A Candidate for Free Tibet

“Strategic” thinking in the wonderful world of  Tibetan politics is generally of the devious-to-the-point-of-idiocy kind. An advice received recently:

“Jamyang la, please don’t show public support for Lukar Jam’s candidacy in the coming exile elections, as that will ruin his chances with all  those people who don’t like you.” Oh yeah? How about the fact that those same people might dislike Lukar Jam, and not because he has a mustache like mine, but because he shares with me and many others a dedication to the Rangzen cause?

Of course, all such advice and appeal to non-action and passivity – one being not to cause disunity in exile society (by thinking for yourself), another not to “hurt the feelings” of His Holiness (by saying you believe in Free Tibet) – are essentially ploys to weaken and divide the forces of Rangzen. You could argue that such tricks are so childish and pathetic that they shouldn’t even begin to work. Sadly, they do, demonstrating the political immaturity of our society and the “culture of subservience” that even educated young exile Tibetans have been conditioned into accepting.

The Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC), the leading Rangzen advocacy organization in exile, probably acted under such advisement when they severed relations with another Rangzen group, the Tibetan National Congress (TNC) — whose inaugural conferences (In NYC and Dharamshala) the current and former TYC presidents and many regional leaders attended and even participated in — in order to reach an understanding with Samdong Rinpoche and his Middle Way Approach (MWA) followers, who had earlier subverted the TYC’s South India branches. TYC’s strategy of accommodation instead exposed its internal weakness. Immediately afterward the very MWA groups TYC had tried to accommodate attacked the TYC, even instigating a successful coup d’etat in its vital New York/New Jersey branch, converting it in all but name to a MWA stronghold.

It is time for all Rangzen activists and advocates to ignore such appeals to inaction or playing it safe, and struggle together for Tibetan freedom and independence. Right now the most effective thing we can do is support the candidacy of Lukar Jam Atsock for the post of Prime Minister.

All organizations that share the common goal of Tibetan independence, the TYC, TNC, Students for a Free Tibet (SFT), the U.S.Tibet Committee (USTC) and all individual rangzen advocates and supporters should declare their support for Lukar Jam because he is the only candidate who shares with us the goal of Tibetan independence. The other candidates may be college graduates, former officials, MPs and really nice guys for all I know, but don’t forget that one of their political objectives (as declared MWA supporters) is to make Tibet a part of the People’s Republic of China.

Lukar Jam is relatively unknown in the Tibetan political world and that could understandably give pause to many who might support him otherwise.  The TNC has issued an endorsement of Lukar Jam’s candidacy that will provide more information on his background and policies. There are also a number of videos out on You tube and Facebook for those interested.

I am not going to go into details here about Lukar Jam, but I will try and post more information in the near future. Let me leave you with my personal reason for supporting him. Lukar Jam is the first candidate for prime-minister in exile elections who is not a part of the exile establishment but a newcomer from Tibet, and one who has endured torture and starvation in Chinese prison for the cause of Tibetan freedom. His candidacy and electoral victory will send a clear message of hope to Tibetans inside Tibet that we cherish them and their sacrifices. It will also let Beijing know that we will never forget our brothers and sisters in Tibet and never give up our common struggle for a free and independent Tibet.

Readers may have seen this brief but touching video on Facebook (which I’ve reposted on Youtube) where Lukar Jam talks about his life in Tibet. It is excerpted from a longer video where he discusses some of his policy goals and takes questions.


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  1. Lukar Jam is the only hope for the current stand off situation for both inside Tibet and for the exile

    no need to say about inside Tibet, its clear, as for the exile, the CTA has created another form of dictatorship and pushy policies that thrown at every tibetan to accept..the only way out of this deadlock, is to elect lukar jam, he will end these pushy policies of Middle way

  2. I agree with you and do all I could from my end to educate the masses on why their precious vote should be given to Atsok LJ.
    I hope someone will come up with how to accomplish Bhula’s idea of starting a fund raising for LJA’s campaign as it is important to do so.

  3. I think a great & perfect candidate for the people,no doubt, but, powers-that-be may have other ideas, so prepare for backup plans comrades. Yo, everything Lukar la represents goes against the grain in a “politically correct” world & NWO(communism). Time for change or we are the change, is a alternative perspective to be respected & needed today in a ever evolving world. Tibetan lives matter!

  4. i dont mind him winning the Sikyong post. I think he will make a HUGE impact Tibetans inside Tibet.

    My only concern is he may not be good at inter-personal relationship. He said he doesn’t like to repeat the same story again and again, so how is he going to talk about Tibet. Where ever he goes, he has to repeat the same story again and again, and we have only one story. We should tell our story to people as if it is our first time telling the story. Millions of Tibetan lives have been taken way those selfish Chinese, how can we get tired telling the story. I am a lazy guy, but I don’t think I get tired of telling our story again and again.

    this is just my opinion, i might be wrong

    Bhod Gyalo

  5. Lazy boi, you are right. He will have to tell his story again and again. Once he’s a candidate he can’t do only what he wants. It is up to us his supporters to tell him what to do. We have to be part of his campaign team. Your criticism is a valid one and a good start to make this candidate a successful one.

    We also have to work out the fund-raising as Bhula and Thaptsopa suggested and prepare for backlash as Tempa suggested.

  6. This blogger has already welcomed Lukhar’s candidacy to this dicey internal-friction-laden Tibetan diaspora politics. His might be compared to what Donald Trump has succeeded doing in the GOP in America. Like Trump, win or lose, Lukar has already shaken the establishment candidates, including LS and the other four as of now.
    My sources in Dharamsala maintain that Tashi Wangdu, the well-oiled bureaucrat is garnering early support among the mainstream populace including his base in South India, and getting early push gratis of the Ngari Association, a docile but the heftiest constituency pouring down from Ladakh in the North to Bylakuppe in the South. He seems to have the early lead.

    Penpa Tsering who declared his candidacy primarily to challenge the incumbent Lobsang Sangay at the behest of the U-Tsang Association,led by non other than a die-hard Middle Way zealot Dawa Tsering ( he is virtually thriving thanks to all the support provide by Gaden Phodrang et al.) It will foolhardy for PT to believe that DT will deliver the U-Tsang votes for him. DT and PT are already dead scared of the Ngari candidate already. I was stuck by the breaking news of Tashi Topgyal entering the race, and declaring that he is doing so because there is no bona-fide U-Tsang candidates. But he happens to be Ngariwa, if I am not wrong. If he is a serious candidate, which remains to be seen, U-Tsang, and especially, votes will split.
    Could this be some’s game to split the votes from Ladakh to Bylakuppe and by who? Thin about it!

    An now with Lukhar is the mix as a distinct choice for Tibetan independence advocates and supporters, the mainstream candidates will eventually cut through each other’s share of votes. While, TYC, is bound by its principle against actually and openly endorsing any candidate, its members are not bound not a vote to a candidate who share TYC’s stance on Rangzen. The choice for them is clear: Lukar.
    Also significant is the early endorse of Lukar by the Tibetan National Congress. TNC is Jamyang Norbu gift to the future of Tibet. While he has the luxury of setting back and relishing Lukar’s future in Tennessee (USA), the nascent Tibetan political hype is feeding the inescapable uncensored social media blogs and comments and counters.

    Al the candidates, especially Lukhar should fight for equal media presence. The VOA, RFA, VOT have provide equal access time to the candidates. At the same candidates, again Lukar must be judicious about the choice of media. For instance, RFA, I am told be become line FOX in America. Mr. Lukhar should be careful about wolfs!

    Before closing, I was alerted about yet another candidate -Tashi Topgay – who lamenting the lack of a real U-Tsang candidate, has forced himself into the rink. While more the merrier, U-Tsang, and particularly Ngariwas will see more splitting of votes among them, again leaving Lukar intact with his share of votes, lie mount Meru.

  7. Great! Thanks for the endorsement, Jamyang la. Your support for Lukar means a lot and carries a lot of weight amongst Rangzen advocates.

  8. Jamyang norbu la, good to go through your post, but I think Sikong is not the person who changes policy from ( Middle way approach to Free Tibet policy). I think you should better campaign more for Chitue. Who stands for Free Tibet.

  9. “Jamyang la, please don’t show public support for Lukar Jam’s candidacy in the coming exile elections, as that will ruin his chances with all those people who don’t like you.”
    To my mind, the person who has blessed you with this piece of advice, presumably, is a friend of yours or a sophisticated elderly, who not only understands what role you, Jamyang Norbu, has played in the exiled society, but also has a full and intimate knowledge of what kind of damaging result your endorsement could cause regarding Mr. Luka Jam’s ambition to become the Tibetan “Prime Minister”. In Principle, it is not only an excellent advice, but also serves as warning sign. Unfortunately, it’s seems that many things in our lives go by contraries. And you have already, indeed, ruined Mr. Lukar Jam’s path to the Prime Minister as well as the broadest and shortest way to Rangzen.
    Some people might still be fond of him because they love high – sounding phrases which may mean everything possible or nothing at all in this boring and despair world. And it is true that some people still tend to indulge in the rhetorical speeches that are full of generalities and a lot of padding.
    Actually, I credit Mr. Lukar Jam for being imprisoned for several years in Chinese harsh prison where he, undoubtedly suffered a lot. I also credit him for speaking his mind. But to be honest, he is definitely not the kind of “Prime Minister Guy”.

  10. Jamysang la, u r excelled yourself at creating discord in our exile diaspora, u r only an onlooker not a good player in our politics.

  11. Lodoe la, we are striving for freedom, Middle way is not tsampa and butter for us. If its Democracy! Then change we should.

  12. For all those who wish to raise funds for Lukar Jam are most welcome. Those who wish to make donations can contact me directly at gyelek@gmail.com. I will pass on all the necessary information of our official Accountant and who manages all our fund raising. Once again thank you for all the support.


    Gyelek Khedup Atisang

    Lukar Support Group

  13. Standing pro-rangzen(pro-independence) canditate for Syikong gives significant message to china that our freedom struggle avocates parallelly by both middle way and rangzen. This is also very effective transformation taking political responsibility among two allies and develop broader aspects equally among both supporters.
    This also indicates clearly that middle way approach can not dominate whole aspirations of tibetan people who wish to keep tibet apart from CCP and fight for indepences.

    Middle way approach has achieved nothing but, it
    failed and wasted our hopes and expectations for 40 years. We feel it is a approach like a hungry dog seeking for food from a begger who has none.
    Now, people are turning away from it because it does not work.
    The failure of MWP is not because of our CTA government but because of china, she has not given positive response for us. It is really an insult to us. It has slapped us in response to 40 years our sincerity and expectation. We are too generosity and noblity. Shame on china.

    Now the time comes to change our approach for independece, ofcourse it gives us new energy, new outlook to unite Whole tibetan both inside and out side tibet.

    We must understand, HH Dalai Lama is our spiritual guru and with Him we habe unique bond spiritually and genetically, he has kept both tibet and tibetan alive. For a tibetan, spiritually and genetically he is inseperable from us. We love him.

    Obviously, when we stand for independence, it does not mean to stand against him. It means to take responsibility and challenge on parrallel way to against our oppressor china.

    Personally, i cherish Lukar Jam who has stood for 2016 Syikong candidade and running for election. He is bold and straight and honest to speak in some extent of CTA policy. He has clear vision to restore independence and his administrative system. I really expecting to hear more from him before cast my vote for him.

  14. Thanks for posting this article. I don’t think your support for Lukar Jam would instead tarnish his image as most people can see wrong from right except a select few I would call “sheep”.

  15. ཀླུ་མཁར་ནི་ང་ཚོའི་ད་ལྟའི་རེ་བ་ཁོ་ན་དེ་རེད།

  16. My question is: Is advocating Rangzen is only a qualification to become a Sikyong. Where at this time we need huge international support to pressure China, can he do this..?? I am a supporter of Rangzen and TYC member for long time..but will not cast vote blindly..We need a candidate who advocate Rangzen at the same time he/she should have a good education according to todays generation and communication skills..

  17. Your support towards Lukar Jam’s becoming the next prime minister of Tibet will surely increase the number of vote he will get. But that is not, to the best of my belief, the whole point your supporting him. To me, your supporting Mr Lukar Jam is an indirect way of saying that ‘ we are running out if time’. Considering the desperate situation in Tibet and our dividing political system in exile, and China becoming the world super power, we ARE runnin out of time. It’s been well over six ayers since I fled into exile, but there haven’t been any politically noticeable changes between china and Tibet. And I think it all comes down to our playing it safe as Jam la mentioned.

    I personally don’t know much about Lukar Jam but from what little I know, I think he can bring some changes, and changes are what we need now cos we are running out of time. So my vote will be for changes.

  18. There will problem with Lukar Jam’s accent. can people transcript his existing youtube speeches into english subtitles for larger audience base? Seems like a minor issue, but actuality, it can make/break his fate.

  19. Is Gelek Khedup legit?
    We don’t want fund to go to Loosing Singer and other candidates? Best would be to make a donation website where we could donate.
    Bhula and Bhumola

  20. If you didn’t care about what people think and endorse Lukar Jam, then why you hide when founding TNC? Why you didn’t become President yourself of TNC?

  21. Great! It is time we had a Rangzen candidate in the Sikyong run.

    I agree with #22 regarding an official fund raising campaign and a website


  22. I second jamayag la’s idea of why we should vote for Lukhar. I watched some of lukar’s videos and he seems to have good insight about how things should work inside and out Tibet!

  23. I meant to say “the need for an official fund raising campaign and a website”.

    #18:I think we don’t need to worry about his educational background. I have listened to his talks through YouTube and in person. He is far more educated than many of us and highly intelligent. The only difference is that he doesn’t speak English as well as some of those who received education in India or in the west. But that doesn’t mean that he is not educated or that he is not intelligent. We can have an official translater accompany him to all meetings requiring English language capability. He will know what to say and he will be true to his conviction, unlike double standard exile politicians. And these traits in him will serve us Tibetan far better than the sleek “English speaking”, “patriotic” exile politicians. I am 100% for Lukar for his uncompromising pro-Rangzen stand. Go Lukar!


  24. @ 24 Tsering Choedon lejotsang

    “He is far more educated than many of us and highly intelligent”.
    I was thinking the same having listened to a few of his talks but i havent met him in person.

  25. Lugar is one of very few Tibetans who dare to think and express their views. His initiative will make Tibetan exile democracy stronger.

  26. while I find Lukhar lak’s stance resonate with me in principle, I have reservations about it’s pragmatism. In the scenario of him being elected to power, will we end up with a Goverment in Exile at odds with HH the Dalai Lama.? How will HHDL continue his role as the bridge between CTA and foreign governments with CTA following a opposite policy.? Is it even imaginable to leave out HHDL out of equation in our struggle? These issues need to be addressed.

  27. “Eww, he looks scary!” was the reaction by someone (a Tibetan) when she saw Lukar Jam la on Youtube.

    Some people are like that, no? Maybe many people? Maybe many voters? They judge by looks, off the cuff, as it were. Instinctual, therefore, natural.

    In her defense, politics is complicated, listening to it might have sounded all ado about nothing. How much easier to judge superficially; better simply to relax the eye, dilate those pupils and go back to watching reality shows, or cat videos.

    I see that even Justin Trudeau got a haircut because of all the ribbing he had to endure from opposition campaign ads, over his mullet. As if, long hair connotes. immaturity. Not a Justin Trudeau fan but I personally don’t care. Long hair appeals to me. However, don’t take me for gospel, I am only one vote.

    If one wants to win, then surely, the one must try to win at all costs, no? Whatever is the point of doing anything half ass? If looking presentable is what it takes to garner even few votes, its something to think seriously about, to at least seek advice on.

    Leaders have to exude confidence, has to seem successful-Image over Substance. It’s not my life philosophy, and no doubt, a hard pill to swallow such a mode of valuation could pose for the ‘Buddhist’ with his moral sensitivities. But if that is what it takes to win, there may be little choice, especially for an underdog.

    I’ve seen few candidates with pretensions of humility, protesting, “I am not a garrulous person…” What they hell are you talking about? You just spoke for over an hour!

    And please, don’t slouch, don’t rub your face while conversing with the people, dont speak into your sleeve. Cry if you must cry, but don’t cry all the time. Above all, be funny. Humor is so underrated in politics. lol

    But to speak seriously, I’m proud of all the candidates, everyone of you, for your active participation in our little democracy! Tho-chay and may the best person win!

  28. @Bhula and Bhomola: We do not have a website at the moment but we do have an accountant who handles all our finances and all funds and donations have to go directly through our accountant. This is just to clarify to the above comment. If you have any doubts I have given my email Id. I shall pass on the all information and as for me I handle most of Lukar Jam PR as well as event management logistics.

    Gyelek Khedup Atisang

    Lukar Support Group

  29. @30. HH the Dalai Lama’s has long handed over all his political role to peoples representative. Please don’t be too emotional… we have to learn how to deal without HH the Dalai Lama as He always suggest. @32, I will garnish more supporters and will definitely donate. Thu che che…RANGZEN kyi hi hi hi

  30. Lhukar Jam is very pure and true to heart for the tibetans. This year will be a testament for our democracy and I hope and Pray, all the highest official of tibetan exile including HHDL and Samdhong Rinpoche to refrain from speaking on the candidates or elections.

    Secondly Use of media, since some of the candidates are already in high post, I hope and pray that media did not will give platform to those who are already in office freely as I noticed often at Radio Free Asia lately. Radio Freee Asia now a days is like exile propaganda radio station.There is no second or third opinion to listen unlike those days of Jamyang Norbu who just enlightened and broaden our views.

    Go Lukar Go!!!

  31. To #30. Gyalrong Khentul

    1. What if deep in HIS Heart, His Holiness regrets throwing away Rangzen in adopting Middle Way Policy?
    2. What if His Holiness resigned from politics because he realized that his Middle Way Policy has failed and is a dead end?
    3. What if in His heart of hearts, He wants someone to come forward with a plan good enough to kill off the Middle Way Policy?
    4. What if the reason that he called a general meeting in Nov. 2008 was because his heart was screaming for the Tibetan populace to come-up with a non-MWP policy?
    4. What if the reason that His Holiness is somewhat “impatient” and “autocratic” when talking to Tibetans is because of our unquestioning blind faith in him?
    5. What if his very jovial and down to earth way of dealing with non-Tibetans is because he admires people who view things rationally and questions if they find it irrational, even if it is said by the Dalai Lama?

    There are many signs that indicate that a pro-Rangzen Prime Minister may actually be what His Holiness is looking for instead of all the Chamcha giri politicians, including the incumbent Sikyong !


  32. @35, TCL

    I think ….. HHDL resigned from political responsibility because he doesn’t want China to come up with their own version of Dalai Lama. This is the reason why the Spiritual and Political powers were separated into two entities. Imagine HH assuming both and China coming up with their own Kung Pau Chicken Dalai Lama. We are doomed.

    Besides, touch wood, if HH passes away, we don’t want Rookie shock to handle government thus maintaining a smooth transition to post HH.

    Now lets go kick as those selfish Chinese

    Byod Gyalo

    P.S: why there is so much criticism for MWP. Give me a break. India had more than one parties when fighting against British. MWP, TYC, I HATE CHINA PARTY, doesn’t matter, still can work independently powerfully… two or three parties, i think is cool …. not more than that otherwise it will soon turn into clubs….lol

  33. I would like to T H A N K Kalon Gyari Dolma for going to meet ailing George Fernandes.

    He is one leader that has stood fast with us through thick and thin. Now that he is suffering from Alzheimer and when he may or may not recognize people who visit him, Kalon Gyari Dolma upholding best of Tibetan tradition took time to visit him.

    T H A N K Y O U. I was no fan of you. But to be honest , you are the most hard working Kalon and really when all out to help people.

    Lobsang Sangay may think that Tibetan public is dumb, but you can’t fool them all the time. Lobsang Sangay made money from China, you served the people.
    Thanks for your service. I know I shouldn’t write too much, then Sikyong Sangay will say , he is the one who sent you to George Fernandes.

    It is amazing how this guy can twist everything to his favor.

  34. Finally rangzen advocates have candidacy to run for Tibet. Now we need to see how much support LJ is getting. I hope huge number of tibetan people will turn out and express their view.

  35. I am a sort of free thinker. Whatever make sense or who ever can prove me right or wrong with evidence and logical reasons I am willing to change my position whether it is religion or politics.

    Rangzen advocates have been claiming that majoity of Tibetans support Rangzen expecailly in the domains of educated Tibetans. Based on this claim Rangzen advocates should not have shortage of people running for Prime minister with lots of options. As of now, it seem Rangzen advocates are desperate for candidates. I don’t know Lukar Jam well but it sounds like he does not have even basic college education. He could be very smart with lots of idea but in todays world people are judged by their education qualification. Number one we need a prime minister who is respected by internation people. For such reason I voted for Lobsang Sangye la. Unless Rangzen advocates believe in some sort Genghis Khan style battle to regain Tibetan freedom.

  36. To all my tibetan brothers and sisters who support Lukhar Jam’s candidacy must registered their voting right until 24 August in their respective areas / settlements!! Only talking fancy on online-forums won’t help him win the election.. So get up and register yourself for the upcoming Syikong 2016 election!

  37. In my opinion LJ has no chance to win what so ever but one think I can predict for sure is that if he wins, he won’t be able to get out of India. Every nation on this earth who fear China for whatever reason will never give permission to LJ to visit unless he change his political position. Even almost every Dalai Lama’s visit around the globe has to be labeled as some sort of religious visit, every meeting has to be labeled as unofficial. Now what LJ can possibly do to promote Tibetan cause under such a pressure? Nothing

  38. white

    why you assume that Tibetan cause will be resolved if other nation approved it?

    what the Dalai Lama vists and so called support from other nation to tibet has bring on? is there any change? is there any progression? its nothing

    the change will happen in tibet, the influence will come from inside tibet, the other nation doesn’t care, nor willing to make any real change

    Therefore, Lukar Jam is the best one to make change inside tibet, as he was there, and escaped from jail, other who knows nothing about real inside tibet, as they raised in exile…how can they make any change or influence inside tibet?

  39. @44

    Did you listen to Lukar Jam’s speech. He is not for begging for becoming the most successful refugees in the world. He is more for self reliance. anyway China get more irritated with all these foreign visits and anyway no real progress on political front.

  40. The Sidkyong elections will be, in all probability, another predetermined exercise to eyewash the world that the Exile Administration is Democratic but the difference this time is that surprise surprise a candidate who supports Independence has been allowed to stand! He will obviously not win but it will send a strong message to the powers that be what many young educated Tibetans really want and that the days of their orchestrating the ‘Tibetan Sheep’ are numbered. This may be our last chance to send that message loud and clear. So please register yourselves and donate donate so that he can at least make the desired impact!! As for whether Jamyangla’s support will help or harm Lukar Jam’s candidature, it does not take an Einstein to figure out that those who do not share Jamyangla’s views are against Rangzen in the first place, so Lukar Jam never had their votes to start with, as for the others his endorsement will rally round those who do and some fence sitters as well, now that there is someone out there standing for Rangzen and some very solid unifying ideals!

  41. As far as I understand, Lukar Jam’s bid to become Sykyong is currently in jeopardy from the very beginning. According to an “open letter” directed to the election commission on Tibetan Political Review website. The CTA, including the Election Commission have started building the road-blocks to a very long trek to the seat of the Sikyong for Mr. Lukar Jam.

  42. Jamyang-la,

    Thank you for this great piece. I was hesitant on my choice of candidate, although I was considering Lukar Jam -la. After having read this, I feel more confident on who I should pick for our Sikyong. I hope Mr. Jam-la will lead us to a full independent Tibet.

    One question/comment I had of him: Why does he not wear Tibetan traditional chupa at his campaigning events? I haven’t seen or been to all of his events but through most pictures, he always seem to be wearing either an indian kurta or western clothing. I would appreciate if he’d wear our traditional dress, chupa. Imagine a Tibetan woman candidate running who is attired in business/formal clothing (as Mr. Jam-la is wearing a suit) in her campaign banner…people would probably pry on her.

    Anyways, if you’d relay this message, I would appreciate. Thanks again for this article.

  43. well i think those who wants change in our struggle, they should vote for Lukar la. Based in his Bio data and exploitation that he suffered from the Chinese government,He truly represent 98 percent of Tibetan population who are in Tibet captured and kidnapped by the Chinese government.

    honestly i do not find him convincing during his campaign at my place. his video in youtube was quite convincing. We can vote him for a change.

  44. LJ has to win at least 15 to 20 % of the vote in order to send any message? I doubt he will.

    Almost no nation on this earth has supported Rangzen but most nation has supported human rights issue in Tibet and this support has been tremendous benefit for the Tibetans inside Tibet. You ask Tibetans who have experienced themselve.

  45. white

    really? so you think human rights in tibet is really good because so called some nation has supported it?

    human rights in tibet going from worse to disaster, and as the time pass its getting worse, if u don’t know this thing, then u have no clue on whats happening in tibet which seems so from your comment

  46. @51 Can you mention so called most nations that support human rights in Tibet? Can you list one from Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America?

  47. Lets not beat White up too badly for committing an intellectual faux pas which compels him to the fallacious (and fuckedup) notion that a Rangzen/Independence stance equates anti-human rights feelings. However, his queries regarding the viability of a Rangzen TGIE in a world dominated by CCP interests, is certainly something which, at the minimum, demands judicious explanation.

  48. Which nation on this earth supported Rangzen? Not even India supported Rangzen. None. At least I haven’t met one or saw one or hear one. Beside Chinese people almost every people I have met who knows history of China and Tibet, sympathize and express their concern based on Human rights.

    I said benefited the Tibetans inside Tibet. I did not indicate human rights in Tibet is in good shape because of international support for human rights.

    Tenzin Delak lived for 12 years despite of his death sentence otherwise China could have killed him within a matter of months. If we do not care about international support why are we doing demonstration every now in the streets? As I have mentioned many times before, our option is very limited. Otherwise I need to hear and see from you guys starting from Jamyang Norbu la beside constant attack on His Holiness the Dalai Lama and CTA.

  49. @55 When was last time India raised the Human Rights of Tibetans in parliament?

    Indian parliament get agitated over the human rights of Palestinian thousand of KM away but not just beyond border in Tibet just to serve their own interest.

    We Tibetans have to fight for our freedom and lets not passed it to international community.

    Isn’t it part and parcel of democracy to have diverse views not just single view.

  50. I am very disappointed that we still don’t have a female candidate for Sikyong.

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that women would make a better leader than men.

  51. @ 56 Please don’t take me wrong? Criticism or disagreement or challenge or different views are never the problem in general at least not in my world. Rangzen advocate can carry on with any activities they like that will drive Tibetans towards Rangzen. Deep down every Tibetan will respect that. Republican vs Democratic, it seems they have nothing in common and they have no good things to say about each other. But at the same time they both have their own plan, ideas, policies and approaches. Both parties respect every American they represent.

    Rangzen advocates have only criticism. The criticism that does more harm than benefit. Many times they belittle Kushoes and Shija Walas. Rangzen advocates have no strategic plan, no direction of their own that will lead to Rangzen.

    Why Jamyang Norbu La is endorsing Lukar Jam as candidate? He could be a good person but that does not mean he can be a good leader. Is he the best person Rangzen advocates find to fight for Rangzen? Lukar Jam’s endorsement shows where the Rangzen advocates stand. Does not impressed me at all.

  52. If opposing or/and rejecting the the Middle Way Approach by itself is akin to criticism, it sure is. But I bet that disagreeing, and therefore having the gut to openly express their sense of rejection of the Middle Way Approach really doesn’t really amount to criticism of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

    Let’s recall that His Holiness had himself is on record of having said that since the China has failed to respond positively to his plan, the plan is off the table, and he said this in the Tibetan parliament itself. One can understand the frustration that while the Middle Way Approach has gone no where, the Rangzen advocates have apparently failed to forge ahead with any plan to replace the failed path.

    Honestly what the Rangzen advocates have been trying against all odd is to restore the aspiration of the Tibetan nationhood. Without preserving the right to fight for the just cause cause -which is Tibet’s independence- any efforts of appeasement is secondary and subservient against the wishes of the Tibetan people, and betrays the trustof the great majority of the Tibetan people.

    Name a single name whose heart is not crying for independent Tibet, and who won’t choose to opt for Rangzen given the chance. There are a small number, none the less, whose survival, sadly, cannot be delinked from Gaden Phograng’s largesse.

    It is was alarming to read that CTA is attempting to dislodge Lukhar Jam’s Sikyong candidature. Social media has it that the Tibetan Election Commission is considering to derail him from the race. God forbid what would such a move entail!

    CTA’s previous incarnation, the Exile Tibetan Government never failed to stamp out opposition – remember Alo Cheoze, Dawa Norbu, Karma Gyatso, Jamyang Norbu, Tsultim Kalsang, Tashi Topgyal etc. I resist the temptation to recall what happened in Clement Town (Gungthan Tsultim), and the Mustang saga etc.

    The exile community has come of age, and they will not allow such sad internal feuds to foil their common national interest.

    The 2016 election will bear witness to what to expect of Tibet and its cause in future. Like all nations Tibet rose and fell. So will China before our own eyes. We owe it to all those tens and thousand of Tibetans, including of course the 148 self-immolators, who gave their live for Tibet cause. Not for a naught!

    Tibetan people, both inside and outside Tibet, are more united than ever in it history under the benign leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. And now with octogenarian His Holiness having given up all political power to the CTA administration leadership, we have no excuse but take full responsibility of managing our own affairs fair and square.

    Were are more united than ever, but the currently elected leadership in Dharamsala is crying foul about unity. Let face it. Who is/are responsible for the apparent disunity amongst the Tibetan community. Watch out the campaign trail. They cannot win by dividing the voters against Rangzen. They cannot hide behind the cloak of the Middle Way Approach and criticize them to owning the true cause of Tibet and its people. Uncontrolled leverage to suppress the true aspiration of the Tibetan people in the name of His Holiness the Dalai Lama will back fire.

    This election cycle will be fight for Tibetan nationhood. Lukar Jampa is brave young man can be trusted to fight and die for Tibet. His goal is not nirvana, but Rangzen. Tibet cannot achieve nirvana, but surely it can regain its right place in the world as an independent nation on the roof of the world. Buddhism will thrive even without Tibet and its people, but Tibet with Rangzen, Buddhism will be subservient to Communism.

    And just has the path of nirvana must be cultivated meticulously for eons by the adherents alone, so too the Rangzen struggle must be initiated and taught by the Tibetans alone. There is no other way.

  53. The tone of your writing is appreciated. There is no personal attack but your own views. This kind of debate can go on day and night. Both partie have points to make. At the end majority has to rule. Having said that Rangzen advocates need to find better or more cadidates for Sikyong? If majority of Tibetan people have aspired for Rangzen than why we do not see abundent candidates at CTA?

  54. Did Dr. Sangay already violate the EC’s code of conduct?

    The Election Commission’s exile elections code of conduct briefing sounds like Mike Tyson on roids. Some tough talking. The EC seems especially keen on stripping violators of this or that, of their rights, and the word, “punishment” is used quite a bit. Violators will be severely punished, vows the Apex exile Commish.

    “8. From the day of the announcement of the elections, any candidate desiring to fight the elections for the post of Sikyong, Kalon or MP, if they participate in election debates organized by the CTA or other NGOs, *they must do so in their own personal capacities rather than as representing the CTA; moreover, they can’t seek services of any CTA officials nor can they use the finance and “other materials of the CTA”; even while they are on official visits, “they are not allowed to make any campaigning speeches”; if any candidate is found doing such a thing in any place, the punishment shall be that votes received for the candidate in that place shall all be declared null and void.”

    A huge background banner/emblem of CTA while Doctor Lobsang Sangay talk election talk. Clearly way past the “day of the announcement of the elections.”

    Published on Aug 18, 2015
    Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay’s answer to press about the 2016 Sikyong Election candidate on August 13, 2015

  55. White

    “If majority of Tibetan people have aspired for Rangzen than why we do not see abundent candidates at CTA?”

    I think the answer is not hard to see, its not secret that CTA is favoring middle way, and shunning down the rangzen…even now there is no secret attempt to bring down Lukar Jam, and using some stupid execuses and turned blind eye to the violation of lobsang sangay…they want at the end somebody who uphold middle way, and most probably they will make lobsang sangay win

  56. I am very disappointed that we still don’t have a female candidate for Sikyong.

    His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that women would make a better leader than men.

  57. I don’t understand why people who think Rangzen is impossible even take an interest in the election. The fact that we have a government-in-exile is the biggest in-your-face statement to China and the world that WE ARE NOT and WE DO NOT WANT TO BE part of China. Those who want to be part of China are free to go and talk to them, why do they have to force others to accept their decision. If there is to be a purpose to this exile government it is to struggle to regain our Country and our Independence. Otherwise it should be closed down or at least the Tibetan people should be spared this unnecessary business of electing what essentially is a management body of a quasi-NGO whose sole purpose is to worship and serve the will of one person.

  58. Can anyone help verify that Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and Kalon Pema Chhonjor sent feelers to Shugden Group stating that the two have always restrain themselves from strong criticism of Shugden unlike others (meaning like Samdhong Rinpoche, Penpa Tsering and Lobsang Jinpa) ?

  59. I am tired of this shugdhdn issue. People need to respect religious freedom, whether you like it or not. Samdhong Rinpoche and Penpa Tsering both spend their studies in India only unlike Sikyong Lobsang sangye who studied in the west. It just shows how environment effect their lifestyle.

  60. Ladhak is part of india but they still maintain their own identy and enjoy freedom. Part of China not neccessarily mean becoming Chinese inside out. Of course the question remains what do we realy want, freedom and identity or sovereignty and political power. Identity and freedom can be achieved within China and most importantly that is more realistic objective for the Tibetan people. For two reasons China can not deny this demand and international people has to support this demand. But sovereignty and political power is almost next to impossible unless China is hit by some sort of lightening. Gogernment can Change, economic status can change but not China’s attitude towards Tibet. I hope I am wrong in this case.

  61. (Not -so-)White aka Shady @ 66:

    Do you know present day state of country called Inner Mongolia?

    I have heard your sought of argument from several Tibetan officials who double as go-in-between between China United Office and Dharamasala.

    I have one word for them, watch Hong Kong and how screwed they are and they are Chinese, ‘ ungrateful barbarian’ that they will like to tolerate.

    This idea comes from people who have dined on Chinese opium and have no knowledge of Chinese history. Then I also know that this site is also trolled by Chinese agents . So no surprise.

  62. There are some wonderful new posts on Tibetan Political Review people might want to check out. One article on Phayul today by Tenzing Sonam la, WHY LUKAR JAM ATSOK IS IMPORTANT FOR TIBETAN DEMOCRACY, I thought, was especially enjoyable and uplifting. After reading it, my mind snatched upon a line from Richard the ll……

    These high wild hills and rough uneven ways
    Draws out our miles, and makes them wearisome,

    And yet your fair discourse hath been as sugar,
    Making the hard way sweet and delectable.


  63. I just finished watching Lukar Jam’s VOA interview and mismerize by his very well thought out responses. At the end of the interview, when he is asked who would he appoint for his Kashag, he said he would have people like Jigme Ngabo!

    Mention of former director of Free Asia Jigme Ngabo as an example of person who would be of immense value brought me back to the controversy of expulsion of Jigme Ngabo.

    At that time, the story is that majority of the Tibetan staff support Jigme Ngabo and it is only at the instigation of Gaden Prodrang connected Kalden Lodroe going behind him , making him look like person of suspicious character got Jigme fired.

    Many of us are left wondering what to make of the whole thing. On one side , there is most of Tibetan staff standing behind Jigme and on other side, there is story that Chinese lady at RFA is the real dakini and Jigme is not the true patriot.

    Lukar Jam’s mention of Jigme as one of the most resourceful Tibetan, the first among the six million or at least first among the exiles, made me realized that the majority of Tibetan staff , among whom there are many former CTA and some highly respected could be so wrong. Now, it sort of refutes the false notion created by the people at the highest level conned by self-serving crooks. I am sorry.

  64. Last night, we were having a dinner at Hotel Tibet in McLeod Ganj. The group sitting behind me seems to be close friends of Sikyong. From their conversation,it is quiet clear that Sikyong is not confident of his electoral victory. They were talking about what is his future going to be, and kept hauling abuses on ” mei rab-se” ( that drunken) – meaning Chithue Tsoktso, for challenging Sikyong.

    Is this an early indication that Sikyong is losing?

    Previously, on another dinner sojourn, I heard a former Kalon conversing at his table , located right behind us, saying that Sikyong Sangay is a very devious person who could still have some trick up his sleeves, to win a second term.

    But his dinner companions disagree saying, he has run out of all his tricks. One said, Lobsang Sangay is like a wall fresco that has lost all its shine, and now there is no paint or painter left to bring it back to life.

    Another joined in and said, ” you mean there is no one to put lip -sticks on the pig! From their conversation, it is ample clear that they do not have very high opinion about Sikyong.

    The most interesting part, if true is, how Sikyong is able to impress His Holiness the Dalai Lama with his plans and programs of this and that. The ex-Kalon said, either Sikyong has ” yeshey chen ” ( some sort of third eye) or he is picking up tidbits on how to charm His Holiness from people close to His Holiness by inviting them to dinner or going for dinner at their place.

    They say, what Lobsang Sangay has learned from Ku-darks ( aristocrats) is that dinner diplomacy is very important and, he uses it often to tame his opponents or even instigate his supporters on matters of politics.

    Hotel Tibet is also getting very crowded and dinner conversation are getting more and more interesting. It is for a good reason that spy-novels have lot of scenes of hush-hush dinner conversation in bars and restaurants.

  65. Glad to read above comments which clearly shows Tibetans have kept the Tibet issue alive and will so in future.

    In my opinion just supporting any path be it rangzen or middle way on emotional ground doesn’t serve the purpose rather it weakens the Tibetans’ unity.

    We all need to educate ourselves on world history particularly Sino Tibet history.

    As mentioned above that Lukar la is a someone who can bring change without any international support or he will shake the present tibetan govt system, is he some kind of God who can do magic? Can he even dare to sneek into Tibet or take a glance. Will Chinese govt greet with khada to welcome him in China. He has to function from India. Can he travel to any countries without exit/entry permit.

    Can you all give me just one way he can bring change?

    Politics is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s easier said than done.

  66. Wangmo@74
    It has been more than half an century and nothing much has changed vis-a-vis China’s attitude towards Tibet. Maybe Lukar Jam is the change we need. We should all grow a pair and see what happens.
    Bodh Rangzen!

  67. Support the middle way approach by his holiness ……….it’s the only way…….to preserve our Tibetan identity……. Ask yourself what one could do at the age of 16th…… Long live his holiness n sooner death for all those who are against his holiness……..I pray

  68. This guy Lob sang dorjee @ 76 must be a chinese creating mischief. No Tibetan would be this ignorant. We know there are some borderline ignorant types but this level of ignorance can only be a chinese. thats all i can make of it.

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