote for the same pseudo-people.

  53. Boycotting Lukr Jam smacks of intolerance and narrow mindedness done at the behest of powers that be; evading discussion on the same platform by any candidate with any other candidate is most bizarre and sends out the wrong message to the public that the candidate shunning the other candidate is a sign of weakness in debating skill; and unconvincing and frivolous excuses are made as risible reasons for the boycott. Tibetan electorates would love to see all the credibe candidates on the same platfrom and hear them speak and debate comprehensively on critical and vital issues facing the Tibetan people.

    Lukar Jam might be the sole beneficiary of the boycott connundrum, those behind the silly campaign might find themselves licking their own wounds.

  54. Lukar Jam’s winning chance relies on people to Tibet, Tibetans who believe in Rangzen, Tibetans who do not agree with Middle Way Approach, Tibetans who think Dalai Lama failed to resolve Tibetan issue, Tibetans who think Lukar Jam can succeed where Dalai Lama failed, Tibetans who think Lukar Jam is better leader then Howard graduate Lobasng Sangye. Now the question is where are these Tibetans?
    Lukar Jam’s winning chance has nothing to do with CTA or fellow Sikyong candidates.

  55. White, keep up the good work. Karze, don’t make the stupid mistakes of supporting Lukar Jam. It will not help to solve the bigger problem. Lukar Jam is egoist and don’t have any experience. His English will suddenly let him down at the global level.

    His high handedness in talking against the H.H. The Dalai Lama will suddenly backfire on him. Whatever opportunity he is not getting is because of his own making. No one is to Blame for that.

    There are many people who have Rangzen aspiration in their heart but someone like Lukar Jam will surely make the matter worse.

    Lukar Jam is the wrong man to put your trust and hope. He will not let us fly with freedom and dignity but he will cut the wings one by one and make us helpless.

  56. @ White/Samten: I have no problem which candidate the people choose to vote. Its individual right to choose the candidate they see fit – I guess charter gives that right in democracy.

    I am only trying to correct your misinformation such as TCV being private school.

    TCV students do not pay a single rupee as fee therefore it cannot be private.

    Also LS was Harvard not Howard graduate. There is huge difference with Harvard and Howard university.


  58. The significance of Lukarjam standing for sikyong post and the connection that Tibetan inside Tibet will feel is a major thing. I adore Lukhar for taking the heat and being only Rangzen representative fighting for the seat.

    Yet, lets us not be carried away by emotion. We still have to judge him and other candidate with cross check information. Just by admitting he deserve the seat coz he is an ex political prisoners is lame.

    Moreover I still can’t belief the Middle path and Rangzen conflict. Graduated, educated and mature Tibetans in free country are finding it hard to choose one over another. I mean why the fuss?? As if the middle path follower have the policy engraved over their fore head and deep into brain. Or the Rangzen seeker immovable and rooted to one path only.

    Follow one path and respect the other. coz it’s gonna make huge difference in the vote count for this election and for Tibet issue as a whole.

  59. Karze la
    It will be easier if you can provide reasonable argument to establish TCV being part of CTA such as involvement of CTA in its governing body, evidence of TCV receiving annual fund from CTA for its maintenance, TCV organization’s registration documents indicating that organization is part of CTA or any other affiliation that makes TCV part of CTA. As far I know TCV is run just like private monasteries in our society.

  60. Even unschooled exile Tibetans who doesn’t know how to read and write is aware that TCV is not a private institution. It may be autonomous in functioning but that doesn’t make it private.

    Of course TCV get its fund mostly from SOS and many aid organization and individuals.

    Kalon Tripa, Sherig kalon and secretary as well as host of CTA functionaries are on the governing body of TCV.

    Only new arrivals from Tibet, orphan and destitute exile Tibetans and wards of CTA officials are requirement to be admitted into TCV.

    The day to day management are independent but it follows and guideline setup by CTA.

  61. Dear White(d-out) @ 80:

    TCV was not a private school. If it was a private school, I bet you, 99% of the teachers and staff would not have served in TCV. They didn’t join TCV for pay and benefits. They joined TCV because they want to SERVE the cause of Tibetan nation.

    But, in last few years, some powerful people are turning this fine institution into a bastion to PRODUCE a bunch of loyal followers. What they do not understand is that, it just takes one good book or one very fine analytical essay to open up the eyes and minds of these bright young men and women to make them realize that how much they are brain-washed from having a rational, critical thinking or having a mind of their own.

    I , present myself as a good example of how this process of indoctrination didn’t work in the long run. I grew up thinking that earth rotates around His Holiness the Dalai Lama. A faithful follower taught me to look at Semo Kusho as Kha-droma ( Angels ) and if I do, I will see her, not walking but sort of floating.( her feet not touching the ground, when she walks, was how he described to me. The man swore that he never saw Semo -Khusho’s feet touching the ground when she walked.)

    Last time I checked, the good old man is enjoying his retirement in Australia. If I meet him, I intend to ask him whether he still sees Semo -Khusho floating.

    In the meantime, I didn’t see Semo Kusho floating, but grew up with lot of respects. But, as I became adult, my work brought me in closer interactions with her. It then drawn on me that she is no Kha-droma, and , in fact, sometimes, not even normal. She is often very angry, makes lot of irrational and whimsical decisions egged on by self-serving courtiers.

    One could see, in her depth of mind, she thinks and acts like TCV is her share of fiefdom. ( Kungo Gyalo Thondup , in his book , The Noodle Maker of Kalongpong, blames it on the characteristic of their local deity.)

    I am no shugden follower and don’t believe in any such crap. I became my own man in my late thirties. Late, but not very late. These brain-washers, for example, made us think that late Prof. Dawa Norbu la was a bad influence. A true patriot who spoke his mind for the good of Tibet. I am still grateful to many hard working teachers who gave good education in TCV, but I can’t say, I have the same respect that I, once had for the administers of TCV.

    Now they are making young people think JN , Lukar Jam and others are bad influence. One day, I hope to write a book. Indoctrination didn’t work for me and it will not work for others. In this day and age, it will also not take 30 long years to be a man or woman in his or her own right. So,good luck for them.

  62. Tibetans taking it to the next level on cyberspace with acerbic comments flying thick and fast! Let me tender a little light-hearted levity in hopes of easing tensions for a spell.

    Let’s pretend Lukar Jam la win’s the 2016 Sikyong election. Now he will have to choose his Kashag ministers. For the Prime Minister’s consideration, here are my ideal Kalons.

    Dolma Gyari – Minister for Home (She will work hard regardless of who is in charge.)

    Tenzin Dickyi Sinzitsang – Minister for Education (There has got to be a use for someone who speaks impeccable Tibetan.)

    Migmar Dolma – Minister for Information & International Relations (She’s so pretty no one will care, or remember, what she has to say, and yet will still feel as though they had a positive experience.)

    Jamyang Norbu- Minister for Religion & Culture (He is perhaps the greatest threat to your hold on power, always keep him busy and confused.)

    Tenzin Jamyang – Minister for Security (Who is going to mess with a champion bodybuilder?)

    Lobsang Sangay – Minister for Finance (I trust him completely to look after our money.)

    Pema Yoko – Minister for Health (If patients don’t get well, she’ll personally beat the illness out of them.)

  63. If Lukar work with good intent; skillfully, without hurting the sentiments of Tibetan populace, he may prove our Tibetan “Che Guevara”. For that he should understand that Tibetan can tolerate disagreement with HH Dalai Lama; but Tibetan can never tolerate dislike to HH DL. So,lets wait and see.

  64. Karze la
    Is Harvard University private school? When I said private I meant the organization that do not belong to the government or the organization that is not managed by the government.

    CCP and Lights from Many Lamps has the same attitude towards TCV School, children are indoctrinated. Sometimes people come to the West and experience some sort reverse culture shock and behave like “donkey finding stash of daikon (radish) stocked underground not realizing the risk of falling right into the hole” as Tibetan saying goes. Every society in this world has flaws whether it is based on culture or religious believe and Tibet is no exception. “The bowl may be dirty but that belongs to your father”-Tibetan saying. Almost every US president concludes his speech with “May God bless you and the United States of America” seeks Gods blessing. The U.S., the country you guys admire so much as free and pure democratic nation, separated Church and State is the most religious country in the world after Muslim countries who believes in creation of this universe by a super natural being. Anybody disagrees with this concept has no chance of winning position at any level of public office. 95% of black people, democratic and republican voted for Barak Obama plus Latinos and other similar racial group has voted for Obama by over whelming majority according to The World Street Journal. This is simply because of his race. Does this sound like pure democracy or the government that has nothing to do with religion for you guys?
    Having said that I still believe US is the best country in the world. It doesn’t have to be a flawless to be the best.

    So why Lukar Jam thinks that he has to criticize His Holiness The Dalai Lama to justify Tibetan democratic system? Why does he feel that without criticizing DaIai Lama Tibetan democratic system is incomplete? What do we gain as a Tibetan by criticizing Dalai Lama? Lukar Jam’s question “Are we allowed to criticize Dalai Lama?” is like he is holding million dollars in his hand and asking people am I allowed to throw this in garbage? Of course he is allowed but for what reason? What does he gain? A man like Lukar Jam’s thinking that whatever the decisions made by Dalai Lama such as proposal of MWA are intended error or driven by some of self-interest is beyond absurdity. Instead if Lukar Jam states something like, I respect the Dalai Lama and appreciate all the things he has done for Tibet, he is an unparalleled leader but I cannot agree with the policy of Middle Way Approach, I don’t think any sensible Tibetans would take it as a negative. As I said before, the problem is disliking Dalai Lama and CTA not disagreeing with Dalai Lama and CTA. If anybody thinks the earth is flat or earth rotates around Dalai Lama for whatever reason it is nobody’s fault but oneself. Nobody is forced to believe anything.

  65. @White: Now you look so stubborn. Harvard is private where as TCV is not. Harvard collect fees and its board of governors are not appointed or deputed by government.

    Just go and ask the TCV president or Ex TCVian whether TCV is private or not. You need to understand difference between private and autonomous.

    Finally if TCV is private who owns its can you tell me as you keep on arguing that.

  66. NG, its not only inappropriate vocabulary that gets you kicked out of this post but also completely false quotations that you attribute to me. From your last comment:

    JN has trouble answer this sticky political question based on historical fact. If I am not wrong to remember about delusional and dishonest of claiming entire Tibetan plateau as a country and independent. JN finally revealed, “we should fight independence for U-Tsang as it was independent, at the same we should keep claiming on Khampa and Amdo, that is how politics works. If in the future, we might get these regions. But our independence goal or my independence goal does not include kham and Amdo, the priority is independent U–Tsang”!

    Until you provide me a link to where I wrote that comment your contributions will be blocked. Sorry JN.

  67. Karze la

    You didn’t know TCV school collect fees? TCV School is a non-profit charitable organization and nobody owns it. If school collapse for whatever reason, nobody can claim school assets. They have to donate to other organizations who share similar vision. Private organizations can be owned by investors, shareholder or founders and so on. As long as it’s not owned by government it is a private in my definition

  68. Today I am so happy and blessed to have an audience/tibetans with Dalai Lama.President of our association crying during welcoming speech is wierd. Have seen this type of character in lot at China and North Korea.
    HHDL today itself told us not to follow dharma with blind devotion དབང་རཏུལ་དད་འབེྲང་ dwang rtul dhe drang but with དབང་རནོན་རཇེས་འབེྲང་ dwang rnon rjes drang. So please follow his talks instead of kudos.

    At the last minute his holiness talked about how one should shape for the future. By speaking up the truth,one’s own mind, no butter up,doing nice thing at front and bad at back, hyprocrisy standing to one’s own priniciple and pure heart.
    Ironically for me that sums up people like Jamyang Norbu, Lukar Jam. This is what hhdl is advising us and here are the people in our society in the name of Dalai lama bashing to people like Jamyang norbu and Lukar Jam.

  69. White,

    Irrespective of how old you are, I advise you to study. You are not only clueless about the American politics, with issue of God and religion etc. but your understanding of Tibetan proverbs that you quote are so out of context that it doesn’t make any sense.

    I like your energy. Your English has somewhat improved from your previous incarnation under the pseudonym of ” whiteisacolour”

    If you like quoting proverb, I will quote you one, ” Khepa Gya La Nga Me-trak/
    Lhunpo Che la Nga Trak ” Lhunpo here does not mean minister but stupid. The translation , for non -Tibetan speaker is thus:

    ” I am not scared of ( debating with) hundred scholars/ but will be scare of (talking to ) a stupid person.” Seriously, I pity you and your state of mind. First and foremost you should uphold Constitution which is, as a matter of fact, is higher than the authority of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In the Constitution, Lukar Jam’s right to free speech is protected. I dusted my copy of Constitution from altar and inside it, I found a photo of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. So, basically , I have the same level of respect for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

    But, I don’t believe His Holiness the Dalai Lama was or is an ” unparalleled ” leader as you put. I know plenty of crooks both foreigners and self-serving opportunist Tibetans use His Holiness the Dalai Lama and play like a proverbial fiddle. I can give you plenty of examples to prove this point of view, but won’t do it.

    The site like this has plenty of Chinese troll.

  70. Dont forget this little gem of a misquote by White. “I know that I am intelligent because I know that I know nothing”-Socrates. Hahaha

    An inadvertent error or an oxymoron? If someone knows nothing, how does that make that person intelligent? Good try White, trying to turn Socrates into a Zen master. haha

    Socrates might very well have said, “I know one thing: that I know nothing”, out of self effacing modesty when the Delphi Oracle dubbed him, “the the wisest of Greeks.” How could Socrates know nothing when the man is revered even to this day, his methods taught in all major colleges?

    Technically, Socrates himself never said a thing, all we know of him are from hearsay.

  71. I wouldn’t go that far accusing White of being a Chinese troll. He may be rancid yak butter but he is on our side of the bread. lol

  72. India’s newly discovered PM, Modi, a Hindu fanatic by birth, has riven to the service of the nation of many religions.

    He recently declared in no uncertain terms that the only scripture of the government is the constitution.

    As Buddhist, Tibetans should do well for the sake the Tibet’s future, if any, to learn to respect more the exile charter or the constitution of sorts in exile.

    The future of a future Tibet looks very bleak, if not bleaker then before, if personality trumps the constitution. If a nation chooses a leader above nation, that nation is doomed.

  73. Lobsang Sangay’s campaign tricks list:
    1) I will take HH DL to Tibet – Vow! How nice. Poor Tibetan voters
    2) Two third of world leaders are Howard, Cambridge and Oxford law graduates.
    3) Promises to send supporters aboard – Europe and North America;
    4) Black suits, Black van with red light on the top;
    5) Large numbers of Indian Police security officials escort during visits;
    6) Hand shake and frequent photograph takes with audience;
    7) Owning all positive developments during his tenure; regardless of if those are outcome of his work or not;
    8) Quoting His Holiness’s statement and links those to his success with all kinds of interpretation;
    9) Photo exhibit via journals of those taken with world leaders (and MP) in white house and elsewhere around;
    10) Limits questions takes during speeches;

  74. Many times reality is different from what it appears to be. Many times what is done is different from what is said.
    His Holiness Dalai Lama is the unparalleled leader in this world by any definition. I will prove it some other time if you guys want.
    His Holiness the Dalai Lama defines what Tibet is and what Tibetan is. Almost every Tibetan home has Dalai Lama’s Picture. In Tibet people risk their life to have Dalai Lama’s picture. Almost every self immolators demand His Holiness the Dalai Lama return to Tibet. Special occasions such as wedding, inaugural ceremony and so on are proceeded by His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s picture. Tibetans pray for His long life and well being. Most Tibetans believe His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the emanation of Buddha Avalokiteshvara and protector of this life and future life. People around the world expect Tibetans being compassionate, kind, respectful, and peaceful and so on because of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Anybody who belittles the Dalai Lama they are belittling Tibetan people and man like Lukar Jam will taste the smell he doesn’t want in this election.

    The countries like United States and Canada are so different from most countries around the world. Americans have been trying to make many countries around the world to their likeness by mainly promoting democracy but failed time after time. Even China said they will have a democracy but nothing like that of Americans. The societies like ours have their own way of thinking, cultures and traditions that have been part of their life for generations, religious believe that is inseparable from their life. Many times even freedom is compromised.
    Please disapprove me with evidence and logical reasons instead of making statement. All I am trying to do is post my view that may represent majority of Tibetan people and I don’t care where my English stand for. I don’t even think about it. If you have a good English knowledge, please do something with it for Tibet instead of bragging about it.

  75. Its time for the wind to blow in the right direction even if it takes another 50+ years.Tibetan people from both sides of the mountain range are desperate,frustrated and disorientated. Their hope for better Tibet is becoming weaker and weaker. Now we need someone who has very strong character; who has sustainable genuine moral principle and who has inborn full determination to lead his weakened people. GIVE VOTE TO SOMEONE WHO COULD LEAD HIS PEOPLE INTO NEXT DECADE

  76. Forgotten Tibet
    China ensured Washington heard nothing from the muzzled vassal state
    By Maura Moynihan – – Wednesday, September 30, 2015
    Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s state dinner at the White House last week received fulsome coverage — about the fashion, the food and tech giants in attendance. The voices of protesters who gathered at the White House were muted by China’s media might. Xinhua, the official mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, has a $50 million headquarters in Washington D.C., a privilege never granted to TASS, which regurgitated propaganda for the Soviet Union during the Cold War. The collapse of the Berlin Wall nullified the rationale for “constructive engagement” with Communist China, but Beijing’s dictators still get red-carpet treatment from the Western bloc, even as the Chinese state careens toward chaos.
    Gordon Chang, author of “The Coming Collapse of China” states: “The dominant narrative — that the U.S. has to accommodate a rising Chinese state — is obsolete now that the Communist Party is facing its worst crisis since the Beijing Spring of 1989. Money is pouring out of the country. Xi Jinping is in a race with time.”
    This is a critical moment to tell the story of how China’s rape and pillage of Tibet — which comprises a third of China’s landmass — threatens stability in Asia, but the Office of Tibet in Washington was silent during Xi Jinping’s visit. Lobsang Sangay, the representative of the Tibetan exile government, has shocked many by openly declaring his support for Chinese rule in Tibet, and for never addressing China’s massive hydro dam construction on Tibet’s rivers, which flow into South and Southeast Asia — one of the most important issues of the 21st century.
    Mr. Sangay’s team hired Sconset Strategies, a small Washington lobbying firm whose top client, Benjamin Wey of New York Global Group, was ordered to pay $18 million to a Swedish woman in a sexual harassment lawsuit in June. On Sept. 10, Mr. Wey was arrested in New York City for securities fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering for “Chinese operating companies desirous of raising capital in the U.S. markets.” What kind of company is Mr. Sangay keeping?
    The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) does not appear to be filling this information gap. ICT Director Matteo Meccaci blogged: “The Tibetan issue represents an important opportunity for Xi Jinping, it would show that he is open to find some solutions.” This is wishful thinking. Mr. Xi has intensified militarization of the Tibetan Plateau and Xinhua calls the Dalai Lama “an incestuous cannibal.”
    Lodi Gyari, former ICT Board of Directors chairman, wrote in 2104: “A staggering $225 million in assistance was allocated by the U.S. government to Tibet programs between 1988 and 2013.” But how, exactly, was this money allocated to “save Tibet” — inscribed in ICT’s Web address? Many questioned ICT’s purchase of a $2.7 million townhouse at Washington’s Dupont Circle, which requires monthly infusions of capital for maintenance alone. ICT does scant reporting on China’s hydro dams in Tibet, and there are concerns about how ICT operates within the Chinese state, after an ICT mission inside Tibet made international headlines when it went horribly awry.
    In 1999, ICT sent American Daja Meston on an underground mission to investigate a World Bank project in Tibet. He later recounted: “I hadn’t wanted to make the trip because it seemed dangerous . ‘What if I’m arrested?’ I asked John [Ackerly, then-director of ICT]. Chances are slim, he said. China had too much to lose by arresting visitors.” On Aug. 16, 1999, Meston was arrested, subjected to three days of punishing interrogations, was coerced into signing a confession, jumped from a window and broke his back. In his 2007 memoir “Comes the Peace,” Meston powerfully describes these harrowing events and efforts to recover in the United States. On July 11, 2010, after struggling with depression, Meston committed suicide in his Massachusetts hometown.
    Given ICT’s resources, one would hope that Meston and his family received compensation equal to the risks he took and the suffering he underwent. Meston’s translator, Tsering Dorjee, a 26-year-old Tibetan, was also arrested, Meston wrote: “I remember the terrified look on his face, his eyes widening, and the color draining, when the security guards took us into custody. I knew he had a family.” Did ICT ensure that it lived up to the moral imperative to protect Tsering Dorjee when it recruited him for this mission? A congressional official said, “ICT must assume that their communications are compromised by Chinese intelligence, so this raises questions about their security precautions.”
    On Sept. 17, Lhadon Tethong posed a question about the 150 Tibetan self-immolations to Chinese propagandist Guo Weimin, who was promoting Xi Jinping’s new book “The Governance of China” at Politics & Prose, a Washington bookstore. In an egregious act of cowardice, store co-owner Bradley Graham forcibly removed Ms. Tethong from his store with the assist of Chinese agents, (the event was posted on YouTube). If the big Tibet organizations were more effective, this shameless pandering would be roundly denounced, but China’s dictators know that the Tibet movement has no clout, so there is no need to pursue official “dialogue” of any variety.
    On Sept. 24, one day before Mr. Xi was feted in Washington, Chinese warships sailed within 12 nautical miles of Alaska, an exercise that the South China Morning Post stated was “designed to send a message.” The Chinese economy is in turmoil, and a weakened China could be a dangerous China. World leaders would be well advised to study the bitter history of China’s savage conquest of Tibet, and the hollow value of China’s pledges and promises, before it is too late.
    • Maura Moynihan, daughter of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, has been a longtime supporter and activist for the Tibet cause.

  77. Mr. Sangay and Aukstang should response to these charges:

    Mr. Sangay’s team hired Sconset Strategies, a small Washington lobbying firm whose top client, Benjamin Wey of New York Global Group, was ordered to pay $18 million to a Swedish woman in a sexual harassment lawsuit in June. On Sept. 10, Mr. Wey was arrested in New York City for securities fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy and money laundering for “Chinese operating companies desirous of raising capital in the U.S. markets.” What kind of company is Mr. Sangay keeping?
    The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) does not appear to be filling this information gap. ICT Director Matteo Meccaci blogged: “The Tibetan issue represents an important opportunity for Xi Jinping, it would show that he is open to find some solutions.” This is wishful thinking. Mr. Xi has intensified militarization of the Tibetan Plateau and Xinhua calls the Dalai Lama “an incestuous cannibal.”
    Lodi Gyari, former ICT Board of Directors chairman, wrote in 2104: “A staggering $225 million in assistance was allocated by the U.S. government to Tibet programs between 1988 and 2013.” But how, exactly, was this money allocated to “save Tibet” — inscribed in ICT’s Web address? Many questioned ICT’s purchase of a $2.7 million townhouse at Washington’s Dupont Circle, which requires monthly infusions of capital for maintenance alone. ICT does scant reporting on China’s hydro dams in Tibet, and there are concerns about how ICT operates within the Chinese state, after an ICT mission inside Tibet made international headlines when it went horribly awry.
    In 1999, ICT sent American Daja Meston on an underground mission to investigate a World Bank project in Tibet. He later recounted: “I hadn’t wanted to make the trip because it seemed dangerous . ‘What if I’m arrested?’ I asked John [Ackerly, then-director of ICT]. Chances are slim, he said. China had too much to lose by arresting visitors.” On Aug. 16, 1999, Meston was arrested, subjected to three days of punishing interrogations, was coerced into signing a confession, jumped from a window and broke his back. In his 2007 memoir “Comes the Peace,” Meston powerfully describes these harrowing events and efforts to recover in the United States. On July 11, 2010, after struggling with depression, Meston committed suicide in his Massachusetts hometown.

  78. White : @102

    Same can be said of every Bhutanese.
    Each and every family has a portrait of the King and the queen. King is revered as incarnation of Jamphelyang.

    Till 2006, every Napelese family have a portrait of their King. Again worshipped as avatar of Vishu – the protector in Hinduism.

    I won’t go to Thailand and North Korea. Then you will become radio active fuming curses of being sacrilegious. But, fact is fact.

    By the way, I counted Kundun portrait in my house. There are five – some very religious, some unique and artistically drawn, still some for being blessed. I honor them, part for the reason you quoted, but more because, His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the symbol of Tibetan nation, nation that is dearer to us than any individual.

    Lately , the best quote came from Sikyong candidate Tashi Topgyal in his VOT interview, where in he said and I quote:

    ” In our past lives, we might be cat or dog or anything and in our future lives we may be born as diety or any other thing, but in this life, we are born as Tibetans and we have to do something for Tibet. Without doing something for Tibet, our lives mean nothing. It is as simple as this. ” Simple and beautifully said.

    It seems some of us here thought that I am alluding that our not-so-white, if he has the power, would surely like to lynch us friend ( I say this with confidence because I know a lot of people like him) is a Chinese agent. I didn’t mean him. There are others trying to get on but barred JN above, who more or less fits my description.

    Here, I will agree to What the Dreams description of white being on our side of bread. But I always have this question : Who needs enemy when you have burnt bread like this on our side?

  79. Lights from many lamps

    Ultimately as a rational being we have to make decision based on reason and logic. Our neighbor did it so we must do the same is not a rational thing to do. You have to be a crazy to belittle king in Bhutan. Imprisonment will be the consequences.

    Will of the people over powers everything that includes constitution. For the time being will of the Tibetan people is to honor Dalai Lama in highest term. Amendments in the constitution are the manifestation of will-power of people.

    Unless somebody is insane there has to be a reason to criticize anybody. What is the reason to criticize Dalai Lama? What do we get by criticizing Dalai Lama in this dire time? What does Lukar jam get by criticizing Dalai Lama? Anybody want Rangzen get it from China. It is nothing like China is giving us Rangzen and Dalai Lama is blocking it. Talking About tactical plan, the plan how to get Rangzen is the matter in hand if Lukar Jam is running for Sikyong as a Rangzen advocate. Attacking Dalai Lama is a not a plan for Rangzen. Attacking Dalai Lama is not what we want as Tibetan. Attacking Dalai Lama is what China wanted. Some of you here making statement that aligns with Chinese propaganda is disastrous to Tibetan people.

    Is our DNA being Tibetan enough? Are we fighting for geographic area only? What kind of freedom are we fighting for? Freedom to do what? For some people here Dalai Lama is not important. Our culture is not important. Our way of thinking is not important. Our religion is not important. Nothing is important what makes Tibetan Tibetan. Sometimes I have to wonder what you guys mean by Rangzen.

  80. l must tell you, with all gentleness, that it must be a matter of shame for us that you should speak about that great man in terms of disrespect. Just look at his work. He has dedicated his life to the service of Tibet. We have learned what we know from him. It was the respected HH Dalai Lama our root Guru who taught us that the Chinese had sucked our life-blood. What does it matter that, today, his trust is still in the Chinese nation? Is HH Dalai Lama less to be honoured because, in the exuberance of youth, we are prepared to go a step further? Are we, on that account, wiser than he? It is a mark of wisdom not to kick away the very step from which we have risen higher. The removal of step from a staircase brings down the whole of it. When, out of infancy, we grow into youth, we do not despise infancy, but on the contrary, we recall with affection the days of our childrenhood. If, after many years of study, a teacher were to touch me something, and if I were to build a little more on the foundation laid by the teacher, I would always command my respect. Such is the case with the Grand man of Tibet. We must admit that he is the author of nationalism. Without him and man like him, we should probably not have the spirit that fires us. That’s all. Thanks.

  81. Idiota @ 106 (white)

    All my arguments are reactions to your twisted logic. I present the case in the court of your lordship, thus:

    When Bhutanese, Nepalese,and Thais worship their leader, then what is so ” unparalleled ” about our community? My lord, it is you who brought the arguement of portrait worship being some sort of unique, and hence the proof of
    ” unparalleled “- ness ?

    Synonyms of word ” unparalleled ” are as follows: unique, singular, rare,unprecedented , incomparable etc.

    Your lordship seems to be making the case that we are making the mistake of fighting for just the geography area called Tibet, but should be thinking about something higher , and the Rangzen people do not get it.

    My lord, let us imagine, in year 2049 ( do the math and the year is significant) your highness is enjoying life in Dewa-Chen ( for non-Buddhist, think of heaven) in the company of Samdhong Rinpoche among others, but your mortal nieces and nephews and my children will still be living on this beautiful planet. When day-in and day-out, they get shoved down and face discrimination against the on-slaught of merciless Chinese, how do your lordship think, these mortals – who are our
    off -springs will look upon the present leadership ? As an ” unparalleled leader”?

    Do you seriously believe, they will think like that . Don’t forget that your highness and other excellencies won’t be in our communities then, to brain -wash them.

    I don’t know what , you, the higher beings will be doing in Dewa-Chen. But us mortal in the hell ( let us imagine all Rangzen followers are all going to scorching hell for not able to understand the meaning of ” unparalleled”-ness and all that BS) will bear the pain proudly, thinking that , at least we refuse to accept to the world that Tibet was a part of China. We might be sweating but if you capability to see , you will also find a hidden pride in us , for we will be toiling with the assumption that, our off-springs will also use their intellect and will-power to keep the good fight going.

    Who would thought in year 1959 and 1966 , a puny little girl raised almost as Chinese would put by a banner of resistance against China while living very much under their nose. Today, she is well-known world over as Tibetan blogger Tsering Woser, giving Chinese leaders a major headache.

    I am a very ordinary man, who came from a very ordinary background. But I am very optimistic about our future, and giving up for me, is not my option. I also prefer to celebrate this life than unnecessarily worry about getting to Dewa-Chen. I rest my case here, but must confess that I write here to promote a need for critical thinking in you. You are not a bad guy. But your idea of being the ” voice of majority” is very suffocating.

  82. Lights from many lamps

    You don’t need to be rude even you don’t believe in heaven. Anybody can be rude. It doesn’t require education and training.

    King of Nepal and Bhutan: did they live in exile? Did they face mounting pressures from the most ruthless and powerful nation on earth? Did they ever assume a responsibility equal to that of Dalai Lama? Did they teach millions of people around the world? Did they compose any books? Did they receive Nobles Peace Prize? How many world leaders have they met? How many prestigious universities honored them? How many medals and awards have they won for their work around the world? Did they have any meetings with well-known scientists around the world? Did they give democracy to its people without asking? Did they work tirelessly 7 days week year around?

    This is what I called unparalleled leader. By the way closest synonym for unparalleled is unmatched and unequal. I don’t know where you found your synonym for the word.

  83. White: Gandhiji did not win any Nobel peace prize. Thanks for 1989 Tiannamen square incident, the noble committee politicize us with this award. It is an open book where every expert and scholars knows.

  84. White and other! Nobody has to remind how HHDL is a leader, met so many other world leaders, scientist and work tirelessly as you say 7days a week ayear around.
    The problem that we are talking here is especially now a days in exile is about election of Sikyong. The narrow environment as well as the green happy ticket is: If we have so much devotion and praise for exile administration/ Dalai Lama then we are considered as good/ role model people. That notion of judgemental, no matter about one’s quality. If you are loyal to CTA/ Gaden Phodrang then Wah! Wah! is creating a problem and that is what I considered as root of evil.

  85. Right after Sept. 11 attack, The United States had a moment of unprecedented unification between Republican and Democrats. They embraced each other and promised to fight their enemy without any disagreement. This was driven by unprecedented shocking event that has taken place in the US. People have to know how to act based on the situation.
    We are in exile, we are in the hands of others mercy, our country is robed and turned into hell on the earth by our enemy. Tibet was almost dead merely breathing. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been trying his best in the last 50 plus years to resolve something first with Rangzen and then MWA. He faced obstacle unlike any other in human civilizations. Still we are here today very much alive and talking about Tibet because of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It is laughable to compare our struggle with India’s struggle against Great Britain. The difference is sky and the earth.
    Lukar Jam needs to understand where he stands right now. He is in India. Without India’s will, he cannot even reach Delhi. In such a dire time, die or live situation, instead of uniting against our enemy, singing a song that matches the music rhythm of our enemy is like a rubbing salt against fresh wound.

  86. A nation that is desirous of securing independence or self rule cannot afford to despise it’s elder generations. We shall become useless, if we lack respect for our elders. Only man with mature thoughts are capable of ruling themselves and not the hasty-tempered. We are bound, therefore, to entertain the highest regard to the generations before. If we, conscientiously differed from him, the learned HHDL himself would advise us to follow the dictates of our conscience rather than him. Our chief work is not to decry his work as the upcoming Sikyong candidate Lukar a Jam is doing, but to believe that he is infinitely greater than we are, and to feel assured that compared with his work for Tibet, ours is infinitesimal. Several people write disrespectfully of him. It is our duty to protest against such writings including the White papers. We should realise that men like HHDL to be the pillar of the self rule. It is a bad habit to say that another man’s thoughts are bad and ours only are good and that those holding different views from ours are the enemies of the country. We who seek justice will have to do justice to others. Long live HHDL. Think before you Act. Thanks.

  87. If any of you know or read about Indian Mahabharata and mama Shakuni. I am sure you will see close similarity between him and our Jamyang Norbu la. Things he is doing since long time is to create trouble in this small exile community. He talk lot of things about Tibet current situation adding with his own masala. Talking Rangzen and criticize our exile govt is not helping. if you want to see changes and want to bring changes prove us. You have all opportunity to fight for Syikong, instead of throwing your dice behind Lukar.


  89. 1. If you want mother of all corruption, vote for Lobsang Sangay. Tibetan nation has never seen such a self-serving person like him before nor will see one in future, unless, unfortunately he gets re-elected.

    2. If you want ” we will have nothing but Umae-lam” vote for Chithue Tso.

    3. If you want different version of Sikyong Sangay ‘s administration but little more honest, but not totally free of corruption, vote for Tashi Wangdu.

    4. If you want people centric, I trust my ministers to do their work, vote for Tashi Topgyal.

    5. If you want a government free of corruption, where technocrats and intellectuals will shape the future of Tibet, vote for Lukar Jam.

  90. Five Questions Voice of Tibet Radio should have asked Lobsang Sangay, but didn’t. ( But , kudos to VOT for grilling other candidates)

    1. Average middle class who make combined family income of $100,000 annually take good 30 years to pay off their loan, but he paid overnight on the eve of his taking office. Ask him to DECLARE his source of INCOME?

    2. Ask him question on assault charges on women in his office? Ask him about the escort services he and his buddy Choekyong Wangchuk of Tibetan Parliamentary Policy Reserach Center reportedly uses every time he travels to New Delhi? Who is picking up the bill? Ask him about what it means and reflects – the moral and ethical behavior of head of Tibetan Exile Administration and his attitude towards WOMEN in general?

    3. Ask him about his relation with the lady from United Front Office? Does he know that she is Chinese agent? Ask him about the risk of having Chinese spy as your strange bedfellows?

    4. Ask him about comments made by some of his Kalons that there won’t be an exile government after 10 years ( meaning his second term)? Does this mean he is destroying exile community from within?

    5. Ask him about the foundation he and his buddy Kaydor is reportedly planning called ” Preservation of Tibetan Antiques” ?

  91. Kyampo @ 120:

    Your chosen name reflects your personality. That is your worth. ( translation of his name is fly that feeds on s***t)

    Like any normal human beings, I do not subscribe to all of his ideas but I consider him a true patriot. Tragedy of Tibetan nation is that we have less of people like him.

    I did a random analysis of how JN is able to become one and only JN and rest all of us just grew up as another blindfolded, brain-washed TENZINS ( lambs set for Chinese Slaughter House – to be bartered by Umae lam brokers) it might be because of financial independence he enjoyed early in life.

    My advice to others is give good education to our children, make them financially independent and let them stretch their wings, all the while inculcating in them that first and foremost they are Tibetan and have to do something for Tibet. Yes, the residents of that ” geographic area” called Tibet. Make them hold Tibet dearer than any individual, however holy they are. If Tibet survives, there will be a holy land for holy men and women to re-incarnate.

    Our struggle is long and will be difficult, but do not lose heart. We will be able to get results we wanted because we can do it because we will have lots of different version of JN . JN is a shining star.

  92. @ 122 Tenzin

    I totally agree with your points 1 and 2.
    Although the 2 sikyong candidates have some good and positive qualities we ‘re basically left with the choice of either Corruption or Intolerance.

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