The Clarity of Committment (Part 1)

Quite a few months have passed since the Sikyong elections and the strange events that followed. Nonetheless, being reminded of that depressing experience by a fuzzy Facebook video of the emetic countenance of Speaker Penpa Tsering staring at his rival Dr. Lobsang Sangay being sworn in for yet another five years of purposeless posturing, is still enough to plunge one in a miasma of existential despair for the future of the Tibetan cause and people.

After the Election Commission’s last-minute rewriting of its rules to remove Lukar Jam Atsok, the only candidate who, in spite of an untactful remark or two, had something important, even vital to say, the entire exercise essentially devolved into a sycophantic contest to demonstrate which candidate was more loyal to the Dalai Lama. The flip side of this loyalty fest were nasty back and forths about who was “hurting His Holiness’s feelings” by not carrying out his wishes to the absolute T. Check out journalist Choenyi Woser’s excellent post for details.

Samdong Rinpoche, former PM and self-styled Mahatma, put in his petulant two cents worth declaring he would not vote in the elections as both candidates were competing and not cooperating in true Gandhian fashion, which is ignorant twaddle at best, if we recall how Gandhi ruthlessly maneuvered Subhas Chandra Bose out of the Congress president’s seat in 1939. But perhaps Rinpoche was just implying that the two Sikyong candidates were not groveling uniformly enough in their craven subservience, which is the requisite deportment for success (even survival it seems) in exile Tibetan society these days.

Soon afterwards the Nechung and the Tsering Chenga oracles joined the sycophancy chorus making oracular declarations rebuking the candidates for not paying attention enough to the security and long life of the Dalai Lama. Not to be left behind, the major abbots and lamas of the Gelukpa school led by the Ganden Tripa hurriedly convened in Dharamshala to “tender apologies” and offer “contrition” to the Dalai Lama for “the untoward developments… of the last few months.” After their audience with the Dalai Lama they announced that “His Holiness had reaffirmed he would live till the age of 113.”

Everyone, I suppose, heaved a huge sigh of relief at that. I just poured myself a stiff one.

During the election campaign and the events that followed nothing was discussed, not even incidentally, about the Tibetan cause or struggle. I didn’t see any reports of political debates or discussions on Chinese repression inside Tibet, for example: the arrests of Tibetan writers Lobsang Jamyang (aka Lomik) and Drukar Gyal (aka Shokjang), or the popular demonstrations in Minyak to protest Chinese mining, or even the issue of self-immolations – three of which of which took place within this period.

Sonam Tso of Dzoge (50), mother of five, set herself on fire and died on March 23rd “to protest Chinese rule in Tibet”. Kalsang Wangdu (18), a monk of Retsokha Aryaling Monastery self-immolated on February 29 in Nyarong, Kham “…calling for complete independence for Tibet.” On the same day, a young exile, Dorje Tsering (16), set himself on fire in Herbertpur town (Dehradun) and was rushed to a hospital in Delhi but passed away after three days. He called out “…’Free Tibet’ as he ran engulfed in flames.”

I would like to discuss Dorje Tsering’s immolation at some length, not because it is in any sense more significant than the many others that have happened inside Tibet, but as it took place in exile the recording of a full deathbed statement was made possible.  The statements I came across on iPhone videos are remarkable for the courage and commitment of the young man but for his clear thinking as well. The two videos are difficult to watch as it is obvious that Dorje Tsering was in great pain when speaking. It also appears that he was not under sedation as his thoughts were clear and organized. He even offered his name, age, school, the day of the month and reasons for his action, and details of its execution. The English translation is by Free Tibet, London. I have taken the liberty of making a couple of corrections. From the first video:

My name is Dorje Tsering. I am a 16-year-old student of Tibetan Homes School, Mussoorie. In 1959, China occupied our Tibet. This caused Tibetans to become fragmented… some are in Tibet, others in exile in many countries. I have had a strong determination to do something for Tibet since my early childhood. I thought if there was something I could do for Tibet, the only option would be to burn my body. I bought kerosene and matches and burned myself. It seems the kerosene I put on my body was not enough to burn it completely, only the outside and not do much damage to my body internally. I did think about my parents and family at first. In the past I asked my father and mother many times how it would be if I self-immolated. My parents would always say that they would feel very sad, so sad that they would die. But I’ve given up my parents for the sake of Tibet. Finally I want to say long live His Holiness and I pray that Tibet may gain independence as soon as possible. “May Tibet be Victorious”.

In a subsequent video where he again mentions his name, age, school and the date of his self-immolation he provides a more detailed reason for what he thought his action would achieve. Excerpt from the second video

…I realized there was nothing else I could do besides making the sacrifice of self-immolation. Because if I self-immolate everyone will be shocked to realize he had set fire to his own body. So when they think that, countries like UK, America… Africa … wherever, they will pay attention to Tibetans and support us and help us.

The young man’s hope of bringing international attention in the Tibet issue might seem naive to some. But let us not forget the self-immolation of the humble Tunisian vegetable-vendor that sparked the Arab Spring. Given Dorje Tsering’s clear thinking I am sure he saw his sacrifice as a contribution to the freedom struggle but not something that would change everything overnight.

Nonetheless his sacrifice was substantial enough to gain the attention and support of U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. TNC leader Jigme Ugen met her on March 1 at a campaign rally. She was deeply moved by the young man’s story and said “…my best wishes are with this boy and his family… We will have to keep China accountable on human rights and the situation in Tibet.” A photograph was taken of Hillary Clinton holding a photograph of Dorje Tsering that Clinton suggested might be forwarded to let him know that a world leader had paid attention to his sacrifice. The photograph was texted to his father at Safdarjang hospital where Dorje Tsering saw it before he died.

I have no doubt that besides Mrs. Clinton many others will not forget the misleadingly sweet face that masked the steely determination of this young man. His actions have strengthened in me the resolve to keep on fighting for the cause of Tibetan independence, and also to never give up my task of exposing of CTA’s wretched Middle Way policy of self-abasement to China. If China’s occupation and repression in Tibet was the principal reason for this young man to set himself alight, then – in a real sense – the secondary cause was almost certainly the Tibetan government abandoning the struggle for Tibetan independence.

In addition to the renunciation of our national goal, it was the campaign initiated by Dharamshala to demonize and marginalize Rangzen  activists that I now clearly see as the cause for Dorje Tsering’s death. Think about it for a moment. If the Rangzen struggle was still ongoing and vital as it was in the seventies and eighties, there would be plenty for the young man to do. For instance if the Tibetan Youth Congress had not been eviscerated by Dharamshala and was still its earlier dynamic self, I have no doubt you would see Dorje Tseten at the forefront of the Mussoorie RTYC leading a demonstration or a hunger strike against a visiting Chinese leader in Delhi.

But blaming Dharamshala and Middle Way yahoos alone is perhaps unfair. All of us involved in the Tibetan struggle, even Rangzen activists – including myself, have to share some of the blame. In our fear of “…hurting the Dalai Lama’s feelings” and of offending or undermining CTA we perhaps made too many compromises and did not fight hard enough to maintain the integrity of the Rangzen struggle, allowing, in the end, a brave, committed, sixteen-year old to come to the fateful conclusion that there was no other way to free his nation and his people except by setting himself ablaze.


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  1. Jamyang la, I respect you a lot.

    But one major folly I find with your writings including the one above is that your target is invariably predetermined in one single person-Prof Samdhong Rinpoche, who is obviously a non-Lhasan and an outsider to Central Lhasan bureaucracy. You then go on to lay the plot in such a manner that the narrative portrays him in a very negative light. What makes this one Khampa monk so detestable for many, especially for “blue-blooded” people like yourself? Given such criticism, what guarantee can you and your folks present to negate the fear that you are all into reviving “the old society”, and that “rangzen” is a mere ploy.

  2. The only realistic one, together we need to end this culprit govt that we have.. In which decision maker are super religious,

  3. Firstly, I would like to say thank you very much for your meaningful and straightforward article and was really enjoyed reading you post as always but I was really astonished when you said that CTA is the secondary reason of the death of Dorje Tsering. We, any of us, should not write such a factless statement. This kind of statement is just purposeless and will create division in our society.
    Just saying, no offense though !

  4. @ Thinlay Zhika Sarpa

    Do not make it a Khampa vs Utsang thing regarding Samdong Rimpoche. Personally nothing against Samdong Rimpoche but everybody knows that he has no special affinity with any region.In fact he has once famously stated that he was born in the wrong cholkha. So, your protest is not only lame but very disingenuous. He has his group of people from all regions that he has cultivated and who admire him.
    But like Sangpo I too do not agree with Jamyang Norbula writing that CTA is the secondary reason for Dorjee Tsering’s self immolation.

    I believe you may be misreading some points of Jamyang la’s commentary. From what I understand according to the words of Jamyang la
    “All of us involved in the Tibetan struggle, even Rangzen activists – including myself, have to share some of the blame. In our fear of “…hurting the Dalai Lama’s feelings” and of offending or undermining CTA”
    includes Utsang, Kham and Amdo people, blue blood or not. Therefore, singling out our brave Khampas was not the point and Samdong Rimpoche’s policies just happen to be the topic for discussion and inadvertently he of Khampa origin. Therefore, as a former Serf myself I would request to refrain from adding more fuel to issues of sectarianism and regionalism stirred up by the Chinese. As you well know ALL Tibetans irrespective of class, cred or origin has suffered under the Chinese onslaught.

  6. Let’s be free thinkers! Be not too psychologically compliant and intellectually subservient to SR, JN or anyone for the matter.

    Jamyang la is great! But I wonder how Samdong Rinpoche la became his bete noire in the first place and why he would call SR “ignorant” (Wonder what barometer JN la used). Jamyang la is a respected personality but must know where he stands vis-a-vis Samdong Rinpoche for contributions to the Tibetan cause. Maybe SR is ignorant for at least reaching out to PRC on nine occasion, though not of any success, and for supporting His Holiness’ Middle Way. Jamyang la seem happier with Harvard-educated Sangay la’s Zen approach, where LS pretended PRC did not exist in his worldview for five years (1825 days!). If Jamyang la is unhappy with the Middle-Way, he must settle this bone of contention with His Holiness for proposing this, the Tibetan parliament for adopting this, and Kashag for enforcing the policy. Jamyang la must have the guts to hit where intended and not beat around the bush. If Samdong R la is a “self-styled” Gandhi, then who is Subhash Chandra Bose? You (Jamyang-la)? Or Lukar Jam?

    If Jamyang la writes so irresponsibly on Samdong R for non-issue based stuffs, it will only doing disservice to the reputation he had built so far.

    BTW, Chinese Billionaire Wang Weiliang met Mrs Clinton only days ago and she will not be different from her hubby Bill. If Mrs. Clinton gets presidency, farthest extent LS can go is get only a photo-op. Steely impression and other things are wishful thinking, and Jamyang la knows better than many of us.

  7. Jamyang la, I am afraid your writing is now sounding worse than a sound of an empty vessel. Your writing used to spark a bit of freedom spirit in me but not any more. I am disappointed that you are not offering anything more than criticising CTA and MWP and now even ridiculing our society and who we are. For our exile community the single most important deciding point is the election time. In the recent election, there was so much confusion and drama but you seemed to be hiding somewhere, even hesitated to support the Rangtsen candidate let alone standing as a candidate. If you were to be remembered as a true rangtsen fighter, now is the time do something different than just writing to split our community into pieces.

  8. Free thinking unconstrained by evidence and rationality is fertile ground for sowing conspiracy theories.

    “What makes this one Khampa monk so detestable for many, especially for “blue-blooded” people like yourself? Given such criticism, what guarantee can you and your folks present to negate the fear that you are all into reviving “the old society”, and that “rangzen” is a mere ploy.”

    Have you any evidence for such a straw man? I believe not any. IMO, the only people who seem to be accorded kudak titles in public these days are showered on the politicians like Lobsang Sangay and Penpa Tsering, both peasant stock.

    Tibetans who play with the kudak card or the regionalism card, I think they are either very ignorant or too clever.

  9. I am a huge fan of JN. I often write under different alias here, especially to argue against fanatic posters like White and others. But, here I totally agree with poster no: 7, Sonam Tsering la. Not only did JN didn’t write anything worthwhile but even refuses to relent the space for electoral discussion. This side of JN that I know for more than a quarter of century surprised me.

    I have no problem with JN taking aim at SR. I have seen SR targeting JN without mentioning his name directly. I find this side of SR very dangerous and have made known my displeasure to the people working directly for SR, for whatever weight it might carried. May be nil.

    SR in a public meeting told a huge gathering of people, how ungrateful are the people who are criticizing His Holiness the Dalai Lama by writing articles likes ” Still waiting for Mangtso”. SR was taking aim at JN’s article in Phayul by the same title published at that time. To me, SR was acting like fanatic Hindu leaders in India instigating people against JN. I find that extremely idangerous.

    I think JN should take a moral high ground and should not take to gutter politics.

    This said, I have lot of respect for SR for his contribution. It is said : ” True leaders do not have to be perfect, but they have to be AUTHENTIC. ”

    The CLOWN we elected is not a authentic at all and it is sad to see JN is a closet admirer. And with this I might not write here any longer. JN took the oxygen out during the election. For people like me, I can write perfectly well in Tibetan and there is more fanatics in Tibetan language readers than in English.

  10. #8 – If I can repeat your last para:
    Tibetans who play the kudrak card & regionalism card……….fall in groups – totally ignorant and just too clever……

  11. Jamyang la wrote:

    “In addition to the renunciation of our national goal,
    it was the campaign initiated by Dharamshala to demonize
    and marginalize Rangzen activists that I now clearly see
    as the cause for Dorje Tsering’s death.”

    So this is Jamyang-la’s conclusion and how far he can go to trash talk CTA about his conspiracy “campaign” theory. Late Pawo Dorje Tsering la mention “Long Live His Holiness” and “May Tibet regain independence”, but Jamyang la chose to highlight only what he wanted. His blame on CTA is very uncalled for.

    Many, like myself, call for independence and still respect His Holiness dearly. Even Middle Way supporters ultimately desire independence, though they align with this line of thinking either for the reason that time is running out for Tibetans, China is too strong and manipulative, or the fact that His Holiness is that only Tibetan who cares the most and knows the best on what is good for Tibetans. When Middle-way supporters die, they will equally pray for complete independence, regardless what they compromised under a difficult political situation while alive.

    So it is unfair to blame CTA for Pawo Dorje Tsering la’s death. The other day, I was talking about Samdhong Rinpoche la only as an example to show JN-la unfair writings. Whatever happened that fateful morning when “some officials” (I don’t want to name them here out of respect) expected His Holiness to dress down SR-la and Khampa leadership for the three-point Chushi Gandruk-Taiwan Bosok Lekhung pact and what came about later was very well known to JN la because his folks were closely involved. But he only sided with his anti-SR folks and always cherry picked to portray SR-la in negative light and fuel the rift between SR-la and Chushi Gangdruk. Even to this day he flirts with a division of Chushi Gangdruk in Delhi and the US with Rangzen talks to this day. This is gravely affecting Tibetans unity, if he cares to see it. I was only giving an SR-la example.

    I admire his Rangzen stance but spit on his very unmanly, filthy tactics that intentionally or unintentionally has been creating much division, even at this point when Tibetans have found relief that His Holiness has pardoned LS-la and PT-la for their petty regional politics in the name of democracy. I am not worried as by now both the candidates have come to understand that there is something called fair play and moral respectability. I think Jamyang la must continue doing what he has been doing for Rangzen and not unnecessarily blame CTA. After nine-rounds of talks and PRC blaming His Holiness for “double standards” with charges such like “independence in disguise”, SR-la never said the talks derailed because of Rangzen supporters, which he could have done if he chose to solidify what Jamyang la hates—the MW policy. But Samdhong Rinpoche la did not because he was not mean, at least.

  12. Once again Jamyang la did it. I do not understand why tibetans can not digest the truth. We have a logo that says truth will prevail but when it comes to practice zero zero.

    Tell me t why Jamyang can not pinpoint or criticize CTA or MWpolicy or any leader in our society. He is the only one who can do that in our exile hundred thousand people and still can not see the light.

    Stay Strong Jamyang la.

    The election drama that surrounds was a eye opening for me. The backstring casts from the chamber was overwhelming.

  13. The Inevitable Candidate?

    (Dhardon Sharling) “..become the youngest Kalon in the history of the exile polity.” -Phayul

    Past headlines – ” Dhardon Sharling the youngest parliamentarian in exile polity!” and, ” Dhardon Sharling the youngest chitue in exile polity!”

    In future, might we expect – “Dhardon Sharling the youngest, and the first female Sikyong in Tibetan history?”

    Hearty congratulations to Dhardon Sharling la and all the newly elected Kalons and Chidues. Do us proud.

  14. Bit of brouhaha over Dhardon Sharling la’s nom – seems she might actually be younger than the youngest. Strictly by the rules, she does not qualify since she fails to meet the age criteria. However, in this case, she is only short by few months; lets please move on.

    It’s funny, we are such stickler for rules when it comes to trivial issues like this and misspelt names – yet, hardly anyone gave two hoots when Lukar Jam got shafted by the administration and the common people.

  15. Jamyang la, can you take a little break from CTA and talk about China? How many times do I have to repeat that CTA does not hold Rangzen but China?

    Lukar Jam did not win because people did not vote for him. End of story. It seem you are still outraged by his lost. I have to remind Jamyang la and your cohorts as much as you guys have the rights to criticize CTA and SR, people like me have the rights to rebuttal. People like me criticizing you guys is not fanatic, is not against democracy, is not against Rangzen Wala.

  16. Apart from making a mistake in appointing Dhadon Sharling as a Kalon, Lobsang Sangay has appointed a thief who was kicked out from CST, Mussoorie in the 1960s or 1970s for stealing from school stock room-Sonam Topgyal Khorlatsang, original name Kongpo Lodoe. Besides he is alleged to have stolen hundreds of thousands when he was posted at Shimla as manager at Tibetan Handicraft Center there. In an age where most young Tibetans in exile have a college degree, the person doesn’t even have a high school diploma. A election thief has appointed another thief as his cohort. What a farce? What would be the fate of Tibet be in the near future? No wonder LS’s first term has failed with the resignation of 2 Kalons and other mishaps and driving His Holiness the Dalai Lama to severely reprimanded him openly at the recent inauguration. Watch people, no good will come out from this big fraudster. As we have a Tibetan saying no butter will be squeezed from water.

  17. YES, JN-la did it. He blamed CTA for Pawo Dorje Tsering’s death. This is ridiculous

    The CTA emblem says “Truth will prevail”, but what truth are we talking about.

    Sharling Dhadon 1) knowingly conceal her age, 2) accepted Kalon post, 3) took oath in the name of Tibet and Kunchok Sum; and 4) sat in the parliament. Nobody seems worried when she said “I thought such thing would happen” (in her VOT interview) indicating it was deliberate. It is a disgrace to Tibetans and reflects the character and personality of our “promising” youth leaders.

    “Truth” is a convenient term and it conveniently applies to Samdong, Loseng, and Pemtse, and not to Sharlings or Samkhars.

  18. Both LS and SD made fool of the parliament and the public. what is disgrace. Is this any leadership? No wonder both Lha Lama rose against the LS and PY elections fiasco.

    Although both LS and SD have acknowledged their fault and therefore withdrawn her cabinet appointment, both parties have not openly declared their future course of action, i.e, will LS reappoint SD when she actually attains 35 years later this year or she is one with, and continue her chitueship? I stress there both have she crocodile tears but have not declared their end game.

    If they worthy of their image, they should have declared their end game. I assume both parties have an internal solution down the lane, but since they opted silence at the movement, the public have every reason to doubt their inner game plane of sorts.

    One sincerely hopes that LS and his cronies would not play game with LD as they probably did with the disgraced DC.

    My sense is now even if LS appoints LS Kalon afresh come September, the parliament might choose not to approve her candidacy.

    Let’s see who fools who/

  19. Miss Sharling was born during the Iron Bird year. If one goes by that system versus the Gregorian calendar & counting of ones age -she Earns an extra year automatically. Just a thought

  20. Dadon sharling can wait three months and Mr sangay can appoint her again when her age ripens. Fellow kalons will graciously welcome her in their cabinet, shivering in the supreme pleasure of seeing again a lost kin, dragged down into the pit of commonality by jealous nitpickers . Sangay will keep the chair in diir empty in the meantime with a portrait of D sharling with auspicious tibetan scarf (khata) on it.

  21. Based on our system, Mrs. Sharing reached her age to be Kalon but we want to follow Western calendar. What a way to preserve our culture.

  22. It might be pretty disappointing for the parents of Martyr Dorjee Tsering to know what jn has been doing to their dearest son who offered the supreme sacrifice for the country that he has never seen. “My son is not anti CTA, he is a true patriot.” Don’t drag his sacrifice to your dirty politics of hate and retaliation. Likewise many are disappointed.

  23. It looks like the red guards have been reborn and unleashed into this forum. Criticizing weaknesses of the leadership is a necessary element of a functioning democracy. Every modest attempt to criticize exile leadership is silenced by these nitpicking know-nothings that have been spawned by those who escaped in 59. It would have served our community a lot if WHO had initiated and encouraged vasectomy and tubectomy during the sixties and seventies and the eighties in exile Tibetan communities all over India and Nepal.

  24. Dear JN la,
    I can’t help but feel a sense of resentment against CTA after reading your article. I wonder if this is your objective. I hope everyone feel the same. Tibetan suffering under the Chinese regime and what can you do?

  25. Jamyang Norbu la is the only Tibetan writer in English with depth of knowledge and perseverance to do painstaking research on subject of his interest. Many of the people who comment here seem to think not with the brain but with the gut. You know what’s in the gut. It doesn’t help you form rational thoughts. It’s easy to kiss the asses of leaders and those in high positions but it takes true courage to fight against so many illiterate and fanatical people and also to give up personal opportunities in the interest of one’s country. A person like JN could easily get high paying jobs in NGO or become Tibet or Asia expert and make hundreds of thousands giving talks to universities and other institutions.
    People like Samdong Rimpoche are supposed to be monks who shouldn’t instigate hatred towards people they disagree with. But he does. Like someone else mentioned above what SR says about JN and other activists is more insidious and more dangerous than JN’s little jabs at SR.
    If you read JN’s article without prejudice you will see that it is a tribute to a person who felt desperate and hopeless enough to kill himself. For a Rangzen activist like JN CTA is the obvious and understandable target of his grievances because CTAis our leader and it is responsible for quashing the movement. The movement to which he gave up many opportunities and his youth. In case you forgot he didn’t go to college after 12th grade because he chose to serve CTA helping with translation and interpreting. He didn’t go to Tibetan schools for free or get fat in monasteries living off of other people’s contributions. People like these are exactly the type that hounded and demonized Amdo Gedhun Choephel. There is nobody in Tibetan society who writes in English like Jamyang Norbu does and nobody who can research like he does. So instead of marginalizing him for petty reasons, give him the respect due and try to learn from him. Like some of you so rightly say nobody is perfect. JN may have personal quirks you may not like but the knowledge he holds should make those quirks look trivial.

  26. My age falls short of required mandate by few months, said Dadon S to LS over phone. LS replied saying “that’s okay, not an issue. You go ahead. I will handle it.” This is the truth took place behind the scene. But both tells different stories to we sheep public.

  27. According to Tibetan calendar she could be even 36 years old given the fact that baby born on New Year Eve is considered 2 year old on New year.

  28. Hi DUHGOOD (JN-la),

    The piece under pseudonym “DUHGOOD” is great. Personal frustration is understandable. As you say, it is easy to kick the ass of leaders like His Holiness and Samdhong Rinpoche because they don’t write under pseudonyms. They don’t stoop low. What fanaticism are we talking about? Guised in modernity, the posting stinks of aged “Tibetan feudal mentality”, where common Tibetans should never dream big.

    JN-la left class 12 to serve CTA. But not many class 12 Tibetans from ordinary families at that time got offered position like that of the director of TIPA. He knows this well. Why then did you leave for the West when hundreds of class 12, BA and MA are in India still serving CTA at much lower positions? I understand that you were not as lucky as someone like Kalsang Yangkyi Takla or others from high family of your age, who you consider not making even a quarter of your wit but became Kalons. Why not bust their asses instead? Have you any balls to look at their connections and family clout in Tibetan administration today? Why go after Samdhong? Is this what you call courage?

    You are angry because SR made government positions, earlier reserved for people like yourself, accessible to ordinary people by introducing open public exam. If it was not for SR, the recruitment process in Dharamsala would be worse than it is now. It would be a government of family clout. It was not SR’s support of His Holiness’ Middle Way, but his effort involve even ordinary Tibetan in this exile administration process that you seem to hate so much. If you are for democracy, be honest and respect equality free of discrimination, including pre-1959 feudal baggages.

    Why should SR or any monk stay in monastery and not involve in politics? True democracy blossom only when everyone including monks and nuns are brought into the process. Don’t forget that regardless of the outcome, SR engaged PRC on nine different occasions. What strategy do you have? Who have you engaged until now? Where from did you get this weird notion that having a Rangzen tag on your lapel and giving a speech from a megaphone on a 10th March gives you to bash Middle Way followers and all others? What an awful justification!

    Why be angry and belittle SR or Tsoktso Penpa la? You may know many things, but SR, Tsokso and ordinary Tibetans, who you call “fanatics”, are no fools. Unless, you are too screwed up with your ego with this Westernized attitude that knowing how to write better in English stumps every other knowledge. Your knowledge on Tibet is admirable but not among the superior ones. They may be to your not so fanatic fans.

    By the way, who’s stopping JN la from becoming an “Asia expert” and earn “hundreds of thousand of dollars” and “give talk at universities”? I see His Holiness, SR, Prof Tsering Shakya, and many other great Tibetans giving talks in the foreign countries. So go ahead and let Tibetans see for themselves. The stage is all yours.

    JN-la, be fair. Never dream of getting away with sweet Rangzen talk spiced up with half-baked truths, all aimed at demonizing Samdong and ordinarily Tibetans who dream big, while discreetly protecting your own clan.

    TIBET had no place for ORDINARY TIBETANS!
    YOU have to be BLUE-BLOODED to have a VOICE!
    With people like JN-la UNDER RANGZEN GUISE and his FAMILY CLOUTS running the EXILE TIBETAN SHOW!
    TIBETAN VOICE is a faraway DREAM!

  29. @ Thinlay Zhika Sarpa
    I am assuming your last names are suggestion of your small town royalty pedigree. If you are proud to the point of flouting that don’t resent JN for the circumstances of his birth. It is his karma.
    I am flattered you mistook my post to have come from JN. I assure you I am not JN and I am quite sure he doesn’t have the time or the inclination to do what you are suggesting. It’s too small minded which doesn’t suit JN. FYI JN’s father was khampa and from what I know he is perfectly proud of his heritage so nice try trying to make it sound like he is some kind of a khampa hater.
    You assume a lot of things about JN. You seem to be welling up with hatred towards JN. It may have its roots in JN’s “temerity” to criticize your precious SR. Your conjuring up an obscene image of His Holiness having his “ass kicked” is cringe worthy even for non devout Tibetan Buddhists. I don’t think JN can come up with that image even in his dreams. It is people like you who claim devotion and respect for His Holiness who drag his name down to score debate points. All I know about TIPA position of JN is that the students of that time likes and respects JN a lot to this day. Rest of your babble about Takla etc I don’t know anything about.
    JN is a writer and activist.
    I will make it clear and simple as possible for those who don’t understand the responsibility of public versus politicians.
    It is the duty and responsibility of engaged public to point out and criticize what is being done wrong by the leaders of their community. Politicians are elected or appointed to serve the public. They are not above criticism as long it remains a democratic society. In autocratic society you praise the leaders. In democratic society if your name doesn’t come up in the paper it means your are either doing your duty and should be proud of yourself or you are getting away with things until that day.

  30. Read your own piece about the expression “kicking leader’s ass”. Considering your never ending low blows against His Holiness, do I exclude him from Tibetan leadership this time from the list of Tibetan leaders?

    Specific details about TIPA directorship, unsubstantiated gossips, simultaneous claim of being a Khampa and a blue-blooded aristocrat, playing the feudal clout in the exile, demonizing renegades like SR and ordinary Tibetans like Tsoktso la, all these points to one thing:


  31. duhgood, you don’t understand Thinlay Zhik Sarpa. He is ex monk, student of Samdong Rimpoche. He is also former homo partner of Samdong. That is why he is fanatic loyal to his borto boss. SAMDONG=THINLAY= BORTO

  32. Thinlay Zhika Sarpa,

    If Duhgood = Jamyang Norbu la

    then its fair enough to say

    Thinlay Zhika Sarpa = Tsoktso La

  33. Duh good could possibly be JN.
    The writing & content…

    But on 2nd thoughts – nah!
    The man has a healthy ego & pride. He wouldn’t go ” behind his own back”.
    Got 2 have some ethics & principles esp. when u run such a well known blog.

  34. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that U.S. Policy toward Tibet remains same, and that it is considered part of China. He says the US has not voiced support for Tibetan independence.

    There we go, you have it.

  35. Beijing prostitute, Professor Taowen Le is an American Lawmaker? Scary thought not just for Tibetans but for America too. Disturbing trend the increase of Western educated intellectuals and academicians, like this tenured professor; when he is not teaching business ethics, is whoring for the CCP.

    Thank God, some see through this hoodwink…

    “Utah’s House and Senate said in a statement Tuesday that the state’s friendship does not mean giving up core values such as freedom of speech. Representatives for Gov. Gary Herbert, Senate President Wayne Niederhauser and Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski say they plan to meet with the Dalai Lama.”

  36. Does Jamyang la know only to attack CTA? Can he say or write anything about India and US stand on Tibet?

    Chris Chappell, host of China uncensored is doing better job than Jamyang la these days. Being able to express ones own opinion is important in democracy but not criticizing somebody else stand all the time. Jamyang la’s constant criticism of CTA or ambition of Rangzen does not show Tibetan people way forward or point to any movement.

  37. Those who didn’t go to TCV or CST and monastery English classes will know that my writing is not the same level as JN’s. But I don’t want to distract from the topic.

  38. Mainstream American politicians are too cowardly to support Tibetans in the first place. But then you can ask yourselves why anybody would stick his neck out for people who lack the courage and conviction of their own basic rights.

  39. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or Sherlock Holmes to figure out that-


    Now you think I am Tsoktso Penpa la. He is doing great in DC and His Holiness introduced him to an exclusive audience as someone who is “quite knowledgeable”. That is awesome! right? Hope not. For you, he is f***ing Amdo commoner.

    Now you call Samdhong Rinpoche la a homosexual. This is a bad joke and is only reflective of your mean character. How about if I ask whether the Sundae-tel, the magic oil, you buy from local Indian street gypsies in Dharamsala to treat your failing manhood from the hippy era still working? Does this sound familiar, like the Samdhong Rinpoche la’s “homo”? Don’t play this dirty game. And don’t ever make fuss on this as you know it is a bonus gift for your Samdhong Rinpoche la joke.

    BTW, it’s pathetic to see what sort of mean, characterless people full of conspiracy theories in their shitty mind are coming out as self-appointed Rangzen leaders in exile (I thought we had strong Rangzen leadership in TYC and need no narcissist perverts distract and dilute our Rangzen force!). People should learn to fix one’s character before ever dreaming to becoming a leader at the least.

    Just knowing how to write and converse well in English, claiming to be a Khampa of the so-called Chushi Gangdruk glory, and shouting Rangzen does not give you any extra right as Tibetan to look down on other Tibetans. So think before you jump the guns. If you’re so concerned about Tibetan why don’t you question the family clout without being critical to only two families—Yabshi and Gyari.

    And about American politics and democracy? Last time, I heard you are an “Asian expert” and now a “Political scientist” and “American expert”? What a genius!

  40. Man, you are so pathetic. Your warped mind sees conspiracies and disguises in every corner. I don’t have to explain myself to death that i am not JN. But one thing I need to get through to your dead brain is that I never suggested anybody being homosexual. I live in a society where it is not wrong to be homosexual but it is wrong to be morally weak and morally blind. Who said Penpa Tsering is an “amdo commoner”! I also never used the term “kick ass” in above post which you ascribed to me. How is one to respond to bald faced liar! You small town aristocrat-wanna-be Zhika Sarpa use terms like ‘commoner’ in the 21st century. Let’s just say that he doesn’t have characteristic of an Amdo who was educated in Amdo. May be he went to an exile school or a monastery just like you. And it turns out you are not at a level to have honest and rational discussion on serious topic. You better stick to discussing Ridick Roshan, Priyanka Chopra etc.

  41. We need leaders with new ideas, we need leaders who have ability to change futures, we need leaders who can unite people, we need leaders who can challenge China, we need leaders who respect our culture and people.

    We do not need a leader who constantly trash talk about our own government, our own leaders, our own people and leave the enemy at bay.

  42. It does not take a rocket scientist or Sherkock Holmes to say this:

    Jamyang Norbu is a GREAT RINPOCHE!
    He has many reincarnations online
    Even here are DUH-GOOD Tulku, WHAT DREAMS COME Tulku, and more

    With his many Tulkus online
    Some write against His Holiness
    Some write against CTA
    Some write against Samdhong Rinpoche
    Some write against Tibetan leaders of commoner background
    But nothing substantive against PRC!

    All Tulkus never fail to do one important thing

    (Sorry! I am a Hrithik-Priyanka guy as you said and I don’t write poems. This is only for visual sake.)

  43. I am surprised Joseph Goebbels is reincarnated as a Tibetan called Thinlay Zhika Virus Sarpa.

    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    Joseph Goebbels

    “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the
    truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

    Joseph Goebbels AKA future MP Thinlay Zhika Sarpa in this life

  44. Welcome to the internet Zhika. It can be bit confusing at first, especially, if you have your head is up your ass.

    Not sure why you are dragging me in your insipid conspiracies when I have not said anything against you. I have no problems with you criticizing JN, I’ve often affirmed, no public figure should be above it.

    Of-course, if you are accusing JN of holding and perpetuating pro-kudak sentiments, then, by all means, direct the people to the relevant videos and literature which clearly shows his bias in this.

    From my perspective, it seems more likely, Tibetans who live in what the Sikyong called, Gossip Factory, part of the world, are much more obsessed with Kudaks; Tibetans like JN, long time residents of Inji-land, not so much.

  45. What Dreams May Come
    Don’t let any religious fanatic define you. Don’t let them have the last word. Nobody knows our personal relationship to our religion or our religious leaders.

    The morally corrupt ones will use His Holiness or Buddha’s name in vain mistaking that it will get them good karma. But I believe that if you ask His Holiness the Dalai Lama who he thinks is more morally acceptable, the ones who flirt or fornicate with other people’s spouses, who are jealous of his or her friends’ big houses or new cars, or the monks who disrobe for sex and/or money versus the ones who criticize his political decisions but respect him as a religious leader and lead their lives ethically and responsibly, I am quite sure he will like the second group better.

  46. What is the difference between radical liberals and radical Islamist? Anyone who opposes JN and his cohorts are labeled as fanatic, ex-monk, Shichaa wala, uneducated, go-ma-tso-kyo, and list goes on. Liberals who want to walk naked on the street is as bad as Talaaban women walking on the street covered head to toe. The man who wanted to kill Mr. Trump is no different from ISIS.

  47. @white

    A slight difference. One of them wouldn’t cut off your head and put it on a spike or let their little kids play with the decapitated head like a soccer ball.

  48. Ha Ha, you didn’t realized how many people were killed due to radical liberalism in the history of man kind. Mao’s revolution of China is one prime example.

    One is religious radicalism and other is political radicalism. Both are radicalism.

  49. White @ 52
    “What is the difference between radical liberals and radical Islamist?”

    Their ideologies may be totally different but they are allies in this age of political correctness. One thing i see is that the the radical left liberals and also the radical feminists are strong Islamist apologists as they merge deeper and closer their political narratives.

    But i don’t understand why you posed the question on this blog. Here i only see moderates or centrists. Basically people with common sense and not sheep mentality. Occasionally i find some comments which is of ultra religious right. I myself consider as liberal but in some things am conservative.

  50. I agree with SonamT. Most of the people here are centrist. I haven’t seen any ultra liberals but I did see some rabid religious conservatives that would put Ayatollahs to shame.

  51. There be snares and nets to trap short sighted birds. Why, just the mere mention of the word, fanatic, prompts White to instinctively react like he was personally insulted.

    But bless his soul, he sets the record straight by promoting (yet, again) relativism and the sweet rhetoric of conformity.

    And, about the only ‘radial liberal’ act Mao ever truly committed was when he freed a crate full of mangos.

  52. JN and his cohorts especially here in this blog are the “text book” liberal radicalism. This is the reason I pose the question.

  53. @White: Western Liberal democrats are strange and at times a hypocrite. They profess love for Communist China but attack semi-democratic Russia of being blahh…… and to right for being conservative.

    Monks are also subject to criticism and they are not above criticism.

  54. Most if not all Religious extremists are Literalists.
    That’ s where the problem begins.
    Political Radicals on the Right have also been responsible for genocide- don’t forget the Nazis & the fascists.

    I believe some even consider Jesus (incarnation of Christian God) as a radical of his times & so also our own Gautama Buddha.

    But these are all just LABELS in my humble opinion.

  55. One need not be a rocket scientist to tell that “Duhgood”, “Oldish Monk” and “What Dreams May Come” are JN’s online reincarnations. It is only a case of one person assuming multiple Tulkus. I can’t tell why JN’s highly-educated, non-fanatic, intellectually-endowed friends not advise him on this.

    If JN has something truly reasonable and substantive, he must present them objectively and truthfully by extracting himself from his make-belief world of mysteries and conspiracies. Flung afar in the Inji land, as he himself admitted, and denied of all the glories his ancestors have commanded in pre-1959 Tibet as a birthright by the virtue of the “blueness” of their blood, JN has lately turned very reckless. But he must accept that Tibetans under His Holiness have embraced democracy with egalitarianism at its core and where number rules.

    JN SQUARELY PLACED THE BLAME OF PAWO DORJE TSERING’S DEATH ON CTA. How did he come to this conclusion? His article is lacking in evidence and he must educated us fanatics with more convincing evidence other than his overused conspiracy stories. JN must explain this with an attitude that is not pumped up with a false privilege that he claims through his mere shout-outs for Rangzen. Let me remind JN that, in our struggle, Rangzen activists do nothing more or nothing less than what Middle-Way followers or independent-thinking Tibetans do and must not lay claim for any extra rights and privileges.

    I question JN’s sincerity in “Rangzen advocacy” for the reason that he is only a remnant of the old feudal Tibetan society who has only learned some new tricks to use 20th century political and scientific jargons in his writings spiced with false stories about SR and Tibetan leaders of commoner background [“commoner” is still evident in JN’s choice of leaders that he attacks! JN must also know that Tibetan majority will never seat him above SR or Tsoktso la]. His know-all attitude, farcical lies, and lack of respect for sincere leaders and leaders of commoner background will not take him very far in this Tibetan struggle.

    He might not be ashamed of Tibetan people or even his friends or families. Yet his own age, looking at his pathetic tactics, may be like: “Nope, Jam! No more of these middle-schooler tricks!”

  56. #58 Karze – I too wonder sometimes.

    PRC lucked out to be the favourite buziness partner for the world’s cheapest goods.
    Are the 2 Powers “frenemies”?
    What Exactly is the relationship & where is it heading?
    Makes a regular guy wonder.

  57. @61 Everyone puts $, cents and self-interest before everything. That is how empires, nations, and corporations, businesses are built. Only innocent Tibetans are arguing that morals and truth should come first.

  58. @61 Zhika Sarpa Listen to yourself contradicting yourself. If you are so against the old aristocrats why are you building the new ones. What fucking reason do you think the old aristocrats used in keeping down the masses on their knees? Because they were the ministers, civil servants, bureaucrats. Now according to you the new ku ngo la’s, the tsoktsola, the Rinpoche are beyond criticism because they served the CTA. Hm? So try wrapping your head around the world you despise and the one you are working hard to create.

  59. Everyone is entitled to have their opinion on religion, politics, society and whatever. Every citizen has right to criticize their leaders. This is the biggest gift of democracy and this makes our society far greater than that of China. Nobody in democratic society should be immune from the criticism that is based on sense of understanding, caring and responsibility. Buddha himself encouraged such behaviour.

    Now the problem with JN and his clan is producing only criticism, I mean only criticism nothing else, and it seems their criticism is based on hatred and personal and ill intentions whatever it might be. This kind of criticism is counterproductive, to enhance our cause. This kind of criticism is validation of our enemies’ claim. This kind of criticism creates very unhealthy division in our society.

  60. White You said that JN “and his clans” as you put criticize out of hatred. How do you know this? Are you the omniscient God? By the way do you want the writers and activists to start singing the praises of those who do their duty like as in dictatorship societies?

  61. What does it call the hole that only discharges shit? Ok do we need a godly omniscient knowledge to figure this thing out? I hope not.

  62. So when people criticizes their leaders’ actions you get upset but when you use speculation to tell what’s in other people’s mind you are supposed to go unchallenged? And if you are challenged one with simple question you call all up “the hole that discharges only shit.” I will tell you even that statement is flawed because there is only one hole that discharges shit. If it discharges anything else then you are nor normal. If other holes on you discharges shit you should go to a doctor real quick.

  63. What a joke What Dreams May come alias JN calls himself a LION and All others as sheep! What a deluded person!

    Need I say that a lion is no lion if all it can do is scare innocent lambs and knuckle under when confronted by other felines.

    I think yours is no case of a lion among sheep. It is a case of a Pekingese being deluded of its flimsy hair and brittle teeth, thinking he is a big lion. Funny enough, all that this teeny tiny Pekingese does is bite the family members that tolerated its noisy yap yap all these years. This creature only goes yap yap at his owner but squeals with horror at the sight of a boxer or a pit-bull. Yap yap here and yap yap there and no real action!

    This deluded lion has only achieved in diluting our Rangzen struggle and confusing TYC’s rightful leadership with his unsolicited appearances and inexperienced advice. This lion has fangs and claws but works only on some preys he calls “sheep” such as His Holiness, CTA, SR la, Tsoktso Penpa la and any Tibetan who shows some nerve to dream beyond their “commoner” standing.

    You are just a Pinata lion. No action paper lion!

  64. @69 Technically speaking La (ལགས་) suffix is wrong after rinpoche. Even in spoken Tibetan La is not suffixed after rinpoche.

  65. You mean my commoner attempt at imitating “noble” lifestyle and SHESA is failing? Please keep your nobility rule to yourself. We low commoners are comfortable using our rules, now that we are in a free world. So what’s wrong?
    Go on, say anything you like.


    I can say anything against His Holiness.
    You kno’WHY? Because I wrote Sherlock Holmes!

    I can say anything against CTA and hold CTA responsible for Pawo DT’s death!
    Kno’WHY? I wrote Sherlock Holmes!

    I can say anything against Samdhong R la and Tsoktso Penpa la
    Kno’WHY? Because I wrote Sherlock Holmes!

    I can shout you sheepish commoner Tibetans down.
    Kno’whyyy? Because don’t you know by now that I wrote Sherlock Holmes!
    Need I also remind you all that I am a blue-blooded noble too.

    I’M LIKE:

    Wait, wait….. You wrote Sherlock Holmes?
    I thought Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes and you only wrote one of the 100 sequels on his work.

    Just because you wrote a book doesn’t give you the right to look down on others and assume you’re better than anybody. I hear His Holiness has written close to 100 books, if I’m not wrong. Have you ever written a single page on scientific concepts, political thoughts, technological innovations, or even religious or social theories, yes in English? None? So you basically don’t know nothing about these subjects. You only know how to write about events and incidents cooked up with conspiracy ideas borrowed from ACD’s detective stories. There are more intelligent people outside your Sherlock Holmes world. SR la and Tsoktso Penpa la included.

  66. Definitely an over-kill in the fawning dept. to add a La to an already instantly respected, princely title. But, then, why do we say, Geshe-la? Inji – Professor-la?

  67. You really have an SR-phobia. You can’t even stand people using “La” with SR. Now you cite rule from old-society to curb any expression that praises SR.

    If no “La” for SR, it means no sticking out tongue or scratching of head to this small time Lama, right? If SR is no blue-blooded Tibetan where does SR stand according to Tibetan “Old Society”? Who keeps the rule book on “la la, lu lu” in the exile world today?

    A semi-Khampa name “Karze” TIU KHAPMA to hide but not a good name in Lhasa today.

  68. @72 Do you say Karmapa la, Gyalwa Rinpoche la or Kundun la? No, certainly not. Rinpoche is already the superlative honorific. Just ask your granny if she is a Tibetan.

  69. Zhika. It’s not about Kudak, its about good grammar. But I suppose this is beyond the comprehension of peasants. 🙂

  70. Zhika Sarpa

    Sticking my tongue out is like giving my middle finger.So no i would never do that to Samdong Rimpoche or to anybody for that matter.

    Tiu Khampa is not a good name in Lhasa. who cares? Karze is still a proud Teo Khampa. Your attack on Karze’s phayul was totally uncalled for. I dont know what your agenda is but you are very short sighted and control freakish.

  71. DEAR “Karze” alias “JN” alias “Duhgood” alias “What Dreams May Come” alias “Oldish Monk”,
    [My reference to “KARZE” is not to hurt anybody’s sentiments but to describe the KARZE name JN was hiding under and misusing here! When did he become a Karze?]

    Yes, with folded hands, I say Kundun Yeshi Norbu la. Why impose your old-society linguistic style on commoners? What grammar are you talking about? My teacher didn’t teach this in my school books. It was something so-called blue-blooded complicate themselves with while working on the fine Tsampa they cruelly collect from peasants “for” His Holiness!

    This is the problem. You write a book and some articles and then develop this God-like attitude.


    JN can say anything against His Holiness.
    Know why? Coz he wrote Sherlock Holmes!

    JN can defame CTA and hold CTA responsible for Pawo DT’s death!
    Know why? Coz he wrote Sherlock Holmes!

    JN can defame SR la or people who help commoners dream big
    Know why? Coz he wrote Sherlock Holmes!

    JN can shout the sheepish commoner Tibetans down.
    Know why? Coz don’t you know by now that he wrote Sherlock Holmes!
    Need I also remind you all that he is a blue-blooded noble too.


    Wait, wait….. JN wrote Sherlock Holmes?
    I thought Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote Sherlock Holmes and JN only wrote one of the 100 sequels on his work.

    Just because JN wrote a book doesn’t give him the right to look down on others and assume he is better than anybody. I hear His Holiness has written more than 100 books, if I’m not wrong. Has JN ever written a single page on scientific ideas, political thoughts, technological innovations, mathematical concepts or even religious or social theories, yes in English? None? So he basically don’t know nothing about these subjects. He only knows how to write about events and incidents cooked up with conspiracy ideas borrowed from Conan Doyle’s detective stories. There are more intelligent people outside the Sherlock Holmes world including SR la and other commoner Tibetans. Lately, I see a Tibetan working as aeronautical engineers! He and many other smart young Tibetan commoner kids could be reading this!

  72. ” Lately, I see a Tibetan working as aeronautical engineer! He and many other smart Tibetan commoner kids could be reading this!”

    See I told you. He is a control freak. He wants to control what our future generation reads and doesn’t read. Its one thing to try and guide our future generation in the path that the older generation knows best.(some things they know best and some things younger generation knows better)and another to always try and mould them in a particular way. It is not going to work.

  73. Thank you.

    “Karze” alias “JN” alias “Duhgood” alias “What Dreams May Come” alias “Oldish Monk” alias “Sonam T”

    With all bad things you say to CTA, HH, SR and commoners, you have been a control freak all these years! I think you need to tone them down because your unwarranted criticism to these people warrants us all to respond to you with equal meanness and inhumanity.

  74. @78 To speak plainly suffixing “la” to rinpoche is like giving a high school certificate to a person with PhD.

    It not me but you who is dragging down the S Rinpoche’s name by being sectarian. I am not an alias of JN or nor am I a Khampa but I am Bodpa for sure.

    I didn’t attack SR, CTA etc. Just read my post properly.

  75. [for a reason, I have posted it here and not in your “GT Noodlemaker” forum]

    JAMYANG NORBU aka KARZE aka TRUETIB and many aliases here:

    You wrote that you poured yourself “a stiff one” when His Holiness said He’d live until 113. I poured myself a McDowell, the Indian peasant version of Jack Daniels the day you wrote on GT and his noodle-making book.

    Much amused, I am looking at the mudslinging game going on between two groups of people who are equally responsible for the loss of our fatherland, I mean your group and the other group. Today, as you chose GT as your prime target, I sit and wait to see how your opponent aristocratic counterparts are responding. We ordinary bumkins will stand up for His Holiness, but not anyone else, especially those Yabshis and Kutraks who get all the posh Tibetans jobs and maintain a superficial decency while ordinary Tibetans stand for His Holiness against everyone including the Shugden while earning our daily bread with much hardships. It’s high time people who have benefited the most in the name of His Holiness take the lead and jump their guns. I am just waiting to see if Amdo Tsokpa will shoot out a press release denouncing your review. Mark my words, Jamyang. They did it years ago, with truckloads of young Amdowas from Bir Suja and Soga schools, to warn SR-la during the GT-Taktser controversy. Am just waiting, with a peasant version of Indian Jack Daniels in my hand.

    But Jamyang, don’t get me wrong. I may not totally debunk your arguments on GT, but can provide a big leverage and giveaways to your opponents if I speak out. Just for a peek-view, let me remind you on where you cherry-picked and where you misrepresented: 1. The shift of the Kutrak’s allegiance from Reting to Taktra side; 2. Taktra’s coup and refusal to return power after Reting completed his retreat at Taktra’s divination; 3. Promises Ra-Tak and Tibetan officials made to His Holiness’ family to uproot them from distant Amdo to Lhasa; 4. Conspiracy charges on Reting (witness are still living in PRC); 5. Virtual house arrest of young Dalai Lama in Potala hoping to be puppeteered in the future, 6. How Kutraks can demand peasant girls to offer them “chang” (at least HH’s father demanded horses, not real humans!), and others. You mentioned about Reting conspiracy, but not of Taktra coup, and it tells where you and your family stand in this issue. You spoke on HH’s father’s temperament, but not on what Lhasa Govt had initially promised him.

    So Jamyang, as you have targeted GT, and not SR-la this time, I do not want to dilute your argument by getting into your GT forum. So stop shitting around under different names. I hope you would not want me conduct a graphological examination to demonstrate how you operate under different pen names. So take care of your a*s and stop being kiddish! Or I’ll raise questions in your other forum, beginning with your stake as a Taktra beneficiary in this whole Ra-tak controversy. I can dilute and diffuse your arguments you made there. So stop bullshitting around! You have made fun of Kutraks to gain support of us commoners by referring to them as “one with Pakchok” (even gesturing with your hands) and you intend this piece to be an apology to your aristocratic breeds. So I’ll let it be.

    A commoner as I am, I will sit and watch, I say with a peasant version of Jack Daniels! I’ll see how aristocrats perform in this discussion and see if they and their blue-blooded ancestors truly have the balls to “govern” Tibet. So don’t provoke me into joining a discussion that I best prefer to sit and watch!

    I want people who drive Landrover and have plush jobs in HH’s name to come out from their decency, and respond if they have a face to save. I am a commoner, and I’m out of this! So let me be!

  76. What’s your point Zhika Sarpa? You seem to have a misplaced notion that JN is writing to, quote provoke, unquote, you. Go and stroke yourself somewhere else.

  77. ZIKA ma-char @ 85:

    Are you insane? JN is a scholar and all his what you called “cherry pickings” are sourced – Chinese, westerners and Dalai Lama’s other family members’ biography.

    Make sure you are really drinking McDowell or rather a stiffer desi version in a McDowell bottle. I write in Tibetan for a living but have never come across such important part of our history that JN is telling us. I am extremely grateful to him.
    Like you, JN knows that in these day, we are preached to tell truth and be honest. But when the truth is about people of significance,you are blacklisted and called black sheeps of society. While people like you prefer to march singing praises JN and more and more intellectuals think it will not serve us well in the long term.

    History is repeating itself. New Khapshupas and new khunphen las have taken stage. U.S. and India really need to have a common and a very steady hand to right this sinking ship. Tibet is such an important card for them against China to let it self destruct.
    JN is one person for these two important nations to seek advice. And I am a Tibetan and a patriot but I am scared to death about the direction we are taking.
    Than you, JN for writing honestly.

  78. Busy for the whole-day with meeting, plague-receiving ceremony, and dinner and beer party in the US? I understand Tulku DUHGUD ( alias JN ) could only write at 12:40am. So obviously not much sleep. Having said what I wanted to say, I will sit and not dilute your GT argument. I am only waiting to see how GT’s beneficiaries, especially Khampas of Jampa Kalden Aukatsang and Nepal Lobsang Tsultrim group and new-arrival Amdowa among scholars and CTA staff who could dashed up the CTA ladder, will stand up for their truly kind patron. I am also waiting to see if the pro-GT Kutrak families can counter your arguments or will as usual expect commoners to do the cleaning job in the name of His Holiness.

    Anyhow, all the best with your Rangzen conference and coming discussions in your GT forum.

  79. @Thinley Zhika Sarpa:
    To speak proper Tibetan or any native language one need not go to school. That is true for all language.

    Before 1959 almost all Tibetans never been to school yet they speak immaculate Tibetan. So please don’t blame it on your teacher. My grandparent never been to school even for a day yet speak far better Tibetan than me.

    Every language has basic rules which need to be respected for proper communication.

  80. KARZE, aka JN, aka …… (so you still took out time to write while someone is on the mic at the conference),

    Let’s not argue on language because JN’s allegation on CTA in Pawo DT’s death, and criticism on HH, SR-la, and leaders of commoner background are my major point of objections. Not language.

    Your argument sounds self-conclusive. You begin with “To speak proper Tibetan..” Let me ask you one question: What is “proper Tibetan”? U-tsang kay? Khampa kay? Amdo kay? Lhasa kay? Kutrak kay? Tse Phodrang kay? Tse Nangma kay? How can anyone define proper Tibetan? I suggest you leave it to a linguist or a grammarian.

    BTW, I already wrote in my previous posting,

    “I am only waiting to see how GT’s beneficiaries, especially Khampas of Jampa Kalden Aukatsang and Nepal Lobsang Tsultrim groups and Amdowas including new-arrival students and scholars and CTA staff who got expressway pass in their respective fields and business, will stand up for their generous godfather. I am also waiting to see if the pro-GT Kutrak families can counter your arguments and criticisms or will as usual expect us commoners to do the cleaning job in the name of His Holiness just like we publicly face Shugden and all anti-HH groups.”

    So you and I better suspend our argument on language to a later time.


    Now tht the next and the second session of the 16th Assembly of Tibetan People’s Deputies (ATPD)due to begin come the 4th week of September, sources with close links with Dharamsala claim for sure that Sharling Dardon will be,for sure
    will be renominated as a Kalon. So sure is my source that it is a done as far as Sikyong Lobsang Sangay ( or Singhe) is concerned, for he has nothing to lose in the second term.

    It is also being presumed that Dardon herself is fully prepared to face vote in the parliament with gusto, un-faced by thehumiliation she had to confront thanks for Lobsang Sangay who promised her not to worry about her age.

    He told her, don’t worry, I will take care of it. Alas! It didn’t work!

    He had to withdraw or rather cancel her nomination, an she, on her part, apparently refused to accept and agree that her image and ego was ground.

    Instead of lying low or trying to remove the blemish and ultimately resurrect her image in due course oftime, she has apparently chosen to dig in with the Sikyong, ignoring the sensibilities of her constituency.

    One hopes she contemplates deep, and assuages the public hurt she fermented gratis of Sikyong.

    One can argue it is not her making, but who can deny that she jumped at the offer without carefully considering that the public will come after her, if she fails to truly represent them.

    While the Sikyong is set of re-nominate her, it will she who will be in the cauldron, facing many skeptic members in the well of the house within a fortnight.

    Will someone challenge the nomination this time?
    May be! May be not!

    But the present parliament has veterans who dared to challenge her in the first place might do it a second time, thereby risking their own future.

    Sources claim the timing of the coming session took into due consideration of the birth date of day of Dardon. Can you believe? While the outright rejection is not in the books, the not so secret ballots might prove otherwise. We all know very well what happened to Lobsang Nyandak
    during Samdong Rinpoche’s reign.

    Here is what some, and may be many, who support Dardon are hoping for is that she politely rejects the nomination, acknowledging she had lost the trust of her voters.

    While, Sikong has nothing to lose now but count the years mutely, hoping to leave some kind of legacy, she can’t afford not to assuage the voter’s rage, and the only and the best option for her at the moment, is to serve CTA outside the Kashag.

    The next parliamentary election will come with a blink of the eye, when she can come back to her original place to shine – Chitue Lhenkhang.

    If she does it, her future is bright and the voters will reward her handsomely.

    So, it is up her, an her alone, weather to chose the present or wait for the future.

  82. “She can’t afford not to assuage the voter’s rage..”?

    With the mind to the Tibetan public’s opinions on social media, it could be argued that the Tibetan ‘voter’s rage’ is a bottomless pit fueled by gossip, puritanical posturings and plain mean-spiritedness, moreso than giving hard and honest thought to furthering our shared struggle and how we can help advance it.

    Yes, Dhardon Sharling la was few months short of 35, few months back. That oversight cost her to be unnominated, and both her and Dr. Sangay lost face as a result. But, she did attempt to “assuaged the public hurt” by bowing to the Constitution and then bowing out of accepting the nom when it fell out.

    Come September though, she would be eligible. So, what’s the problem?

    Why would she have to take a long hiatus from exile politics as if she were bitten by zombies and now must be quarantined for the sake of public safety? Does the Tibetan public and the parliamentarians have no other pressing concerns than this trivial incident, which, as I’ve mentioned, has already been addressed and redressed?

    Instead of holding and nursing grudges, we could consider how competent a Kalon this lady would make? From all that I have read and seen of her, I feel positive Dhardon Sharling la would be an asset to CTA, the Tibetan people, and the Struggle.

  83. One who conveniently abandon justice over benefits proves herself a crook opportunist rather than an honest public servant, and Dadon squarely fits under this category. She choose benefit over truth/justice, easily. Keeping the public in dark of her ineligibility and setting behind the scene arrangement with LS is a gross cheating where public has been used as a pawn to reach power. Assuming that we are an independent nation, these people like Dadon won’t hesitate to hire outlawed goondas, in the way we find in power-struggle politics in India and elsewhere, to gain power.

  84. According to the Tibetan Calendar a child born on New Year Eve is 2 yr old on New Year although he/she is only 2days. So what is the big deal with a few month.

  85. Certainly. Few months’ short to 35, a technical hurdle, itself is not a big deal. It can be waived off by invoking a discretionary ruling by Sikyong or an ordinance pass by ATPD to that effect. What is unpardonable is deliberately keeping the public in dark of this discrepancy, and thereby attempting to bypass constitutional mandate and move ahead arbitrarily with hidden end-to-end arrangement is nothing less than an encroachment on constitution, constituting perjury and willful dishonest. And such people doesn’t deserved the holy honor of serving tibetan people by assuming cabinet office. Appointment of such indicted person to any honorable public office constitutes insult to conscience of Tibetan people and contaminates our gifted democracy.

  86. Circumstances (Sikyong) offered her an apple which the tree (public) has not permitted her to eat. But she ate it in exchange for some juice she might have pledged back to circumstances, ignoring what may happen to tree, the real owner of the apple. Circumstances compelled her to remove mask of morality temporarily and reveal the true color, filled with lust for power, by accepting the apple, knowing well that she is not entitled to receive. And blatantly took the oath to serve people who is now already a victim of her conspiracy and cheating. This is called crocodile’s gesture..

    This often happen when the conscience for truth/justice is blinded by lust for power/benefits, and easily abandon moral ethics without which human turns even more danger than snakes.

  87. I don’t know much but it’s exactly the people Like SR and Thinley Shika Sarpa who lick SR’s ass– the fanatics of our society- are to blame to some extend for the chaos in our exile world.

    SR words are only tested by JN. JN cites his reason for calling SR an idiot.

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