Can Some Good Come from the RFA Controversy?

The Tibetan Political Review has come out with an editorial that provides a masterly analysis of the whole RFA controversy and offers a way in which exile Tibetans can use this contentious debate to empower their fledgling democratic system.  The solution offered is similar to the one I proposed in my two pieces, namely the creation of a high-powered parliamentary committee to investigate this matter, but the editors of the Political Review have come up with something more comprehensive and permanent in their  “Transparency and Oversight Committee”, and have also managed to couch their analysis and solution in language more diplomatic than mine, which I hope will make it more acceptable to members of the exile parliament and CTA leaders.  JN.


Can Some Good Come From the RFA Controversy?

By the editorial board of The Tibetan Political Review

Watching the Radio Free Asia (RFA) controversy unfold has been a painful process, not the least because it threatens to overshadow the tragedy inside Tibet and complicate support for Tibet in the US Congress.  Given that this unwelcome controversy cannot be wished away, however, the only real choice is how to handle it.  In our view, the Tibetan government-in-exile (TGIE) has an opportunity: it can show its people – and the world – that it is mature, transparent, and capable of juggling multiple crises like any other democracy…

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  1. This is utterly amazing. I am able to log on to Jamyang Norbu’s website and comment now! I have experienced problems with, weird stuff happening to my cigarettes (crazy as it sounds), a dear video of my late wife Tenzin Diki Werner la disappearing from my home and being replaced with a dvd featuring photos of 4 white people i don’t recognize, and other mysterious happenings. All I did was begin throwing up a Rangzen fist and screaming in public in Virginia Beach for Rangzen. I was put in a mental hospital for three weeks for that under the pretext of manic incidence (it was not). Welcome to the life of a Rangzen activist who believes violence may be reasonable to end torture, rape, and occupation in Tibet. That is supposed to be legal freedom of speech, and protected. America, and particularly the state department, is a joke. Jamyang Norbu la is a brilliant strategist. I make myself available to assist him should he call on me. Now, since I don’t care who the Karmapa is, I give shouts out to Ole Nydahl, the legacy of Stokely Carmichael, and our crew in India. I will not be silenced again under false pretexts. But its not about me. Its about me being able to raise my voice for 5 million Tibetans and say

    “Bhod Rangzen.”

    I remain,

    Brent A. Werner
    Virginia Beach, VA. USA
    husband of the late Tenzin Diki Werner
    fiancee to (Retired) Lieutenant Cherece McKinney, US Navy

  2. I ask Why so soft on that congress guy? Very brute attack on tgie&tpie. i am not suprised for personal attack on lobsang sangay with his sjd or whatever that is.

    I know media are a significant tools of the ruler to rule the mind of it populace and always biased.And people kiss assr for promotion or get a better position, but dont go far to lick the poo of the congress guy ( saying he is like that or known for that).

  3. DAVENO – whoever you are, please do not sully this blog with your crude and scatological comments. And bear in mind that the US congressional funds for ANY Tibet aid, with RFA, Fulbright, etc. were won after YEARS of hard work, so the TPR is quite correct to point out that the letters sent to Cong. Rorabacher by the Sikyong and the CTA could have been less strident and more professional. I have read so many posts here and elsewhere insulting and attacking the US congressman, when 99% of Tibetan refugees in South Asia would pay crores of ruppees to a criminal visa broken in aback alley of Majnu ka Tila to get to the United States. The hard truth is that in the USA, the China lobby is SO powerful, but support for Tibet is very thin. The Tibet movement only wins moral victories which are not enough. So think twice before you insult one of the very few members of Congress who cares about Tibet, or the TPR when they present a balanced and well written article about the RRA scandal.

  4. Sorry Maura ( whoever you are) if those offended you although it wasn’t meant for you.
    Good job on your article on illegal visa broker.We tibetan had learned many good things as well as bad from the education and through peers & neighbours.
    I always am thankful for the 0.0000001% of the world population geniounly supporting tibetan cause including the congree guy.

  5. The person with this pseudonym is one of Lobsang Sangay’s alter ego, assigned to “defend” LS no matter what.

    S/he is the point person through out the election cycle attacking Tenzin Namgayl -la with all the false accusation.

    I totally agree with what Maura wrote. We want you to remember that we Tibetans remain indebted to your great Dad for all the help he gave to Tibetan cause during his life. Our leaders and young Tibetans will benefit a lot if they read about this great soul, the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moyniham.

    But sadly the new leadership in Dharamasla has become so petty minded that they can’t understand who is our true friends or real enemies.

    There is a beautitful quote in Tibetan buddhist text which in fact warn us that bad friends don’t have horns on their heads, instead would fool us with all their sweet talks.

    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher is not a sweet talker. But he is a true friend of Tibet, a great defender of human rights. For those of you in India, I will say that he is the George Fernandes of U.S. Congress.

    Life long supporter of Free Tibet, the free Tibet that I and my children dream about. Free Tibet that young Tibetans cherish by burning themselves to death in Tibet.

    May Congressman Rohrabacher live long and enjoy good health. Anyone with connection to this great man, please tell him that there are tons of Tibetans both old and young, who are grateful for all his support for Tibet.

    Please tell him that I and my family and friends, of which I am in good circle and have plenty of them, wish him and his family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Today is Human Rights day, and I on behalf of all the Tibetans suffering under China’s subjugation SALUTE him for all the things he has done in defending Human Rights and Freedom (of Tibetan people and others).
    Sorry for my bad English. I am happy that the attitude of this bird brain called Daveno forced me to let others know that, we Tibetans are not a bunch of ungrateful opportunists.

    Thank you Maura. Thank you Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and all your staff. Thank you US Congress. Thank you Great India. You support is always appreciated.

  6. DHASA YOGI thank you for you very kind words about my late father Senator Moynihan. Our family first came to know of the Chinese Communist Occupation of Tibet in the early 70’s when my father was the US Ambassador to India so it has been 40 years that we have supported HH Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people.

    I am frankly appalled by so many of the foul language and insults in these comments on this blog and others, when hard and ugly facts are presented about serious issues such as the firing of Jigme Ngabo and the involvement of the CTA with Libby Liu. Attacking the messenger makes the problem worse. I am very concerned to see China’s power growing MORE AND MORE – the exile Tibetans need to understand just how fragile support for Tibet really is. The CTA needs to understand that they must PROECT HH Dalai Lama from people like Libby Liu, who is photographed holding HH Dalai Lam’a hand, then does irreparable harm to the RFA Tibet service at a time when RFA’s work HAS NEVER BEEN BETTER and the crisis in TIbet HAS NEVER BEEN WORSE.

    The CTA must PROECT His Holiness and not exploit him to make connections or any other personal purpose of whatever individual wants to use His Holiness. I have seen it far too often and it is painful to watch.

    Lobsang Sangay just met with Libby Liu in New Delhi at the Hyatt. What was discussed? What deals were made? Mr. Sangay needs to explain WHY he met with the BBG Board in JULY 2012 when technically only RFA staff should lobby the BBG. Mr. Sangay should know the rules.

    Mr. Sangay owns a home in Medford, Mass, he paid off his mortgage fully a week before he was sworn in as Kalon Tripa. He claims that he has never sought US citizenship and only holds an Indian RC, but US sources say he has a green card if not already a US Passport. So he is not stranded in a poor, isolated refugee camp in India and he went to Harvard, he should be more forthcoming about WHAT exactly did he discuss with RFA and BBG members. RFA is US taxpayer funded so it is not an NGO that works for Dharamshala.

  7. Maura,
    Well said.Thank you for your support for the Tibet cause.A real friend always speak up the truth even though it is bitter.

    Please continue to support Tibet and Truth.As HHDL always used to say Truth will prevail at last. So I hope that RFA saga will soon end in Truth and reinsate Ngabo la back.

  8. I have a chinese friend who says that Kunga Tashi from New york dhonchoe lekyung is contacting chinese tibet friends. He is telling them how Ngabo has been telling lies in the news. I was shocked to learn the news from him and told my chinese friends if this is the case then his wife Tenzin phenthok(used to listen her report since I am major in Political science) used to be a reporter from Taiwan. If Kunga Tashi knows that RFA lies then why should his wife will join RFA knowing it lies?

    What a Irony?

  9. Let me tell you JN la, instead of acting as if the president of armchair revolutionary alliance, just get in the act of making “modernized democracy ” in Dharamsala by participating in the process if that is what you think is the most pressing issue we have on our plate. These “hindsight intellectuals” showing their prowess by couching CTA is nothing more than a laughing matter. Hindsight is always 20/20. For the TPR, the professional armchair revolutionary who graciously put their time to do an article so trivial as this one, find no time to write an investigative report on self-immolations as they are accustomed to do to criticizing CTA at great length.

  10. I wish the Government that represent me would recognize Tibet as an independant nation and not a part of China.This will be remembered by the Tibetan in its history for generations and much more meaningful for long run than economic assistance.

    The foreign policy stand of the government considering tibet as a part of china has imprinted irreparable damage to the outlook of that government or country.The only thing that will be remembered is that country considered us as chinese and has not stand behind the truth.

  11. Get off Jamyang la’s back. He’s not my friend. We shook hands once (I am the cold meat man). But, Jamyang la does more for Rangzen than the sissies supporting CTA do for tortured Tibetan children. CTA can’t put in its own work. Please, might our international posse instruct the Tibetans in tactical assessments?

  12. @13: How is it hindsight when what we are discussing is something that is illegal and totally undemocratic? That is nothing to do with hindsight or foresight, it has everything to do with the democratic principles we are supposedly upholding in Tibetan society, unlike Communist China. If you wanted foresight, you should have read what Jamyang la and few others (only a handful at the time)said was going to happen to the Middleway path because it did not take into account the complete irresponsible and cunning policies of Chinese leadership. Those who studied under Chinese system and who have lived under CHinese occupation warned about that to no result. Now we are truly seeing the result of that foresight which you are indignantly proclaiming as ‘hindsight’.

    Jamyang la was not born today. He was there thru the thick and thin of the Tibetan movement and probably contributed more than most Tibetans in his lifetime and still does to this day. He is doing his job as a writer and a political commentator. Do you want all the political pundits on the television to run for office too?

    Thank you Maura for your continued support for Tibet. These born again deactivists don’t understand the pain and sweat that went into each and every brick in the wall of support generated inside the US congress, against such powerful lobby with billions of dollars at their disposal. It is a wonder we were even able to generate any such a small level of support, based simply on conscience and good heart. Just because the congressman spoke harshly, it doesnt mean nothing if you look at it from a wider perspective. Such friends are rare indeed and it will be wise of us not to piss them off. Just like TPR suggested, it will be beneficial if we can learn to talk like seasoned diplomats instead of like a bulldog of the parliament. Penpa Tsering is such a joke. We all know who that letter is really from and who controls the parliament. The rest of them are just strawman, happy to hold an important post, and attend official ceremony at the podium – hoping to nape the eyes of the single ladies. Just a bunch of useless cronies.

  13. I am writing on a military computer. I want to burn alive anyone who betrays our Rangzen secrets. I will count to 100 for the children.

  14. Many Tibetans, including Daveno, still live in self-delusion, not realizing that CTA, since Samdhong’s leadership, have been been censoring ideas of Tibetan independence. But I think it is just a matter of time before it will be swept away by the storms of Rangzen brewing in Tibet.

  15. Ja Khading: and watch these same spineless politician rush over to and proclaim Rangzen and explain how they had actually never gave it up. And watch the public eat it up just like they eat up the horseshit Lobsang Sangay fed them. Sometimes, these people remind me of the Jonestown people eagerly waiting for their Kool-Aids.

  16. 14@ The first of all, it was Ngapo Jigme Sr. who was the lead delegate who signed the Seventeen Point Peace Agreement in 1951 that effectively declared Tibet as a part of China.

  17. If Ngapo Jigme Jr. believes in Rangzen, bless him but he is no different from any Tibetans who hold this principle. He now knew that post in RFA wasn’t a family hereditary of some privileged aristocracy with a lifelong guarantee with immunity from public opinion. CTA is the public opinion of Tibetans. There is a democratic mechanism in place where Tibetans in diaspora can exercise to vote them out if majority think CTA is not doing what they want them to do for Tibet. I have no idea if CTA has a hand on firing Ngapo Jigme Jr. If there were any maneuverings by CTA, I stand by CTA.

  18. As a Tibetan American and as a tax payer (paying more or less 30% of the income), I understand that a drop of the US foreign aid goes toward Tibetan cause. I don’t think CTA needs Uncle Sam’s hand to manage day-to-day handling of the aid. We are not receiving billions of dollars for unnecessary military aid and tens of millions of dollars for humanitarian aid that this country has been giving to other countries. As a Tibetan American I would request the congressman to do a thorough investigation into the rampant nepotism and cronyism that have been plagued in the Tibetan section of RFA instead of sending a nothing more than an insulting threat to the political head of CTA. We are no shortage of manpower to fill in the post in RFA. Just clean up the cronyism in RFA if you care about the integrity of this service.
    As for Tsering Dorjee, is nepotism legal? Is cronyism democratic? Don’t you really see these stifling the quality of journalism in RFA? Do you really see career professional political commentators the way to go as it is in America?

  19. What kinda damage control is Kunga Tashi (NY dhonchoe) upto? (#19)
    Wrongful Dissemination of information.
    Manipulation of information .
    Placating his chinese buddies. What’s going on?

  20. @21 let me weigh what others have to say on this.It was in 1951,some decades before i was born and not there to witness the moment.But 14 is just a wish that can be granted if there is a will to stand behind truth.

  21. Arihant!
    Please speak only you understand the issue first. I am an Tibetan american and like you I am paying taxes too. Please do not act like, what your friends would say, american not paying any billions of dollars to other countries. Do not try to fit in other shoes. We are not like other countries where Americans pours billions. but we should be thankful for what america support. People like you(boast for nothing).
    Secondly, Exactly COngressman should investigate nepotism at RFA. Libby liu promoted his brother in law to one of the senior most post…and there are lot… you need to open your eyes and ears too.She also promoted Kalden in law Benpa Topgyal for acting director instead of Deputy Director Karma Dorjee. These are few examples.. they are lot.. But I just want to point out that you need to understand first the issue before pointing out figures to anybody. Ngabo la will be fine. He is not that ordinary like us.

  22. Dorjeewoodward,
    Kunga tashi is doing all of the above you mention. He is distorting not only the real information but also trying to brainwash Chinese Tibetan supporter.(they are very confused and uncomfortable on RFA Issue and do not want to bother them). I do not want to name the names(though I can name each and everybody United States and Canada).It is very sad, reminds me of what my parents used to tell about Chinese acts. He is supposed to be a exile govt.Sericeman. That kind of act is far to believe let alone his wife had worked for RFA quite along.

  23. No reason to exclude Ms. Liu and Mr. Kalden Lodoe from investigation if the congressman is eager to get to the bottom of this issue. They should be subjected to the same level of scrutinizing.
    Tashi, you should tell Woeser and Jamyang Norbu to understand the issue before making accusations unless they want to make an issue out of this trivial matter. I am sure the extraordinary Ngapo Jigme Jr. will be fine of course as the Ngapo Sr. did an extraordinary fine during the Cultural Revolution when ordinary Tibetans were doing extremely poor.

  24. 1. No mention of the CTA Auditor General in this proposal. This CTA department seems chronically under resourced and by its own admission lacks capability to execute in key areas. The concept of a Transparency & Oversight committee sounds fine in principle, but some audit resources with real teeth will be needed to back it.

    2. The BBG Governance committee meets in Washington tomorrow 13 Dec and the full BBG board on 14 Dec. Interestingly, the major governance topic is the creation of an overarching CEO role. You can be a fly on the wall for the board meeting as it will be webcast.


    Behind sacked chief’s issue: ties between exile leader and RFA’s female boss
    2012-12-10 16:44:00|by: Aku Tenpa|From: China Tibet Online
    Reported in an article named “Free RFA” on Phayul December 4, the Tibetan government-in-exile, or the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), is using the influence of the 14th Dalai Lama as bait to manipulate Libby Liu, the boss of Radio Free Asia (RFA) and a dandy lady formerly having a sex scandal of “Office Whoopee Case”, which evokes outrages from the exiled Tibetan community.

    The author is journalist Jamyang Norbul, who was fired by Radio Free Asia on Nov 1 this year along with the dismissal of Jigme Ngapo, former chief of the Tibetan-language service of RFA. RFA claimed the firing of the two had nothing to do with Lobsang Sangay’s government. But on Nov 19 the U.S. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher sent a letter regarding the issue to Lobsang Sangay, the Prime Minister of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile to express outrage that he and other Tibetan leaders were attempting to manipulate the news that was being reported by the Tibetan service of Radio Free Asia. Meanwhile, western media seemed to echo with Rohrabacher.


    The revealing news article named “Free RFA” by Jamyang Borbul, however, seems to prove the media and Congressman Rohracher’s standpoint does not come from nowhere, pointing out that Lobsang Songay has been using his personal resource of the 14th Dalai Lama as a bait to control RFA’s head, Libby Liu, who is ambitious of using “that closeness (with the Dalai Lama) to impress the BBG (U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors) into allowing her to become president of the combined radio networks.”

    It is reported that “the key that the CTA was able to dangle before Libby Liu and get her to agree to their wishes was the prospect of access to … the Dalai Lama”. And “it was only after Lobsang Sangay became prime-minister that the Dalai Lama visited RFA”, adding that Lobsang Sangay and the former PM Samdong Rinpoche accompanied the Dalai Lama and “used the occasion to complain bitterly about RFA allowing the participation of those opposing the CTA”.

    That is the first cooperation between Libby Liu and Lobsang Sangay. Later on, “more opportunities were created for her to meet (the Dalai Lama) in Dharamshala and various other places he was visiting”; and in fact “Libby Liu and Sikyong Lobsang Sangye seems to have, on a number of occasions, followed (the Dalai Lama) together wherever he traveled.”

    Stiletto’s heel

    The ambitious lady might not ever fear of public opinions on the way to realizing her “Achilles Dream” given the “Office Whoopee Case”, but her stiletto has stamped Sangay’s feet hard.

    The lady of reputation is obviously not accepted by the exiled Tibetans since she “was always seated next to (the Dalai Lama) in a way that was too close for comfort…even on earlier occasions… her way of seating herself close to him seems highly improper”.

    Libby Liu is meeting the 14th Dalai Lama in Chicago in April this year with Michael Meehan, co-chairman of U.S Broadcasting Board of Governors. [Photo/Phayul]

    Some photos are emphasized to be “really upsetting, even sickening”.

    Thus, Lobsang Sangay is opposed as “outrageously irresponsible” by so doing to gain political advantages.

    In a leaked email from Libby Liu’s right-hand man, it is suggested that the lady will give a speech during a meeting with the Dalai Lama publicly in Mungod, South India. This arouses more furious contestation. The event is described as the most “sacrilegious” than ever.

    The press and exiled Tibetans seem to have expressed so much disappointment and mistrust recently toward the leaders of the Tibet government-in-exile. But the leaders seem to have despised all their people’s request. Instead, they just keep focusing on playing their political games to their interest even with a disputable dandy lady.

    Advice to Tibetan government-in-exile: Instead of criticizing the Chinese government, probably first dealing with the corruption of insiders.

  26. Dear JN la or tpl,

    I wish I could read an article by you on this piece in People’s Daily

    “‘2013–Tibet Independence Year’ just a fantasy
    (People’s Daily Online)
    08:09, December 12, 2012

    The Dalai clique is planning a series of Tibetan separatist activities in the name of celebrating the anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s winning of the Nobel Peace Prize on Dec. 10, and is also hyping the concept of “2013 – Tibet Independence Year.” The clique is “sparing no effort to make the Tibet cause one of the most important topics on international forums in 2013.”

    It is absurd for the Dalai clique to use the Nobel Peace Prize as a gimmick. Other Nobel Prizes may deserve respect, but the peace prize is just a joke to many people. While the Dalai Lama was awarded the prize, his clique instigated a wave of self-immolations in the stable and peaceful Tibet.

    The Dalai clique has adopted a simple publicity strategy. Over the past many years, it has been trying to create an illusion of an intense situation in Tibet, claiming that local residents have long been discontent at the Chinese government’s Tibet policy, and then instigates various forms of protests and attacks in the autonomous region to prove its claim.

    Its purpose of hyping “2013 – Tibet Independence Year” is to restore the old theocratic system and turn the emancipated Tibetan people into serfs again.

    The Dalai clique has delivered various ugly performances to win greater support from its backers. The Dalai Lama said on Feb. 18, 2010 during a visit to the United States that he had the responsibility to speak for 6 million Tibetans. On Nov. 22, 2009, he said in India that he was a “son of India.” In order to make his “father” happy, he has repeatedly announced that the Shannan Prefecture belongs to India, and even said that India is more qualified than China to claim sovereignty over Tibet.

    While receiving U.S. financial support and being a “son of India”, the Dalai Lama himself is probably not sure whose “son” he really wants to be.

    The serfdom system in Tibet was overthrown by the Tibetan democratic reform, and the theocratic feudal serfdom was swept into the dustbin of history by millions of emancipated serfs.

    In fact, the “fathers” of Dalai Lama is just taking advantage of him to pursue their own interests, and will mercilessly abandon him when he becomes useless.”

  27. And this one too in China Daily.

    Desperate expat doomed to failure
    Updated: 2012-12-12 08:31
    By Yi Duo (China Daily)

    The police of Sichuan province have obtained unambiguous evidence proving that the Dalai Lama clique has been the organizer behind the self-immolation incidents in the province.

    The 14th Dalai Lama claims he quit politics one year ago, but this was merely a trick to start a new stage in his attempts to split the Tibet autonomous region from China. But his latest ploy has only increased the internal conflicts in his clique, as he is using one of the most inhuman acts for his personal political purpose by instigating, or even threatening, innocent people to burn themselves alive.

    Responding to the voices accusing him of connivance in the deaths, he has tried to argue that if he said immolation is wrong it will hurt the victims’ families and other people, so the best way for him to deal with the issue is to observe neutrality. Yet, on Oct 19 last year he presided over a dharma assembly and praised and supported the “brave and fearless” self-immolators together with the heads of the so-called Tibetan government in exile.

    The Dalai Lama told the BBC on Nov 26, 2011, that although the people committing self-immolation are very brave, the effects of their public suicide remain unknown, showing his only concern is the effects these horrific acts have in support of his own agenda.

    To glorify the victims as heroes motivated by noble and pure beliefs is a way of disguising his role in the process. It transforms the deaths into “sacrifices for Buddha Dharma and the blessing of the people”.

    However, now there is concrete evidence proving the Dalai Lama and his clique are the real organizers of the immolations, all the tricks that have helped them before will be unable to conceal the truth.

    The Dalai Lama’s actions can only be explained by his hopeless hysteria, which carries him further away from Buddhism. Taking people’s lives is a grave sin in Buddhist doctrine. It must then by an even bigger sin for this religious leader to defend his authority by encouraging or coercing people to commit suicide. Some Tibetan people have no choice but to flee their homes to avoid the death by immolation the Dalai Lama clique has planned.

    That the local governments make every endeavor to save people trying to burn themselves alive presents a striking contrast to the Dalai Lama’s hypocrisy.

    The Tibet Youth Congress openly declares that only by winning “the complete independence of Tibet” can the immolations be finally stopped. And the self-proclaimed “Tibetan government in exile” has set Tibet’s self-governance as its practical objective and independence as its principle objective.

    After the immolations, the Dalai Lama clique unscrupulously require China’s State leaders to resume talks with the “Tibetan government in exile” to solve the issue of Tibet. The illegal government hopes the Chinese government will accept it as dialogue partner and thus recognize its status.

    Given these objectives, it is easier to understand why the Dalai Lama and his clique organize the immolations. They are taking people’s lives to attract the attention of Western countries whose support they want for their political objectives.

    One veteran Tibetan separatist wrote disappointedly that the immolations had not been raised during the US presidential election.

    But as China’s interactions with the world have grown and people start to understand China better, it is proving increasingly difficult for the Dalai Lama to demonize China. He resorts to forcing his compatriots to kill themselves. Some US media reported that he even forces children in his schools to pay tribute to the people conducting immolations. According to a US Strategic Forecasting report in April, this clearly shows the new leaders of the “Tibetan government in exile” have diverted their attention from mobilizing costly large-scale protests in Tibet to organizing individual deaths by immolation in the bordering area between Tibet and Sichuan.

    The US State Department’s Report on “Tibet Negotiations” this year says the Dalai Lama’s non-violent principle is the crux for a solution to the “Tibet issue”. But what is more violent than the Dalai Lama’s attitude and behavior is instigating people to kill themselves. Such an obvious distortion of “non-violence” indicates that certain foreign powers are still behind the Dalai Lama and his clique, despite the shrinking stage for their conspiracy.

    So the Dalai Lama and his clique are trying to find new stages, partners and audiences. During the escalating tensions between China and Japan over the Diaoyu Islands this year, the Dalai Lama visited Yasukuni Shrine, where Japanese war criminals are worshipped, and openly called China’s Diaoyu Islands the Senkaku Islands, which is their name in Japan. In return, Japan’s right-wing activist senators set up a union to support the “independence” of Tibet.

    But the other side of the Dalai Lama’s actions is the sad life of Tibetan people in Dharamsala. The European Union’s report on Dharamsala says the Tibetan settlement’s economic growth is very weak and the dropout rate in middle schools is about 50 percent. The settlement lacks any basic social security and assistance systems and the local agricultural production mainly relies on natural rainfall. In contrast, the development of the Tibet autonomous region and the rest of China is stable, fast and sustainable.

    The separatist activities of the Dalai Lama and his clique started with absolute violence, and then evolved into a combination of violence and non-violence. Now, they are resorting to pure violence again. But whatever measures they try are doomed to failure, because they are against history and humanity. Admitting his guilt to the Chinese government and Chinese people is the only choice for him now.

    This is a translation from an article in People’s Daily

    on Nov 11.

    (China Daily 12/12/2012 page9)

  28. Arihant: No, Nepotism is illegal. Where did I say it is not? Don’t make up stuff to bloster your arguments. If you have a case to make, make it, don’t pussy foot around like a geeky little tool.

  29. The main culprits in this RFA scandal are Kalden Lodoe and Ms Liu. They played all the dirty game including use of His Holiness for their personal ambition for power and gains .They dragged CTA and it,s leadership in the mess. Their plot must be investigated to resolve RFA scandal. Their activities both personal and official should be investigated and made public. . Maura,s comments are sincere. We cannot afford to lose the support from the US law makers. They are our genuine supporters. Bodh Gyallo.

  30. The oracle spirit of a raped Tibetan nun gave me permission to fuck Hu Jintao’s ass for a Free Tibet. I intend to. I’m psychotic!

  31. No 35, like any scandal this RFA scandle too has two halves: one half consists of Libby Liu and Kalden Lodoe and the other half consists of Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and his men. The fact that Libby Liu is enjoying unrestricted access to His Holiness and for Kalden Lodoe to have the audacity to order our govt officials to have Libby Liu welcomed officially by Settlement Officer of Mundgod reveals an undoubtful collusion of these two halves! Without the willing involvement of Lobsang Sangay, our Sikyong, Kalden Lodoe and Libby Liu couldn’t have done anything no matter how desperate they were. So, If you say Kalden Lodoe and Libby Liu should only be investigated, then you are talking about apprehending only two criminals out of four!

  32. No 32, Propaganda tools of China always write something bad and derogatory about His Holiness and our govt and make mockery of TGiE’s Middleway policy. They don’t always need an excuse to write; they create one. Like you I hope JN or TPR writes a fitting response to those liars to above baseless articles. But don’t you think whether JN or TPR responds or not, it’s an ‘official’ responsibility of CTA to respond to them?

  33. Sangay, I agree with you. Not only officials also chitue member like Sertha Tsultrim has to respond to them too.
    I know very well Sertha Tsultim. He used to be Late Ku-ngo Juchen Thupten’s Aabtruk. Now a days he is in the lost track and finally got the oppotunity this time to bash RFA Staff and Ngabo.He is very opportunist guy, used to bash alot Samdhong Rinpoche. Now in order to benifit himself he sided this time with them but deep down we know what he truly felt in his heart. I am pretty sure now that he won’t win sit in Dhotoe Chitue again.

  34. @38,

    Well said. about the CTA response, you won’t find here but in

    Sorry JN n all others, CTA and Sikyong cannot answer to all your pillow talks and wishy washy pep talks full of fallacies.

    In democracy there is a proper system which has to followed.

    JN himself (intentionally) mistakes Anarchy with Democracy more than often now a days.(very desperate times maybe..) For instance, an Editor with RFA Tibetan Section resigns and JN’s sunday program is taken off air. In retaliation, JN goes public and launch’s all out attack against anyone he dislikes and thinks have a hand in shutting down his air time. To give it wider space he paints this issue between Middle way Follower and Rangzen Follower and calls for chaos. MISSION ACCOMLISHED

  35. tendorjee,
    Firstly RFA Editor did not resign, he was fired by Libby liu. Secondly, When Jamyang norbu’s sunday program was cancelled he did not say anything bad against CTA.
    This time it was different situation. Unlike people who have blind faith in government, there are people who can differentiate what is truth, lie, injustice and democracy.We should respect their opinion. Personally for me, I see Jamyang Norbu as an intellectual, who can speak his mind clearly, pinpoint good and bad with no bias. For that kind of people sociey always bash them and I am not at all surprised by your comments.If you want to confront him, will you please write your own name or do you want me to find out who you are. I am geek and I do not have any difficulties to find you.

  36. The comments on the facebooks and the coffee shops (where tibetan gathers) these days Topic is RFA firing Director.

    People are talking more and viral on Ngabo la instead of self immolation. I think CTA officials need to do something to calm the issue. If the actions are true then own the mistake and Reinstate Ngabo la. If not they have to do something otherwise it is going to effect younger generation way of thinking. DAMAGE CONTROL.

  37. In a proper democracy, we will have an opposition party to keep the system honest which we don’t have right now. Right now, Speaker Penpa Tsering can make whatever pronouncement he likes and who is going to contradict him? Who will like to stick out their neck with no party support behind them? Our media is woeful. It took somebody from all the way in China to let the people know about it. To add to that, this case involves the alleged manipulation of media itself!! If the congressman hadn’t sent that letter, nothing would have been done at all because there is no incentive to do anything and no proper recourse. They can just ignore anything Jamyang says as those fringe Rangzen people. How long did it take the office of Kalon Tripa to respond to Woeser’s continued question of Thapey’s inclusion in the self-immolation count?

  38. སྐུ་ཞབས་འཇམ་དབྱངས་ནོར་བུ་ལགས་ནས། RFA ལས་བྱེད་རྙོག་གླེང་འདི་འདྲ་ཤུགས་ཆེན་གླེང་དགོས་དོན་ག་རེ་ཡིན་ནམ། རང་སྲེག་སྐོར་ཁྱབ་བསྒྲགས་ཀྱང་འདི་ལྟར་བྱེད་ཐུབ་ན་ག་ཚོད་ཡག་པོ་མི་འདུག

  39. If you can kick my ass, and get me to put down my Rangzen fist, I will let you burn me alive by any means necessary. If you try to put down my Rangzen fist, I will try to burn you alive. If I die in failure, I call on my brothers to hold you to account.

    Brent Werner
    Virginia Beach, VA. USA

  40. I am mad nyonpa. Namo H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje’s choekyong Tenzin la. Namo choekyong tsangma la. Chod Rangzen!

  41. My fiancee, Lieutenant Cherece McKinney, is not to be trusted in the Rangzen struggle. Yet, she is not to be harmed. I put that on the memory of H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche, Jigdrel Yeshe Dorje, and his visionary power, as well as my brothers and sisters in our freedom struggles. Justice!

  42. Tibet was independent country, and Tibet will be independent country. But I don’t wanted mix personal problem with independent issue, and like Nagba Jigme’s issue. It is not surprise to me somebody fired from his position. It is usual in America. Always Some people are waiting for something and want to say something to Central Tibetan Administration, it is unacceptable to me.

  43. @Daveno,

    I believe you may be good at some illegal stuff that you boast of. why dont you try find out who(rather What) “Yedor” “Yidou” is.

    It may give you a recognition for yourself than just being a nameless troller with OC Disorder symptom flashing all over JN’s blog.

  44. CTA’s covert involvement in the RFA saga is clear. Rumors are aloat as to who will replace RFA Tibetan Service Director which further cements the conspiracy. Names with direct connections with the Gaden Phodrang/CTA are afloat as possible replacement for Jigme.
    That is the Dharamsala side of the story. But what about the Washington DC side! Will the devided BBG kowtow CTA? Or an ivestigation(apparently unerway)will thwart the CTA-BBG nexus and remove Libby from RFA, thereby shattering her wild ambitions.

    Congressman Rohrabacher has to prove that his allegations about the RFA affair as well as the misuse of American funds have legs to walk the walk. Remember, he has not disclosed Libby’s response to his letter. My sources claim he has fired a second salvo against her.

    Many have raised why the victim, Ngabo Jigme, is silent, but my gut feeling is that he chose to go underground for legal reasons. As I pointed earlier RFA is notorous for losing bigtime in law suits,and I suspect his sympathisers are tormenting him to sue RFA management?

    I won’t be surprised if the BBG, under pressure from internal investigation, presses Libby to reinstate Jigme if she wishes vie for the sole CEO position when RFA administation ungergoes eminent restructuring.

  45. I see some similarities between Ngabo the father and Ngabo the son. The father knew very well how to keep his mouth (as well as emotion) shut and play by the ‘rules’ that Mao and CCP dictated, and it got him through the Cultural Revolution and till his death with no imprisonment or torture or “thamzing session” whatsoever which almost no one could escape during that time from Maos grip. Ngabo the father breathed his last couple of years back and the old man died keeping his mouth shut!

    The junior Ngabo – the former head of RFA, I dont call him a traitor or a collaborater like his father. What the junior did as the Director of RFA Tibetan service was actually, I must admit, commendable! He didnt bring his personal opinion to work and carried out his duty just like a head of the media in a free country would do: create a level playing field and give equal air-time to people on both sides of the isle. Perhaps it’s this – his ability to keep his mouth (and opinion) shut, that allowed him to visit China whenever he wanted and also kept CTA and exile Tibetan community at bay because of cluelessness of where he stood.

    Ngabo junior has been living in DC area for almost twenty years now. All these years, he never really went out and assimilated with local Tibetan community and partied on July 6 with the rest (I’m not talking about occasional dinner parties hosted by the his fellow RFA lhasa families). Nor did he visit Dharamsala much. He mostly remained aloof. He knew that Hu Jintao and his invisible powerful men were watching over his shoulder, and if he did anything that appeared getting too comfortable with exile Tibetans and CTA to China, he knew his China visa would be history and may jeopardize his family back in Beijing.

    And at work, which required him to be impartial, he found it a perfect means to keep exile Tibs, who dont think of him in positive light by default because of his late father’s conduct, at bay from pointing finger at him. He gave Umay lham and Rangzen seekers equal time to air their voices, thus left neither, to accuse him he supported this or that. This also served him in fulfilling his other concern, thats to keep China “happy”. He sounded apolitical!

    As RFA scandal is going viral with no word frm the man in the center, I dont think Ngabo jr. will open his mouth. What really happened between him and Libby Liu the day he was sent home he will probably take with him to grave just like his father did. Because if he dares to open his mouth, then he’s going to make not only CTA unhappy but it also may make China unhappy because of the nature of things involved in this mess! And he knows damn well the day he opens his mouth will be the day he dug his own grave, so to speak!

    In the world of Secrecy, no one is more well known than Swiss banks. Swiss banks have kept black money of ppl from every corner of the world and no could make them open their records, until someone very powerful, perhaps the most powerful in the world, with the “teeth” said enough is enough now, and it was IRS. The IRS demanded the names of ppl frm US who had hidden money in the swiss banks and they said, we aint playing game, to Swiss bank, literally speaking. Swiss banks knew they were in trouble if they didnt comply and provided the agency names of all the US ppl who had secretly parked their money there, and thus, Swiss bank’s reputation of being top guardian of secrecy became history. This happened just a year ago btw.

    Ngabo’s father did prove no less than Swiss bank in keeping secret and he was able to take it to grave. I see Ngabo junior following his father’s footstep and stakes are so high we cant let him take it to grave like his father. CTA is without teeth and Lobsang Sangay Aministration is hand in glove with everything thats going wrong in our exile democracy and RFA. And speaker Penpa Tsering proved our Judiciary branch under him is a joke with that stupid letter! None of these could do anything to open even lips of Ngabo, let alone his mouth! There is only thing that will make Ngabo open his mouth, just like there was only IRS who could make Swiss banks open its records, and thats Congressional subpoena and this is where Congressman Dana’s Subcommittee comes into plays.

    So guys, if you really want to settle this RFA scandal and punish the wrongdoers, call or write to your local Congressmen and Congressman Dana to pursue this RFA matter and urge them to get to the bottom of it. Tell them our democracy so thoughtfully given to us by His Holiness, is at risk if not done and may suffer similar fate of Egyptian democracy it suffered at the hands of President Morsi Mohammad. Bhod Gyallo!

  46. The Rangzen Revolution has begun. China is the enemy.

    Pawo Thumpa,
    Virginia Beach, VA.
    Protector of Men, Women, and Children, not of China!

  47. Markhampas love Pawo Thumpa. I was merely the husband of the oracle’s motherly lineage.

    With respect to my late wife, Tenzin Diki.

  48. Any mission Lieutenant “Cherece Andra(h?) McKinney” has is inferior to my Rangzen Revolution. Samaya of Dorje Drollo. Obey.

  49. this comment is being moderated “Any mission Lieutenant “Cherece Andra(h?) McKinney” has is inferior to my Rangzen Revolution. Samaya of Dorje Drollo. Obey.” F*** your moderation AND your lack of ethics. You will die one day. Its a fact.

  50. Lieutenant Cherece Andra(h?) McKinney is resigned. Let her find her own way in life, with or without me. I’m not CIA. That’s fact.

  51. she will be a faithful wife, or I demand my brothers and sisters burn me alive. this must not be moderated. i will be with her always or suspect her of everything forever. this is hell.

  52. Lieutenant Cherece Andra(h?) McKinney is my current fiancee as witnessed in public. I want and deserve a faithful wife, not a CIA clone. She must resign. I will not tolerate the lives of men who interfere in the Rangzen Revolution. I don’t tolerate the CIA. Anyone who touches her or me sexually, is CIA. Deal with it. Now, feel free to burn me alive if either of us makes a mistake. I go first burning alive. I request my international brothers and sisters to burn me alive because the CIA are traitors to Tibet. On Markham, I am not lying. She does, but I love that human being “Lieutenant Cherece Andra(h?) McKinney” anyway. I need this truth.

  53. In metaphysical terms of working for Rangzen, and more importantly, in the metaphorical tradition of the birthplace of Zach de la Rocha, Jamyang Norbu is the guardian of the Crazy Balls of Truth Insistence by Any Means Necessary. I hold the Chod Nyonpa and Naljor Nyonpa lineages which I have recently created according to New Age traditions. I cannot confirm or deny if I am Brent Werner.

  54. Brent, You can post your comments freely on this blog but please limit it to one or two and as much as possible stay within the subject of discussion. Thanks. JN

  55. The so-calleld ‘world-wide search’ to replace the ousted RFA Tibetn Service chief, has a third name floating now. That is for Samdhong Rinpoche’s representative in England-Thupten Samdup.

    Also, if the long blog-appel in Tibetan by an
    undisclosed Tibetan group is true to its allegtions, including financial irregularites, involving millions of dollars,committed by Libby and BBG’s Michael Mehan, both the institutions are in big trouble. No wander Libby was criss-crossing USA, India, and Burma for what and what expense!

    And this guy, Kalden, has taken all those talking heads for a ride which they are finding it hard to disown. Saddest things is, no one now thinks, that His Holiness is kept in the dark. Ultimately, he will have to, willing or not, reign in. That seems to be only solution as of now if CTA’s damaged image is to be put under check.

    The damage caused by the Syikong’s rash answer coupled by the legislature chairs’ uncalled for arrogant free-for-all letter, as well as mobilizing the Tibetan communities in North by the representative to malign the US Congressman cannot be repaired.

    One prays that CTA is not caught in the web of RFA/BBG financial scandle when its sees the light of the day!

  56. I demand the CIA confiscate the property of all employees and send them homeless and exiled into the great big world. They are traitors to our history of Rangzen Revolution, yet I, the novice practitioner of Dudjom Tersar, do not want them physically hurt. Start with one closest to me. Take the vehicle you can never own and don’t return it. Atiyoga Naljor Nyonpa will defeat the evil occupation of historically Independent Tibet! My dragon invented it. He is rainbow colored with symbolic black and white polka dots. He is over my head. He is truth, justice, righteousness, democracy, human rights, and freedom. He is better than any American and more real. Bhod Rangzen! Bhod Gyal Lo!

  57. Finally Grand dad of corruption, Gyari (Rinpoche?) get his lapdog Harry Wu to write to Congressman Rohrabacher. Harry Wu has to bite the bullet and do the bidding of his powerful master(s). We will be writing more about Uncle Harry and his share of dirty tricks.

    Meanwhile find here copy of his letter to Congressman.(Orginal letter is available on his tailor-made for more grants from US government) website called Laogai.

    (Look how the letter is CC to; same as that of Speaker Pemba ‘s letter.)

    We hear Kunga Tashi is also at work getting other dissident Chinese to write a protest letter to Congressman)

    Kunga Tashi -la: don’t worry, you have enough skeleton in your Office of Tibet cupboard too. We will bring them out before you apply for U.S. citizenship.)

    Meanwhile here is Uncle Dirty Harry’s letter:

    Harry Wu Writes to US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher regarding Tibet

    posted by Zhang on Wed, 12/05/2012 – 17:42

    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

    2300 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515

    November 27, 2012

    Dear Congressman Rohrabacher,

    I was surprised to learn that you had openly criticized the Central Tibetan Administration and Prime Minister Lobsang Sangay due to their alleged involvement in the dismissal of Mr Ngapo Jigme from Radio Free Asia. It is true that Mr. Ngapo Jigme has had a complicated social and political background. Through my interactions with him for more than a dozen years, I have become fully aware of his “murky” relationship with the Chinese government. I also understand that because of this, the personnel at the Central Tibetan Administration and the International Campaign for Tibet as well as the honorable Dalai Lama himself have never accepted interviews by Radio Free Asia. I believe that the management at Radio Free Asia must have solid evidence to force him out. For the reasons stated above, it does not seem appropriate to lodge a public complaint against the Central Tibetan Administration.

    This letter has been written out of my deep respect towards your persistent efforts to confront the Chinese dictatorship. I am personally appreciative of the enormous support that you have given to the Laogai Research Foundation and myself. Given the importance of your positions on these issues, I feel obligated to share my opinions with you. I hope that my perspectives would be helpful for you to form a more balanced view on these important issues. It is also my wish that when you form an opinion or take action in this regard, you would heed outside advice, on top of the advice offered by your assistants or staff members.

    I would be happy to further discuss the aforementioned issues and concerns with you, and would be available to meet you at your convenience. Meanwhile, you may reach me through email at or call me at 202-408-8300 ext. 100.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

    Harry Wu

    Founder and Executive Director

    Laogai Research Foundation


    1. The Honorable President of the United States

    2. The Honorable President of Senate

    3. The Honorable Speaker of House of Representative

    4. Respected Members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

    5. The Honorable Secretary of State

  58. My goodness! still you guys talking about Nagba Jigme. He is staying at his home in Virginia, and sometimes he makes phone calls to his friends and family members. He doesn’t care about his job. He already made enough money for his pension, and belongs legacy to him from his parents from China.
    so we better to pay attention self immolations rather than Nagba la.

  59. This Brent person ranting nonsense here is nothing more than annoying.
    @ 34,
    Tsering Dorjee, Did you and JN in some mysterious way manage to sleep for 16 years and only to be awaked by the firing of Nagpo Jigme Jr from the post? I know Kalden Lodoe is a douchebag. I also know that Nagpo isn’t irreplaceable either. If you as you claim to care about democratic process and declare cronyism isn’t democratic, then it’s well over due to reign in the rampant cronyism that has plagued the quality of news reporting not only in RFA but also in VOA.
    If you draw the family (relative and friends) tree of the employees of both of these services, even our communist comrades in Beijing will find some tricks to fine-tune their skill of cronyism.

  60. Dear Jamyang la & Tibetan Political Review,

    Please stop this nonsense of finding every possible opportunity to attack CTA & Sikyong Lobsang Senge la. Our country is burning & as a Tibetan it is our solemn duty & responsibility to rally behind CTA to show our solidarity. It is utterly irresponsible of you guys to engage in raking up this issue of RFA’s dismissal of Ngabo Jigme with unsubstantiated, unfounded & cooked up stories & thereby trying to divide our people.

    Perhaps it may be helpful here to remind readers how during the Kalon Tripa Election Jamyangla & TPR engaged in a vicious partisan attack on Sikyong Lobsang Senge la by spreading all sorts of lies & distortion of facts. This is simply a witch-hunt from these guys. If they truly care about our country & for democracy then they must respect the will of the Tibetan people. Tibetan people are overwhelmingly united behind CTA & its leadership under Sikyong Lobsang Sengela & are very proud how our Sikyong la has conducted himself in domestic as well as in the international arena in carrying forward our cause. Bod Gyalo !!!

  61. I don’t know about Jamyang Norbu but I probably did. Are you going to kiss me now? I don’t care if Kalden Lodoe is a douchebag in his regular life but I am interested in his role in this particular situation. And who is even talking about whether Ngapo is replaceable or not which is missing the whole point. Everybody in this goddamn world is replaceable. Everybody. We are talking about the unjustified firing or ‘resignation’ of him at RFA and the seeming connection between that and the CTA. If there was cronyism there as you alleged, that is a whole different topic. You need to bring up evidence and provide the links yourself because I don’t know anything about it.

  62. Tsampa @ 80 and other innocent village idiots;

    First ask yourself WHO created this mess in the first place?

    Second ask yourself WHY they created this problem?

    Third ask WHY did they choose this institution ?

    Fourth, ask WHY did the culprits chose THIS particular moment, when Tibet is building ( as Tsampa rightly said)?

    They knew that village idiots like you and me will find the villain in wrong person, while they cheer each other over ice-cold beer in Hyatt in New Delhi or Cherry topped Ice-Cream in Holiday Inn in London.It is being played from old politician’s book.

    With RFA issue , many knowledgeable people fear there is more to it than one could ever fathom. China hand!

    People say ten years from now, village idiots like you and me will be wondering, how on earth did this person or that person acquire this multi-million dollar property in heart of Hong Kong!

    They tell us to keep an eye on all the people (except for Samdhong Rinpoche) , the U S Congressman has named, for at least another ten years from now.

    My sense is that the shit hasn’t hit the fan as badly yet, but when it does, I think it will force the holy father to come out and clean it.

    Sources in Washington tell me that some powerful people are playing it both ways to grind the Sikyong in such a bind that he will always remain indebted to the great master.

    Don’t expect this issue to subside anytime soon, it is being played by powerful people, not because of JN. He is just reporting the fact and trying to open our eyes. One sparrow doesn’t make it a summer, young man.

    Politics is not dirty, but when it is played by dirty people, it gives politics a bad name.

    Don’t get carried away by the scripted speech of Sikyong or for that matter any politician, instead it will serve our cause better, if we keep an eye on these politicians and their con men like Kalden Lodoe. That is the crust of JN’s writing, ” protect Kundun and free RFA ”

    Understand that RFA here represents free speech, the freedom of expression. The right to ask question and speak truth to power.

    We thought only the autocratic rulers in totalitarian system undermine free press. Didn’t know that fake from Harvard who wrote a thesis on the value of democracy would be the first person to stab at the heart of free press.

    May be National Endowment for Democracy should give him a gold medal for that. May be it is already under process. Who knows?

  63. HeyTsampa @80: we all want to see Sikyong la succeed but he has to earn our trust. What if he has dirtied the good name and reputation of the CTA (unclear )? Then shame on him and we should be protecting the beloved CTA and not the opportunist politician who temporarily sits in the Sikyong seat.

    Lobsang Sengye la will come and go but institution of Sikyong will remain.

  64. འཇམ་དབྱངས་ནོར་བུར་ནི་དཀྲུགས་ཤིང་གི་སྡོང་པོ་ལྟ་བུ་རེད་ བོད་རིགས་ནང་ཁུལ་དང་རང་གཞུང་ལ་སྐྱོན་བརྗོད་ཁོ་ན་ལས་ དོན་དངོས་ཐོག་བོད་མི་རིགས་ལ་ཕན་པས་བྱ་བ་གང་ཡང་སྒྲུབ་མྱོང་མེད་ ཁོ་རང་གི་ཕ་མེས་ཚོས་ཤོར་བག་ཁོ་ན་ལ་ལོངས་སྤྱོད་ནས་བོད་རང་བཙན་རྒྱ་མི་ལ་བརྩོང་བ་རེད་ ད་ཁོས་རང་བཙན་རྩོད་ཁུལ་བྱེད་པ་དེ་དགོད་མོ་ཤོར་བའི་རྒྱུ་རེད་ ཁོས་རང་བཙན་རྩོད་སྟངས་དེ་ཕར་དགྲ་བོར་ཁ་གཏད་མ་གཅོག་པར་ཚུར་ནང་ཁུལ་དཀྲུག་ཤིང་ཤ་སྟག་རེད་ མི་ངན་་་་མི་ངན་དེ་ཚོ་་་་ངོ་ཚ་མེད་་་་་ ཕ་མ་ངན་པའི་བུ་རྒྱད་་་་་་ ཁྱོད་ཚོ་དེ་འདྲ་འབྲི་རྒྱུ་དང་བསམ་བློ་ཡོད་ན་གུང་ཁྲན་ཏང་ད་ལྟ་འཇུག་རྫོགས་ལ་ བོད་པའི་བདེན་མཐའ་ཡང་སེལ་མེད་ ང་ཚོ་མེད་ཁྱི་རྒན་ཚོ་ ཟ་སྣོད་ཕོ་བ་ནང་སྐྱག་པ་ཐོངས་ད་་་་་

  65. Good Job RFA staff members for sticking out with Ngapo Jigmey.

    You all are very smart personnel of our future Tibet who recognized the out dated policy of CTA and Dalai Lama. Thank you.

    Because of you all, we were able to witness true nature of CTA and true nature of Dalai Lama.

    Your collective noble act by sticking out with Mr. Ngapo is honorable and thanks for recommending person like us to read JN la article.

    One again GOOD JOB RFA staff members for standing with JN and Ngapo. Especially Mr. Kama zurkhang. I listened to the port cast and your view of CTA is mirror image of JN la. Dalai Lama and CTA should learn some pointer from JN LA.

  66. @pema and jn
    nothing more talk or write to people like you and shungden followers but my middle finger goes to you and your boss jamyang norbu lol …. Stupid son of whores …..

  67. @pema
    Your moms ass must be outdated to sell to Chinese….don’t ever try to talk as if you did something worth for Tibet …. Jamyang norbu’s forefathers already sold rangzen to red Chinese and came to india with all their belongings even brooms on the back of donkeys…. Now it is funny to see his stupidity and blind struggle for Tibetan.
    Jamyang norbu should burn himself on the behave of his forefathers to say sorry for Tibetan …… Sooner or later he would be Chinese free hand to divide our community and shugden follower like you and your coward families ….lol get in hell soon

  68. We should all thank RFA staff to stir up this debeate. They sided with Ngapo and shown their loyality.

    Dalai Lama works only for his fame and Smart RFA staff members figure that out send us all a clear messge by supporting Ngapo Jigmey who stood strong with his ideology by not bending to Dalai Lama or CTA.


    Thank you RFA staff members. We the Rangzen lover love you and support you.

  69. @88 — Hey “Pema” — I think it is really sick that you are pretending to be a “Rangzen lover”. You do not speak for patriotic Tibetans. We love our phayul and we love Kundun and we love freedom.

    It is clear what you are trying to do and it will not work: you are trying to smear Rangzen supporters. Well that just shows how desperate you are. If you want to support Ume Lam, then fine, but at least be honest about it.

    (What if I pretended to be an Ume Lam supporter and wrote: “I love being a Chinese minority and I look forward to kissing my new Chinese passport! Wo ai zhongguo”)

    Remember that even Sikyong la speaks of the importance of “UNITY”. That means the Tibetan people are one, even if there are some internal political differences.

    Grow up.

  70. The collective miasma which befog all Tibetans, in the certainty that His Holiness is morally pure in all his thoughts and deeds, therein lies some hidden agenda or fear, the fear of applying unsentimental critical thinking which may upset the cart and topple the very edifice.

    I sympathize, we all want to be on the side of Angels, so it gives me no pleasure in pointing out that Jamyang Norbu la constantly skirts around Kundun, unwilling or unable to emasculate, allowing cart blanche latitude, and immunity to criticism, instead, he is more at ease castigating the likes of Samdong Rinpoche, Doctor Lobsang Sangay, Pempa Tsering, Kalden Lodoe, Dharma Bums, Western VIP Advisers, etc…

    When it comes to His Holiness, Jamyang Norbu la’s opinions often verge on these lines, “Of course His Holiness’s conduct in this matter is beyond reproach.”

    …..that being in the company of sketchy individuals ala Libby Liu or Asahara are “accidents” or Kundun, like Lear, that erring but much loved minister, constantly bamboozled by self serving individuals. In this light, Kundun is a mere puppet on a string buffeted by forces he is too innocent to comprehend.

    Samdong Rinpoche, Pempa Tsering, Kalden Lodoe, etc. How could such powerful individuals in the Tibetan community be where they are without the blessings of His Holiness? Wasnt Kalden Lodoe in charge of Kundun’s Kalachakra? Kundun may very well choose Kalden Lodoe over Jamyang Norbu la, and if He does, are we surprised? Should we be surprised?

    I think all honest people would agree that His Holiness is in charge of all Tibetans, majority know it and want it, His Holiness knows it and acts like it, any opinion diverging from this is just special pleading.

  71. @Pema
    you must be a shugden follower, tried to stir tibetan community in the name of rangzen. I know you were born in chinese brothel while your mom was selling her ass, with some sick people like jamyang norbu thats what you hate His Holiness….. shame on you, dog in human skin….. 99% of on page says, you are some kind of chinese dog or shugden spy within tibetan community…. son of whores…

  72. Why don’t Pema and Zahwa get a room together and share bigoted and idiotic comments with each other. They will find they have so much in common.

  73. @ tsering dorjee
    Just shut ur pussy mouth okey,,, you need to be a barking dog between us.
    SHuT UP…

  74. Zahwa: make up your mind. You want me to be the barking dog or not? Both you and Pema belong in the loonie bin licking each other like mad dogs. All those hours sleeping in the class is finally paying off for you now. It is a proud moment for you. And Merry Christmas!

  75. Do we have to read the language used by ‘zahwa’?
    Is this the price we pay to support ‘freedom of expression’?
    I guess although the cost may be steep,it’s worth paying the price to read the excellent work of Jamyang la and some others in this blog.

  76. Zahwa and Pema,

    Some of your comments were deleted and won’t be accepted as long as you keep using such derogatory language and insults.

    Golok Ambum

  77. I am just relaying this message from Amdo area who are very intellectual. They are very sad to hear about Ngabo la’s dismissal from Radio Free Station, and very much disappointment over our Government’s interference.

    It is best our government should apologise(for the sake of intellectualstibetans inside tibet who has highly respected to Ngabo) to Ngabo la or reinstate him, otherwise this is a long term damage to the people’s thought in Tibet. He is famous for his defect in 1980’s from his elite family and Communist and that made him so famous and respected.
    Every scholars that I talk inside Tibet who usually pays attention to exile govt. knows about the RFA saga very clear and I was shocked.

    A spark neglected will burn the house and this incident will surely led this way.

  78. What is so bad about dismissing the son of a traitor from this post?
    To start with, he should never have been given the post.
    Thank god that at least someone came to sense at last and did the right thing.
    Treachery runs in the family.
    A taitor’s son cannot be trusted.


  79. hey Tsering Chodon Lejotsang,
    Didn’t you read the above post @98? I thought you knew better. this just shows education alone is not enough to open one’s mind and eyes.

  80. Dorjee la, I don’t know what are you talking about? I don’t think so Nagba la well known Tibetans in Tibet. But Tibetans very well known his father, but they did not know about Nagba, Jigme who is living in US. I from Tibet too, but Nagba Jigme hasn’t done anything for Tibetan, while he were there in Tibet. Since he came to exile, he is staying in the US. How Tibetans were disappointed about Nagba?

  81. Pema trinley,
    You sounds you are not from Amdo. I said Amdo, the place I live. May be you are from different part.
    You are right, his father is famous and that is why Ngabo is very well known(especially among educated and officials) in Amdo.

    These days there are so many channels to do service in Tibet. Please wake up and open your ears and eyes. People know him he is in US because he is carrying over superb responsiblity on RFA where no one could do. He is trying to give correct information and news that nobody else has provided so far in Tibetan society. KHAM AMDO AND CENTRAL PERIOD.

  82. @100 Tenpa
    If Ngapo is innocent, why is he so quiet?
    His silence is loud and clear.
    He will need to speak up if he was fired unfairly. But if he doesn’t, then may be he deserved it.
    His father committed high treason.
    Page 54 of Tears of Lotus reads:
    “…Ngapo ordered the defense (of Chamdo) torn down that Lhalu had constructed…..recommended surrender, but Lhasa said no.Upon receiving the word, Ngabo changed from the yellow silk robes …and fled …Chamdo…His only order before he left to two officers of the Tibetan garrison was to destroy the ammunition dump, which they did.
    This meant the Khampas and the Tibetan soldiers had no ammunition with which to fight the Chinese”.

    What guarantee is there that history isn’t repeating?
    Afterall, he is the descendant of a kudrak, and none less than Ngapo himself.

    For every kudrak who stood strong for Tibet, there were 10 who either cooperated with the Chinese or fled Tibet at the first possible chance.

    Tibetan Political Review is starting to sound more and more like “Kudrak League Review”. This article is nothing more than an attempt of the descendents of the kudraks to rally around one of their own.


    Over the years I have read your post on this blog and many a times I have been impressed by your opinion,I would never have thought that you would come out with a thought so bizarre that the actions of a father would somehow implicate the child.
    I am neither a Kudrak nor related to Ngapo,I am a proud son of a Chusi Gangdruk member,and regardless of how I view his father..those views have absolutely no bearing on Ngapo Jigme.

  84. Tsering Choedon Lejotsang’s case is really interesting. She used to be a staunch supporter of Jamyang Norbu’s views, that is for Rangzen, until she parted her ways when JN supported Tethong in the Katri elections. This was understandable given her plebian background and the legitimate grievances against the injustices of Kudraks perpetrated on ordinary Tibetans for centuries. I am also a descendant of ordinary Tibetan peasants, and actively supported LS during the elections, not just taken in by his smooth talk and harvard degree, but also by Tethong’s lack of new ideas and his incumbency factor, given that he served CTA for decades. A new face was all we were looking for.

    But that’s all past now. LS is the Syikong now, the new aristocracy, and he seems to be totally clueless with regard to our struggle, keeping up the status quo. Nowadays, to me LS and Samdhong looks same, the only difference being that the former wears a suit and tie, while the latter red robes. In other words, the hegemony of Middle Way still reigns. There’s no sign for an independence push.

    Given this situation, where does Miss Lejotsang stands when it comes to the fundamental question of Rangzen. Is her class background trumps the principle of Rangzen? Is she one of those many young passionate idealistic people who are taken in by the ideas of communism and Marx, that class struggle is the key, not nationalism?

    I can’t help but suspect this given her total silence against the policies of CTA led by LS – still clinging to the ‘dream’ that one day they would be able to convince the Chinese to negotiate on Rangkyong.

  85. @103 (Tsering Choedon Lejotsang):

    Let us assume for a moment that you are Tibetan and not a Chinese 50 cent agent…

    You and anyone who keeps sniveling “Oh the Kudraks, Oh the Kudraks” are what the Chinese call USEFUL IDIOTS. Look it up. It is what they call those who spread Chinese propaganda better than the Chinese ever could themselves.

    We can debate whether it was the Kudraks (or some), the conservative Monasteries (or some), or the entire closed-off system that helped the fall of Tibet, but that was LAST CENTURY MAN! Wake up. The only one who keeps talking about “Kudraks this and Kudraks that” are the Chinese who want to cause divisions in Tibetan society. Oh, and also useful idiots like you. You make Beijing very happy by stoking class warfare in Tibetan society… congratulations.

    Tibetans are Tibetans. End of story.

    And as for your beef with TPR, you should name just one sentence that actually supports your stupid claim. Just one. Otherwise you’re just spouting hot air and you are fit to be ignored like the USEFUL IDIOT you are.

    Unless you are a Chinese agent?

  86. Tsering Choedon Lejotsang is getting here into the bizarre logic of Communist dictators: because one of your relatives was involved with the Kuomintang, you and your entire family must be marked for life, denounced as a bad elements and deprived from any rights munificently granted by the Party to the righteous masses. Thanks TCL for this reminder of China’s darkest past and for your revolutionary approach…

  87. @104~107

    You all reacted just as I wanted readers to.
    What I have written is just one way of looking at this issue. I can think of several other ways of interpreting the whole chain of events. I may be completely wrong in all my interpretations.
    In the same way, what JN and TPR have written so far are yet other ways of looking at the issue. They could be completely off the mark.

    RFA fired Ngapo. Only they know the truth.
    But neither RFA, nor Ngapo is speaking.

    It is understandable that RFA is not speaking. They made a decision and the one at the receiving end of that decision is not complaining.
    So unless Ngapo speaks up, there is no case at all, so to speak.
    Let us discuss further if Ngapo speaks up at all.

    @104 and @107
    High treason isn’t something to be forgotten easily/excused so lightly, lest it becomes a common feature of our society. This is not any ordinary disloyalty we are talking about. It is HIGH TREASON.
    Punishment by death to the culprit, and fear of stigma to the family for generations to come should act as deterrents for anyone attempting such acts in the future

    How can I part ways from JN when I have never joined path with him to begin with?

    Regarding LS, I don’t understand why you drag the topic in here. I did not say anything about him in my above comments.
    FYI, I voted for Kungo Tashi Wangdu la. It seems you are the one who voted LS in into the PM post.
    Although I did not vote him into office, I am of the stance that: for good or worse, he won the office by popular vote. Let him do his job while in office. In less than 3 years (2 years 8 months), we go to poll again. People will judge his performance with their votes.
    LS is not a huge problem. The way he is stomping around, it doesn’t take too much imagination to see where this will lead him to (as a politician). The issue is: will there be able candidates in time to contest in the next election?

    Have the basic decency to avoid ad-hominem attacks. It reflects badly about your inner self.


    You are putting yourself against a big disappointment. I think Dharamsala’s effort all along has been to outdo Ngapo Sr.

    It is where Rangzen followers comes in to stop this wholesale business.

    The young nun who self immolated for Tibet left us the image of her tattooed hand with word Bodh Rangwang Gyalkhab. Translation: Tibet: An Independent Nation. She wants us to remember why she and others died.

    May she and others be born in Independent Tibet. Sikyong erotica should keep a stone craving of her image on his desk. It will make anyone pause to do the right thing – for Tibet.

  89. @109 (Tsering Choedon Lejotsang): you said “Have the basic decency to avoid ad-hominem attacks.”

    No actually what I said was not an ad homenim attack. That would be making a baseless insult as a way of avoiding looking at your words, which I didn’t do. What I did was to make an argument precisely based on your words. I said that your words are based on an outdated last-century class structure, undermine Tibetan nationalism, and make you what the Chinese call a “useful idiot.”

    What you are trying to do is play victim and avoid confronting what I said. Boo hoo. The argument remains… your words carry Chinese propaganda better than the Chinese do. And I do not see any real refutation from you.

    I also did not see any example from you where TPR was unfairly pro-Kudrak as you claimed. I don’t know why you are so obsessed with Kudraks, seeing them lurking under every rock and yak.

    Since you have no direct responses that do not involve dishonest evasions, we can only assume you have no leg to stand on in your baseless arguments.

    So I still think you are acting like a “useful idiot” for the Chinese.

    Thank you.

  90. tsering choedon lojeutsang,
    C’mon Is there a difference in Ngabo’s so called collaboration and today’s so called Autonomy for tibet…. the middle way approach.

    We always protest for 17th point aggreement day but at the same time trying our best to send delegations to China for further dialogue.


  91. High Treason? Isn’t that very thing that the Exile govt. is currently doing and the reason why Ngabo was reinstated as a patriot with such ghastly homage and burning of incense? What do we do with that HIGH TREASON then?

    #whoever elected Lobsang Sangay
    If you had elected Lobsang Sangay as the leader, then don’t complain of his shortcomings now. It was clear as day he was a complete moron with an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Who in their right mind campaigns for a job with ZERO experience in that field? Only an arrogant person who is only concerned about his own future. Now look at him. All he does is travel all around the world following Kundun like a shadow and banging all the cocktail waitresses. That is all he knows. With such a dire situation inside Tibet with never before heard of self-immolations, what is his response? Prayers! A press release. Bang a local girl. Interfer in democratic process. That is exactly why people warned about appointing such a complete novice to the office.

    Do you think either of these other two gentlemen would have interfered wth the democratic process like he is doing right now? I highly doubt that. They know better. I have to question your intelligence and beg you to listen to others next time before you elect another moron.

  92. Tsering Choedon Lejotsang,

    I agree with you that Ngabo should come out in the open to defend himself. The fact that he’s not doing that needs to be scrutinized.

  93. jha khading,
    Your pen name suits well. Since your name indicates that you are up in the sky, you can not see your shadow. That is the problem you and CTA officials have. The fact so much in our tibetan society, North, south, west and east even Nepal and Bhutan residing are talking and discussing about Ngabo’s firing from RFA says alot.Truth is defending itself to Ngabo. I heard that he already sued RFA and that is why he is not speaking. It is going to be a quite a scene in 2013. So let us wait for the happy days to be shine to freedom loving people and for the tibet independence.

  94. @114 Ja Khading: as Nyugu (pen) wrote, Jigme Ngapo probably already sued RFA for unfair dismissal, or he is getting ready to. He will win, and get a huge $$ award from the court… and justice.

    Why should he put any of that victory at risk by talking now, when you hard-heads will just claim he is lying anyway? Come on man its obvious.

    The truth will come out in court and in US Congress investigation in 2013.

    As TPR wrote, it will be a huge embarrassment that our own Tibetan system was incapable of getting the truth out. But Sikyong la is guilty in leading this corrupt scheme against RFA, and Chutue Tsoktso la has shown he is just a drunk joke. I pray another Chitue initiates investigation but do not hold my breaths.

    Also Ja Khading: I recommend not following Tsering Choedon Lejotsang. She has shown she is a “USEFUL IDIOT” by her Kudrak-obsession, blindly parroting Chinese class-warfare propaganda and therefore attacking the unity of the Tibetan people. She has also shown she has no leg to stand on in her ridiculous attack against TPR, since she has been commpletely silent when I challenged her to provide even one fact. So she has no credibility at all. Sorry.

    Thank you.

  95. Hey Dhasa Dhaba and Nyugu,

    You guys think I am a CTA official. This is not absolutely true. I have no doubt that Ngabo was fired because he was giving platform to folks like JN, who is for Rangzen and thus critical of CTA’s policies. But the problem is that ordinary people don’t know this, unless they are shown concrete proofs. They can’t analyze how power functions in society. So that’s why I thought Ngabo should come out in the open, and fight for his case.

    If he’s preparing to sue the RFA, then that’s great. But it looks like this is not going to happen…

    I am not following Lejotsang. And she’s just wasting her time reading TPR, which is full of American propaganda….I know all the editors, who are smart, sophisticated, but unfortunately deprived of any knowledge about Tibetan culture, which is shy they appear intelligent, but are not able to make any real impact on the Tibetan society.

    They are like peacocks, very beautiful to look at, but then, as we know, peacocks strut, they can’t fly….

  96. @117: “American propaganda”? I am skeptical but open to your argument. But you have to give examples. You cannot just make assertion and expect people to believe you. That is recipie for appearing like you have no basis for your words.

  97. jha khading,
    Oh please stop. Now you are accusing TPR. If they do not have any impact to tibetan society, then why are you guys talking about it.

    Secondly, you accept that they are intelligent and smart and are like peacock. When peacock sturt all the tibetan bhuddhist consider this act in a fortunate.
    Thirdly, one does not needs to fly inorder to look beautiful.There are many ways to do and if that way does not suits you, it does not mean it is wrong and not impacting.
    Those editors are smart, broadminded, a fresh and new idea growers that we tibetan society in this era.

    Gone are the days we blinded and faithfully obey to our leaders. Now comes the days where we hear, inspect and whether to put into actions or not when we hear our leader speak.

  98. I’m in the mood to drop bomb today and this is bordering on mother of all hypocrisies!

    One of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard since Lobsang Sangay declared his candidacy for Katri three years ago is khampas (and some amdos) coming out in droves and bashing ‘kudraks’ for ‘selling’ Tibet! This strategy worked for Lobsang Sangay as intended, and he said nothing to stop this blatant generalization of blame over an entire class of people.

    Do these khampas and amdos even know the history of Kham and Amdo in relation to rest of the Tibet prior to kudraks ‘sold’ Tibet in 1959???

    Bite this bullet: Before Kudraks ‘sold’ Tibet in 1959, your fathers and forefathers had already sold Tibet 100 of years ago to invading local Chinese rulers! Simply put, ask your fathers and grandfathers when was the last time they paid tax to Lhasa govt when Tibet was independent? Tsering Choedon Lejotsang, I would be thankful to you if you took my question and get back with an answer.

    Again, something for the likes of Tsering Choedon Lezotsang, Dewana of Lobsang Sangay and NewGenerationTuberculosis to think before they open their mouth to throw venom blanketly on all Kudraks next time: There’s no dispute over the legitimacy of U-Tsang being part of Tibet; the dispute is with Kham and Amdo, and it’s mostly your forefather’s doing! And here you go again: this has nothing to do with kudraks ‘selling’ Tibet.

    Actually this Kudrak issue is a U-Tsang issue and only they have the right to bash or praise the kudraks. If any Tibetans who had suffered under kudraks are the people of U-Tsang. But surprisingly i have never seen any U-Tsangwa spewing hatred against the kudraks like these people who have history longer than they can remember of them flirting with Chinese rulers than showing allegiance to Tibet’s central govt in Lhasa before 1959. Is this their new found way of creating division in our community without looking themselves in the mirror first???

    Some kudraks were indeed bad no denying there, and i will never forgive Ngabo senior for selling Tibet to China. But there were many Kudraks who put their lives on line for Tibet and for the welfare of Tibetans after coming to exile. This exaggeration of ‘torture’ by Kudrak (and by the Dalai lama) is Chinese propaganda in their desperate attempt to bring ‘justification’ to invasion they tell the world as ‘liberation’. If you dont believe in your own history and swallow Chinese propaganda and recite it like a brainwashed Chinese then you have no right to lynch Ngabo senior for selling Tibet. You are no less than him.

    Our history is ugly just like any human history in the world. UTsang had some evil landlords who exploited the poor; Kham had ‘pons’ who waged war against other tribes and killed each other and exploited the poor. U-Tsangwas can hate those ‘pons’ for torturing the poor and dragging them to battlefield to settle their personal scores as much as Khampa’s can take the liberty to hate those evil kudraks. But these are now history and neither of us is any better. What we need to do now more than ever before is recognize that no matter where we are from notwithstanding skeletons in our closet of past – kham, amdo and u-tsang – we are ONE, and focus on fighting our common enemy China jointly! The last thing any Tibetan is expected to do in this difficult time is try to create rift within us in the name of Cholkas and parrot Chinese propaganda to use as a weapon! This is what is going on beneath the surface of these comments about kudraks bashing thts going on here and also all over FB. This is lowest of the low a Tibetan can stoop that will only make China happy and give you brownie points!

    Now make no mistake, I’m not generalizing all Khampas and Amdowas here nor I belong to kudrak class. There are good khampas and good amdowas who care for the unity of all Tibetans more than their own lives. But just like there are rotten apples in u-tsang, there are rotten apples in kham and amdo and you all know who I’m talking about.

  99. Dhasa Dhaba and Nyugu,

    Keep enjoying TPR articles. I’m not trashing them. They have a role to play – which is to scrutinize the CTA.

    But in terms of consciousness-raising, they are not that effective.

    Rather than reading them, you should read other better works. That’s what I was thinking to say.

    But then this is patronizing. What and who you guys want to read is of your own choice, and depending upon the situation, you guys would choose best.

    Like at the moment, you found their works good…

  100. JN repeated attempt to insinuate his position on Ngabo issue to paint certain picture white and black but with series fallacies in his writing has irrevocably dented the very foundation of RFA and thus its reputation in Tibet where most of the listener reside.

    JN has not been able to come up with concrete evidence to base his writing as responsible scholar nor he is taking the matter to its legal course as any responsible citizen would do.

    Instead he throws barrage of seriously flawed allegation against CTA leadership role in the Ngabo dismissal unwittingly implying that Ngabo was more accommodating to Rangzen view than the CTA policy. Which questions Ngabo’s role on the objectivity of his conduct at RFA.

    Moreover, he reveals that when his program was taken off-air, Ngabo was in Beijing with his ailing mother(who eventually later died), later had state funeral as last rite and attended by who not what of Beijing political circle and statements of Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabo. If I were to use JN logic in painting Ngabo (Being Head of RFA Tibetan “western Propaganda Mouth piece”)visit to Beijing as conspiring against Tibetan diaspora and creating a larger rift among exile. I must say he had succeeded in his fifteen year career at RFA as one of the best sleeper agent of PRC. And America security apparatus came too late for the rescue of Tibetan.

  101. @Sangay:At least you reflected something that JN ignored. Ask you kudra princeling, JN to rewrite his rangzen charter according to fact. Ask your kudra government why even the Tsangpa’s refused to pay tax to your happy U-Tsang government, a case in point, why Tashi Lumpo refused to pay tax to kudras? Amdowas and khampas did not sell Tibet, they just went with the time and created a rennaissance of Tibetan culture… some of it……if Tibetan culture and language left with kudras…..except the honofiric words, they basically fucked up with your well claimed culture……ask your kudra Shakapa, why did he steal Gendun Choephels researched history and wrote under his name? I am sure you will deny this fact, then tell me what other literary products did your kudra shakapa produce? Why amdowas and khambas burns and defend their culture, when U-Pas and Tsangs assimilated into CHinese, exiled freaking souls like you and your families assimilated into your newfound country’s cultrue? Are you still fighting for Tibet’s common cause? Where are you fighting? on the street? BULLSHIT…..go and fight on the battleground with your enemies….otherwise, just another hypocrites and coward…..CHina just need people you who talk the talk and doing nothing effective…….


  102. @123: Hey NGTuberculosis — I officially label you another “USEFUL IDIOT” for China just like Tsering Choedon Lejotsang.

    What is with your Kudrak obsession? What is wrong with you, man? Are you purposely trying to spread Chinese class-warfare propaganda? Or are you just so dense you got taken in by Sikyong’s odious class-warfare election rhetoric?

    You can think what you want in your tuberculosis-infested head. As for me, I am a proud Bodpa and I do not make stupid or evil distinctions within my race.

  103. Sangay
    enough of your rhetoric! dont get too cheeky and too confident about your Khampa bashing lest i pull the rug from underneath your very foundation. You talk about Khampas and their way of life with such loathing and then with the same breadth you add that you dont mean to generalise. talk about dropping bombshells, i have enough ammuniton of material you wont even be able to digest. so keepthat rhetoric to yourself.
    Yes,Khampas and Amdowas fought internally within tribes but such tendency is hardly surprsing giving the rugged nature of the mountainous region and them being a warrior tribe. The fact that you still dont understand that just shows your ignorance. I dont claim to know the Utsang way of life and i dont make judgements on their attitude and their way of being. Also for you to equate the Kudraks with Pons of Kham and Amdo is deceiving. And i dont want to bring up the whole issue of how and why but those are two very different systems. I agree some Khampas and some Pons are not exactly role model types but like you said its not for for non-khampas to voice any opinion on that unless you are directly affected by it.I harbour no ill will towards any kudrak or any non khampas and i am a proud Tibetan first and formost but i will defend to the last aany kind of ignorant Khampa bashing.
    Those claiming to be Khampas and bashing Kudraks are actually wannabe kudraks/ Lhasawas if that makes you feel any better. I dont recognise any Khampaness left in them. Those people will claim thier Khampa heritage when it suits them and hide it when they think its to thier advantage. creatures of survival.nothing more nothing less.

  104. NewGenerationTuberculosis

    The problem with you is you have a tiny brain, lots of hatred, biggest mouth and an easy access to Internet. You just don’t get it anything but like the proverbial frog in the well you think you re Einstein.

    When did I say our govt before 1959 was perfect? With exception of a few everyone else who ran the govt- clergies, Kudraks – were all rotten and driven by personal interests who mismanaged and never looked at the bigger picture, and as a result we ended up being refugees today.

    Without getting into history of Tibet which you know only the distorted one by China, let me keep it simple. If some kudraks and monastic estates like Tashi Lhunpo didnt pay taxes to Lhasa govt., that dont justify anyone’s act who evaded taxes. They were all wrong, it’s as simple as that. Try evading taxes and cite the reason Obama administration is corrupt and see what will IRS do to you. The mouth which you open without thinking like the whores in Shanghai open their legs at the drop of green dollar, may not be there to open tiny bit just to swallow a teaspoon of NyQuil when Flu and Cold attacks you this winter.

    Where is Shakapa plagiarizing Gedun Chophel’s work coming from ???? It’s off the topic but still if you have evidence Shakapa copied from Gedun Choephel’s books, write to Yale University Press, they published Shakapa’s first book back in the day before you were even born. Tell the Yale to pull the book from the market or make a public statement and threaten them with a lawsuit if they didn’t do either. I’m all for anti-plagiarism, anti-piracy. Happy??? But for crying out loud sake, I wasnt talking about any literary work or who-is-playing-the-lead-role-in-cultural-renaissance-in-Tibet in my above post.

    I was talking about the political allegiance, something much bigger than who robbed who, among the groups of people in Tibet before 1959. Because there was no consistent political allegiance from Kham and Amdo to the central govt of Tibet in Lhasa ( no matter how corrupt it was) like the arrow in a compass that always points North, we have now a huge mess to clean up. Truth is bitter! Doesnt it? But dont worry much, half of the blame for this mess I heap onto leaders in Lhasa for their inability to think outside the box and negligence of the areas.

    However, underneath this mess there is one unshakable truth which no one can change, not even your Sinicized peanut size brain, and that’s Amdo, Khampa, U-pas and Tsangpas are one people who share same country, same culture, same way of life, same history, same blood and same atrocity under China’s colonial rule in Tibet. Woser la says the ongoing self-immolations in Amdo and Kham is the continuation of the Uprising that began in Lhasa in 2008. It’s these indelible facts about oneness that are motivating the people in Kham and Amdo to Set themselves on fire. Have you heard anyone who self immolated in Amdo call exclusively for Amdowas to rise up or self-immolaters in Kham call for only Khampas to unite? Did you even see what message was written on the back of the palm of a beautiful Amdo girl Sangay Dolma? This is a fight we are all in this together, but you are the only Amdo I have seen who’s anti all thing Tibetan. Not just here, but in FB, everywhere. If you are so against then why dont you join PLA- it will make your life much easy instead of sitting on your butt spitting venom through Internet. The job will come with a gun and a license kill and assault Tibetans. Given the amount of paranoia and hatred toward Tibetans that inhabit in your thick head I’m sure TCV, the school that fed you, clothed you, educated you is not far away from joining your attack list.

    And the second thing, show some respect to Jamyang Norbu. I don’t know him personally but he’s intelligent and smart enough to be your professor! Complete waste of time you re.

  105. Tenpa

    You are a hot balloon filled with emotion but intellectually clueless. Do you even realize you are actually narrating my points?

  106. @Sangay: What I know and observe is bunch of hypocrites who talk the talk…..doing nothing. That is thing get me tired of the group. What dislike is rangzen wallas or supposedly rangzen defenders like you, with a maliouc motive, who only wish trouble in Tibet, so it at least satisfies your ego and it backs up your claims. As far as I can see, people in exile is nothing better than whining group who is only taught to whine but not to do. In order to make yourself credible and believable, take some real actions. All this kudra thing, have to be settled once and for all when time becomes ripe….dont worry that wee might forget it. History will be written according to facts…..nobody can sweeep it under the rug. So far, what is achievement of exiles? Nothing…..they just do the same thing that they accuse Chinese of doing…..come out of your narrow mindset and profoundly do a self-reflection. The the simples thing is, you cannot even write a proper essay in your own language….although you taught that same language that you accuse CHina of destroying…isnt hypocrite? What you and JN wrote is, nothing more than old historical facts that was there…nothing new…..some of the old facts are even distorted and ignorant dude like you worship JN…but it is your choice! Englighten yourself…..before your mouth…I would do a self-analysis…..if you and your type of exileess….dont do a serious self-eximanation, that’s it! I place no hope in exile people…..they are just as clueless and powerless as 50 years ago.

  107. @ 127
    Hey emotionless, just because because i agree with Jamyang Norbu on certain matters and you happen to have some of the same views doesnt mean that i have to put up with the likes of you- you Khampa basher. I know you before from “Phayul”.

  108. I have to agree with Sangay on some issues. Why is it fashionable to bash the Kudraks and thereby the U-tsang people(indirect) while not taking any criticism on the behavoir of the the ruling elites in Amdo and Kham? It is quite dishonest to blame the central govt, although it has plenty of fault, while not taking an honest look at the Amdowas and Khampas? They were people who were just as cunning and self-serving as the elites in Lhasa, as is quite natural and deplorable in the timeframe. Who were the ones who help built the roads to central Tibet for the CHinese military? Why don’t you talk about Dayangs then? The fact is that most of these areas were rather independent tribal areas with very loose affiliations with each other and to the central govt.

    That being said, there is no doubt that we shared unmistakable cultural links and do indentify with each other as one people. If one is so passionate about the role of Kudraks for the downfall of our country, then one must be also honest about ALL the contributing factors, especially the role of the clergy who had even more power and must share the greater burden of the impotence of the state and not refuse to acknowledge the contributing factors. That is intellectually dishonest.

  109. @Dhasa Dhaba (and anyone else who feel stung by my comments regarding kudraks)

    In my comment @109, I wrote:

    “So unless Ngapo speaks up, there is no case at all, so to speak.
    Let us discuss further if Ngapo speaks up at all”

    The only thing that will entice me to write further on this topic is if Ngapo speaks up.

    Sorry to disappoint you, but I have no time to waste with the likes of you.
    Write what you want. I will neither object, nor affirm it.
    Enjoy yourselves.


  110. @131 (Tsering Choedon Lejotsang): I am not stung by your comments because that assumes they have any sting. I simply think your Kudrak-obsessed comments are ridiculous, just as I think all Chinese class-warfare propaganda is ridiculous.

    It is your choice as to whether you want to be a USEFUL IDIOT for the Chinese propaganda. I will simply point it out for the world to see.

  111. “The fact is that most of the areas were rather independent tribal areas with very loose affiliations to each other and central govt” so, these so called tribal areas who were looked down upon disdainfully by Lhasa govt and had no protection from central govt have to take the blame for not being able to block the invasion of Chinese towards Lhasa and UTsang? Wow! what a sense of entitlement you have. Ask your rulers of the time whether they gave two hoots for the developing situation in Kham and Amdo and also i suggest you ask them what was their response to messages of impending invasion?
    Dayangs! I too want to know about the distribution of Dayangs. who got what? someday maybe there can be an independent investigation. but dont make the mistake of assuming the reticence of some people to TALK as acceptance of the bullshit that is churned over the decades. What do you know about Kham and Khampas? So far all you have heard or read is the version from the people who talk the talk.

  112. Tibetan history (all of kham and amdo included) is complicated and there is definitely the hand of outsiders – Mongols and the ruling Chinese powers involved during different periods.
    A lot of kham (I cannot speak for Amdo) was independent of the Lhasa govt most of this period… Was there hostility towards the Lhasa elites? – Very much so. There were not subservient – they managed their own affairs most of the time. Did they recognize the seat of the Dalai Lamas as supreme? – Unquestionably so. There were NO ‘Intrigues’ & ‘Conspiracies’ against the Central Lhasa govt & the Holders of the ‘Gandhen Phodrang’. But did they fight amongst themselves? Yes – a lot of the time outright and open. And don’t forget a lot of the time was equally spent battling the ruling Chinese neighbors.
    At the CRUCIAL point in history – It seems so CONVENIENT to blame just ONE man from the Lhasa ruling elite – Ngabo senior – for cooperating with the 17th point agreement. There was a whole faction from the govt backing him; to whom the rest of Tibet either paid or did not pay Taxes. None from this faction seems to have resigned in protest; the least one could do. You can argue that Tibetans always used their wits and came out alright after much wheeling /dealing & compromises in their history – but not this time. The same faction did not also allow for protests from commoners during ‘59 and no support for the ‘reactionaries’ – the freedom fighters. So they were infact going along with what the Chinese demanded. (Of course there was the smaller faction from the govt on the opposite end).
    At this point in history Ngabo Senior is considered a hero by our govt – for averting bloodshed and cooperating peacefully –AS this is the course of UmeLam that the present admin is pursuing. So I guess the faction supporting Ngabo senior should also get this same acknowledgement.
    Those who opposed & ACTED are the reactionaries.

  113. To New Generation Tuberculosis;
    Despite the notoriety of a few Kudrak individuals, the Kudraks on the whole maintained the Dalai Lama institution, and kept Tibet independent for centuries until 1950, when Mao Zedong was zeroing on occupying Tibet, with imperialistic passion. Ngapoi Dzigmie, a Kudrak was self serving and a number of the old officials along with monastic elements, were not visionary. Though incompetent, they as a class did not “sell” Tibet. The great 13th, who fled to India in 1909, from the invading Manchu forces, regained independence with the assistance of the officials, who had fled with him. Khambas or Amdos did not help in regaining Tibet back from Manchu China. Not to be divisive, as I am a proponent of one Tibet, I just write to observe this point in history. We must also note the account of all those Dayang loving Tibetans who build the military roads for the Chinese occupation of our land. And what can we say of the immense destruction of our temples and monuments during the cultural revolution. Do people know that it was our own people that struck and razed down our own cultural and religious foundations? It was our very own people, Tibetans themselves involved in the loot and destruction. No Tibetans resisted or prevented this cultural destruction. Since you are such a Kudrak want-to-be, I thought you might enjoy this piece from me, as my contribution to your reading enjoyment. I am a half Chinese and Tibetan for your information, and new generation tuberculosis, you sound like my other gyami half, which I am not proud of, for what they did to the peoples of both Tibet and China.

  114. I have to disagree on the destruction of the temples and other structures by Tibetan portion. Yes, Tibetan people did do the work but it was under the direction of the chinese communist party members to show their loyalty and correct thought process. There was not much choice. Either you show enthusiasm for it and try to outdo others in this oppressive environment or you yourself will end up being struggled against in the most unpleasant way until they break you down mentally. In an environment where parents cannot even trust their own children and brothers cannot trust their own brothers and neighbours can’t trust their own neighbours, their actions or lack thereof cannot be attributed to one that of free will but rather that of a frightened community forced into submission. Under such an environment, people do things out of fear just like some Jews acted as overheads of other Jews in the concentration camp and helped burn the bodies and sort out the belongings of the victims.

  115. Tenpa, if you were not a hot air ballon filled with Khampa centered attachment that’s apparently so overwhelming in you it seemed to have blinded your intelligence, you would have seen I was neither bashing nor glorifying anyone – khampa, utsang or amdo. I was saying in essence whether we re good or bad, we are one! But no, for you, you are are Khampa first, Tibetan second. Pathetic! Now Don’t tell me you never said that. I have to time nor I m here to stoop to your level of stupidity to answer you. Read my comments above again, try to figure out what caused me to write them and in reponse who and what I’ve written in there, and then read you what you wrote. I know it’s a lot of work, but if you want to evolve from being an empty balloon to someone with a brain, that’s how you learn. Adios.

  116. Intervention: sangay

    One hot air balloon trying to preach to another.

    TENPA– I suggest you don’t stoop down to that level & respond to this ‘SHOUT DOWN “TONE , & bullying from this person.
    He seems to enjoy preaching from the bully pulpit; & using STEREO TYPE accusations.
    Some Things never change. (Sadly I’ve noticed he’s still in election mode).

  117. A response to one of the my friends stance on rangzen, I love to share with internet rangzen fighters. I nocticed on many occassions any shunu or JN or like minded folks always defend their rangzen and as if they are the only champion of real freedom fighters and as if others just either traitor or wanna be traitors.

    They always deflect the question on feasibility of they goal given they are actually doing nothing except criticizing CTA or DL. They always come up with a simple answer, there is no formula for rangzen or freedom fights. Yes I agree 100% with this saying. Although there isn’t like a mathematical formula….but there is indeed a lot of factors that either cause our truth will be consumed and the issue will be just like another historical story for the future. Your argument is so typical from rangzen wallas because they dont want know or dont know how to take real ACTION. So this denfensive counter question is designed to avoid real answers. Their way of conducting freedom struggle is only one formula, the old and ineffective one, if you want to acknowledge it. Hold conferences and brainstorming about histories since its inception, street demonstration, occassional response to China’s white paper about Tibet. last but not the least,
    hunger strikes at times…I call all of us street and archair freedom fighters!

    Although TYC vigorously declared they disagreed with Middle-Way Policy and some of the heads of TYC even suggested of arms struggle, Palestinian struggle was

    the typical example as far as I can remember. But no action matched their declared words. Although they support rangzen, but they always at the forefront of

    the demonstration and declaring peaceful struggle because of Dalai Lama’s examplary path and noble guidiance. THough they disagree with HHDL’ policy, yet

    they are the one who organizes trips to washington and lobby congressmen and senators to meet Tibetan leaders and pressure China to havae dialogue with CTA

    or envoy of HHDL…..isn’t the goal and action goes in totally opposite direction?

    I can only speculate TYC’s secret formula, when they argue armed struggle, they meant not by their organization or members involement, rather they might see

    or expect, if they are correct, some armed struggles inside Tibet by people there. It very hard to predict and many people in Tibet do realize that arms

    struggle is just a cover and excuse for China’s military crackdown and will not serve any purposes, Even those who self-immolated generally called for the

    return of DL, but this statement is open to interpretations because of the importance of the person himself. Another secret goal is, to wait China implode

    and falls into a deep raven of chaotic situation. It might happen, it might not. We have to remember, this tactic is a waiting game, it might leave you in a

    total unexpected situation. Meanwhile the real factors that affect a country or nation or a struggle is, passing the real torch from generation to

    generations, not just through political agenda, but backed up by contributing to social fabrics of life. In this case, we are stuck in a psychology of

    preservation and victim, lack of innovation to the pre-existing or passed down social fabrics that forms our basic Tibetan consciousness or identity. Even if

    we closely observe our preservation, this notion itself is a failure to some extent. The reason is, we say our language and literature is destroyed or

    destroying in Tibet by Red Chinese, yet our own kids, inlcuding many of ourselves, can hardly speak a pure Tibetan or write proudly and confidently in

    Tibetan although we got education in selected and separate Tibetan schools in India…..what do you expect from our next generation who are born outside

    Tibet, the new generation will be subtly transformed their very consciousness of Tibetanness and consumed by the larger surrouding culture and way of life. I

    mention this, because language is the key to a nation’s culture and consciousness, otherwise, the nation will just as good as dead. Another worrying

    situation is, due to trend of globalization and metting of culture, our population will be hugely diminished in terms of purity. Here, please note I am not

    advocating racism as some people might use in order to defend their status and relationship. I am talking about the negative effect such a trivial individual

    love story and relationship on a struggle in the long term. It indeed have a huge impact, but silently, it undermines any nation in the long run. However, it

    might make some people furious and self-claimed progressive talk talking of concept of racisim in the West. If you dont agree, flip the papers of CTA white

    papers and policy papers of accussations, also read past speeches by TYC leaders, it definitely mentioned relocation of Chinese into Tibet, forced inter-

    marriage, and sterilization of Tibetan women in order to not just reducing Tibetan populations and destroying the every identity of Tibetan nation by forced

    inter-marriage. Unfortumately, these days thing changed dramatically, even in freedom we do what we want to do, so accusing of China maybe too hypocritical

    or there is a danger of being accused of covert racist policy of TGIE by its western allies and supporter, the social ills of West might unnecesarily

    undermine the credibility of CTA and its covert policy, and freedom struggle in the long run. It actually added to the China’s accussation of racist policy

    of DL and CTA because China believed and advocated that once in a free Tibet, all other ethnic group will be either killed or expelled, sort of ethnic

    cleasing that was happenning in Miloseveg’s Yugoslavia. These accussations were profoundly denied by TGIE and DL of having such heinous motive behind Free

    Tibet. Many can accuse you either of racism or asking a question how to you know children of intermarriage will not contribute to the cause? I am not

    advocating their total uselessness in our freedom struggle, but the something deep down there affect the struggle whether you like to acknowledge it or

    not….if I may remind you, TGIE’s valid example is, Manchuria, also inner Mongolia or Southern Mongolia…..not just drowned in the sea of incoming Chinese

    settlers for centuries when Machurian emperor ruled China with an iron fist, but inter-marriage completely changed the story of culture and its national

    consciousness of once being a great empire builder. Today, it is estimated only around 1000 people speak pure Manchurian language, rest are just like any

    other ordinary Chinese, speak the madarin, albeit with a special accent called DongBei Hua or North Eastern Accent, live the Chinese way and practice the

    Chinese culture……here you go, my friends rangzen wallas, China call it Tong Hua or melting other non-han ehtnic group in the hot pot of han Chinese, like

    America being the melting pot and it actually vigorously cited by han chauvinistic scholars. Therefore, it is important for us to look back, analyse, look

    around, and learn great lesson if we are serious about our struggle. Otherwise, it is just a waste of time.

    Indeed we need to do a deep soul searching reflecting 100 years or 200 years from now if necessary, we should not just stuck in our short fighted argument

    and political rhetorics. Then the question is how should we go about about it? First thing is, initiatives should be taken at individual level, should not

    wait for for some higher authority dictate or guide us…..because we all kind of educated and have seen the world around us.

    Finally, I recommendation is JN folks, if you observe JN’s writing over the years…..he started shifting his focus of writing from critical of China to

    critical of Dalai Lama, CTA, and individuals like Samdong or LS……..His last writing against China is “Running Dog Propagandist”. After that he basically

    stir the pot and campaigning against CTA in any forums. Although his stance was rangzen, but advocated Tethong la for sikyong or katri, the term used at that

    time, clearly knowing Tethong did not overtly supported rangzen and never mentioned it. His stance was Middle Way, maybe need reevaluate. I never have seen

    CTA or DL publicly accused our rangzen gurus. In fact, they stated, indeed it is Tibetans right to demand if some people advocate. However, JN and his folks

    making a big issue on very trivials issues and along that collect some political and interllectually unncious Tibetans in their camp. It really begs the

    question if JN and his followers are the “real useful idiot of China”. My humble plea is, do whatever you can in private life at individual level. If you

    dont agree, do it truthfully. In modern times, it is easier to detect lies. I hope JN and his folks will bring a conclusive end to the big drama created by them. Still, there is no sign……if nothing comes out in the days ahead….I call you guys bunch of ignorant liars who fell the speel of JN without even

    knowing the guy’s actual motive. In many forum I actually wrote many of the contradiction in JN’s writing and the guy is bit problematic. If I put in the way, a normal guy on the street about JN, “he is jealous of others and always ready to settle some personal scores.”


  118. @TENPA: Read Tsering Shakya’s book and it will give you a little bit more detail. The Qinghai-Tibet highway is the road I am talking about and he states that 30,000 Tibetans were hired to help the Chinese army built that road. Most families sent one member of their families to earn the Dayang to supplimate their income, including the nomads. They were supposed to be paid very well.

  119. Thousands of our people jumped on the Dayang band wagon that laid the road for the Chinese army to occupy Tibet. We need to be honest about our peoples actions, and pointing fingers only at a certain class or group or tribe don’t seem to work anymore when younger Tibetans become more educated through research and studies.

  120. Chinese realized that Tibetan society was controlled by Kudras and monastics, however estate of kudras so big that they have so many houses available for the new guest. Chinese first asked them to rent the houses for the people’s army for huge amount of dayang…..many kudras rushed to offer all their empty estate and Chinese armies settled comfortably. As time went on, they started to stir up ordinary people because they realized kudras controled ordinary people and ordinary people disgusted with their feudal landlords. As peasants were encouraged to rise against kudras, then CHinese turned their guns on their landlords, the kudras. Not only they started taking back the dayans, but also they were subjected to thamzim or class struggle, every abused tenants were asked to shame the greedy kudras. Therefore…….Chinese bought Tibetans at two levels, first the kudras, the power mongers and power holders, then the ignorant peasant. Finally, we lost everything…..however some clever kudras shipped all their essets to Kalinpon a long time ago, I meant even before the class struggle began. Thus, they controled major section of exile society. This influence start to wane as more ordinary people got educated and excelled in their individual endeavors.


  121. For someone who seem to hate Jamyang Norbu la’s guts, this jobless NewGeneration practically lives in

    I heard rumors that Kalden Lodoe’s gay lover frequents this site, but didn’t give it much thought–upon further reflection however, there might be some truth to it.

    Hey boytoy, why don’t you create your own blog, I am sure its gona be a huge success. ha ha ha

  122. @146: Hey New Generation Tuberculosis–

    How are you going to spend all that 50 cents the Chinese government gives you for spewing their class warfare propaganda?

  123. @Dhasa Dhaba: I feel you ran out of arguments and facts, now becoming making personal attacks. It is typical of Tibetan mindset and retarded knowledge about their society and history. I have witnessed many Tibetan students when argue with CHinese becoming furious, almost shaking hands with red face instead of interllectually challenging them. Even though Chinese students are brianwashed, but they can cite all the Chinese version of Tibetan history in nice and concise with statistics….Tibetans students only can say “fuck you CHinese, you occupied my country…” lol…it makes all the audience disgusted with Tibetans even though they have truth. Therefore, my advice to you is, study more and debate interllectually, insteading of kicking your fist in the air.

    Regarding my “50 cents”, I will spend on the your interllectual growth if you are willing ot deepen in it and inclined to becoming more humane debater instead of wild argumentative fargot!


  124. @148: I have not run out of arguments, just patience. Obviously you have bought into the Chinese class warfare propaganda, and internalized a form of Tibetan self-hatred.

    It seems you are obsessed with kudraks from a half-century ago, rather than looking to the true causes of regressivism in Tibetan society today. (Let me give you a clue: a chief representive of this regressivism has a name that starts with Lobsang and ends with Sangay).

    It seems I really hit a nerve withyou in pointing out that your midset has been infused with Chinese class warfare propaganda. It is almost like you enjoy being a USEFUL IDIOT for the Chinese propaganda. Sad.

  125. @Dhasa: Kudras did not come into existence half century ago, there were there for centuries who inherited estate, owned people, and generation to generation to inheritted powers without check. There is no written record that kudras contributed immensely or even in small way to our national culture such as literature. They in abused scholars and imprisoned them like Communists now do in CHina and else in the world. If you might consider their rules itself as contribution……it is a positive spining to a negative act.

    You hit me a nerve? lol….I have the confidence that I am in better position to analysis Chinese propaganda and Tibetan kudras than you. Chinese obviously used those shitty negatives of kudras and invaded…..there is no question about it. They might have exaggerated certain facts. But there is some truth in it. Even without China’s propaganda machine from the ministry of truth…..the history of kudras cannot escape public scrutiny in the later generations.

    I am so surprised you are such an APOLOGIST for the kudras. We can fight China still we acknowledge dire condition under kudras…there is nothing inherently wrong in it. This what I call mature society who able to face history with confidence….not raising fist in the airs and name calling.

    Cheer dude

  126. @150 NGTuberculosis – I am neither apologist nor attacker of Kudraks, or any other subgroup of Tibetans. I merely stand for the unity of all Tibetans.

    It is you who are so obsessed with class warfare and Chinese propaganda. It’s sad, really.

    And I don’t know where you misread that I said Kudraks came into being a half century ago. I said “you are obsessed with kudraks from a half-century ago”. I suspect you are purposely trying to twist words to distract from the fact that you are obsessed with Chinese class warfare propaganda. Get over it. The Chinese invaded, and you are still crying over an outdated social system that evaporated a half century ago.

    You are a “useful idiot” for Chinese propaganda.

    Really, really sad.

  127. @Dhasa: If with the invasion of China, Kudras indeed evaporated, then its good at the least. But it seems did not……they yield enormous power, has the resources to subvert CTA if the opportunity presents. Just ask JN and his flock who are not necessarily kudra siblings or descent.

    We should always keep the debate open and alive, so that opportunist wont have an easy ride. Least they will be careful. In the name of anything, including rangzen or middle-way or freedom, someone people having malicious motives, this at the least my sort of observation. Therefore, it is important for this conversation to roll instead of shutdown.


  128. The Khampas had already sold part of Tibet, generations ago, as they never felt or wanted to be under the governance of Lhasa. Wake up NewGenerationTb, your forefathers had already sold part of Tibet to China, and created such a historical blunder.

  129. Kezang Lhamo, I hear the ccp saves quite a bit of money for not having to patrol the area where you come from in Tibet. They are good citizens of CCP china.

  130. Its true that the Chieftans of Kham had long collaborated with the Chinese, and had part of Kham incorporated with China, since they refused to be under the jurisdiction of the central government of Tibet. Even as recent as the 1930’s, the Khampa Pomdatsang Rabga had formed and let a party in collaboration with the KMT to split Tibet, and annex it with China. These cancerous acts of treason on part of the Khampas had saved Mao Zedong tons of money and effort to finally occupy the rest of Tibet, with much ease and confidence in 1950.

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