Remembering Our Rangzen Warriors

Andrug Jindak enjoyed his chang and arak in the evening, but was a moderate drinker according to his secretary Loten la, who is in the background photograph 3rd from right. Left of him is Kusho Lhamo Tsering, chief of operations. In the center is Baba Gyen Yeshi, who Jindak appointed as commander of Mustang. I am having my first drink of the evening and I want to raise my glass to the memory of Andrug Jindag and all the other brave men and women who fought and died for Tibetan freedom.


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  1. I too am raising a toast to Andrug la and all those Tibetans who have died because of China. Never fails to impress upon me how utterly unjust the whole situation is. In my younger days, when I felt both melancholy and sentimental about the tragic situation in Tibet I would rummage through my reggae collection and grab, Rat in the Kitchen album by UB40 and put it on. One song in particular always made me misty eyed with longing. I like to share it, although, I apologize, its not a Tibetan song, but the spirit is all Rangzen. Cheers!

  2. Tibetans cheers JN at Irish bar nyc every weekend for rangzen memory……cheers JN! Never knew drinking is fighting for a fantasy. Lets cheer!


  3. Never knew our ranhzen fighter fighters rapist! Heard nepalese women were raped by defender of faith…

    Need to set up a military court marshal!


  4. History in the making in Hong Kong! Tomorrow is the big showdown.

    HKers standing up to the bully that is the Chinese Regime, even when these students know that Tanks may roll on them.

    Fighting for democracy, fighting for the lofty ideal that each and every individual within a society has equal rights to determine the course of their shared history.

    Seems some will gladly die for democracy knowing how precious it is. How easily it can be lost, or faked.

    Many countries are now staring to speaking up for pro democracy protesters in HK, the US has, and so did Canada, UK and Taiwan too.

    Any Tibetan orgs supporting Hong Kong’s call for democracy? Where is TCHRD? NDPT? TYC? SFT? Where is the TNC? Isn’t this the time to stand in solidarity with HKers? They are fighting the Chinese government right? Obviously, what happens in Hong Kong will effect Tibet so are Tibetans going to be part of this history or stand on the sidelines and watch?

    Wont ask if PMW Dharamsala will support HK democracy because they might correct me by pointing out that the HK demonstrators are actually taking money from China.

  5. I would like to apologize to the readers for my hasty estimation of non participation by various Tib orgs to stand in solidarity with the democratic loving people of HK at this historic time.

    Having had some time to do little more research online today, there does seem to be sporadic protests by Tibetan orgs and individuals around the world supporting the HK democratic movement.

    Phayul reports, TYC and TWA participation. Other news says Tibs in london, australia, and in North America, etc. I should have had more faith in the Toronto chapter of the SFT under the regional directorship of Ugen la, who always seem be current, well informed, who tend to take responsibility and action when needed . Good future Rangzen leader for office. lol

    Speaking of Rangzen. Congratulations to TNC who spearheaded the successful campaign of shutting down the 14th Nobel summit in SA over His Holiness visa row, but over at Tibetnet, there is no mention of TNC having anything to do with it, so maybe i should rephrase and say, Congratulations to Doctor Lobsang Sangay, on this auspicious Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, for the successful campaign of…….Another major victory for the PMW!! Thank You CRAZY8s!! Thank You Resolution 8!!

    Okay, now I am off, with my umbrella, and something yellow……

  6. @NG: You will never talk about Mao’s exploitation of Chinese teen every Wednesday. During the times of Mao there is dance party every Wednesday meant specifically to introduce teen girls to Chairman Mao.

    Its an old Confucian belief that sex with virgins will enhance health and vitality.

  7. Mao and your indian guru sambava or rinpoche, both are samd pedophile. Only difference is, former is being validated by twisted irrational religious blind faith supefstitious tanyric power, while Mao simply used hos political power. Mao built PRC while pedophile padma sambava destroyed Tibetan empire…..keep ptaying to your dedophile Pakistani padma sambava.


  8. @karze:call your trantric masters to subdue the ghost? Your people are specialized in rebirth, karma, spirit, ghost, hell, heaven etc.


  9. The ex-envoy Lodi Gyari who few yrs ago resigned as the SETHH, due to, justifies he, the ‘utter frustration over the lack of positive response from the Chinese side’ is back again in the public domain.

    This time he wants to set the record straight with the naive TYC org, who he feels are ignorant of ‘History’, the ‘ground realities’, the importance of ‘unity’ and ‘the guidance and leadership of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.’

    The article, in a nutshell, always “follow His Holiness”, and the “people in the streets will start singing.”

    “I have no other motives” he concludes, which reminded me of something that Samdhong Rinpoche said recently when he was following in the footsteps of the Speaker and the Sikyong of indoctrinating kids at the Tibetan Children’s Village. “No one send me, I came here on my own accord,” he deadpan’d. “The dolgyal issue is very minor issue.”

    It would seem that the Dolgyal issue is so trivial that 3 of the baddest badboys of Dharsa politics invited themselves to a kindergarten in order to brainwash/browbeat the kids into seeing things from the ‘official’ therefore the ‘correct’ perspectival of the status quo.

    I didn’t know that Lodi Gyari wrote so well, I was expecting a Nathan Gyatso or Jay Gelek type penmanship.

    Some excerpts………….

    “A free and democratic society not only allows discussion but such discussions must also occur. For example, there are ongoing discussions between proponents of the Middle Way Approach and independence in our society. Both sides are putting forward their arguments in writing and exchange ideas. Since each Tibetan has to shoulder the responsibility of the Tibetan cause, thorough public discussion is inevitably necessary.”

    *Very generous.

    “TYC was not established solely to advocate the stance of Tibetan independence and everyone must know this fact.”

    *So what?

    “When TYC movement was started, there was no division between people supporting independence and autonomy. (The Middle Way Approach of His Holiness the Dalai Lama was made public much later.)”

    *Who were the pro-Autonomy Tibetans before the MWPathers came onto the scene? Phuntsok Wangyal? And..?

    “It is clear that these sacrifices (self immolations) ‘Hundreds of thousands of Tibetans have sacrificed their lives; hundreds of thousands had to come into exile; and millions are still suffering under the occupation’ were not made to struggle for their democratic rights but rather for the preservation and protection of unique Tibetan identity and characteristics, which are at the verge of extinction. ”

    *Incredible thing to say.

    –Without democracy, how can the unique Tibetan identity and characteristics be preserved? The CCP made explicit just a few days a go to HKers, that they ‘must love China and the Chinese culture.'(Ofcourse meaning the CCP culture.)

    “From my perspective, I personally believe that the Oath of Unity was offered to the His Holiness the Dalai Lama and not amongst us Tibetans. Therefore, some like-minded people including myself always felt it important to continue the relationship between the Gaden Phodrang institution and the Tibetan polity. As an aside perhaps, this concern could be because of lack of courage and short sightedness.”

    *Very kind of Gyari Rinpoche to justify the mixing of religion and politics. A seasoned politician freely admitting his ‘lack of courage and short sightedness’.

    So I am sold on the idea that Gaden Phodrang is the ground reality now and future but what of The Tibetan Charter which says things like..The Charter enshrines the basic principles of democracy, with separation of powers…. The Charter has oodles and oodles of Equality stuff in it…. The Charter makes it clear that it does not promote any forms of state religion????

  10. Our leaders did not let Tibetan democracy to blossom. Just like most people once they are in power they become drunk on it and become as bad as the aristocrats of the past, if not worse. Critics are silenced. They use their position of power to send people around to brainwash impressionable school children to supporting their view point and don’t give opportunity to the opposing views. Those with differing view are being treated like the way the Chinese treat its so called minorities. Some of these people use their pulpit to denounce the handful of scholar critics as being on the side of the Chinese.


    I thank you JN for your candid words that clear the air,
    To make a delicious momos, you need a good fire, not smoke
    Dry wood and soft tinder is the secret of red hot flames but
    Green boughs from the venerable juniper makes good sangh.

    No malice but your sharp cuts cleanly separates fat from meat
    Tender and fresh diced ground beef shimmering in the bowl
    A dash of spice in moderation, adds flavor, not take away
    The dream of eating succulent momos is each Tibetans wish.

    For far too long the dough been thinking it’s more important
    Than the delicious filling inside. What is dough without meat?
    What is the meat without salt, spices and tender kneading?
    Who then do we blame for disastrous culinary ventures?

    Norbu Zangpo

  12. @NG Now its proven that your Chinese posing as Tibetan.

    I am not one those who believe in Tantric, Spirit or blind faith which made Tibetans such in pathetic state. We are scared to speak about the Chinese brutality and occupation. We use reinvent word such as Bod Mirig to replace the existing word Bodpa to suit the Beijing monologue (Beijing use Han instead of Chinese to rewrite the history of not just China but Tibet, Xinjang etc.

  13. Ng is not Chinese. He is either unhappy Shudgenpa or Bonpa.Whatever cover he wears it is clear he is fanatically religious but he hates aspects of Tibetan Buddhism as well as Tibetan treatment of those who are not Buddhist.
    If he is honest with where he is coming from it will be easier to sympathise with him.

  14. So let there be no Doubt or small talk as to Lodu Gyarig NOT being serious about the Middlle Way Policy.
    He is fully vested in the mission as can be seen from this timely article; & oathfully serious.
    Do the other TYC founder members ‘opine’ the same – especially on the take on demcracy for the exile community?

  15. @ 18 and 19 non tibetan,

    You mean Nyakay Bholoma who was like the Ravana of Tibet.
    and yes, you and the ignorant author are both Shugden worshippers.

  16. FUCK M All FUCK M ALL. I am hoping whatever dirty word detector there is will detect my posts and delete them automatically if there is no human moderator.
    I say FUCK

  17. FUCK YOU NORBUT. You stupid miserable excuse for a human. this is in New York Time which the whole fucking world reads expect the exile Tibetans. I want people to rebut the claim if it is untrue. Just sticking your head in the sand and having your fat ass sticking up in the air does not make bad things go away. If you have facts in your hands and balls between your legs you can defend yourselves. Otherwise just go and try your luck with your next incarnation.


  19. Tibetan, oh sorry about that, man.I didnt read the link you gave. I apologise to anybody offended.

    there is so much obscuration and so much kutark where can one start? I have not the time nor the capacity. this is very bad disinformation but when you look at the bigger picture there is just no comparison.

  20. Nicholas kristoff is no ordinary writer. He has millions following him. People believe what he writes like gospel truth. Specially the young college students. He is sought after convocation speaker.

    The fact he wrote about His Holiness the 5th Dalai Lama is never heard of. He should source it. Certainly a Chinese source. He is wife is Sherry Wu a writer in her own right.

    I really enjoyed their book ” The China Awake.” Now I regret spending my hard earn money on their book.

    Correct me, if I am wrong. Didn’t Sikyong Lobsang Sangay claim as his achievement that he met Kristroff and chatted with him for about an hour and after which Kristroff tweeted his sympathy for Tibet.

    Now, If Sikyong’ s claim hold any water, he should get this factual mistake corrected.

  21. NORBUT
    Don’t worry. I was upset long before your post. Lodi Gyari’s attack against Tibet started it. He questions the nationhood of Tibet comprising of the 3 provinces.
    I never suspected Tibet will be so effectively fucked by Tibetans themselves. I hate our sniveling groveling leaders who are so shamelessly dazzled by Chinese material wealth and the prospect of having millions of Buddhist followers. I also hate their fanatical foot soldiers who don’t believe in honest debates on any subject. I renouncing Tibetan Buddhism which is not real Buddhism any way.
    Tibetan Buddhist Lama say guru is the most important thing in your quest for enlightenment. Bullshit. Did Buddha have a guru? He did have some actually but he realized they were all bullshit. He found the way himself.

  22. So let’s do Tibet a service by becoming Christians. They are more honest and kinder. They talk the talk and walk the walk. Christian missionaries risk their lives to help people in poor countries. Our high and mighty preachers rake in and in and create huge monuments to their dickhead selves. I don’t care a shit what hidden meaningful things are in scriptures that are exclusively available to those charlatans.

  23. Why are you chicken shits so silent? Why are people calling him Lodi Rinpoche. WHY?

    I will leave with this important proverb to meditate.

    All wankers are not Rinpoches but all Rinpoches are wankers.

  24. TIBETAN ,

    You wrote:

    ” I hate our sniveling groveling leaders who are so shamelessly dazzled by Chinese material wealth and the prospect of having millions of Buddhist followers. I also hate their fanatical foot soldiers who don’t believe in honest debates on any subject.”

    This is exactly how I feel EVERYDAY. And I say the exact same thing to many of my friends. Many of them will think that I wrote it. But I am very happy that there are fellow Tibetans who feel the exact same thing.

    What amazes me is that Lodi Gyari said the exact same thing he wrote, in the Tibetan parliament few years back. Our stupid chitthues listened to it in pin drop silence with no one challenging his ” version” and he came out like a mesmerizing magician after performing tricks on bunch of kindergarten student.

    Like you, I am really sick with my stomach churning over how hopeless, self-serving leaders are selling us out. My friends and family say I am the only one who feel like that. After reading your comment, I will say that you are not alone. Because I feel exactly same way and now ample sure that there are plenty more. I can only say I am sorry for you.

  25. The Umay Lam vanguards, under the aegis of Gaden Phodrang swindler-in-chief Sabtong (samdhong)are ramping up efforts to dismantle the TYC and allies on all fronts. The efforts of the 8 disgruntled TYC branches They are targeting New York/New Jersey TYC and Washington DC. In NY they had the controversial former TYC president Kalsang Phuntok, and the TYC hater Namgyal Shastri of who, we learnt years back, tried to stop the formation of TYC branch in Washington DC.

    Chin to this day hates TYC for what it stands for, but sadly, CTA/Gaden Phodrang are comparing g TYC with Shugen issue, and both sides are out to destroy TYC. That is all the reasonfor TYC to stand it ground and rewamp its activities at both fronts.

    Uner the garb of Gaden Phodrang, the remaining pricelings of His Holiness are spreading their wings to take control of the younger Tibetans, especially those schooled in TCV schools.

    And what Gyari Lodi has come up with – ghost written paper – is a huge suspect. His sole goal is to save his thick skin. I was told he had volunteered to appear on radio and TV to further perpetuate his ego-filled trash. Hope he is asked to account for the millions he has allegedly misappropriated over the decades.

  26. Tibetan,
    I understand your frustration and anger. But it’s not just the case with the Tibetan society. EVERY society is going through this Kardashian culture for lack of a better term. Also, if I may tell you, it’s not Buddhism-(the spiritual path) that’s the problem. It’s actually ALL ORGANISED RELIGION that is creating all this confusion and fear. In fact compared to some Christians, Muslims and Hindus (the fundamentalist type) Buddhism – the religion that it has become is not that bad. All faiths started with great spiritual awakening and intention but along the way got lost in translation. The objective of religious system is to control and turn off the divinity within oneself. “Don’t go searching for a Guru or a teacher. When the pain of ignorance within you becomes a scream, a Guru will come in search of you” In the meantime, read, research and study on Buddhism/ Spirituality. In the beginning do you own research and see what click with you. When you get to a more advanced practice then you might want to find a teacher who can then guide you through your practice. What I’m trying to say is -don’t get disillusioned by seeing all this corrupted version of Buddhism. Who knows, some of them may be carrying more heavy Karma than us seemingly lesser mortals. They who are so wrapped up in the mundane affairs of material and rituals and have not yet the pain and agony of this crazy existence are even further away from any kind of awakening. Remember a certain amount of adversity and failure is a natural and necessary part of our existence for important spiritual purpose.

  27. Lodi Gyari in past said on media either RFA or VOA that he will serve HHDL but after devolution of power by HHDL he is not so much interested to work for Tibet.

  28. Karze, this Nick guy will say he got it from the International Shugden Community website. Its under 5th Dalai Lama page Quoted as saying when Kagyupas in Tsang revolted. You know how the Shugden people will distort and take things out of context.Seems like they will stoop to any level to defend the spirit.

  29. KARZE
    Thanks for asking Nick Kristoff to source his statement. Many journalists these days lack moral strength and they try to score points pleasing China to get more access to the billion audience in China.

  30. Lodoe Gyari gets pid from India secret agency when he was kalon in dharamsala. He leaks internal Tibetan stragety to Indian secret service to get paid. I am confident that he is in payroll of couple other agencies now. So what he writes is for his own benefit.

    He should retire and shut up now.

  31. I would Like to support Rangzen but I am shooting for the next Nobel Peace Price so I am sorry Tibet. I know it is a big time sellout but it’s a lot of money and fame. My conscience would not allow me to pass up such a GOLDEN opportunity.

    Good Bye Tibet (Sad ogress lying on her back)
    Good Bye Self Immolating people (How pathetic)
    Good Bye people with hope (Deluded ones)
    Good Bye Tibetans in Tibet (orphans)
    Good Bye Tibetans in Exile (Self righteous weaklings)
    Good Bye Dharma People (Hustlers and Charlatans 90%)

  32. I would Like to support Rangzen but I am shooting for the next Nobel Peace Price so I am sorry Tibet. I know it is a big time sellout but it’s a lot of money and fame. My conscience would not allow me to pass up such a GOLDEN opportunity.

    Good Bye Tibet (Sad ogress lying on her back)
    Good Bye Self Immolating people (How pathetic)
    Good Bye people with hope (Deluded ones)
    Good Bye Tibetans in Tibet (orphans)
    Good Bye Tibetans in Exile (Self righteous weaklings)
    Good Bye Dharma People (Hustlers and Charlatans 90%)

  33. Sorry everyone for posting something irrelevant to the current topic.
    Can anyone please tell me if the website for TibetWrites is still functional?
    The supposed link to the site ( a completely different content. Any help to locate the site is highly appreciated.


  34. Site is not functional Tsering. Looks hacked by some sort of malicious adware for profit.

    Good show there over the weekend. Great to see Tendor on the Tibetan Public Talk(no not that one)with JN on livesteam.

    Want to congratulate the newly christened NY chapter of TNC and that Khampa looking guy in a chupa. I assume he is the NY rep. Incidentally, doesn’t there seem to be a lot of khampa people in TNC and CTA? Ever notice how many kham-amdo types are into politics or writing about it? Some tibetan anthro student need to research a thesis about my suspicions because I feel surrounded.

    These livesteams are fun and informative but they also sometimes seem forgettable too mainly because they lack real engagement and robust debate.

    Good-natured controversy can be a positive as it gets people talking and taking interest in the struggle. Its imperative that People need to engage, parties need to engage, which no individual Tibetan disagree I think.

    Might I suggest, in near future, organize a civil(I mean ‘civil’ defined both as meaning secular and amicable)debate between the reps of MW and Independence similar to Al sharpton vs Hitch. But seriously. such a format seems fair. Its engaging and conduces the audience to make up their own minds instead of half listening to tedious sermons.

    How would Jigme Ugen fare against, say, Dekyi Choyyang? Thubten Samphel vs Lukar Jam? Samdhong Rinpoche vs that Khampa guy in the chuba?

    There are so many possibilities with this kind of format, the logistics miniscule, allows tib politicians to sharpen their wit and debating skills and improve upon extemporaneous oration, and so on and so forth.. I can see many positive effects which can be realized if ventured upon.

    Sure there are some risk for both sides as some elites within the status quo have made the Tibetan public distrustful of language hhaha, however, many a leaders of Rangzen aspirants, these plucky activists invariably tend to stress the need to be more bold and assertive, so a dialogue within would be a good start, no? Just a humble suggestion thanks.

  35. An excerpt from Lobsang Wangyal’s Tibetsun opinion piece…

    “Expressing full support to the Hong Kong democracy movement, the President of the National Democratic Party of Tibet, Gelek Jamyang, said, “They are being deprived of their democratic rights which they enjoyed when they were under British rule..”

    No, that is not true at all. HKers under Brit rule, as benign as such colonialism is said to have been, never enjoyed democratic rights. Such insouciance against Democracy is forgivable i suppose as the NDPT shares the same warm cozy bed with the MW dharamsala establishment,they who tend to mouth democracy mainly to score political points.

  36. Another wonderful article by TPR and the HA inducing irony of TNC doing the CTA’s job.

    Ironic that it was not CTA standing up for His Holiness but the TNC, who, with vigorous activism coerced the SF government and the brutal CCP regime into losing face in front of the international community. The TNC was successful in getting the Nobel summit in SF cancelled.

    Following fast afoot, TNC launches another, more audacious campaign, endeavoring to relocate the summit venue into Marcus Aurelius’s very backyard. It’s as if TNC is all but telling CTA, “Hey, its ok guys, we got this one too.”

    At this rate, we shouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow its revealed that TNC is involved in a back channel dialogue with CCP regarding His Holiness’s upcoming visit to China!

    I hope TNC isnt getting ahead of themselves by dreaming that they are a real political party because the GPT/CTA certainly don’t wish it so.

    Meantime, the democratically elected officials of the CTA got no time for SF or whatever, got no time for anything what with the looming threat which when small could have been treated with gentle hands, Nobel peace prize winning hands, but when you are that strong, and they seem so puny, the present predicament must have seemed fantastical. How ironic then, that we are here. The CTA is locked in an epic Religious War(unofficially dubbed the Toothfaerie War)with the shugden cult. Both sides now ratcheting up their media blitz and robust PR. Meanwhile, on the Nature Channel, a mother bird is busy regurgitating into the mouths of her hungry chicks. Stayed tuned, after the commercials, ants farming aphids.


  37. Some Tibetans lost their ways the Tibetans who constantly complaining of TGIE who they can’t out of jealousy have fail but they try to bring down the ancient tradition of our scion Ancestors and hurt Budda dharma tradition which is the one thing we Tibetans should be rightly proud of. Who cares of Hong Kong democracy and other foreign concerns that has nothing to do with Tibet be there some patriotic tibetans who are fighting the evil that is within Tibetan society those dogyal evil cult why is no one protesting bravely those who hurt Dalai Lama who won numberles awards for always fighting against evils in the world. Join Tibetan intellectuals in fighting evil for truth the best writing I read is this.

  38. Unless you met Dolgyel and he/she/it wronged you stop calling him/her/it evil. Demagoguery is an effective tool to hurt your target but when it boomerangs and comes after your own ass it hurts twice as much.

  39. When the HK Democracy protests broke out, China literally shit her pants, due to,(this i prescribe though no physician) acute stress response; a month later, shes still full of shit and even more stressed out.

    So much for the CCP Nazis who imagine themselves the prime movers and shakers of the 21st century,(which may still happen if not for the diarrhea episodes) still stuck in a hole, sulking and throwing ineffectual temper tantrums like CY Leung’s ugly daughter.

    Does it seem funny or is it merely pathetic that a puffed up bully when he realizes that he can’t intimidate the other kids, that, infact, the other kids are starting to seem intimidating to him, cynically changes his stripes and appeals for civility and reason? The psychopathic CCP is doing exactly that, with sweet malice, pleading, in the name of democracy hahha, that the students should be “respecting the will and interests of the majority is the common essence of all democracies.” (this quote courtesy of CCP’s sockpuppet People’s Daily)

    We have The Central Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China consisting of 6 or 7 filthy rich, wrath kindled, men, who petulantly demands the 200.000 strong pro Democracy peaceful HK protesters to, “respect the majority rule!!” hhaha its like the voteless, voiceless, hapless Majority are all masochists who can’t get enough love of the whip and the pitiless tyranny of CCP. Good grief!

  40. Religious fanatic CTA proudly reports 3 Tibet Houses Launched a New Website on Dolgyal Controversy.

    October 23, 2014 4:19 pm

    DHARAMSHALA: Three Tibetan cultural centres – Tibet House New York, Tibet House New Delhi and Casa del Tibet Barcelona – have jointly launched a new website and a book to provide true information on Dolgyal (Shugden) controversy.

    Whos got time for China when CTA is busy losing public opinion war with the dolgyal nutjobs.
    Website questions and answers.
    Is There a Human Rights Issues? NO!
    Is There Evidence for the Protester’s Claims? NO!
    Is There a Ban on the Practice of Shugden? NO!
    Are the Protesters Real Buddhist Monks? NO!
    Are Shugden Monks “Refugees”? NO!

    IT could be the dolgyals themselves are putting up posters with their own names and pictures to make CTA look bad. YES!! YES!! YES!!! The truth has set me free, thank you 20th CTA website created to fight Dolgyal!

  41. First humans create gods, deities and spirits in their imagination. Then they create imaginary feuds between these imaginary gods, deities and spirits. Then they tell other humans that they can influence the result of this imaginary feud by their thoughts, prayers and acts; and money. If all this was not having such negative effects in our society, it would be laughed off as some kind of a joke. Gaymo Shoryak Kecha Re.

  42. I agree with Kalsang Phuntsok. But I want to add this When CTA label the Shugden Dolgyal deity as evil and made all the other Tibetans afraid to be friends with these people it is a human rights issue. Because now many Tibetans believe these people are devil worshippers who are to be feared loathed and shunned.
    If banning of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s picture in Tibet is a human rights why is this not a human rights issue? CTA is sounding more and more like the hypocritical PRC leaders. Instead of bringing the people together these politicians and leaders are self serving hustlers getting too comfortable in their seats just like in any other country. Using the divide and conquer tactic and the sheeps in our society swallowing the bait again and again.

  43. A true Buddhist should not be alarmed by a spirit. What should alarm us are people who think they know what’s best for everybody else.
    CTA members are elected to serve the people, not to lord it over them. They are not elected to create sadness and disharmony among any group of people in society. May be they can go and read something that His Holiness the Dalai Lama often says

  44. rangzenwalla 53
    If you read the content of the posts you didmiss as propaganda you will see how the Dolgyal worshippers twist and distort truth to attack Kundun
    you just didnt remember to do that did you?
    Shoot first, ask questions later?

  45. #53 Kalsang P.

    I think u are quite correct with your 1st line.

    ‘They’ represent the range of human EMOTIONS.

    That ties to # 48 and #18 Tibetan regdng Kristoff quoting Kiernan’s bk

    I read somewhere – dharmawheel or something – & seems true that such ‘prounouncements’ are found in LITURGIES in Tib Buddhist texts.
    Seems such Liturgies are chanted to WORLDLY-Mundane Protectors to challenge one’s worldy ‘enemies’.
    So also the VISUAL images of gods, goddesses with thousand arms & heads trampling demons below; adorned w/skullcaps & swords are not taken LITERALLY.

    But I am sure a Tibetan Language/Buddhist scholar actually having trained & practiced will be TRULY able to Correct that misleading notion in kiernan’s book.

  46. I used to respect Nick Kristof for his advocacy for women and girls. But when it comes to China he turns wishy washy. So I am disappointed but not surprised that moral-lite journalists like Kristoff would use one line from one book and throw it out there in the world wide web to defend his agrument which has nothing to do with Buddhism or the Dalai Lamas of Tibet. If you have twitter please give him this message.

  47. False Dalai Lama, Stop lying!!Boom boom!! False Dalai Lama, Stop Lying!! Boom boom!! False Dalai Lama, Stop lying!! Boom boom!!…….

    Its a catchy tune I must admit. I like the drums especially.

    Ok, well. Buuuuut, if he is the false Dalai Lama, why hound him all over the place like a bitch in heat? Why not go find the “Real” Dalai Lama?

    And if the man is always lying then why would the cult lust after such a morally impoverished individual?

    Ofcourse His Holiness is a fake Dalai Lama because the tulku system is completely made up. Ofcourse the Dalai Lama lies, just like you shugdens, or else Tibetan Buddhism(religions in general)wouldn’t be such a lucrative cash cow.

  48. Remembering our Rangzen Warriors! Ok! How? Why ? and who does? What did they stand for! How did it all start! Where did it start ? Whose house or houses in Lhasa ?? Let’s get to the truth. I understand that in today’s practical world there is no place for gods and goddesses but all religion even today believe in myth and miracles. Jesus did, all Hindu gods did guru rinpoche did, Ancient Greek gods did, prophet Mohammed did and even Buddha did . Did they actually perform it ? God knows and god knows if he exists as. Well! So it boils down to belief !! so let’s respect peoples beliefs especially the ones that fought and truly lived for our lost country.
    How and where did chushi gangdruk start ? Every sect has their dharma protector. The tib govt surely did. Every region and most households in tib did. So who was chushi gangdruk protector? Who was the lama they depended upon? Upon whose advise did they go about fighting for the cause? Who was responsible for the dalai lamas safety to India. Jamyang norbu let me ask u as u are a true tibetan historian and probably one of the last we have left. The others lie or hide behind a mask ? U have spoken to a lot of these great rangzen fighters , some might have been in the inner circle of andrutsang gonpo tashi , lhamo Tsering and chanze. We have to clarify and ask constuctive questions about Our history and speak the truth to move on so the new generation knows the truth about our warriors history as they cannot speak for themselves. 1000 of tulkus reincarnated Buddhas and 1000 of dharma protectors And thousands of tibetan refugees and only one and a handful fighting for Rangzen and the safety of.The Dalai Lama . So what’s the truth?????

  49. Jamyang norbu la,
    Tashi Delek …… your block is amazing its so resourceful. i want to know more about what happen in mustang. i heard many things about it but i am confused what exactly happen at the last. in my settlement their is one man and i use to spend lots of time asking him all about mustang. it really inspires me. he has been to mustang his name is Tsultrim….. but i still don’t know what happen in the end……

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