The Matrix in the Middle Way

Last November, as I was preparing to fly to Toronto for my talk “Forging a Rangzen Strategy”, I received an email from Gashi Tenpa la, one of the TNC organizers there. He had an amusing suggestion for a concluding message I could leave the audience: “Jamyang la, don’t forget to tell them to choose the ‘Red Pill’”.

About a third of the way into the cult-classic science fiction film, The Matrix (1999), the main character, Neo, is offered a fundamentally life-altering choice in the form of two pills: a red pill representing the painful truth of reality and a blue pill representing the blissful ignorance of illusion.

The movie is fairly bursting at the seams with implied philosophical references: from Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” and Descartes “Meditation on First Philosophy”, to rather conspicuously, Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation. The film also freely borrows ideas from a number of religions, of which the central concept of the “Matrix”, the all-embracing digital world of illusion in which humanity is enslaved, is clearly a metaphor for the maya of Hindu philosophy, and to a point the samsara of Buddhism. It is also, I think, a not inappropriate metaphor for the current Tibetan political situation.

The Tibetan leadership and much of its following-in-exile have become mired in a state of chronic delusion created in large part by our prevailing culture of blind faith, sycophancy, corruption, and intellectual indolence. There has also been the occasional manipulation of this mind-set by Communist China through some of its indirect agents of influence operating in the liberal democracies (politicians, academics, journalists, celebrities, even certain NGO’s). In the last few years this manipulation has been taken up more directly by the PRC’s own agents almost certainly planted among those Chinese “intellectuals” and “tourists” regularly meeting the Dalai Lama.

However depressing the situation, many Tibetans have, in recent years, come to realize that the official Middle Way Approach (MWA) policy has been disastrous for the Tibetan political cause, and for the unity and well-being of the exile community. Yet this growing public awareness has had little impact on our political reality, since most of these people have been reluctant to openly express their concerns for fear of offending the Dalai Lama. Even among those Tibetans openly advocating independence from China as the only possible salvation for Tibet, many have shied away from taking the one final step necessary to making their commitment a meaningful one. All these people though making the initial difficult decision and choosing the red pill, have subsequently been unable to swallow it, and instead kept rolling it around their mouth like a Ricola cough-drop.

To put it simply, most people who believe in Tibetan independence still cannot give up the hope that they could somehow, eventually, arrive at some kind of understanding or compromise with the official MWA policy, and more importantly, remain in the good books of the Dharamshala establishment and, of course, His Holiness the Dalai Lama – even while supporting or even advocating a policy completely in contradiction to his wishes.

To be fair, this did seem doable some year ago. The Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) which though championing Rangzen as it core goal, was granted regular audiences with the Dalai Lama and even received the occasional praise and blessing. The same could be said for the Students For a Free Tibet (SFT). The unwritten rule of the game was that you never expressed any criticism of Dharamshala or its policies, and did not pose any direct threat to the power of the leadership.

All that changed radically around the time Samdong Rinpoche (the self-appointed ideologue and Svengali of MWA) issued his now infamous warning to Tibetan society that Rangzen advocates were more dangerous than the Communist Chinese. Samdong did walk back his statement a bit, on an occasion or two, but in a cynical Donald Trump fashion “Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists. I love Mexicans.”

TYC branches in South India were infiltrated by MWA followers which effectively began the process of neutralizing the largest Rangzen organization in exile society. At the beginning of this year the New York/New Jersey branch of the TYC was also taken over by MWA henchmen. The 2015 March 10th commemoration in New York City was also hijacked by MWA, whose leaders tried to get the NYPD to remove, even arrest, demonstrators (including two SFT leaders) displaying FREE Tibet signs and shouting anti-China slogans.

I am not sure about this, but I heard from Dharamshala that of late, scholarship students from India entering American universities have received “advice” not to join SFT chapters in their schools. We also know that the Gu-chu-sum Political Prisoner’s Movement, which once advocated Rangzen has been pressured to give up its core goal. Even the New York branch of the Chushigangdruk, the present day welfare organization of the great resistance force, has also been browbeaten into give up its goal of Tibetan independence.

The most recent evidence of Dharamshala’s efforts to marginalize and push out all Rangzen advocates from the exile political process has been the widespread demonization of Atsok Lukar Jam, the only Rangzen candidate in the Sikyong elections. The apparantly officially sanctioned efforts to deny him speaking opportunities in the major monasteries in South India and in schools and colleges under the CTA, also point in that direction. Last minute fraudulent rule changes made after the polls had closed in the first round of elections, appear designed to keep out Lukar Jam from the second round of elections, and ensure that no discussion or debate takes place on the issue of Tibetan independence in the forthcoming campaigns. I have gone into detail on this in my previous post and have also mentioned how the Dalai Lama himself and members of his family have made very troubling public statements that could be construed as condemning all Rangzen advocates as anti-Dalai Lama.

In an official statement on December 10th, resembling the “lese majeste” attacks of the Thai military junta against journalists and critics, the CTA declared that “… at a time when Tibetans are expressing gratitude to His Holiness on his 80th birthday, we have a few people who indulge in crazy talk and sarcasm by calling His Holiness a traitor. Such actions are immoral…”

It is becoming clearer than ever that the CTA’s on-going exclusionary agenda for Rangzen advocates has taken on a disturbingly authoritarian turn. In Dharamshala staff members of CTA offices are now required to take a pledge of allegiance to the MWA Policy, and by extension, rejection of Rangzen. I have it on good authority that even menial kitchen workers (ma-yok) have been instructed to take this pledge or lose their jobs. It is just a question of time before Rangen advocates are asked to sign such a pledge or be hounded out of Tibet society. Should we also fear for the future of those courageous members of the exile parliament who have on occasion spoken out in defense of SFT and Rangzen activists?

What can be done?

Rangzen advocates must absolutely give up the delusional hope that the Dharamshala establishment can be persuaded to see the futility of the Middle Way policy. The reality is that most of the leadership are already well aware of that. They may be corrupt and self-serving but they are not fools. For these leaders and for all their lowlife thuggish followers (like Ngawang Palden and his gang in New York currently trying to terminate the TYC chapter there as a freedom fighting organization) MWA is a meal-ticket to jobs and positions they would otherwise be unable to secure with their own limited ability and education. Through their shrill advocacy of  the Middle Way Approach and cynical condemnation of Rangzen supporters, they are preying on the Dalai Lama’s desperation to prop up a failed policy (and his own political legacy) that in reality has been murdered and laid to rest (countless times) by China’s leaders.

Tibetans who stand for freedom and independence must now openly declare their conviction, join together, and through the democratic process, bring about a root-and-branch transformation of the exile administration. I now believe, more than ever that this can be done. I will elaborate in my next post.


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  1. Hope this piece will not ended like the one prognosticating book known as “Tibetan independence and Democratization of China in Post Deng Era”, Jamyang la was one of the main fortune teller of this failed profecy.


  2. As always, you nailed it. Why do we need to over protect our Dalai Lama? The fact of the matter is Dalai Lama institution failed badly to look after the welfare of Tibetan people. The current is 14th and previous 13th failed too politically. So if some people criticize HH the Dalai Lama then as a leader HH can take it with open mind as he always advise in the public talk. Those who disguise to show support to HH in supporting umey lam and particularly in leadership positions are just protecting their job.

    Nawang Pelden and kelden Lodeo etc…are supporting gyari lodeo and Rinchen Dharlo, Lobsang Nyendaak etc.. in their job. These people can not get a decent job in the open job market without playing their dirty politics. you said it so well below

    ” MWA is a meal-ticket to jobs and positions they would otherwise be unable to secure with their own limited ability and education. Through their shrill advocacy of the Middle Way Approach and cynical condemnation of Rangzen supporters, they are preying on the Dalai Lama’s desperation to prop up a failed policy (and his own political legacy) that in reality has been murdered and laid to rest (countless times) by China’s leaders”.

    May Jamming Norbu la live to shine light to us and may our leaders in Rangoon continue to face the challenge ahead with courage and confidence. RANGZEN GYALLO

  3. Jamyang Norbu,

    If anyone needs to take the red pill, it is you. As usual, you have resorted to polemics, rumors and half-baked ideas to spew your venom against the Tibetan exile leadership. Snying ma rje! For someone who writes so much against the Tibetan exile leadership, I wish you would take time to check and cross-check rumors from facts and try to understand how the exile society works. You don’t have to go to India. You can go online and watched the Tibetan exile parliament sessions to get an inkling of how the Tibetan exile society in India works. It might not be a robust and perfect democracy, we occasionally see mudslinging, smear campaigns, and demagoguery by our august parliamentarians. For your kind information, there are a few Tibetan parliamentarians who are Rangzen advocates, and be assured that they would cry foul if CTA were to demonize any Rangzen advocates, leave alone official witch-hunting of Rangzen advocates from CTA.

  4. So you mean to say that without MWA, the people working in CTA will starve and die. And at the same time you’re conveying the message that with Rangzen policy, everyone will become independent and self sufficient without the help from the govt. What a ridiculous message for the new year.

    If the middle way policy bears no fruits and failed miserably, then having Rangzen as an alternative will not yield much aside from remaining as a far fetched dream.

    Jamyang Lak, don’t remain in illusion, show me the path to Rangzen and how to outscore the Chinese hardliners. Our fight is inside Tibet.

  5. It is a common knowledge that there are a bunch of Tibetans for whom MWP is a bread and butter issue and would do anything to weaken support for Ranzeen, which is an occupational hazard for these people, who won’t be able get the jobs they have otherwise.

  6. What RTYC doing right now is very scaring and awkward. I vehemently disagree with them.
    First of all, they joined in RTYC without any plan and aim. They do not know what they are doing and creating in our small community. Needless to say, we all know, the Tibetan youth congress ( TYC ) stands and fights for independence. TYC( centrex)fought, fighting and will fight for independence forever. TYC’S aim and goal are very clear and firm. Let me tell you again, TYC is fighting for independence and it is not the right party for you. I am not telling this blindly. You can look back to past events that happened since those selfish individuals joined in RTYC by wearing sheep’s skin. If your memory is okay then you should remember what happened on 10th March this year and how was it. We spent that day by fighting and blaming each other in our own community rather than doing the job that we supposed to do on that very particular day. This all happened because of those individuals. Here is how, their aim and goal are not independence. They are fighting for middle way or genuine autonomy. ( I do not have any thing to say about this because every one can have any political standard and I do respect their ways.) But what I am saying is, it is absolutely wrong to work in RTYC because, their aim and political standard is absolutely opposite of TYC. Therefore, all these problems were happened. Do not confuse here, it is very simple to create problems when some one try to run the organization while their aim and goal are different from the organization.
    They divided our community in two parts and they labeled as “anti-Dalai lama” to those people who stands and fights for independence. These things are very scaring in our community and their aim is to ostracize those Rangzen supporters from our own community. How sad is it to hear? How painful to feel it?
    It is not end here, I think it was in September. Xi Jinping visited Washington DC last year. It was not long time ago, it was just couples moths ago. During his visit, Students for a free Tibet ( SFT) organized and arranged bus for public to go DC. Many people went to DC to protest,including myself. I went in bus that was organized by SFT because SFT was the first one who announced in public about their arrangement and protesting. But then, At the last minutes, the most awful thing was that RTYC announced about their arrangement to go DC. Any how, we the Tibetan went there to protest in two parts: One was organized by SFT and one organized by RTYC. After couples of hours, we all reached at DC ( I mean the people who went in the bus that was arranged by SFT) and every one began to protest emotionally. People were calling for “freedom in Tibet and justice for Tibet.” There were many Chinese students who support Xi Jinping and they tried slow down our voices. Every one was in red T-shirt and those children were holding huge Chinese flag with proudly. There were more Chinese students than our people.( Tibetans ) I looked around and they were not many Tibetans so I asked to one of my friend, ” where are those people, who came in RTYC’S bus.?” He replied, ” oh they are at different location.” I was speechless when I heard it. Now, you might can think how this RTYC is working and dividing the community. Why they did not join together and protest at one location. What made them to go other way? What was RTYC’S president thinking? This all failed by Ngawang Palden with help of his gang members.
    However, all those above events clearly showed RTYC is not doing some thing that is imperative and important to Tibetan and it’s community. All they do is to divide the community and gives some bad names to some individual. That is their job.
    Again here, RTYC blamed to TYC (centrex) for not coming in public at New York and talks to the people. They blamed every thing and even used some unexpected and unacceptable words to describe TYC(centrex) president.
    TYC has been planning to give public talks in New York but now, unfortunately, Tibetan community of New York and New Jersey decided not to rent the community hall to the TYC( centrex) for their public talk in New York on January 9th, 2016. Is the community hall belong to only some of its members or to all the Tibetans? Tibetans deserve really some serious answers for this decision. From this point, you can clearly says, Ngawang Palden and his supporters have no idea what they are talking and doing. Think about this, they blamed to TYC for not giving public talks in New York but now they do not want rent the hall even TYC need to give public talks. All Ngawang pladen wants is to keep silence the voices of Rangzen and ostracize Rangzen people from our society.
    In a nut shell, I personally urge and request to RTYC to give up the seats and return the properties of RTYC. You can create any organization and you can name it any name.( what ever you guys want.?) But do not use the properties of TYC because you are not doing the jobs that RTYC suppose to do. You are not faithful to the community. TYC is always wanted to restore the independence and you are not willing for that, so why you are still working in this organization? I am sorry, if it too straight forward or harsh words!!!

  7. Tibetans should know in depth difference Rangzen and OOmaylam. Independence means to claim back and enjoy our own power to rule on own land by our own people and honouring our own constitution and enforcing our own governmental system, monetary system, postal system and singing our own national anthem etc.
    OOmaylam means staying under foreign domination rule without any of our own. When our leader/leaders always say that “truth” is the only weapon we have on our side, but when you practice MWP our truth makes no sense at all. There is a saying in English, ‘you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can not fool all of the people all of time’. Therefore, we always see, hear contradictory message on reincarnation, Shugden, OOmaylam etc. Gyari Lodo went 9 times to China to negotiate on MWP but nothing has accomplished. CCP knows that CTA leaders are puppets, opportunists and sycophants of HH Dalai Lama. Tibetans will never get united under the present leadership due to over ambition comparing to Pop.

    Dear Jamyang la, I am your modern Serf,
    Though I am a free man and running my own show
    I am still a serf and cannot shake of the Shackles.
    Iron and steel they may not be but they bite
    No less and bind me to my miserable legacy.

    Even in Exile, to be a Tibetan I am duty-bound
    To kowtow and press my head to the ground
    And if I do not I am named an ungrateful wretch
    And in my wretchedness I am alone and confused:
    Who is my true lord, Tibet or my masters?

    The Chinese claim they liberated us from hell
    The tyranny of my lord and masters of yore;
    Dharsamsala claims they gave us a choice:
    Both thoroughfares sadly are one-way streets!
    Where is the freedom that I was Promised?

    I will not step onto the lands of my father
    Still bound in chains and excommunicated;
    I know I will die an ungracious miserable Serf
    Uncouth and deserving no rights as a man;
    But know my children shall be born Free!

  9. Umay lam is for elite and they get the cut from this stupid deal. We the common folks are the one who suffered and will suffer in the midst of these stupid political decisions made my individuals who does not have a clue of politics. RANGOON GYAL LO

  10. Jamyang la, thanks for the new year gift. I am sure Christop would appreciate the humour in this article.

    Gyalpot, that was good poem. Thank you.

  11. For these leaders and for all their lowlife thuggish followers (like Ngawang Palden and his gang in New York currently trying to terminate the TYC chapter there as a freedom fighting organization) MWA is a meal-ticket to jobs and positions they would otherwise be unable to secure with their own limited ability and education. –

    Very true. This is the gist of all funda.

  12. To commenter DD. Please just provide a link to the article you feel relevant to this post and do not copy and paste the entire article.

  13. DD thanks for posting the link. I read the piece and though I didn’t agree with everything the writer said I think he makes some very insightful observations. I would suggest that everyone read this, especially as it is coming from a Chinese who is paying attention to exile political problems. Happy NEW YEAR to all readers and commenters.

  14. Tibet’s Historical Right for Independance is the ONLY THING Chinese are afraid of.
    MWA is a joke Chinese still laugh at, and the best thing that happened to them since 1949 invasion.

  15. Agree with poost 19 that MWP is the best that happened to China because it gave them the confidence that the other side is incorrigibly gullible and, when left to itself even with a hint of a possibility of negotiation, the Tibetan side would keep making damaging compromises. All there is to show is a Noble prize that we keep celebrating each year with a fanfare the amuse the world.

  16. How often I’ve read of China casually dismissing His Holiness and the Middle Way Policy for lacking in sincerity. Yet, the unremitting Middleway vs Pro-Independence conflict, which continues to generate extreme stress within the Tibetan community – the result of which has every Tibetan at each others throats. Yet, if there is a silver lining in all this heartache and chaos, surely it must be for China and the Chinese peoples to appreciate.

  17. This is the fundamental misunderstanding of the Rangzen advocates like Jamyang Norbu and Lukar Jam. Neo, the fictional character in The Matrix franchise, portrayed by Keanu Reeves is offered option between red pill and blue pill. If China offers option to Tibetan people between Rangzen and MWA, no doubt we all choose Rangzen but this is not the case.

    Rangzen and MWA debate will go on most likely forever but everybody must respect the democratic system. At any rate both Rangzen party and MWA party wish and strive the best and the well being for people of Tibet. So the question is does this Matrix article promote the interest of Tibetan people? I don’t think so. I have not read or heard any history of mankind who has gained independence or fulfilled their wishes by attacking their own people and democratic government.

    I have to remind Jamyang la and many people here, our recent voting result is a clear indication that vast majority of Tibetan people supported Middle Way Approach. Jamyang La’s statement “since most of these people have been reluctant to openly express their concerns for fear of offending the Dalai Lama” can not be substantiated. Lets say Shicha wala and monks supported MWA based on blind faith in Dalai Lama and CTA or based on fear as Jamyang La said but how about Tibetans abroad. Their support for MWA is no difference from Shicha Wala and monks.

    Regarding the TYC issue, I firmly believe anybody who wants to become members of the TYC must accept their core policy which is complete independence of Tibet. This is a common sense. There is no debate.

  18. White,you wrote that “I have not read or heard any history of mankind who has gained independence or fulfilled their wishes by attacking their own people and democratic government.” There is something called robust disagreement in any democratic government and your characterization of it as “attacking” shows you have been either reading the wrong history books or not reading history at all, or otherwise this basic distinction would not have been lost on you all this time.

  19. @ 24

    I am a common man who knows just enough to make some distinction between right and wrong. Generally speaking disagreement does not mean disrespect. For example I could have many disagreements with my parents in many issues but I could still have deepest respect and love to my parents. Bottom line you could view somebody being wrong but you can not view that person being bad because he is wrong.

    When you view somebody being wrong and being bad at the same time that is a attack in my opinion.

    Leaders of CTA could be wrong but they all can not be bad as Jamyang la and many people here portrayed.

    Following is the example of statement Jamyang La made, “They may be corrupt and self-serving but they are not fools. For these leaders and for all their lowlife thuggish followers (like Ngawang Palden and his gang in New York currently trying to terminate the TYC chapter there as a freedom fighting organization) MWA is a meal-ticket to jobs and positions they would otherwise be unable to secure with their own limited ability and education”. Do you think this is a disagreement?

  20. White, you are onto something. This is not a disagreement. It is, again in my opinion, a raw truth that hurts and my hope is you are not one of them. As I said in my previous post, MWP is, for some, a “bread and butter issue”.

  21. Isn’t it somewhat childish to talk about “bread and butter”? Members of our Parliament, our Kashaaks and all the leaders who hold significant positions are more than capable of making ends meet. The people who are responsible for making our government policy, reform policy, maintain policy (currently MWA) have no issues living their life just like you and me. This kind of statement is very discouraging to those who really want to serve people of Tibet more than oneself for generations to come.

    One example in our society. We all have been seeing monks are coming out of all the monasteries and disrobe themselves in the recent decade or so. I know there are many factors such as liking the woman, liking the money or liking the other worldly pleasures but in my opinion one of the main factors of monks joining the mainstream population is the view lay people hold towards monks. The attitude is unintentional but damage is devastating. These days no Tibetan family especially in exile want to admit their child in the monastery that includes myself.

    If such a negative view and attitude continue towards CTA staff and leaders, may be in the future nobody want to serve in the CTA. So man like Jamyang La needs to be very very careful with their language unless devastating result for people of Tibet is his objective.

  22. Cta staff, by and large, are well-meaning employees and, if you read carefully, this is not what Jamyang la, or I, wrote. Fortunately, I believe CTA staffs, most of them, are capable of making this distinction in spite of your rabid response and in the process missing the whole point. And yes there are great leaders among Cta staffs who will have no problem admitting there are bad apples in their midst. For instance, it is from such leaders one becomes aware of those “bread and butter” leaders pulling the strings of their puppets in New York. But it is your right to bury your head in the sand.

  23. 25 WHITE – “For these leaders and for all their lowlife thuggish followers (like Ngawang Palden and his gang in New York currently trying to terminate the TYC chapter there as a freedom fighting organization) MWA is a meal-ticket to jobs and positions they would otherwise be unable to secure with their own limited ability and education.”

    This Jamyang La’s note is not a disagreement. This is a truth. Its a truth that MW and H.H DL is a ticket for a plate of meals for people like Ngawang Palden and his bosses at CTA. Get this.

  24. It is not just livelihood but the age old prestige and power and everything that comes with the position. And furthermore the position can be used to further one’s wealth and influence. We are not just simply talking about monetary gains but intangible benefits that is attached to the position. For eg, do you think people like Gyari and the ilk can get them cushy $80,000 -$100,000 yearly pay check with minimal work and corresponding prestige and influence? You can also use your influence and power to appoint people of your tribe like the current sikyong. Or use your position to operate illegal human smuggling on diplomatic visas like Penpa Tsering. These people actually those who have worked hard all their lives and watch the post and position they deserve given to some unsldeserving 3rd rate scoundrel whose only qualification is that they belong to the same tribe.

  25. We’ve all grown up hearing people in authority telling us repeatedly that there are wrong ways of doing things, and right ways – sometimes, under certain circumstances, its hard to tell exactly what they really mean by it. Anyway, I am assuming the video below must be an example of, ‘the right way of doing things’. Classy, respectful, mature, with added good humor. At least that’s how I see Sonam Wangdue la doing it.

    Seeing this video also forces me to admit that I was hasty in my imputation all NYNJ Tibetans were alike rednecks. My Apologies.

    The pertinent question is, how will Ngawang Palden and his berserkers react? The two main options at their disposal: boycott, or attend?

    Indeed, some are already threatening to boycott the meeting on social media. However, boycotting hardly seems in-line with their character if their past political hooliganism are any indication. Me-thinks there is more dirty work a-foot. My money is on the troublemakers attending the meeting for no other purpose than to disrupt it.

    I would suggest the organizers and concerned citizens to employ cameras – everywhere! Maybe even few drones, to better record their buffoonery; later to be uploaded so the Tibetan public & the world at-large, can see and judge for themselves.

  26. And now for something completely different! Wait-a-minute. Never mind, it’s the same old shit.

    We know the situation in NY where some umay lame fanatics are trying to get into Rangzen pants, now, it looks as if Rangzen (Mila Rangzen) is trying desperately to get into Umay lame pants.

    I believe this is the first ever pro-Penpa Tsering article written in these elections, and who better to write it than, a Pro-Rangzen guy? What??

    But why waste time writing it if one already concede in the article, the incumbent Sikyong will win? The content is vacuous: the arguments childish, the facts highly subjective; such biases are liable to convince no one but those who already support Penpa Tsering. So, again, why did he feel compelled to write it at all?

    Leaving aside his fixation with petty regionalism, the biggest reason seem to me to be his intense loathing for Lobsang Sangay. (Well it did keep King Rat alive in a Japanese concentration camp throughout the war; a lesson learned if I’m ever interned).

    Mila Rangzen even took the time to make up few slogans for Penpa Tsering which he recommend we put into use. My favorite has to be this beaut: “Samdhong Rinpoche’s son — Our Choice!”.

    While Dr. Sangay has been a big disappointment as far as advancing Tibetan democracy, maybe 2nd term, he could go out like the wise Athenian statesman Solon, who is “remembered particularly for his efforts to legislate against political, economic, and moral decline in archaic Athens.”

    Interesting character. Solon, while in office, basically fixed the economically broken and constitutionally corrupt State and made it fairer and more profitable for everyone (‘cept the filthy rich) and then left politics altogether. Just walked away and was never heard of again! After almost 3000 yrs, we still know about him and admire him. Is there a lesson here?

  27. No. This guy is simply incapable of such high virtue. Everything this Sikyong does is for his own limelight and prestige. So he is not going to be the Solon character because it is not in his nature to not take credit for his work. Ever. Actually he takes credits for things he is not entitled to. Comparing him to Penpa TSERING is like comparing a rotate yak meat to a diseased chicken leg, both equally dangerous for your health.

  28. In the article Mr. Jamyang La has portrayed very much negativity and nothing but lies.(Dharamshala staff members of CTA offices are now required to take a pledge of allegiance to the MWA Policy, and by extension, rejection of Rangzen. I have it on good authority that even menial kitchen workers (ma-yok) have been instructed to take this pledge or lose their jobs. It is just a question of time before Rangen advocates are asked to sign such a pledge or be hounded out of Tibet society.) I assume you are having a nightmare which you are portraying through this article. It is like a tibetan saying a rabbit worries for falling sky. The past 50 years in exile and huge development of exile diaspora is something that we can never have without HHDL’s blessing.
    MWP is something that is not created instantly it is evolved by taking much of time and digging every roots to solve our cause.
    May be for you writing such baseless article is fetching your bread and butter. But not all those you have mention in the article. You yourself is also product of exile tibetan community. Having said that you can be critical but no right to defame HHDL.
    We all MW followers love to have a complete independence. In our exile community we can have number of parties with different thoughts. I dont know others but for me i appreciate TYC for its principles and goal. And completely against those who wishes to change the goal of TYC.
    But for independence, you really need to have a concrete measures to solve our cause. If you have then i am pretty sure even MW supporters will gladly welcome.
    Unless that happens then please mind your fingers and refrain yourself from making such a destructive, negative and stupid article.
    May be you are color blind you should check if it is really red pill that you have chosen.

  29. While waiting for JN’s promised second piece on the subject, what is spewing in New York thanks to the disgruntled local TYC board members led by Ngawang Palen (better know as Rinchen Darlo’s son-in-law)is dangerous enough to split the biggest Tibetan community in USA. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow, January 9th when the visiting TYC leaders are scheduled to meet and address the Tibetan community. One sincerely hopes that common sense and better judgment will prevail.

    Claims of widespread U-may Lam agents is now confirmed after reading from JM’s posting which should frighten innocent Tibetans world-wide.

    There are also claims that U-may Lam advocates and agents are not only threatening the Tibetan people, but there are after the few remaining dedicated non-Tibet supporters which is very alarming. It this what the Dalai Lama really wants?

    It is no mystery that they were, are, and will be after the Tibetan media, especially US sponsored radio stations -VOA and FRA -are virtually being force self-censorship.

    We also know what happened at RFA some time ago. But they are not yet done. Sources in the area confirm that RFA Tibetan Service is facing a second round of hammering at the behest of combined Gaden Phodrang-CTA pressure. Just as what Ngawang Palden and allies in New York are doing, Kalden Lodo has been doing it all along controlling at RFA Tibetan Service as the un-declared point person in Washington DC.

    It is also no sacred that Mila’s candidate Penpa Tsering is in bed with Kalden Lodo’s scheming.

  30. Dream :

    When it comes to supporting Lobsang Sangay, you are blinded by sight.

    I know Lobsang Sangay inside out from my long association. If it benefits him to throw his mother under the bus, he will not blink. He leaks so much information that you will begin to doubt, where his loyalty lies. He is popped up by anti-Lodi Gyari camp with lots of hedge fund money. This guy owes so much for so many people with questionable agendas that he will never be in a position to do anything good for Tibet and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

    Many people believe that he got money from one questionable source to pay off his mortgage. But people who paid him are themselves suspecting that he took same amount of mortgage money from at least two different sources. One day these things will come out. Remember Lodi Gyari Who? and What ? -happening now for sometime.

    But sadly, by then Tibetan people, specially U-Tsang majority are already pranked. Why no Khampas, you may ask? When we discussed this issue with several of our Khampa friends and family, majority seems to be believe this act is ” Jon-po” – I don’t know how to translate this – some sort of high achievement! I suspect you guys will come out and trash me as provincialist and what not; but I am just pointing out the fact. I know there are well intention Khampa intellectuals who think otherwise.

    I subscribe to Mila Rangzen’s view point. Like him, my candidate is Lukar Jam or any Rangzen candidate. But between the two, I will choose Tsoktso Penpa Tsering over Lobsang Sangay anytime. Lobsang Sangay is an item that needs to be preserved in Tibetan museum as specimen of HYPOCRISY and lier, which perhaps, he believes is Jon-po!

  31. Jamyang Norbu stops shot of mentioning the names of of the “the Dalai Lama himself and members of his family have made very troubling public statements that could be construed as condemning all Rangzen advocates as anti-Dalai Lama”, but every body know who they are. Everything is captured and broadcast (U-tube) intentionally to ostracize the Rangzen advocates and their silent supporters. Do I have to vomit the names? It is not the whole TCV setup and its allies in the CTA?

    Can anyone believe that such blatant misuse of power and rebuke the intelligence of the future seeds of a nation and its people they boast to have educated with foreign aid solicited as refugees in the first place?

    Going after the TYC, SFT, Gu-chu-sum, Lhukar Jam, Jamyang Norbu and their associates and followers is akin to what CCP is going its people, including minorities -Tibetans, Ugyurs et al?

    It is also know becoming clear why the number of Tibet supports world-wide is dwindling. How painful it is to be told by the once die-hard supporters of Tibet that they are being asked to stop propagating for a free Tibet independent Tibet!

    Awash with money and power, a handful of H.H. the Dalai Lama’s own families members are plotting to disrupt the ever-docile and god-fearing Tibetan peoples’ piece of mind, and all they have mutely done for the sake of Tibet and its cause.

    Who on earth questions the Tibetan people’s respect and love for the Dalai Lama, and what he has done for the Tibetan people an its cause. Think about it!

    There are even non-Tibetan supporters whose zeal for Tibet and its cause is no less, if not more than many of us, including myself, for Tibetan cause.

    There is urgent need for His Holiness to exercise some immediate control those over his shoulder who is messing up below while professing serving him within the confines of the Thekchen Choeling and beyond.

    How alarming it is that Samdhong Rinpoche could accuse that Rangzen advocates of worse then the Chinese and Shugden followers!

    How alarming Ama Pema and her husband Tempa Tsering are openly twisting the necks of educated of younger Tibetans, especially those educated through the cluster of TYC chapters that have now become the vanguard of the establishment in the name of His Holiness. It is as if the people of Tibet and its cause is nothing to them. They think they should be in charge of saving the future of WHAT…..

    Outside India, and behind the pale of the Middle Way, Dharamsala messed with USA funded radio sations, especially Radio Free Asia and enforced self-censorship. In collision with, now notoriously known as the instigator-in-chief at the behest of Gaden Phodrang, Kelden Lodo and RFA’s much loathed CEO Libby (Chinese) has virtually turned the Tibetan Service into servitude. We all know the firing of its first well regarded director Ngabo Jime several years ago.

    One thoughts things will settle own for the better under the new director -Tenzin Tethong -who was believed to have been chosen as a compromise choice after its rocked the Tibetan community in and outside Tibet.

    As pointed by some one on this website, the grip over power at RFA is not getting better. The new director has virtually little or now say, over what goes around in his service hind the façade of calm and quietness. Some day, Tethong has himself become unstable. Can’t wait to see what comes next……

    And in New York, Ngawang Palden is doing what Kelden Lodo is doing at FRA. He has put the survival of TYC at risk. Let’s wait and see who things prevail.

  32. “I know Lobsang Sangay inside out from my long association. If it benefits him to throw his mother under the bus, he will not blink.”

    Hell hath no fury like a mother inlaw scorned? Am I blind? l don’t know, I guess I am blind – doesn’t surprise me. I try to keep up to date; I watch Tibettv. On some nights, I see the two together – your boy and Dr. Sangay,like two peas in a pod. An alien observer would never suspect there is a sikyong election taking place right now since these elections can be turned on and off like a faucet. Leaning Tower of Pisa is what our electoral system resembles. Yet, what can we expect if our architects deliberately build Democracy on faulty foundations? I suppose the whole thing makes for good Kodak moments.

    Anyway, if the leaders are not taking the elections seriously, why should the public? Why should I care? Do I care about the 2016 Sikyong election? After the prelims, I don’t care; a pea is a pea. Vote for whoever you want.

    My parents are from U-Tsang. But whether Kham or U-Tsang, again, I don’t care if the people elected in office do their job. Bickering over regionalism is akin to pouring water on a drowning man; obviously I am not sprouting wisdom here and only a fool exile would go there.

  33. Holly crafty.I could spent an hour going through the comments and get nothing at the this now becoming what? Boy that Mila rangzen would fall that low to support chela of samdong rinpoche ? I don’t blame him..desparate time with no rangzem candidate demands desparate dump action…not a visionary thoughtful folks just like his peers..haha! If I am rangZen madman…i would eat cat shit than to support any one on the MW candidate. Funny though it may seem it’s still true tib never grow to their full potential…

  34. Yes, the people of New York and New Jersey have spoken, and dealt a final blow to the rebellious group that tried to discredit the TYC for a while, and the two leaders -Tenzin Jigme and Tashi Lamsang – should wastes no time any future, but implement what they promised in writing last month after failing to reach a deal with the self-styled Middle Way sycophants who tried every trick to appease their undeclared and obvious backers by challenging and rebuking the visiting leaders only to find them back in their yard for a touch down.

    Fresh elections should be held as soon as possible, but not before ensuring that the TYC membership is enforced. It is my understanding that there is no age limit for primary membership. Make sure only registered and paying members cast their votes.

    From the just concluded North American Chitue debate in Washington DC -organized by a Middle Way Approach leaning (suspected)- a word is out there the current (soon to be defunct) NY/NJ TYC has also sent out invitation to all North American Chitue candidates except Tsewang Rigzin.
    I suspect this will be come a big issue unless it is remedied. Perhaps the best way under the prevailing circumstances is to cancel it for good.

  35. Saw the full video. Wonderful and moving plea for solidarity by Tenzin Jigme la and Tashi Lamsang la of TYC Centrex; and I thought they received it most heartily from the Tibetan audience there.

    If what Tashi Lamsang la said of Ngawang Palden are true; what a piece of work. “He (Ngawang Palden) also sent a letter to His Holiness expressing that an American intelligence had listed TYC as an organization posing potential threat to His Holiness’ security which was not true.” – Phayul

    Lodi Gyari la must be jumping for joy that his version of “ground reality” has produced such a man. Finally, someone to take over Tibet Fund.

    Not sure about any final blow being struck, the assholes seem unapologetic. Surely, miles to go before we sleep. I feel, only the Sikyong/CTA, or His Holiness can deliver the final blow – and, there’s the rub.

  36. Some people here have expressed that they respect different political opinion even though they may not agree with it. I hope we are not meandering into a state where being politically correct takes priority over our goals. It could be someone’s political stance to live under Chinese rule. Can we respect that? Isn’t that the very political stance we should be fighting against?

  37. Angry Old Tibetan:
    It is not a question of political correctness. A great man referred to them as “lemmings” and as such it in their nature to jump of cliffs. So if reason or logic cannot swayed them, let them go on their merry way.

  38. That Phayul news of a Tibetan suicide victim (Yeshi Jungney) disillusioned with Tibetan authority over election rigging is so disgusting its hard to imagine we Tibetans are any better than the soulless CCP. What is wrong with us Tibetans? Why can’t we ever do things honorably? I swear half the problems in the exile community would not have risen if we did things honestly. But that seems to be either beyond us or beneath us.

    Where was the Election Commission? He was part of their prelim election STAFF for god sake!! It is the EC’s job to adjudicate election fraud and mete out punishments as per article 24. Where was this man’s chidue rep? It’s his or her responsibility to, at the least, listen to him. Where was his local community he worked so hard for? Seems they were too busy hushing him up and breaking his heart. Where was CTA? Where were the Tibetan public? We have all failed him; his death, in part is the fault of us all, for always supporting the strong and never the weak in our community, and generally going with the flow of bullshit. I know not many give a shit since he is a nobody sacrificial pawn in the exile political game. WE ARE SUCH LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fuck the public apologies that never sees the light of day. What is that Monk’s name?? Who’s name is on those voting slips????

    “…due to his (Yeshi Jungney) dissatisfaction with the local ~Tibetan authority’s support in an election rigging case~ where he had been manhandled by a Tibetan monk on the Tibetan preliminary elections in October.”

    “The deceased approached our office for an official intervention. After much deliberation, a public apology from the monk was prescribed as a punitive measure. The monk wrote an apology letter where the monastery supervisor (changzoe), the disciplinary master (gekoe), his house master (khangtsen gendak) and I signed. The monk was also made to work in the monastery kitchen.”

    (Why are punitive measures identical to Tenzingang incident where local justice supercede? A crime of election rigging did take place, even Mr Sonam Choephel Shosur the Election Commissioner freely admitted it on the day of the prelims on Voice of Tibet).

    Electoral Regulations #1 penalties for violation, states……

    “1: If an individual resorts to physical intimidation or verbal coercion to vote in favour of a certain candidate, the democratic rights of voting of the individual will be withdrawn for 10 years.”

  39. I agree with everything Dream said above. I bow my head in shame as Tibetan.
    I think Tibetan media is not doing its duty in investigating the issue.

  40. @45 GyalpoT, Isn’t it strange even the phrase “Political Correctness” takes on a different meaning when spoken in the context of exile Tibetan politics. I am happy to let them go off the cliff. But the problem is that they insist I join them too or say or pretend as if they are doing the right thing (for all of US). Which I can’t do and I refuse to do. They can’t stop me or people like me from pointing out the shit when we see it.

  41. OurElection Commission is there to selectively enforce the rules ( that it makes whenever it likes) only when enforcing them serve its political masters. Our God given democracy can not tolerate one thing and that is disagreeing with the God that created it. We have a theocracy in democratic garb.

  42. Folks what are you guys doing to get Rangzen? Or Is Rangzen is just to cover your ugly face? Most of you here are ex-CTA who are not happy with what happened to you and try to revenge your former boss. please spare Tibetan people.

  43. We must acknowldge that Rangzen negotiation with China will surely lead to MWP but MWP negotiation will never lead to anything.
    Tibetans are still sleeping with their eyes closed. HH Dalai Lama is a shrewd and professionalized politician. But we think HH is a great spiritual and reincarnated Guru. Many innocent and ignorant Tibetans still worship him. Tibetans never do research, analyze, brainstorm and use their logic. This is a scientific and technological age of 21st century. Try to wider your horizon and look at other leaders of many different countries. Leaders alway respect and love their people and country first.

  44. #53#

    So you mean to say that the majority of the Tibetans are ignorant and you are wiser than most of them. Ha! ha! man. Lately I’m seeing your dull ego coming to the fore and destroy your own peace of mind.

    Sleep well man. You can’t stop the influence of the Dalai Lama in your entire lifetime. Better do something else.

  45. Samten,
    Your personal attack ushers you an acknowldgement of your ignoranceness and blind faith in religion. Your bigotry begets more bigotry. I am trying to portray a factual side of HH Dalai Lama. The whole world knows that HH Dalai Lama is a celebrity (VIP) figure around the world in politics comingled with religion and there is no reason to hyperbolize from me. We all know that His Holiness has two sides. To the Tibetans, he says he is reincarnation of higher beings and he keep recognizing all tulkus, and to the Western people, HH always telling the truth, saying he is not reincarnation of Buddha or any higher beings.
    To the Tibetan journalists or news reporters, His Holiness never accepts appointments for an interview, and to the Western worl, it is very easy to get an appontment an interview. If you do not agree, ask Jamyang Norbu la, Phayul Editors or any other Tibetan News reporter. There are many examples to point. But I am not trying to criticize His Holiness. It is fact and no one can deny it.

  46. @55 Why are you singling out HHDL. It is same for all Trulkus especially in the higher realm – the only difference is HHDL held political position. All Trulku claim to be a reincarnation this or that ….

  47. @ 53
    You said, “HH Dalai Lama is a shrewd and professionalized politician”. What is his political ambition? What is he is trying to achieve?

    As much as you have the right to believe whatever you want, we have the right to believe whatever we want. So believe what you want and let us believe what we want.

    You want logic and research. US supported Saddam Hussain during 8 years of Iraq and Iran. US trained and supported Osama Bin Laden in the 1970s to fight the Soviets. At the end US killed both of these guys. How about US granting China Most Favored Nation (MFN) trade status for year after year? How about US being friends with Saudi Arabia? These two nations have the worse human rights records in the world. I know there are national interest for doing this but what happen to the American values, such as civil liberties, freedom of any sort and democracy and so on? So the money is more important than these values? Who are you going to look up to now?

    If you are Shugden follower, do not mix your personal agenda with Tibetan national interest.

  48. You are so right 55.

    It is something that is on the minds of every Tibetan in the media, including America sponsored VOA and RFA.

    Know what? The last time His Holiness graciously allowed himself to be was non other than
    RFA’s Kelden during the Kalachakra teachings in Ladakh about two years, ago, and when RFA chief, the shameless Chinese lady, Liby passed a flying
    kiss to His Holiness, which he gleefully accepted by raising his hands in acknowledgement.

    I can recall someone telling me that during one of earlier Tibetan community meeting organized by the Office of Tibet, when he asked if the audience if any questions, and a reporter,
    perhaps from RFA, tried to ask a question about his meeting with the President Obama or something
    like that, he rejected it saying it is a political questions. Seems he is allergic to Tibetan media.

  49. What are these people trying to achieve? Not Rangzen for sure. They have problem with Dalai Lama, our culture, our way of thinking, our government, our leaders and literally they have problem with everything we Tibetans stand for. If these people stand for Rangzen, what did they do in the name of Rangzen beside constant attack against ourselves.

    Good thing people like these existed only a handful.

  50. White,
    Candidly speaking, you do not have wisdom of priority between Tibet and leadership. Of course, Rangzen is our birth right and we will it keep alive in our heart. Beginning of Rangzen movement was tested in 2008 during the Olympic Games in Beijing but unfortunately our leaders have busted it. You should know and digest why our leaders are emphasizing on MWP. There is a solid reason behing this panorama of ambition. Tibetans in Tibet are dreaming Independence even they have better econmic condition under Chinses. Politically, they are not happy under the foreign domination in their own country.

  51. Someone has posted a short YouTube clip of chithue debate held in Toronto. Asked about their opinion of Lukar Jam – I was astounded by some of the answers. especially the lady candidate. I dont know if they’ve expressed such anger even at the Shugden protestors who call His Holiness all kinds of derogatory names.

  52. F.U @ 59:

    I do not have problem with His Holiness the ” Dalai Lama, our culture, our way of thinking, our government, our leaders” or have ” problem with everything we Tibetans stand for.”

    Yes, I do have problem with you and your type and your psychotic belief of us versus them.

  53. 63
    Me too, I have no problem with HH Dalai Lama. But you should always remember that I love Tibet more than our leader. My grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents were born in Tibet and Tibet will be my country for my kids and my grand kids. Our leaders will change as time goes on but Tibet will never change.
    You are still sleeping with your eyes open or your ignorance is shrouded by your misunderstanding. We do not have government at this juncture. We had our exile Govt. in India many years ago but our leaders have blew it up.
    I think you should increase your horizon to have better idea on Gangchen Kyishong system.
    Perhaps you may be one of parasites of gangkyi and in this case, you have and you will have problem with those people who are honest and thinking best for Tibet and its people.

  54. Over-the-top antics and loathing persona against one’s own people, one’s own leaders, one’s own culture is definitely not the sign of patriotism. No Tibetan is your enemy, except yourself. There is no Tibetan on this earth who do not like their country, Tibet.

    “Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first”-Charles de Gaulle

  55. White,
    When you follow MWP means you are part of China, not Tibet. Hong Kong is one of the examples we can look at map. Country and people are one, not two. Patriotism is love of your country and people.
    I think you have so many enemies created by your own ignorance and anger. Shugden followers are Tibetan and anti-Shugden followers are Tibetan too but both are lost in their own blind faith world. I do not have any problem with Shugden followers and this is their religious rights.
    But you make it very big deal out of nothing.

  56. A specter is haunting Dharamsala – the specter of Middle Way. All the powers of old Independence have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: TYC and SFT, Jamyang Norbu and Lukar Jam, Interweb Radicals and Liberal Police spies. It is high time that Middle Way should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Specter of Middle Way with the Manifesto of the Party itself.

    The proletarians have nothing to lose but their birthright; they have a world to immigrate!

    Penpa Tsering maintains the fault, is not in his stars, but in Lobsang Sangay, that we are underlings.

    Seems we got our own bogus Obama and Bernie Sanders. So, who you choosing: The morning star or the evening star?

  57. Idiota a.k.a @ 65

    You quote:

    “Patriotism is when love of your own PEOPLE ( emphasis,mine) comes first”-Charles de Gaulle

    People here means country, the nation and not any individual. Like in English, trees mean forest, not particular tree.

    One problem with all the troubles in our community is that these shallow creeps like white here, Kalden Lodroes at RAF or Ngawang Palden in NY and Jangye Lhagab in Sechak is that they think there are the most advanced, farsighted and divine bestowed soul keepers. The reality is that these are shallowest mind. What a divine comedy.

  58. The better example is between word wood and woods, where wood is wood but woods means forest. So people in the above quote means nation, not individual , how ever tall he or she may be.

  59. Bernie Sanders speaks louder than our leaders in Dharamsala. Tibetans in the USA should vote for Bernie Sanders for President.I think Mr. Sanders will do much better job for Tibet to raise our voice in the International platform. But sometimes, politicians get changed when they get more power. Lets hope for the best.Our hope is as big as Mt.Everest and we are spoiled by our hope.

  60. I agree Jampal la; I believe Bernie Sanders would benefit Tibetans and the Tibetan struggle more than any of the other candidates would. Alas its true once voted in office they change(see Obama and Dr. Sangay). However, Bernie Sanders seems to be made of sterner stuff and has a tremendous track record of integrity and persistently standing by what he believes in.

    Not sure how many American Tibetans know about Bernie much less would vote for him. My observation of Tibetans, even in the United States, leads me to believe most are Republican types, who, if they are forced to vote, might very well go for Trump or Hillary since they are both familiar faces on TV and they exude money.

    Ofcourse Tibetans in US might also be caught up in our own Middle Way elections which is just as exciting what with the Sikyong candidates playing hot potato, of, “I don’t want to”, “I don’t want to”, when it comes to actual debate. Penpa Tsering didn’t want to against Lukar Jam, and, now, it might be the Sikyong is ducking a debate with the Speaker.

    I’ve watched a lot of Penpa Tsering talks on his whirlwind campaign circuit and it seems like he is gaining popularity. I see it as lose/lose for the Sikyong debating with him now especially when Penpa Tsering is seen as some kind of a secular dharmapala to His Holiness. Anyone going against him has automatically assumed the unenviable position of the Antichrist. Plus, some of the insinuations level at the Sikyong by Penpa Tsering might even be true – yet, that would hardly concern the average partisan voters so forget I said that.

    Anyway, I would love to see a debate between the two middle way titans. But who cares what I want? Representative democracy demands it.

  61. If there happens to be a debate betw the 2; it will be “you start first” push from each other.if one begins..the other will end the show. Alas..lukar can’t participate or PT will be no show..hanging out with his buddies having “Canadian club whisky or king fisher with a fried pork for his principle

  62. All good people, you that thus far have come to pity me, hear what I say, and then go home and lose me.

    I have received a traitor’s judgment, and by that name must die: yet, heaven bear witness, and if I have a conscience, let it sink me, even as the axe falls, if I be not faithful!

    You few that loved me, and dare be bold to weep for Karma Chophel, his dear friends and family, whom to leave is only bitter to him, only dying – go with me, like good angels, to my end.

    Yet, you that hear me, this from a dying man receive as certain: Where you are liberal of your loves and counsels, be sure you be not loose; for those you make friends and give your hearts to, when they once perceive the least rub in your fortunes, fall away like water from you, never found again but where they mean to sink you.

    All good people, pray for me! I must now forsake you: the last hour of my long weary life is come upon me. Farewell: And when you would say something that is sad, speak how I fell.

  63. Lit a lamp, said my prayers. Patriot till the end. An artist should do a comic book on him to inspire our new generation of Karma Choephell la’s contribution to Tibetan struggle. My heartfelt condolences to his family.

  64. As a believer of Middle Way Policy, I recognized Mr. Karma Choephel as a true patriotic Tibetan who have greatly contributed to our society. My salute to him and heartfelt condolence to his family.

    These days exile Tibetans are fighting for Sikyong candidate based on Lungshen. What a shame! If we behave like this way, we don’t need any other enemy.

  65. “These days exile Tibetans are fighting for Sikyong candidate based on Lungshen. What a shame! If we behave like this way, we don’t need any other enemy.”

    And according to you, we should be fighting in the name of sect? Did you forget your own moronic bashing?

    You should go to hell. There is place reserve for you. China’s kiss ass giving a fake somber outlook.

  66. This is done by educated Tibetans to stir our community. Watch and who is doing this regionalism. Gangchen Kyishong is CPU of this problem and waves traveling with Mr. Penpa Tsering. We can easily finger point ot Mr. Penpa Tsering if something went wrong with our Tibetan Community in exile.

  67. @82
    Are you looking for somebody to fight? China is waiting for you. May be even China has no time to deal with your childish argument.


    Bernie Sanders was way, way, way, behind the polls at the start; come Iowa last night, with missing voters, uncounted precincts, super delegates for HC, rigged coin toss – Hillary Clinton allegedly won 6 out of 6 toss!! And to think, Einstein said, God didn’t play dice; scientists can be so naive. Anyway, after all the shenanigans, Iowa was Tieowa.

  69. Our so called democracy is just a joke and complete opposite of the US system. Currently the political parties in US are trying to pick a presidential candidate. Whereas our system pick the party (MW or Rangzen) first and then we are expected to pick a Sikyong from MW party. And now there grumblings of regionalism – pick a khampa or ustang? How laughable! Whoever is picked we deserve it!

  70. So what is right about status quo Tibetan society?

    For handful of Rangzen masked people, nothing is right. Dalai Lama is wrong, Gadhen Phodang is wrong, CTA is wrong, our political leaders are wrong, people of Tibet are wrong, our democracy is wrong.

    Oh not all, Shugden followers are right, insulting Dalai Lama is right.

  71. Why Jamyang la and his cohort never seem to see China and their eyes are fixated on Dalai Lama, CTA and people of Tibet to criticize? Does this do any good to gain Rangzen? I need to know. Unlike MWA, Rangzen policy naturally demands more serous fight against China. Do I see any fight against China from Jamyang la and his cohorts?

    People of Tibet need to know more about China. People of Tibet need to know what is happening in China. One of my favorite YouTube channel is China Uncensored by Chris Chappell who look alike Agent Smith in The Matrix movie. He covers all kinds of interesting subjects strictly related to China and it is very entertaining as well. These days we need media channel like this to promote our cause. These days people prefer to watch and listen in a entertaining way.

    If Jamyang la is serious about Rangzen, creating such an independent media channel strictly talking about China, it’s government, it’s policy, it’s economic, it’s society, it’s human rights and whatever that could affect our cause and our struggle. I am sure this will help Rangzen policy 100 times better attacking CTA.

    I do have to remind you this neither I have worked in CTA or Gadhen Phodang nor I have any friends or relatives working in those organizations. Whatever you do, does not effect me personally except hurting my feelings of Tibetaness.

  72. It is not the sole duty of Jamyang Norbu to do everything. He does what he is good at perfectly well. Democracy has been unleashed so learn to swim in its wake or just jump into a scummy authoritarian pond if one has predilection towards such environs.

  73. This Sikyong election is such a mess! Two worthless candidates- X and Y.
    And now another worthless person comes out and says- worthless X is worthier than worthless Y. She happily works under worthless Y for 4 and half years, without even a squeak. And all of a sudden she turns into a whistle blower now, of all time. So she is a politician, a shameless one at that. But, short sighted.
    Not that I am participating in the finals. For me Sikyong 2016 election ended the day Lukar was excluded from the race.


  74. I wish someone has the rarest of the rare courage to suggest the red pill for HH the Dalai Lama to detoxify himself from the blue pills administered to him by none other than his elder brother Gyalo Thondup La; the day HH had renounced independence in preference to the so called the Middle Way approach, the Chinese leadership secretly applauded and heralded the day that marked the formal acquisition of Tibet as the inalienable part of the people’s Republic of China.

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