Some Thoughts on the Upcoming Kalon Tripa Elections

I have received some mild censure of late from friends and readers for my lack of enthusiasm for the upcoming kalon-tripa election. I did  explain my position earlier in a number of my blogs that our present  “partyless” political system was not a true democracy, and that only a party-based system (even with all its inherent drawbacks) could make it so. I also stated that the role of the kalon-tripa in the exile Tibetan government was not that of a prime-minister in  a democratic nation as India or the UK, since the kalon-tripa does not have the power to initiate or formulate national policy.

But recently I have been hearing, to my surprise, a lot of negative comments about the forthcoming elections, in particular about the slate of new candidates. Many of the criticisms seem regrettably unfair and partisan, and some appear to conceal an anti-democratic agenda. Hence I would like to make it clear to everyone that though I still maintain the position I outlined above, I have also spelled out, very clearly, that even under the present political system, the election of an honest and competent prime-minister would undoubtedly help to improve our exile government and political situation.

To clarify my position further and demonstrate my support for the upcoming elections (with the caveat that that next national elections in 2016 should be party based and truly democratic) I offer this, admittedly one-sided, appraisal of those candidates whose personalities and platforms I happen to know something about. I want to do this as a response to an indictment I heard a few weeks ago summarily charging all the candidates as incompetent and inexperienced.

This dismissive statement was made on a panel discussion on a VOA TV program. The discussion centered around a report that the “mimang” the Tibetan public, was demanding the exile charter be amended by the parliament in order that the present incumbent, Samdong Rimpoche, be able to serve another term as prime minister. One panelist  claimed that the public had no choice but to demand this amendment as “all and sundry” (ghangjung mangjung) were now seeking the post of the kalon-tripa which made the public disappointed and worried. This speaker also asserted that none of the candidates had any experience (nyamnyung). He even repeated this in a later in the discussion and added that the public wanted an older, more experienced and wiser candidate, and that only Samdhong Rimpoche was qualified for the position. I think that this panelist was supported by a couple of the others. There was one panelist who appeared to be against the amendment proposal, but no one in the discussion, even the moderator, challenged the assertion that the new slate of candidates were unqualified, inexperienced, or that they were ghangjung manjung.

By the way, it should be pointed out that  during the discussion it transpired that the so called “public” (mimang) demand for Samdhong Rimpoche’s return was merely a petition with no more than 900 signatures. This appears to me to be a very low threshold for accepting any proposal for parliamentary consideration; but accepted it was and even voted on, though not debated. It should be pointed out in fairness that Samdhong Rimpoche did raise an objection to the proposed  amendment, but he seems to have gotten around to it rather late. Perhaps he should have stopped his followers from initiating this nonsense in the first place.

The complaint on VOA that none of the candidates had any experience is demonstrably untrue.  For instance one candidate, Tenzin N. Tethong, though about ten years younger than Samdhong Rimpoche, actually has far more years of administrative experience in Tibetan government service than Rimpoche, who was for most of his life in exile a school teacher (at Simla and Darjeeling) then becoming the principal of Dalhousie school and later the director of the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies at Varanasi. He was appointed (not elected) to the Tibetan Parliament by the Dalai Lama in 1991, when he started his political career. One of the more remarkable features of Rimpoche’s administration is its pedagogic tenor, with Rimpoche packing his cabinet, especially in his first term, with former students of his.

Nearly all the other candidates, even those who are relatively young or those not too well-known publicly, nonetheless bring exceptional qualifications and a new energy to this contest. I think it is important for the Tibetan public to understand and appreciate this, and not refuse to see virtue in anything other than the ancient or the ecclesiastical.

One of the more interesting candidates in this elections is Lobsang Sangay la, who is not only someone with a PhD from Harvard in International Law but an expressive though sometimes glib speaker, with a record of involvement in Tibetan politics from when he was a Tibetan Youth Congress leader in Delhi. Lobsang Sangay la has also performed a real service to the process of Tibetan democracy by shaking up the creaky electoral machine of exile politics with his campaigns tours and lectures which are without precedent in Tibetan society. I know Lobsang la very well and he and his wife are old friends of mine, from when I lived in Boston and when we organized evening discussion forums with other young Tibetans in the city.

I have only one criticism of his candidacy, but that one is fundamental. So I will deal with it at some length. Lobsang la seems to believe, quite sincerely,  that a solution to the Tibetan issue can be found within the context of China’s constitution, specifically the law on regional ethnic autonomy. I debated him on one occasion. I pointed out that the Chinese constitution was not a document we could pin our hopes on (even in a peripheral way) for a resolution to our issue, since in China such a supposedly “fundamental legal document” has absolutely no real teeth. The Communist Party can change anything it wants in the constitution at any time. In fact it can dump the entire constitution by the roadside and pretend it never existed in the first place – which the Party has done, three times before. The present constitution of China is in fact its fourth actual constitution (I am not speaking here of bills or amendments) since the Communist Party took power.

The constitutional provision for ethnic autonomy, as meaningless as it is now, was meaningless right from the start, when Baba Phuntsok Wangyal invested all his hopes in it. In the process he betrayed his people and country and served as a willing propagandist and guide to the violent Chinese military invasion of independent Tibet. There is a powerful vested interest among nationality cadres in maintaining the ethnic autonomy provision in the constitution,  but if push came to shove, if the crisis in East Turkestan and Tibet became critical some time in the future, the party might do away with the provision, once and for all. If you can dump entire constitutions without so much as a by-your-leave, dumping one provision shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The idea has been floated in Beijing by at least one Chinese intellectual.

Lobsang la clearly sees Tibet and his own future within the framework of the Chinese “motherland”  and he has declared quite publicly, though half jokingly perhaps, that his ambition was to become “the Obama of China”[1] . China, mind you, not Tibet. It makes you wonder if he doesn’t see the kalon-tripa election as a stepping stone to a larger political arena. But maybe I am being cynical here. The statement might be construed as a Walter Mitty like blossoming of previous (though less ambitious) expressions by our leaders about their desire to be citizens of the PRC.

Though all this puts Lobsang la squarely in the Middle Path camp, he has conveniently avoided taking sides in the fundamental Rangzen vs Middle Path debate by dismissing both points of view as divisive and unnecessary. That His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself is the principal debater and expositor for the Middle Way proposition, seems to have escaped Lobsang la’s observation. I will go this far in agreeing with Lobsang la, in that the Rangzen vs Middle Path debate should not have started in the first place. We should have held fast to our goal of Tibetan independence. But now that it has, the debate must go on till an acceptable resolution is arrived at,  when we can all unite, once again, around a single national objective.  Calling for a halt to the debate now is actually a sneaky way of silencing Rangzen supporters, since I am sure Lobsang la is not calling on the Dalai Lama to give up his Middle Way policy or to stop propagating it.

Lobsang la claims not to see the necessity of a national goal in our struggle, and has written that “one’s objective is not the most important part of the movement”. Instead Lobsang la stresses “unity, planning, and discipline”. The statement that a national struggle can do without a fundamental goal or objective is alarmingly naive, even lunatic, were it not so suspiciously opportunistic. The other part of the statement that debating the national goal is dangerous and unnecessary, is clearly anti-democratic, and his conclusion that such discussions must cease and Tibetans should embrace “unity, planning, and discipline” (presumably under the leadership of someone like himself?) even verges on the authoritarian.

Whatever my disgreements with Lobsang la, I think it is important to recognize that he is a serious and unflagging candidate for the Kalon Tripa elections, and that he has made a great contribution to the evolution of the exile political system. Just dismissing him as “inexperienced” or one of the ghangjung mangjung is essentially dismissing an entire new generation of Tibetans who, whether our seniors like it or not, will be taking up the reins of power and responsibility in our society before long.

In my next post I will discuss some of the other candidates.


[1] Lobsang Sangay la made the statement at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC, on July 29, 2008. This was the period when Obama was closing in on the Democratic nomination and Lobsang la, picking up on this contemporary event,  asserted that if the US could have an ethnic minority as a  president, China was capable of having one also. He concluded his assertion with the line  “I want to be the Obama of China!”


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  1. thanx very for this “down 2”, up 11”, down 0”, up 5” ” critique. with a lack of true scholarly passion, more often than not, phds are, unfortunately, all lies and subtle forms of plagiarism that is all out in return for instant ‘DR.’recognition that helps in generating quick bucks. having said that, we do need more phd holders! in every field! the most efficient detective chief is someone who once was a thief! sangay’s phd and his door to door campaign is highly laudable. however, he will not have my vote simply because he is not a rangzen bazooka like his native forefathers, not that one individual can change our political direction altogether overnight but….and essentially he is a waiter when he goes over and over ”gyachi khoryuk, gyachi khoryuk”, not a creater of international political environment, one that can be favorable to our rangzen cause. he, infact, avoids the very word rangzen like you would a leper. rawang is his favourite word. thanks for his 6 year service in tyc though.

    tetong is far more upright on the need for constitutional changes, democratization and even rangzen but seeing is not always believing!

    former tyc president tseten norbu is impossible on voa. perhaps he had a pot which is not hard to find in dhasa. thoroughly disappointing. lately i have observed such changes on other rangzen activists too. hanging around in dhasa for too long, it seems, does something to their inner conviction they once supposedly had.
    thank you as always, rangzen hero!

    fyi, samdong was cst dalhousie’s rector, not principal. whatever but this guy is definitely known as a bully or even dictator in the bureaucratic cirle in gangki. with him as always, it’s ”my way or high way!” this is evidenced by him appointing only only 3 kalons for 7 departments in his first tenure so as to reduce opposition to his decisions and to consolidate power unto himself by sitting on home ministry as well.

  2. Very interesting !

    We will not have Rangzen driver for TGIE carrying Rangzen engine anytime soon or never if i am being honest.
    Be it Lobsang sangay la or Tenzin Tethong la or Lobsang Jinpa la or other candidates, they all might admit inner desire for RAngzen but they will never step an inch towards Rangzen once they are up running the show.
    The Kalon tripa is all about selecting the best guy to run the Umey lam.
    Its in Chitue there is something……

  3. I have been leaning towards Dr.Lobsang Sangay as my choice for Kalon Tripa but after reading his remark ‘I want to be the Obama of China’ I am quite dissapointed.

    What is it with these people?
    As a Tibetan how could a remark like this be made?

    Many of us in exile have been lulled into this ‘middle path’ & goody goody Tibetan story!

    We Tibetans cannot forget the truth that CHINA IS OUR ENEMY!

  4. Lobsang Sangay-la is an extremely smart and pragmatic politician. He is, to me, a hard core nationalist, with Rangzen in his heart. For utilitarian and pragmatic reasons, he’s keeping silent on this Ume-lam and Rangzen debate. The positive thing is that he is not leaning heavily on the Middle-Way, as the other candidates like Penpa Tsering does.

    And he’s smart enough to know that a Tibetan, no matter how educated he is and what kind of degree he posses, such as a Phd from an elite American university, stand no chance of being elected as China’s most powerful man – more than 95 percent of ‘Han’ people will never vote a ‘non-Han Tibetan’ to the top political position in a future ‘democratic’ China!

    Having said this, we should be on full alert, as power tends to corrupt, and he might be corrupted, if and when he got elected to the PM’s post!

    As JN-la himself said I am also hopeful of a Rangzen PM in the 2016 Katri elections!

    Purely secular, modern-educated, young and nationalist Tibetans should take over the exile Tibetan politics, something the Tibetan ruling clergy and the Chinese government both will try their best to stop it!

    And Lobsang Sangay-la’s election might be read as the symbol of this eventuality!

  5. Middle way-rangzen, middle way-rangzen, middle way-rangzen. When China don’t accept both of the proposition in the first place, why do we waste our time on these two scenarios? We all know that Tibet used to be an independent nation. For the time being keep our issue alive. China will collapse pretty soon like former Russia. At that time keeping our issue alive will help us free Tibet.

  6. I think it’s better to think well before you choose Rangzen or Uma.. what I am always worrying is about the loosing of our Tibetan Buddhism, culture, Language, Environment and etc.

    I am more UMA than Rangzen as it’s reality and not like a star in the day time which is impossible.

  7. The only Katri nominee who has openly given his policy is Karma Choephel. He said that he would try to restore the Rangzen policy for Tibetan exile govt. It is different case whether it is possible or not. But what he said purely and straightforwardly of his policy is laudable. Although I donot bet for his winning the Katri seat. Even winning Chitue seat is doubtable this time due to his action is the parliament.

  8. to here-today-gone tomorrow la,
    Your theory Losang singe is hard-cor rangzen in his heart is intersting. very interesting. How do you know? I would like to know if he told you confidentialy or if he had secret meeting with you and other people where he revealed his deep secret goal. I think he say anythings which people want to hear at that time or place. If yo want rangzen he is rangzen if you want middle path he is middle path. If he is with Chinese he say Thank you. Shay Shay.

  9. @Passang, no I haven’t had any secret meetings with Lobsang Sangay-la. It was just my guess. A modern educated Tibetan can only be a strong nationalist in his heart. That’s my assumption. But it’s not guaranteed. That’s why I said we should be on full alert.

    I think Lobsang Sangay-la knows well that the Chinese will not strike a negotiated deal with the exile Tibetan leadership – their only goal is to let the Dalai Lama die in exile – to me there’s not middle way, its either resist or perish. And Lobsang Sangay knows this too, I think.

    He’s a pragmatic politician, that’s why he’s not taking an official stand – Rangzen or Middle Way. That would jeopardize his election campaign. Let him win and then we can see what his real intentions are!

  10. I think, despite of the good observations and critiques made in this piece, Jamyang la ends up concluding with views, which I definitely do not digest well.

    Interpretation of a remark, put aside out of its overall context, always leads to false conclusions. Its a practice many follow, but doesn’t necessarily ring true to a critical observer.

    The supposed remark ” I want to be Obama of China” by Dr.Lobsang la could in fact also be viewed as the tolerant and all inclusive temperament His Holiness strives so hard to promote. Misconstruing it as an indication of a corrupt person to the core, is not only far fetched, but surprising, given Jamyang la’s in depth understanding of the nuances of language, of matter, of substance in a speech or writing or any form of expression.

    Why does Jamyang la, make such petty conclusions is hard to understand? Given my respect for the treasure trove of historical knowledge he possesses, and my love of his work as one of the very few intellectuals we have, I am saddened to see such inclinations,for whatever purpose they are.

    ” Unity, Innovation and self-reliance” is a quote by Dr.Lobsang la, which is again ignored for the depth of its vision, and is rather criticised by Jamyang la as some form of narrow and naive principles to hold.

    Its all in interpretation. Personally, what i see in the above message, is a vision far broader and inclusive than the non-sensical divisive banteriing of both Rangzen or middle way groups. And this vision not only objectively looks at a goal of an ultimate Tibet for Tibetans, but also proposes a means to achieve that.

    Nothing dramatic can happen in 5 years or 10 years, and if you personally ask me, not even in 50 years.. but we need people who have a vision that extends beyond time limits and planning that accomodates any form of geopolitical changes that occur during that time. And I see all that in Dr.Lobsang la’s message.

    I really didn’t like such naive and narrow conclusions from an intellectual ideal for me. Believe me or not, my bluntness is much influenced by my appreciation of Jamyang la’s views over the years. But this is a point where I disagree!!!

    Tashi delek!!

  11. That’s JN’s take on LS’s remark on wanting to become the Obama of China and I don’t think it is petty in anyway, but then it is not surprising that it didn’t go well with LS’s supporters. Personally from whatever I heard about LS, he sure is a shrewd politician in the making. I don’t know if any notice but JNla’s uses the word “glib” to describe him as a speaker and I guess that’s one quality every politician has to possess; a veneer of superficiality is what’ll earn him the votes.

  12. By the way, I heard Lobsang Sangay-la saying that a ‘minority, a Tibetan’ can never be elected the president of China, as the white-majority US did by electing a black President. So, I don’t think LS’ comment at the Woodrow Wilson Institute of becoming the Obama of China should be taken too seriously and literally.

    I feel LS-la is a Tibetan patriot, a nationalist – but a smart and pragmatic one!

  13. Jamyangla always gets people scratching their heads to put in two cents of their own every time he writes.It’s no different this time either.
    As always it’s fun reading what ever Jamyangla writes.

    I have been following Dr.Lobsag Sangay quite close during his campaigns.I admire his enthusiasm about the campaigns,making common people aware of how important this coming election is.He kept educated, uneducated,little educated,all on toes.He alerted all.He reminded us the importance of staying active in political thinking to think politically.
    I have good reasons to believe that he is for rung zen,though. But as a Kalon Tripa,how far will he be able to go with rung zen as a goal of TGIE to achieve ?It’s obvious.Don’t we think?Look around in Ghangchen Kyishong and see the likely ones who would be working with him,and under him.How can we even expect instant change.It’s not a Taj tea bag,that you dip,dip,dip,add sugar,and milk.It’s ready to sip.We have to learn to trust our young educated Tibetans,and have patience.Give them a chance.We can not trust our young politicians, because we have no self confidence in ourselves.The problem is with us not being able to trust them. It’s not them.Given the opportunity they will.Do not frustrate our youths to turn them into rebellious.We need to be careful.When educated youths get frustrated changes that will come from them will be big.We may not be able to handle.
    Lobsang Sangayla :…to become “The Obama of China”,…I understood that as taunting the Chinese.I never thought that as LS’ desire or even a wishful thinking.Is Jamyangla reading too much into it?
    I hope Lobsang Sangay la will respond to shed light on the same.This is very,very important that you either defend yourself or explain yourself to your potential voters who will(or will not)vote for you.We take this very,very seriously.My vote is still yours if you could clarify the doubts there in the air.
    In this article,I think Jamyangla is being partial to TN Tethong,unless,as you said you’ll critique them one at a time in days to come;and Tenzinla will be one of them too.Can’t wait.
    Do not get me wrong.TN la was my first choice till I saw all the debates.Tibetans owe you big time.Thank you for wonderful services.We are very grateful to you.
    To all the Tibetans around the world,I request we be polite to all the candidates.I don’t think any of them are ghang jung mang jung.Most of them have served our Government In Exile in some capacity or the other with degrees.They all deserve polite manners from the public.You have the vote.Give it to the most deserving candidate without being bios.
    No!Not Sangdong Renpoche.Not again.He is too narrow minded though; with all his good intentions,his views are not forward going.He scolds,reducing public morale to mouse like look on the faces.I don’t think this is helpful.

  14. Please write on
    Penpa Tsering(Samdhong’s chela)
    Tashi Wangdi(too old)
    KP Godrukpa(Muk-bahadur),
    Gyari Dolma(emotionally fragile),
    Lobsang Jinpa(office man. no public contact). Rest of the candidates including Tseten Norbu are quite a joke! flotsum, jetsum! But wouldn’t mind if you throw some brief light on all the 29 candidates on

  15. Jamyang Norbu la, thank you penning lot and having nothing fruitful yet again! I am tired of your accusations on Rinpoche. It just feels like a junior school screaming for nothing. I had wished in my yester-years about peoples like you and Lhasang Tsering coming to work @ TGiE rather than hanging boots and offering some-not-so-sweet juices with the pen. Also in this article, Rinpoche was the target when no wrong was there to circle on him from any possible angle. If you had followed Rinpoche just like you words seems like, I can’t see a wisdom in these words ‘but he seems to have gotten around to it rather late. Perhaps he should have stopped his followers from initiating this nonsense in the first place.’ Don’t you think you are disappointing democracy in the first place by asking the SR clique to shut their voices? Moreover, Samdhong Rinpoche has raised his objection to this plea a year and few months ago by calling it going back to 7th century.

    To try focus on the topic, I would like to say that this writing was quite disappointing regarding its stand on the reality. We are in a situation where even our ballots gets taken away and here you are talking about forming party-system…hmmm! I am not signing that I am against this transformation but where on earth? I mean considering the reigning situation, doesn’t it sounds much like a verse of Wordsworth.
    Lastly, congratulation for the success in making this a yet another Rangzen v/s Middle way story. How about applying this on the grounds of our other sectors like settlements and education policy.

  16. I have all the reason to fight for the Tibetan Cause or at least be supportive of it. However, I am struggling to find reasons to be enthusiastic about the Kalon Tripa election, as important as it is. If it were not for the obvious truth that our “dear leader” is at an advance age and each day getting closer to the exit door, and that we are on the verge of entering in to a very critical phase in our history, I won’t even bother thinking about it.

    First of all, Sorry, I don’t think our political system is democratic. Just having the right to vote isn’t enough of a condition to call a political system democratic. Even the mafia has a voting system. But I could perhaps overlook that fact, as unbelievable as it may sound to you, if our exile government was producing some concrete result towards achieving our ultimate goal. But I don’t have to tell you how disastrously a failure it has been in that endeavor.

    But I don’t mean to discourage others from participating in the election. Yes, go ahead, call me a hypocrite. I do believe participation in the democracy makes it better. The current list of potential candidates may not be the crème de la crème of the Tibetan community, but I think they are the best options that have been offered to the Tibetan people so far.

    I look forward to 2016 election with the hope that Tibetan zeitgeist will evolve towards a more objective oriented thinking by then.

  17. Why we need a powerless Kalon Tripa then?
    Who has the real power?
    Why we need to compare our democracy to UK and India?

    People criticizing Lobsang Sangay that he changed his political position. I think he has rights to change based on time and needy therefore I am so cool with him.

  18. For better or for worse the main brain behind the current middle way policy is none other than Yapshi Sawang chenmo – Gyalo Thondup. He might be the only official in exiledom with a good grasp of that country’s language and govt/party culture.
    The saving grace is that the ‘middle way ‘ policy is not set in stone in our constitution.
    As JNla mentions in the article; come 2016- & we may be able to extract ourselves out of the current ‘status quo’.
    Self preservation seems to be the key for the current candidates for this election.

  19. JN’s article as always is forthright, incisive and cerebral. We Tibetans have the habit of trying to find others including our ancestral and current advesary, that is China and the Chinese like ourselves. JN hits the nail on its head when describing the political culture of the CCP. Lobsang Sangye as a student of international law should know more about the realpolitik of international relations than this fudgy notion of becoming the Obama of China. Thucydides described national self-interest and power politics several centuries before the Christian Era thus, of the gods we believe and of men we know that they rule wherever they can. There is no place for romantic idealism in international relations. Wilson died a disappointed man because of his failure to get rid of wars with the League of Nations and Nehru succumbed to the same fate as the 1962 Chinese invasion of India totally shredded his Panchsheel theory of peaceful co-existence among nations.

    We have to know to live with the real world as it is and not hanker after some Platonic utopia where philosophers are kings. Political pragmatism is the need of the hour and whoever would be elected by the Tibetans as the next Katri should be a realist and not an idealist.

  20. Wangchuk Norbu, the Tibetan Machiavelli:

    LS-la knows how the world politics functions. He’s not an idealist like Nehru who was stabbed in the back by the wily and foxy Chou En Lai. We can safely assure that LS-la doesn’t even dream of becoming the Obama of China.

    He’s a realist and pragmatic, which is why he is not talking of independence. Or else he won’t stand any chance of getting elected to the post of Tibetan PM.

    I think he’s keeping both options open on the table: autonomy and independence. Alleging him of fully convinced that Tibet’s and his own future can be secured within the confines of Chinese constitution is too premature and unfair – that’s a slap on his many years of study and research of Chinese constitution and international law!

    His election will give Rangzen activists enough room to maneuver their strategies, unlike Samdhong Rinpoche’s regime which is hell bent on suppressing every trace of Tibetan independence, wiping out even the words ‘independence’ and ‘colonialism’ from TGIE literature!

    Let’s at least give some respect to LS-la’s intelligence and his many years of education and training at the Harvard in international power politics, which is still driven by realism!

    I think it’s worth voting for him. JN-la is one of the few people I respect among the Tibetans for his incisive and analytical political essays, from which I have learned a great deal over the years. But here JN-la has misunderstood and fail to grasp LS-la’s political strategy and vision!

    I’m eagerly waiting for JN-la’s next pieces on another candidates, especially on TC Tethong-la. That will clarify once and for all my little doubt about this essay being written, without his conscious intention, to undercut LS-la’s successful campaign so far!

    Sorry, for being too cynical, JN-la.

  21. Who is right and who wrong
    Right and wrong aren’t the solutions.

    Open your mind, think positive
    Share thoughts, not criticize

    Stand up for the truth
    Support for the rights.

    Peace , love and compassion
    Are the tools to face China

    Cheap talk with harsh words
    Won’t help to choose Kalon Tripa.

    Be your self, look inside
    Walk alongside HH

    Freedom and real democracy
    Soon be shine on Potala.

  22. Those (including JN-la with all my due respect(am your fan) who tends to believe that,Ls-la expressed certain desire to become the Obama of China aren’t really serious I hope;or are you?In non of the debates and/or any other public talks by Lobsang la suggests any thing near that.
    My guess is that he may have said something to the effect…to be sarcastic to the Chinese,to taunt the Chinese;at the same time to inform the world how damaging it will be to Tibetans if Tibet is to become an added part of China.
    The possibilities for any Tibetan youths to dream,to become somebody,or to hold a powerful position in China is impossible.Thus killing the dreams of millions aspiring young,educated Tibetans forever.
    So I would like to wait till Dr. Lobsang Sangay la responses to— I want to become “the Obama of China”.
    Let’s give Sangay la a chance to clear the doubts in our minds in his own words.
    If in case;the above mentioned statement happens to be true,it is going to be worrisome to those of us who stood all our life long for the Freedom and Independence of Tibet. But,I think this…”I want to be the Obama of China” is being read too much into,and totally getting out of proportion.We need to be little careful about making mountain out of mole.
    Strangely,nobody is taking up on Middle way verses Independence.I think both of them are equally powerful weapons the Tibetans have.But how do we intend to implement them in our best interest?One thing is certain,all six million Tibetans will neither agree nor disagree for “Middle Way,nor for the Independence”4/4.There is going to be half and half or 3/4 and/or 1/4 of any one of the two depending which will serve the purpose.But the existence of both these two tools have to be there like the right and the left legs to kick the Chinese rear end.This is the Tibetan equivalent of the Chinese “the carrot and the stick”.
    Doing away with either one of the two is a good idea.
    I personally believe in an Independent Tibet,because the history and what little documents we have says loud and clear Tibet was never a part of China.Tibetan currencies,postal stamps, travel documents with our own Tibetan Government stamp on them all goes to say that Tibet was an independent Nation.Therefore,we have every right to fight for Tibet’s complete independence.
    The world keeps asking us,how are you going to do it?and we kept giving answers each time we come out in the streets in front of the international communities,to say this is how!Tibetans have introduced a non destructive weapons of peace keeping of the twenty first century.We won’t give up.We continue to fight for Tibet’s independence just the way we are doing today for as long as it takes till Tibet’s independence-day.
    In the mean while if China wakes up from her slumber and says,oh God,let’s listen to the Dalai Lama,because he makes sense and works with our Government In Exile and fulfills His Holiness’ wishes,what could be more better.(I am a naive dreamer and I am okay with it).

    Attention to Jamyang-la:could you some how reproduce the whole speech where Lobsang Sangay-la made that statement on July-29-08 and not just the sound bite of it.For many of us it is more than difficult to get it right just by that less than a sentence statement.
    I am still waiting to hear what Dr. Lobsang-la has to say in retaliation.
    In anticipation!

  23. Jamyang la,
    You omitted many negative points of LoSangye. Perhaps, because you were his friend or you were scare of being viewed as communal. Allow me to ramble here.

    first, lets acknowledge that he is a shrewd politician who was planning to run for office way back from 2005/2006. I know him personally so such infos are first hand info. And also, every investigative mind will find that seeking waiver letter from high -level scholarship committee was enough evidence. But, he is not a scholar. You may be a harvard graduate but not necessarily a scholar. Prof. Dawa Norbu was a Scholar, and Tashi Rabgye is hardvard graduate with Phd. and she was a Rode Scholar from Canada.
    In contrast LS was on the Fullbright scholarship waitlist- not even in the first 9 students. when he knew that Somebody in the list has not served the community, he let the Dept. education know and thats how he got into the fullbright scholarship.

    From the waitlist to the best school- has nothing to do with his academic achievement but everything to do the Nepotism/regionalism of Dr. Tenzin Chodrak of Tibet Fund who has the history of favoring khampas and Markham in particular. besides, we can see from his writings that he is a mediocre student, certainly not the best. Some of the best students had no confirmed admission when they came here, and the only reason was that s/he is not Khampa.

    Second, LS had no integrity. He will say one thing and do other. He is also a stubborn guy and not a team player. He had argument with most of the people from NGOs working for Tibet, had hard time finding participants in the conference he organized. It was actually a tit for tat others who never invite him as a Tibetan scholar. He is a spiteful guy thats why, majority of the Boston Tibetan hate him.

    I am also concern about his visit to CHina and his meeting with the chinese leaders in China. Although, he said, he sought permission from His Holiness Private office no proof, such as the waver letter was offered. I am concern because there are many who were also invited to China and they refused because of a reason and Chinese intention. WHy did he chose to go there? to sell Tibet for his campaign money? Obiviously, he seems to have more money than Tethong and consequently could travel more than Tethong.
    More later,

  24. Machiavelli and his classic, The Prince is recent, very recent when you scan the development of power politics among nations. Power politics features in recorded history in Chinese historiography and in the writings of the ancient Greek historians, Herodotus and Thucydides and after that in the Arthashastra of Kautilya or Chanakya. Chanakya was the Brahmin minister of Chandragupta Maurya who unified Northern India under his rule thanks to the statecraft of his able minister. Chandragupta Maurya was the grandfather of Dharmaraj Ashoka.

  25. choni,
    peace, luv, compasssion are the tools to face china? how is it so? i m not saying we should always get into a sense of revenge and emotions visa-vi china but attempts must be made to get the job done any way.
    i think you are going through a massive religious delusion.
    trash the halucinatory trance
    now is the time to dance
    purge the dogma
    out of your brain mechanism
    rangzen tsangma!

  26. dechen,
    rangzen and middle way
    two tools?
    right and left leg?
    heart wants to go to mount kailash
    legs want to stay home!
    divided within on a national goal
    how are they the weapons to kick chinese rear?
    are they not kicking our own!
    with chinks laughing their lungs out

    with means
    such as peace and violence
    i can understand
    coz the goal is one and same
    different routes
    same destination

    even faulty analogy do make a lot of sense
    but yours
    is just nonsense!

  27. I feel like saying something about the Gangjung Mangjung outburst of a certain panelist in a VOA Tibetan Service Program. What is Gangjung Mangjung? Theoratically, in a democracy as we claim ourselves to be, it’s the rule of the Gangjung Mangjung so long as the majority of the electorate vote for someone from the Gangjung Mangjung. Democracy by definiion is the rule of the majority of the populace in a city state, nation state or a multi-ethnic state or empire. It is not the best or ideal form of governance, but all the alternatives are worse than it. Idealists accuse democracy of mediocrity. Mediocre it is and would be as the majority of the people in any society the world over fall into this category, neither too clever nor too dumb. In statistics they call it the bell curve. When you graphically portray a scholastic aptitude data, the bell curve becomes apparent.

    Those who talk about Gangjung Mangjung are trying to be elitist. Aristocracy, that is the rule of the best and elitism, that is the dominance of the clever and the cunning has no place in a modern democracy. Rough and tumble has come to the fore, and street smart politicians would run the roost in the days to come.

  28. Wangchuk-la,

    I agree Machiavelli was not the first theorist of Realism. There was Chanakya, and long before him, Sun-tzu. Interestingly, there’s our very own Great Fifth Dalai Lama – his classic text labja muthili trengwa!

    Realism has always been there, since human society appeared. That’s beside the point. My point was LS-la knows all the ‘nuts and bolts’ of realism very well. You wrote as if he’s totally unaware and ignorant of it! That’s a slap in the face of his years of academic studies in international law at the Harvard University!

    @Aku-Tonpa, your comparison of LS-la with the late Dawa Norbu-la doesn’t make any sense. Dawa Norbu was an academician, he can’t lead a government, nor was he interested in it. His only concern was to do research and write scholarly books. He can’t be diplomatic, compromise and horse trade, which is essential for a leader wishing to run a successfully democracy which is all about accommodating diverse opinions and interests. If you really want a great scholar to be the next Kalon Tripa, you can vote for Tsering Shakya!

    LS-la may be not a great writer as Dnorbu-la, but one can’t deny the fact that he’s a scholar in his own right. In the field of international human rights law, LS-la is a competent expert and scholar recognized world wide. To use your own argument, I can raise the point that Dawa Norbu couldn’t speak as eloquently as LS-la, but that did not deny him his great scholarship in his own field. You should compare LS-la with a leader/politician not with a scholar.

    Going to China to meet Chinese people falls exactly in line with the current TGIE’s policy of reaching out to Chinese. This policy was framed by the TGIE with explicit guidance from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I want to ask you this: Should we reach out to the Chinese in a spirit of dialogue, so that both sides can reduce suspicion of each other or should we turn our backs on each other and consider the other as our mortal enemies that needs to be purged of?

    You said LS-la’s admission to Harvard is through sheer nepotism. It appears you are totally ignorant of how American universities function. Based on my own experience, without intelligence, hard work, dedication, smartness, one can’t survive in an American university, let alone obtaining a doctorate degree from a leading university like Harvard – after all you have to write a colossal dissertation that is original, comprehensive and well-researched. Write yourself an article, then you will realize how much dedication, sacrifice and hard work one needs to write a full fledged dissertation.

    I personally read several of LS-la’s scholarly articles published in leading academic journals. They are incisive, original and well-researched.

    You have every right to criticize LS-la and question his credentials, but your criticism and questions should be prompted by genuine concerns about the well being of our society. It should not be driven by ignorance and prejudice, bordering even on hatred of LS-la!

  29. What JN fails to address in his intellectual piece is Campaign Finance issue.

    Lobsang Jinpa -la wrote to Kalon Tripa Debate organizers in Bylakuppe that as much as he wants to attend the debate, he does not have financial resources to travel to and around.

    As one of the debate organizer, I got a call from Kasur Tenzin Namgyal from Delhi asking for travel and accomodation. TN was under the impression that organizers have made all the arrangement. We don’t. He was struck and was on his own.

    Although TN made it on his own, I am very sad to see these two potential candidate not having the financial resources that LS have. People should seriously question LS’s source of financial source. This is important especially in the context of story emerging that he paid Rangzen /Green book dues at concessional rate. Story is that some anti-Gyari family in NY is funding him. If it is true, JN you have a friend in LS. What an irony.

    Another sad thing I found is that LS manipulates debate organizers. I was surprised to find one of co-debate organizer in Bylakuppe debate instructing the host to ask the first and last question to LS. It is all planned. Next time around, Kalon tripa candidates should toss a coin to see who gets to make the opening or the closing statements.

    Before the start of Bylakuppe debate, I was leaning to vote for LS, but after seeing all these, I found LS and his band of merrymen are very manipulative. Sad part of the story is they still think, I am one of their band of merrymen. I say quit . I pray for Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. If LS deserve to win, he should try to win by taking the high ground. My feeling is his or his band of brothers are doing no great service to democracy . When I talk to my close friends they say get over it and It is politics. But isn’t it sad?I will tell you another story, one of the co-debate organizer says that he is supporting LS to harm Penpa Tsering la’s candidature. Everyone has an axe to grind. What are we getting into.

    JN -la, keep writing. It at least promotes healthy debate. I urge everyone to think, reflect what each and every individual candidate can do for Tibet; be open minded enough to listen to all the candidates without any bias and then vote, without anybody’s influence. Right person should win for Tibet.

  30. Hi HTGT,
    You wrote:
    “I personally read several of LS-la’s scholarly articles published in leading academic journals. They are incisive, original and well-researched.”

    Can you please tell me where I can find these writings? I am not asking in a cynical way. I really would like to read them. Thanks.

  31. Mila Rangzen

    I believe we can fight for rangzen with peaceful talks.I think the procedure the great majority of the Tibetans want to follow either to achieve “Greater Autonomy”through MIddle Way like His Holiness,or seek complete Tibetan Independence like TYC & SFT is by peaceful meams.
    My understanding about Middle Way and Independence of Tibet are two separate goals by the same people in two groups respecfully going parallel to each other based on their own believes of what’s good/right for Tibet and his (Phayul Tibet’s)future.
    Therefore I do not believe it as one going to Mount Kailash,and the other staying home,rather both have the peace,prosperity,and happiness of Tibet at heart.That part is common in both.One has big heart,and wants to share with China and keep peace and tranquality in Tibet/China,and the other says by all fairness;we desrve what has always been ours to belong to us.Therefore Tibet’s independence.In the court of law,on whose side the truth is the winner.

  32. I would like to correct the date of Lobsang Sangay la’s statement about “Wanting to be the Obama of China”. It was on October 27, 2008, and not July 29th as I stated earlier. It was after the Democratic convention but before the actual election, and came as Obama was closing in on the election victory. So contextually it was the same. JN

  33. The dance around petitioning for Rempoche to serve another term: Could that be part of traditional protocol or etiquette if you will – reserved for a high ranking (& popular) Rempoche or official? That is to say could it have been his sending off? Knowing the inevitable but giving it once last effort. And naturally compared to one’s guru we all become ‘ghangju- mangju’. To be taken with a grain of salt?

  34. Okay for fun, let’s have some lessons on Tibetan spelling and pronunciation:

    It’s not ghangju-mangju. It’s ghangjung-mangjung གང་བྱུང་མང་བྱུང་།

    It’s Rinpoche not Rempoche or Rimpoche རིན་པོ་ཆེ།

    And last but not the least it’s not Sandhung. It’s Samdhong ཟམ་གདོང་།

  35. HTGT,
    who cares whether is Sa-tong, Zab-tong, or Samdhong as long as we know who we are talking about. But, i want to act like you for a moment. Its not Sa (ས)but ཟ་་ which has no equivalent word in English. Don’t be smart ass. Even if i let you use Sa (ས་) instead of ཟ་་ , the correct spelling should be Samgdong. How? use your noodle!

    Now lets back to LS- First i am not the one who is rooting for scholar/academician for PM. In fact, you are. That was your main supporting sentences while rooting for LS. So, TSering shakya is irrelevant in the discussion.

    Comparing to Prof Dawa Norbu doesn’t make any sense? I’ll tell you how it makes sense. Majority of LS supporters and even himself boast about his Harvard Phd. degree, and claim him as supposedly the one and only Tibetan Scholar. That was the only qualification he brings to the post of Katri.

    YOu said Prof DN is a reasearcher/acedemician. what do you think of LS. What was he doing for the last 15 years? Student and researcher, right? What is he doing now? Senior Research Fellow, right? Does it make sense now.Thats why, i have a reason to make some comparison of him with other scholars just to make sure people see the other side of his story. You wish i make some comparison with Leaders/politician. Too bad, i don’t have any. To compare with Obama is preposterous. He is no way near him. To educate yourself read Tibetan Political Review op-ed on this subject. If you squeeze my head, the only politician i can think of to compare with LS is Sarah Palin; nothing more nothing less.

    People like you have made his Harvard Phd. an important issue, sometimes a necessary one to run for Katri post. Yes, he is if the benchmark is slightly above average, little better than person like you and me. But, what concerns me is comment such as yours…”In the field of international human rights law, LS-la is a competent expert and scholar recognized world wide.” Besides the platform given by Samgdong Rinpoche through TPPRC where he was given an opportunity to market himself in Tibetan community, and the ICT and Tibet Support group, where was he invited to give a talk on international human rights law? His testimony to the congress was OK but the Q and A session was embarrassing as his points are off the mark, irrelevant at best.

    Reaching out to CHina- in Lines with TGIE? I don’t trust him on his answers to the questions related to this in TPR websites. He always said that he went to CHina to meet chinese scholars-never ever in life has he said he met with chinese Leaders until somebody raises this questions in TPR websites. he said he did so with prior permission from HHDL’s private office. If i should trust you, show me the letter like you have for the waiver from full bright committee. THE MOST INTERESTING PART IS THAT HE KEEPS SAYING HE STILL MAINTAINS IC TRAVEL DOCUMENT; HE COULD NOT GO TO NEPAL BECAUSE OF HIS IC. BUT, HOW ABOUT HIS CHINA VISIT? DID HE TRAVEL ON CHINESE PASSPORT????

    HEY, I may be ignorant about how American University function but i am not STUPID like you, HTGT. What i have said was a fact. It has nothing to do with his charisma/cunningness/capabilities but rather by sheer nepotism by Dr. Tenzin Chodak of Tibet Fund who did it for him. The bottom line is He was on the fullbright Scholarship WAITING LIST.

    You said, “I personally read several of LS-la’s scholarly articles published in leading academic journals.” CAN YOU NAME ONE LEADING ACADEMIC JOURNAL THAT LS SCHOLARLY WORK WAS PUBLIsHED? the link you gave to Kp’s inquiry was just opinion page. there was nothing scholarly about his writings. His dissertation topic was related to exile tibetan Govt’s, our democracy. Probably a high school graduate kids and do better job than that.

    You have every right to criticize LS-la and question his credentials, but your criticism and questions should be prompted by genuine concerns about the well being of our society. It should not be driven by ignorance and prejudice, bordering even on hatred of LS-la!

    Criticizing and questioning is all what i am doing prompted by the genuine welbeing of our community. Having LS as Katri will not only make the exile govt. bankrupt but also makes Katri position the training ground for him.

    So much to write against him. But this much for now.


    “They are incisive, original and well-researched.” Incisive, OK, original-doubt it, well-researched- no way.

  36. Aku!

    You haven’t given any suggestion as to who we should consider for Katri position and Why?.
    You seems to know a bit more than i do.let me hear you name your choice for Katri and why?.

  37. After putting myself through 2 hours of torture reading LS’ article “A Constitutional Analysis of the Secularization of the Tibetan Diaspora: the Role of the Dalai Lama”, I have to somewhat agree with Aku Tompa with regards to LS’ writing skill. I would not call that a good writing even for an academic paper which I know can be monotonous and repetitious. Now HTGT may disagree and question my qualification in passing a judgement like that, to which I can only say that I am not an academician or a writer, but I can judge whether it is a good write or not just like I can tell whether it is a good music or not even though I don’t know how to play any musical instrument. The most I can say in favour of LS in this article is that he has recorded HHDL’s speeches on the subject in somewhat chronological order, which helps someone like me who strongly advocates separation of church and state in pointing out the initiatives of HHDL himself towards that objective to the religous right wingers. But it should be noted that by writing this article LS is on record for at least talking about this issue. I haven’t heard or read any of the other candidates doing the same.

  38. @Aku-Tonpa,

    So, who, according to you, should become the next Katri? Some one who can fit your idea of a Kalon Tripa, who, it seems, should not only possess a high level of scholarship, but also is honest, upright, charismatic and independent?

    Among the choices we have – Gyari, Tethong, Penpa Tsering, Lobsang Jinpa, LS and others – LS seems to be the most competent!

    I think LS-la’s greatest strength is not a phd from Harvard. It’s his ability to connect with the people from all walks of life – monks, nuns, students and elderly Pala and Amalas from settlements, except for the elites: a few intellectuals, shungshab bureaucrats, and Tibetans in the West. I like Tethong-la, who is experienced, honest and well educated, but I am sorry to say that he’s not able to connect with the ‘masses.’ I’m surprised his campaign is confined only to ‘elite’ areas like Dharamsala, the West!

    Now you will say LS-la is fooling the so-called ‘innocent’ majority, taking them for a ride. May be or may be not, but that’s democracy: who ever is supported by the majority through voting wins in the end.

    Your question of LS’ travel to China on ‘IC’ is valid and justified. Hope LS comes up with an honest and convincing answer. This might not be a lie though, because in the past Tibetan delegations had also traveled to China for talks on ‘IC.’

    You have missed the article LS published in the Harvard Journal on China’s autonomy law, the contents of which were even quoted by the film maker Tenzin Sonam in one of his articles on the Middle-Way’s inefficacy!

  39. Mila Rangzen,

    thank you for being the stand-by voice for JN! Are you suffering any sort of disease where the symptom reads ‘accuse SR’ whether relevant or not…hmmm! Denouncing everyone that marches under the torch of MiddleWay isn’t a less-love-for-Tibet-bazooka! Moreover, i think ‘my way or the high way’ fits way better on defining JN la.

    I am sorry that Peace, love and compassion are not getting flowered in your heart and mind. It happens when you try hard to run away from the ground of reality. It just happens and sadly, too much running may even set you to pen a ‘a prose of regret’ or something like suicide.

    It is my personal suggestion. Since ‘Rangzen’ seems to be your only point in perceiving and evaluating the next door, i suggest you to read ‘Middle way policy’ more thoroughly. It will help your stand better for sure. Otherwise, its just angry notes with no sense even for the senseless.

    Whats this crap….”heart wants to go to mount kailash,
    legs want to stay home!” This sounds way better on YOU. I wish you happy recovery!

  40. I’m sure that LS is as nice a man as some people say, and that he can charm people from all walks of life, and he is to be congratulated for his efforts and achievements, but my main reservation for even considering him for any high leadership position is that he hasn’t led anything or more importantly, anyone.
    The Jews have a term for men who know how to get by, who are socially popular, and who are even capable of making a very good living, but in the final analysis, cannot be considered for any position of authority over society…..’NOT A SERIOUS MAN’.

  41. Dear readers!
    I have a dream to see long times back, but really nothing happened with time passed by. But now seem there is kind of hope and ray.
    full activated candidiate for the kalon tripa like Dr losangf Senge TETHONG TASHI WANGUEAND GADUK KALSANG are trying to upheld the losing hope of tibetan people. and atleast putting up lots of effort to kindle the fire of election.
    But in reality Non of them is as important as they claim. reason is simply that there is no need of changes for time being.
    All things that one should have to is endurance to bear the heat of set -up structure and just to follow the laid path for the middle path.

    If comparsion is made between the EXPRIENCE AND DEGREE former on may talk higher sound as it knows where to go not how to go.
    Dr lobsang Senge may know little more fact and figure about the international issues but our one is differnece

  42. None of us on this blog can answer for Dr.Lobsang Sangay nor can we accurately assume his intent or reasoning.
    All we can do is wait for Dr.Lobsang Sangay’s explanation.

  43. @Average Tenzin,

    Perhaps your idea of leadership is a way different from mine. To me, a leader is some one who can connect with the public, who brings hope, joys and laughter on their faces. And that’s what LS-la is doing at the moment!

    Don’t underestimate the public’s intelligence! They will choose the best! And I feel they will choose LS-la!

    Sorry, for the few ivory-towered intellectuals! We live in democracy, wherein government is formed by elections. Call in Tyranny of the majority, but that’s the truth!

  44. Tsering Topgyal
    Please do not lose heart.We are just fine doing what we’ve been doing;i.e blogging.
    I do not think any of us on this blog are trying to answer for Dr.LS.But it’s good to keep talking,and reading more about all the Katri candidates,and not just about LS. and TNT.
    I truly think,all of us participating on this blog are taking the coming election seriously,fully respecting our “Government In Exile”like we aught to.Which is great!
    Arguing with each other; taking the issue of Tibet, is done only by all young and old alike, who have sense of urgency we are in with current situation of Tibet keeping in mind.Nothing wrong with that.Just keep participating.That’s all!
    So I can also continue to learn from all of you. Therefore, please keep writing,keep inviting others to the blog.We need to keep all web sites that take up Tibetan issues alive and thriving robustly.That too is a service as activists from the way I look at it.
    One important thing we need to do:Let us all try to curtail our anger,and temper tantrum.Let us all try to write our thoughts and not the bad temper tantrum.Thank you for your patience.

  45. Jamyang la,
    Thank you for the platform and protection of my privacy because if my fellow knew who i am, they will consider me as traitor.

    Response to your inquiry will find in my response to HTGT.

    Your response this time seems more mellow and reasonable. I like it, man. But then i have rebuttal some of your statement.

    You said, ” LS-la’s greatest strength is not a phd from Harvard. It’s his ability to connect with the people from all walks of life – monks, nuns, students and elderly Pala and Amalas from settlements, except for the elites: a few intellectuals, shungshab bureaucrats, and Tibetans in the West.”

    I would say you are wrong. He was only able to connect to youngish and monkish. Youngish with no brain or mediocre brain get sucked up his exaggeration. Those people’s brains are too rusty to logically analyze his statement. They get excited when he said, IMPOSSIBILITY IS A POSSIBILITY. Oh really! Then why not choose Rangzen instead of Autonomy, or tying to avoid discussing on the subject? Then he said, he is all for Change (Sarthoe). Somebody asked what Change was he talking about. he replied, I have to review everything first, then what seems extra will be thrown out (Thoe wa nam ma yug) and what missing will be added up (ched pa nam yar noen). Huge applause with roar. In reality there are no change or Sarthoe. Much the same like Sheyon, Sheyon, Sheyon. There are no GYAPTEN Tsema; all big words but with no backing with logic and plans. In reality, his much talked about “Sarthoe” is an evaluation of somebody’s project and there will be no change if there are no THOE WA OR CHE-PA.

    Yes, LS was able to connect to monks. It is no surprise though. Those monks will never vote for Boepa, thats what we khampa call people from U-tsang. Regionalism and sectarianism is more important for them. If LS is not Lithangwa which is mostly Gelukpa, lets say he is Degewa or Nangchenpa which are predominantly Nyingma and Kyagudpa like me, that will change the dynamic. They might probably vote for Lobsang Jinpa. So no matter what, even if Tethong has substantial experience and impeccable records of his service to TGIE, most of those monks will not vote for him.

    You said, “elderly palas and amalas from settlements.” No way Jose, From the unofficial preliminary result, LS is leading with big margins in Shichak, with all those monks and Youth’s vote. Majority of the pala and amala vote goes to Tethong.

    We have to also know that LS did spend Lot of money with ad. and campaign literature. Even today he has campaign videos playing in various cable in shichak continuosly. I can’t help wonder how did he get this much of money? This also played lot of difference given people have only one choice, out of many, in the preliminary round. Tethong did come to south, but his tour was very limited. This cost him some vote.

    Kusho Gangjung and Ani Mangjung (#30) is right), LS has advantage in south because he has the support of the Bylakuppe Debate Organiser. That was obivious. What is not obivious is his connection to the three big Mafias of Bylakuppe, Those three Mafias are Tashi Wangdu (Former Representative of Bylakuppe Settlement), Pema Delek (Former Chithus), Chomphel Thupten (Former TYC Centrex member and HHDL private office officials). All of them are present Dotoe chithus candidate.

    Looking at the brief resume of these three men will be enough to tell you that it is an uphill battle to convince the public that they are In fact mafias. What some of us know and many don’t know is:

    1. Tashi Wangdu did made money for himself and promoting his wife as Tibetan Healer while working in Office of Tibet, South Africa. As a college student, he sold fake lotteries and made millions of Rs. from shichakwas. I have heard from many people, some from Nepal. We should investigate and ask the question directly to him too.

    2. Pema Delek, is a Bylakuppe camp no. 4 member. He was in old Chushi Gangdruk and was one among the many who sign the infamous treaty with Tibetan-mongolian Affairs of Taiwan (Taiwan Phog issues) and that led to huge headache to HHDL and the Tibetan populace.

    3. Choephel Thupten is the one who stole money from HHDL’s office. Ku-Gyer Yitsang ne Kumak Kukhen.

    For all Khampas, please don’t vote for him. Its a disgrace for us. We have many more qualified and dedicated people than those thugs.

    LS Association with those people can tell us his morality. Thats why, the issue of his CHina visit is deserve some attention here. However, you said, “This might not be a lie though, because in the past Tibetan delegations had also traveled to China for talks on ‘IC.'” Indeed, but with the understanding between both the govts. Does he make an understanding with Chinese govt. when he travelled to China? If so, let us know. Do you see where i am going? If this be the case with Tethong, how would all of us react?

    Let us all be careful. Don’t let our young democracy get sabotage. Democracy party-less system and without Press (i mean with investigative journalism) is dangerous. We might end up in communal violence and hatred for the rest of our life.

    So, who is my choice and you are right to ask me those question. Honestly, It could be anybody except LS. It could be me, you, your dad, my dad, kp, TheNorbu, anybody who keep up the moral high ground when dealing with day today life. However, i might consider voting for Utsangwa this time. Because, i wanna get rid of my mentality that U-pas had big shenkok. I was told constantly but proven wrong all the time. IF they shenkok like we have, Samdhong lama won’t be PM and LS will not be the top contender for PM.

    YEs, Harvard journal is a well-known and scholarly journal. YOu have one example here not several. But, for a person with Phd, and who has a lofty title as Tibet-China expert has one or may be few articles aren’t worthy flaunting. Majority of his pieces are review of what it is. Let me know if it is otherwise. There isn’t originality, new ideas, propositions, or constructive criticism and solutions. If this piece is written by me it is a huge deal but not for person with phd.’s.

    Until next time, Take care


  46. It feels funny reading these comments and at the same time listening to the(R) and (D) candidates from Delaware debating for their candidacies on CNN. It seems that one half of my body is in one planet and the other half in a quite different planet.

  47. Aku!

    You are true with regards to the 2 out of 3 ‘mafiaso’.I do not know about Tashiwangdu case,nor i do know who he is.
    I am pretty sure that the debate was organized for all candidates to connect and prove themselves being worthy of the position.

    About Utsang, you are wrong Aku.I had a conversation with my mother just before the time,she attended a meeting of utsang people of Old camp in bylakuppe.The meeting was to confirm utsang people to vote for the utsang-man tethong la. My advice was to vote for whoever you believe will make you proud.

    Aku! you did not name your choice. So i will vote for no one.

  48. @Aku Tonpa. Thanks for the response and all those information.

    I’m from U-tsang also, but I have never been provincial or sectarian. Nor am I dogmatic when it comes to the two approaches of our struggle – Middle Way and Rangzen. I see dogmatism on both sides, unfortunately.

    May be I have misunderstood, but I felt LS-la leaves enough room to both sides of the political spectrum – Middle Way and Rangzen – to play enough roles in our society, judging by his speeches and comments so far. He’s a pragmatic politician, who plays by the rules – and that’s what one needs to be effective in a democratic set up, wherein diverse opinions and interests needs to be addressed. One can’t be like Lhasang-la and Jamyang-la, admirable though they are for their unflinching positions, leaning totally in favor of Rangzen. Doing so would alienate the huge chunk of Middle-Way vote bank. And that’s politics is all about – reaching a consensus among diverse groups, opinions and interests.

    To be honest, I have given up my hopes on ‘revolutionary’ changes. To me, a revolutionary fervor now seem to be a sure shot to tyranny!

    Changes has to be gradual, rather than overnight which would be too disturbing. And LS-la’s election would usher in some changes. For instance, his idea of reaching out to young college graduates from around the world – specially those from the West – to have a chance to work in and experience our exile government set up for a few years impresses me. Ditto with his vision to go out and meet the Tibetan people in far-flung settlements, to know their conditions, hopes and despair.

    And we can fairly assume that his working style can be quite flexible, thanks to his years of living and working in the United States. So far he is the most accessible Kalon Tripa candidate – through his Facebook and the way he responds to the audiences’ questions.

    About his ability to spend on his campaigns, I think its because of his job at the Harvard, as senior research fellow. I’m sure he’s getting a good salary being an employee of the world’s richest and most influential university. And this is something we Tibetans should feel proud of – a Tibetan born and bred in a refugee camp, went to a CST school and finally ending up in an elite American school!

    If a ‘mediocre’ Tibetan, as you seem to be implying by raising doubts over LS-la’s intelligence, can go to Harvard and work there, then many Tibetans can also do the same – so its an inspiration of sorts, I think.

    To sum up, there are many factors why he is supported by many people – his articulation, speaking both Tibetan and English eloquently, his intelligence, his politically-correct answers, his working style, his Phd degree from Harvard and with this his good understanding of international politics and human rights law, his good looks, and yes his being a Khampa! In Tibetan context, he resembles more to Obama than Sarah Palin!

  49. teTONG sanGAY
    education ma politics phd law
    govt service 30years 0 year
    indirect community service 16 yrs 10 yrs
    persanality humble arrogant
    COURAGE 5 out 10 4 of 10
    integrity 8 4
    economic condition debt free debt free
    scandal deficit chinese spy
    dress up good good
    looks good good
    height 5’5” 5’11”
    english writing average average
    english speaking average average
    tibetan writing average bad
    tibetan speakin good average
    chinese zero zero
    hindi average average
    age 62 42
    social background kudrak commonman
    patriotism 8 6
    province utsang kham
    public rapport good good
    national goal independence autonomy
    secularization yes no
    party system yes no
    wife nepalese chinese
    house bought mortgage
    income 72,000 yr 70,000 yr
    regionalism 2 8
    sectarianism 0 2
    car 1 honda 1 ford
    hobbies reading fishing
    children 2 1
    china travel 0 2(!)
    tibet travel 1 0
    supporters tgie civil servants ccp
    votebanks utsang/amdos khampas/monasteries

  50. @Tsering. That comparison made me LOL. Seriously. But I wonder if you are not a kudrak or a descendant of Kudrak, who still smarts from the change of situation! I’m an ex-communist. So, don’t worry!

  51. JN-la,

    1. When are you going to critique the other candidates? After March 20, 2011?
    2. Is there a reason for critiquing Lobsang Sangay la first? Why couldn’t you have started with another one, say TN Tethong la?
    3. Why this timing? Why this sequence/


  52. We are in an age where a person’s reputation could be tarnished by just a few words.

    In this situation I trust Jamyang Norbu la and like most expect him to be as candid about the other major candidates.

  53. @Tsering, you are right. You seem to be on the mission to ‘tarnish’ LS-la with your few words! But I am sorry it won’t work, ‘for the times are changing!’

    But your nasty humor was funny and could entertain people for a while, but unfortunately for you they won’t take it seriously!

    You deserve a thanks to make me laugh for a while, though!

  54. teTONG sanGAY
    nickname youngman research stealer
    job professor office boy
    ambition service ashang medal
    sect nyingma geluk
    birth place lhasa darjeling
    phayul lhasa lithang
    connection gyalo d juchen
    freiends new csgdruk old csgdrk
    fav plc dhasa majnukatila
    ex girl frd yangchenla mis bylakupee
    mistress gyari dol lithang dolma
    smoking no yes
    drinking no yes
    gambling no yes
    drug no yes
    quickie donlha nepali didi

  55. “To be Ombama of China” is the pride of Katri’s candidate! sounds weird! Is he name and power hungry chap? or great ambitious one.
    but his effort to make our election more active is a matter to appreciate!

  56. i m not jamyang norbu,
    you are welcome for thanking me for supporting someone who for the most part stood so strong and so true for my beliefs for more than 4 decades now. in fact, i am not supporting him or any one else for that matter but my own beliefs which was originally embedded in my infant heart 40 years ago by our so called leaders now in their 70s. i will stop poking SR the day he snakes to a spiritual cave in the bagsu mountains by leaving the political remote control in gangkyi for good! am i asking too much?
    any tibetan who does not stand for independence is, to me, like it or not, either politically naive or clinically insane or a sellout. i wouldn’t mind if our argument is on the means to achieve it.
    peace, luv, compassion for those who fuk you up over and over? ha, i see you going red! you dont have to get into a hatred mode but for our people’s sake stop faking! or is this a weekend dharma class which can be soothing sometimes? if not, get real, pliz. the wolf on the plateau sees no reason, fact is there is none to see, to strike a deal with the lamb who has embraced defeatism for so long and continues to do so.
    thanx for the reading suggestion. i have done that. middle way policy is all about asking this much, begging that much, completely ignoring the wolf-lamb fact. it has no leverage whatsoever. it banks its hope on some chinese intellectuals and democracy activists who are powerless themselves and worst still who on record proved more imperialistic than mao on the question of tibet. anger can come to my head, sadness can visit my heart but regret, hell no! never! regret will follow and torment those, in old age, who refused to support reason and reality while they were young and strong, instead pushing for an unofficial official policy that does not, in TRUTH, reflect the will of the tibetan people. it will come to those who naively contributed to the speedy demise of tibet by spreading the gospel of mao-lam. people dont believe middle way will work but they support it any way coz the dalai lama is the author. what good is your modern education if all it can do is join the flock of sheep like premitive folks?
    oh that line is for those burdened with the pilgrim’s disease.


  57. Mila Rangzen,
    I can’t stop laughing over the way you employed the F**K in your writing. Seems like you are up for the first time. How about listening to Eminem’s Like toy soldier…it will definitely help!
    Driving myself to the main-course, I am already feeling much at ease as what you had penned seemed just to lame. You had written that ‘any tibetan who does not stand for independence is, to me, like it or not, either politically naive or clinically insane or a sellout.’ Firstly, thank you for showing the world how far you are positioned from the pole of reality. Secondly, doesn’t it sounds weird to write ‘to me’….hmmmm! Even if Obama pens it, it’s just reads a personal opinion and I hope you are not BUDDHA!
    More over, what you had asked in the first paragraph is nothing big. Whether you like or not, Rinpoche will only leave the office in August 2011. After all, if not you, Tibet needs him. If you are to say Rinpoche opposites the voice of youth, just go back some years and take a look at that opinion poll conducted by a magazine called Tibetan World. Rinpoche was and will always remain the most influential Tibetan in exile next to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. I am in no big wonder if you are ready to laugh but this is fact. I guess laughing is a clever way to run away from the truth.

    Thank you for informing me that this is not a dharma class but for me, it still much seems a dharma class. For your education, let me tell you that dharma is the most practical application you can ever find with the best of your mind. I know you will disagree and it’s fine, weak students need more time to learn.

    Another thank you for reading the Middle Way Policy. Did you happened to read between the lines? By the way, did you ever gave a thought on studying this policy? If you look at the mountain with sun glass, you will not see what everyone is seeing.

    One more thing, are you still sure that its lamb-wolf game. Don’t you feel like the wolf is nearing any sort of retirement or wolf is set to get more calm. How about a threesome? It is okay if you can’t digest for now but do you read any of the latest news and interviews or even the rumors. Did you happened to read the Wen’s interview to CNN’s Fareed?

    And the last line that you had wrote, the nicest thing would be call it a ‘Nice Joke’. How’s that?

    P.S. one of the most important quality of an educated person is to be truthful and follow the truth. Even China is learning…how about you?

    till then, take care and don’t get angry. Anger disturbs the thinking brain!

  58. TheNorbu,
    I am going to vote for You or even HTGT if you guys are running. I am vote for somebody other than LS. If you gonna follow mine suggestion, then vote for anybody, even Phurbu Dorjee, but not LS. That guy may be stupid (sorry but everybody says that, even LS said, he is Chicken ka Hadi) but not a flip-flopper. He will not traitor and he will keep up the moral highground.

    I am really concern about LS connection with the CHinese. I must say though, i don’t have any proof but many clues. I am his good friend, and I know few names of his Kalon choices, all four youngsters that he is planning to bring to his Kashag. All of them are Khampas. However, i am glad that those candidates are great khampas unlike his friends in Bylkop.

    The Norbu, You are right, U-tsang Tsogpa this time running settlement to settlement to get support for their only candidate, Tethong. But, My point was that IF most of the UtsangWa are sectarian and provincial like us, then khampa and Amdo cannot even dream of becoming Katri.

    however, Utsang Tsogpa’s campaign helped LS indirectly. My friends and family were saying look at those Utsang, now we must all vote for LS because he is Khampa. Traditionally, we have a feud with Baba and Lithangwa. Dege and other khampas are sideline in the CHushi Gangdruk- only in 90s we have make friends among ourself when baba and lithangwas started giving up post in Chushi Gangdruk for rest of the Khampas. But this time, Indeed, In Sherab-Ling Monastery in Bir, We have a big photograph of LS (only) as if he is a Gyalwarinpoche. I am sure 99% will vote for LS given all us revered the monks in that monastery. Nobody, even dare to point fingers at them like Utsang Tsogpa. howAlso, Ugen Topgyal was supporting him (unusual) and all BIr and Chautra public will listen to him. He is half Dege and half Nangchen. We will listen to him. This monk (with Juchen Thupten’s Mind) is a political force to be reckon with.

    Besides, I said to my friends that utsang’s candidate is a solid candidate and they have right to campaign for him Because LS has the US tea Party organisation of sort in our monasteries and settlements. I told them that Few months ago we were saying that Tethong is Khumak (thieve) who had misused Govt. fund for his own use, and i too was in that camp and hate him. That was our only objection then. When that Kumak (thieve) charges hold no water, we make another issue, Taiwan Phog money was lost during Tethong”s Katri tenure, that didn’t hold any water. Then we make up story that he can’t finish his term then and now he wants to do five more terms. Lame excuses and issues after issues. When he was in bylakuppe and even in Dhasa Debate, he made it all clear and what really changed my view is that he answer Honestly when he was asked why he did leave Katri post in the middle of his term then. He said, I did it for personal reason. I didn’t expected that. I though he would answer cleverly.
    It changed me and i felt sorry for being part of the other camp who were promoting false and negative/smear campaign against this honest man.

    So, i tell my friend about those truth, clarifying those misundersanding: There are no records of Tethong’s misuse of govt.’s money. If that is the case then i will be first to write to Election commissioner to disqualify his candidacy. That issue was a total misunderstanding, some even get misunderstood for a reason. “He made a budget proposal in the Chithu Lhenkhang, where he laid the following year’s plan. In that plan he mentioned that there is a budget deficit (lets say Rs. 10 Million). May be the Tibetan word for deficit is misleading, but the news appeared in Mangtso Newspaper, one of the editor was JN la, rumor spread like a wild fire that Tethong Ki Pesha Sewa Re.” Those Rumors was spread by us, our gang. Sorry though of my participation. After those clarification, they doubt if I am a Bastard of U-tsangwa (Boepa)

    I am tired of explaining to you. LS admission to Harvard has nothing to do with his education. He was in the fullbright waitList. But, those toppers didn’t get good college- some where even sent to remote and weired community college and enrolled for only one semester. One of my friend was only enrolled for a semester in that college and later came down to NY and worked. If all of them got treatment lIke LS, they will be more people with phd. We all know that everybody has to return back to India after the completion of two years of studies. Some got admission to phd. but was not allowed to join like LS. HOw fair?

    Also, please inform yourself that Senior research fellows are not Prof. who makes only decent amount of money. Besides, they must stickly adhere to this philosophy, “Research or Perish.” The Prof. needs to research and get funding for their work and thats why they keep research assistant. In a nutshell they are research assistant. They put Researcher in different categories such as:
    Category 1. Post-Doctoral Fellow
    Category II. Visiting Scholar
    Category III: Research Associates.
    Category IV: Senior Research Fellow.
    Category V. Associates of (Relevant Dept.)
    Category VI. Research Fellow ( the norm is, after extensive post-doctoral experience, they will appoint the person as Junior Faculty member.

    No matter which category you are in, Appointee must be paid little bit more than the nominal salary, typically ranges from 35K-45K per year. Given the cost of living, i would say no more than 50K per year. I would say LS and Tethong makes pretty much the same salary.

    Good luck with your Candidate.
    Aku Tonpa.

  59. There are those who wanted to physically abuse JN la back in the 80s for some of the positions he took in his writings, and then there are other Tibetans who have always appreciated his contribution to Tibetan society through his projects and writing over the last several decades.

    But I would think that in hindsight, even members of the Tibetan Womens Association who wanted to beat him up at one time, would agree that JN always wrote with the best intentions for Tibet and the Tibetan people, even though some of his views were controversial and hard to accept at times.
    Well this article expresses his views on one of the leading candidates for Kalon Tripa and
    I believe that JN has come out to state his reservations for LS for this post. JN is as free to express his views as is everyone else, and he is not required to write critical pieces on every other candidate to justify this one. He can even write a positive piece on another candidate if he so chooses to do so.
    Whether you agree with him or not, I think he deserves, after as many brilliant articles as he has penned over three decades, to be taken seriously for this view.

  60. Dear Jamyang Norbu La,
    Yours Blog used to be informative and constructively critical, now it has become a spitting place for personal grudges and dislikes. I think some people misunderstand “freedom” of expression for bullimia of expression.Free expression needs a strong backup of sensible and responsible argument and not whatever comes in mind specially under the dictates of hatred, jealousy and envy like sentiments. We all should be as objective as possible to have a friutful dialouge.

  61. Aku!
    Thanks for your indirect confirmation on your choice for the Katri.
    I don’t care much about who will get elected.They will follow the uma lam strategy even if they desire something else!.
    I also don’t care about what they did before 2 years from today.I look forward to how they could change and improve the present situation and create opportunies for my grandson to be born in 2020.
    If your candidate can better the situation now and create opportunities for future…you should then be proud of him/her for respecting your precious vote.

  62. Akhu,
    A glaring piece of info is missing in your picture of things
    Where is the other important candidate from the ‘Khampa’ constituency?
    She worked hard at campaigning in Bylakuppe
    It is quite surprising that Ugen Topgyal snubbed this lady in the polls considering the pact formed by way of marriage between their relatives
    Integrity is considered ‘old fashioned’ in this age of scrambling for power & influence.
    And Ugen Topgyal figured out quite in advance that MS Gyari Dolma stood no chance & backed what he thought to be the wining ‘horse’.
    He beat her in her game.
    You are venting out on this blog because there is some integrity out here.

  63. I truly appreciate JN la for the thoughtful writings time and again. There may be people who are hurt by your straightforward writings but those are the people who are carried away by their own biased mentality.

    I too have reservations about voting for LS. I have watched him speak and read his writings but sadly, he is nowhere near the status of Khewang (scholar). He is just an another street-smart, Indian neta-like person who talks bigger than his mouth but in actuality comes around as another opportunist. Below are a list of who LS is:

    1. Got FB scholarship as an average student who was waitlisted

    2. Got admission into Harvard through hooks at office of Tibet

    3. Earned his PHd and now works at Harvard as a fellow by arranging his own salary (through sponsorship). Harvard does not pay him. Once his sponsorship for the fellow stops, he is out of Harvard.

    4. His Tibetan is below average and his English is equivalent to 11th grader. You can read his responses to Prof. Elliot Sperling’s writings in TOI and will know LS’s English standard as well as his mental standard.

    5. He talks loud but with no substance

    6. In this election, he is not supported by any knowledgeable intellectuals but only by those who does not know him and those whose self interests revolves around him.

    7. He is hated by people in his hometowns of Darjeeling and Boston resulting in the losses in these areas during the prelims. This shows how he is as a human being because people who lives around him can judge him the best. Outside people can be carried away by his big talk.

    8. The biggest question mark is his double visit to China and his unlimited campaign funds. Is China paying him? I am very seriously concerned and we all should be!!!! We can never afford to have a person close to communist Chinese to be beside His Holiness making decisions on our behalf. (BUDDHA!!! PLEASE HELP US TIBETANS!!!)

    9. Except for a PHd from Harvard, LS has nothing to carry to the post of Katri. Are we Tibetans so desperate???

    10. Finally, LS has not worked for a single day in the Tibetan govt. and he is a law breaker who did not return after 2 years of FB scholarship in the US with an excuse of pursuing PHd. Law is after all law and he should have returned after 2 years and then come back for PHd. His unlawful action has even displeased His Holiness who clearly said at the Tibetan gathering in San Francisco that these students should be ashamed for their character which demeans the name of all Tibetans. LS is leading this flock of students.

    So can we afford to have LS as our Katri??? All the supporters of LS, please think twice before you flatter him for any good, leave aside Kalon Tripa’s post.

  64. @Aku Tonpa,

    I wonder what the fulbright colleagues of LS-la, who were toppers and brighter than LS-la are doing right now. Where are they? In America? Working as Investment Bankers? Can you name them? I am a decent observer of our society. Perhaps I will know a few of them!

  65. And Aku,

    Your candidate in the shadows is part of the establishment.
    She will surely be given a seat as ‘Kalon’ by whomever wins; whether by overt deal making or not.
    Such a feat cannot be guaranteed by the other candidates.

  66. @Tibetanatheaert,

    You are absolutely blind to LS-la’s popularity among the people of all walks of life. He speaks and writes English very well. Of course not as good as Tsering Shakya or Dawa Norbu. But among the candidates, he’s the best writer and speaker.

    And also he’s the most qualified in terms of international relations and politics. That’s why majority of Tibetans are supporting him. Why can’t you guys see these positive qualities.

    There’s no point indulging in conspiracy theories than becoming paranoid!

  67. @MILA rangzen,

    Agree Middle Way has failed. China doesn’t want to negotiate. We need independence. But your analogy of wolf and lamb! Isn’t that a bit too oversimplistic, digging our own graves? Similar to the good vs evil, us vs them, black and white, the classic Manichean concept?

  68. Woop
    I am so tired to read everyone is pulling back and froth.
    Nobody is right and nobody wrong, we all said some thing but what is conclusion?????

    Who we want to choose next Kalon Tripa?
    Is Kalon Tripa powerless?
    If so then why we need powerless Kalon Tripa?
    Is this real democratic election?
    Do we really need to political parties to be democratic Tibet?
    Do we think Lobsang Sangay is going to be right Obama for Tibetans?

    These are the questions we need to be discussed instant barking for no sense.

  69. Tibetan@Heart

    You have gone to great lengths tarnishing & slandering Dr.Lobsang Sangay.

    We all have every right to disagree with the views carried by the candidate.
    Unfortunately you do not seem to mention a single view of where you disagree with the candidate.

    I imagine it’s your version of a rant filled with dishonest claims.

    Your right to write is the cost of freedom of expression.

  70. Dear Jamyang la,
    I have been spiritually motivated many times as we have great leaders such HH. Dalai Lama, HH Karmapa and so on…As a common youth, I have never been so politically motivated until I heard and saw (you tube) Lonbsang Singhe. I am not an expert but all the stuff he spoke about and the hope he instilled even after HH’s time was inspiring and motivating. I have never paid my green book for almost 7 years and now I have decided to get it and updated so that I can make a difference and VOTE for Lobsang la.
    There will be disagreement But I think Lobsang la is a fantastic fresh youthful start. My heart is set for him and I am hoping that he will make a difference in future.

  71. Choni la,

    Who we want to choose next Kalon Tripa?
    – Anyone who is ready to follow His Holiness when it matters anything big…Safest bid!

    Is Kalon Tripa powerless?
    – Not really but since TPiE is not officially from his team, things will not turn easy to set his mind forth on paper. But in someways, this is a beauty.

    If so then why we need powerless Kalon Tripa?
    – Kalon Tripa isn’t powerless. Rinpoche brought a new Basic Education Policy, privatized all the Business sectors and drove the farmers back on organic farming.

    Is this real democratic election?
    -Buddhism is Buddhism but then why Tibetan Buddhism above all. Like wise, how about Tibetan Democracy? You choose the Kalon Tripa and Chithue. More interestingly, they will fight each other to set anything official. Something like a double filter…hmmm!

    Do we really need to political parties to be democratic Tibet?
    -May be at a time when we returns Tibet (be it Genuine Autonomy or Independence) but for now, the present system is fine. On a personal note, I think the representation of MP needs a change for sure.

    Do we think Lobsang Sangay is going to be right Obama for Tibetans?
    -Lobsang Senge la may be the Tibetan Obama but Tibetan don’t need Obama for now.

  72. Hello TT&DCT,
    My whole piece@68 is in disagreement with LS for Kalon Tripa. Don’t you guys see that LS is too far away form being qualified to be our next Katri or are you blinded and carried away by LS’s mookh Bahaduri.

    Grow up guys! and support someone who is qualified enough to represent you and me.

    I would vote even Phurbu Dorjee (who, I also feel is not qualifiedenough for the post of Katri) than LS. Give me a break, just a PHd, a few broken articles, a few meetings and you go to become Kalon Tripa??? Tibetans are not so desperate. All the sensible Tibetans, wake up and think twice before you blindly vote for LS and regret the rest of your life.

  73. Stop these moronic views on Kalon tripa.

    JN should throw a piece on Chitue election.
    Lets have some tsapo tsapo discussion on Chitue candidates – uma lam and rangzen candidates.

  74. Dear Norbu la
    I am very happy to read many of your informative pieces on many issues of our society. I hope you do not mind if i were to copy your thought on coming Kalon Tripa election to one of our school newsletter. Along with that i am going to publish Dr Lobsang Sangya las reponse to your piece in order to give a holistic view for young reader about the real matter.

  75. I had great time reading this blog of JNla… and specially the comments … i agree and appreciate the sensible and well thought comment of Tsering Topgyal la but i guess its too early to sling shot the views and mews of a person like tibetan at heart … its quite useful to arouse more curiosities in our debate

  76. cristoph-la,

    every one is ‘biased’, overtly or covertly or both- be it Rinchen Topgyal or Jamyang Norbu or myself!

    My only appeal to the Tibetans is that they see some good things in their ‘opponents’ candidates’ as well.

    As Buddha taught, an enemy can be one’s best teacher!

  77. I can clearly see why Jamnor and elite relics are desperate in his attempt to making this allegation against Dr. Lobsang Sangay wanting to be “Obama of China” as a serious intent or at least Jamnor wants you to take it in this direction.
    Here is the event summary of the discussion at the Wilson Center. “What are the prospects for Tibetan autonomy following the March 2008 riots on the Tibetan Plateau? Three Tibet experts, speaking at an October 27, 2008 Asia Program event, agreed that such prospects remain bleak, despite multiple rounds of Sino-Tibetan talks.”
    The topic of the discussion was “China’s Tibet Policy in the Aftermath of Last Spring’s Unrest”.
    This was not where you present the “Rangzen” case against China but you question what are China’s Tibet Policy and what are implemented in Tibet. That was the topic of the event.
    The question that led to this statement “I nominate myself as the next president of China” by Dr. Lobsang Sangay, was when the statement of Jiang Zemin in US Congress comparing Lincoln’s Liberation of slaves to that of China’s “Liberation” of Tibet came up in the question session. You can attack Jiang’s comparison in two ways: you can discredit the “liberation” of Tibet in its entirety if the question is legitimacy of Chinese rule in Tibet. Or you can question the honesty of the comparison by comparing reality on the ground in America and Tibet. Lobsang Sangay employed the second tactic in a sarcastic manner. Here is the link to the complete video of the discussion and you can make up your opinion from there.
    Through my experience in arguing with Chinese students, I can see why Lobsang came up with this comparison of the situation of African Americans in America to that of Tibetans in Tibet to question the integrity of Chinese policy in Tibet. Often times, when you talk about the brutal suppression(“cultural assimilation, political repression, economic marginalization” by using Sangay’s own words) of Tibetan people by Chinese government, those Chinese students shield themselves with “guilt-stricken defensive mechanism” by bringing up the treatment of slaves from Africa in America.
    If you are honestly comparing African slaves to the Tibetans in Tibet, then you compare the reality now in both countries. For this Sangay states how well African Americans are represented in the US government whereas Tibetans, he states “…..For example in the last 50 plus years, the party secretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region, has never been a Tibetan. Not just that, in the standing committee of the politburo of the Tibet Autonomous Region, out of 15 members, right, eight are Han Chinese. …
    So why I say this? Of course one could say, you know, it’s not relevant. Mark’s cousin, I heard, Jerry Cohen, will say “don’t compare American democratic theory with reality in China.” But I’m comparing reality in America with Reality in China. Right? Is, since 43 years of Civil Rights Act, so much of changes have happened for African Americans. I’m not saying is alright, definitely not. But the trajectory of African-Americans, at least the political representation in the US, US government, has been on the upswing. As for Tibetans, it is going down. Of course, zero at the national level, even at the local level it is going down.”
    Sangay himself acknowledges that one can say it’s irrelevant to compare the situation of African Americans to that of the situation of Tibetans in Tibet but he is making a case against Chinese government that “China’s policy in Tibet” is not working in favor of Tibetan people. Take for example of language policy in Tibet, Sangay says the constitution of PRC encourages to use minority language as medium of communication in their own area. As we know, reality on the ground is quite the different in turn of implementing the language policy in Tibet. Recent Tibetan student protests in Amdo against the new language policy are just the evidence of these policies. These policies are not the policies of “liberation”. These policies are the policies of the ruling regime of a colonial power.

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