Updates on The RFA Issue

Libby Liu’s chief defender or jindak in the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), Victor Ashe, has been strongly condemned by the US Government’s Office of Inspector General in a report released last week. The report depicts an agency with a dedicated staff but with a governing board that is incompetent, useless and perhaps fatally broken. And with unusual candor, the inspector general places much of the blame on one member of the board — Victor Ashe. The Washington Post and the New York Daily News came out with news stories on this issue.

Libby Liu (in chuba) with Burmese president Thein Sein and BBG governor Victor Ashe

Congressmen Rohrabacher has been keeping up his dogged efforts to protect the integrity of RFA with his latest press release: “Rep. Rohrabacher Sounds Alarm Regarding U.S. Overseas Broadcasting; Radio Free Asia at Center of Controversy.”  He has also also written extensively to other Congressmen and leaders of House Committees calling their attention to Libby Liu’s ill-judged dismissal of Jigme Ngabo as head of the Tibetan Language Service of RFA, and had earlier written to Libby Liu expressing his dissatisfaction at her answers to his first letter to her.


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  1. I am just worried now that CTA and Private office will not be drag into this mess of RFA.

    When friends sympathise and ask Kalden lodoe about the RFA incident he tells (mundgod )that he has strong support from the officials both rfa and cta)and need not be worry.

  2. The report mainly focuses on how ineffective the BBG is, its management problem and questions its low rating amongst US federal Agency. New York daily, specificaly mentioned “Voice of America” and “Radio Free Europe” as the “Hard hitting probe”. In all these links that JN provided, does not mention anything about “Radio Free Asia, Tibetan section in particular”. It does not mentions the JN’s insituation of CTA involement behind this interesting story like Sherlock Holmes story where JN is acting as Dr Watson, particularly misuse of Sikyong’s power by current incumbent. JN also subtly insinuated that this shutdown of his part-time contract with RFA Tibetan section is catalysed by China’s misleading hope for Sikyong. So cutting his contract is the number on the agenda and Firing of Jigmei Ngabo because favored JN which hurts social stability and harmony that Communist China so much desires.
    All said, done, written, and posted, there is nothing evidence that is even coming closer.

    I wonder why JN and his type of people does not listen to other people about Tibetan politics? When leaders explained and clarified, they still insist on that something is cooked behind yet having real hard evidences to prove it, just alleging. I wonder if this really is useful to our community. DL explained everything about devolution of power to synchronization of CTA title with Tibetan title to avoid unnecessary troubles ahead, to change of Sikyong title from Katri. What is so difficult to understand about this explanations? Does everyone has to agree with JN every details of his politics and often politicized and insinuated developments in our community?

    For us, pointing finger is unwanted, what we need is, we need people who work for their belief and actually do something, not alleging conspiracy from a comfortable distance.

    I am still waiting JN’s insinuation of China’s pressure or bait for CTA to shut down his contract and firing of his chief agent in RFA Tibetan Jigmei Ngapo.

    Lets keep things simple….should not loose sight of our issue by involving in US politics about mismanagement of its foreign radio broadcasting institutions.

    Counting days…..


  3. The report mainly focuses on how ineffective the BBG is, its management problem and questions its low rating amongst US federal Agencies. New York Daily, specificaly mentioned “Voice of America” and “Radio Free Europe” as the “Hard hitting probe”. In all these links that JN provided, do not mention anything about “Radio Free Asia, Tibetan section” in particular. It does not mention anything close that JN’s insituation of CTA involement behind this interesting story like Sherlock Holmes story where JN is acting as only Dr Watson to have the main plot on his plate, particularly misuse of Sikyong’s power by current incumbent. JN also subtly insinuated that this shutdown of his part-time contract with RFA Tibetan section is catalysed by China’s misleading hope for Sikyong. So cutting his contract is the number one on the agenda and Firing of Jigmei Ngabo is number two because Jigmei favored JN’s rangzen view and promoted it, which hurts social stability and harmony that Communist China so much desires.

    All said, done, written, and posted, there is no iota of evidence that is even coming closer to the cooked conspiracy theory of JN.

    I wonder why JN and his type of people do not listen to other people about Tibetan politics? When leaders explained and clarified on many occassions, they still insist on that something is cooked behind the scene yet having no real hard evidences to prove it, just allegation. I wonder if this really is useful to our community. DL explained everything about devolution of power to synchronization of CTA title with Tibetan title to avoid unnecessary troubles ahead, to change of Sikyong title from Katri. What is so difficult to understand about these explanations? Does everyone has to agree with JN on every details of his politics and often politicized and insinuated developments in our community?

    For us, pointing finger is unwanted, what we need is, we need people who work for their political belief if they have one and actually do something, not alleging conspiracy from a comfortable distance. We dont need people to place our community in another’s countries image, it simply does not work. Citing American democracy and its social situations will not work for our community. Even if it is the desired end, you can not achieve it over night or with couple of articles and whining on the internet. There are so many types of democracies in the world, earliest Greek type of direct democracy to modern day indirect democracy which also varies from country to country, because different countries have different distorical, cultural, religious, and economic context. Therefore,it is important for our self declared scholars and self declared educated with your fancy degrees and certificates, with your newly gained niave knowledge nd perspective by reading couple of books by foreign authors. It is important to view our community as it is and in its own context and try to best improve it, not to view it from your swallowed facts and figures from different countries and view our community through those lens. Having an education is important, it is more important to know your own historical, cultural, religious, economic context as well as current situation. Tibetans are dispersed in different countries, all of US have a different version of politics and democracy, depending on our place of resident countries. There is no one’s stance is true and ultimate authroity, eveyrthing is true in its own way. In order to pool all these diverse views and situations, we need to see how best we can define our own community in this diverse democracies and cultural variations. If not, education is only good for one’s stomach, nothing much.

    Anyway, I am still waiting for JN’s insinuation of China’s pressure or bait for CTA to fire his chief agent, Jigmei Ngapo, and next obvious reason is shutting down his contract.

    Lets keep things simple….should not loose sight of our issue by involving in US politics about mismanagement of its foreign radio broadcasting institutions. Our short term issue is JN’s allegation against CTA and sikyong…..make sure JN does not get away so easily and bury his allegations by posting irrelevant topics until he justifies it or US government comes out with evidences.

    Counting days…..


  4. newgentib, please,you’re making a fool of yourself. looks bad on middle pathers and sikyong the way you going on and on making no sense.and also putting off people like me who are sitting on the fence so to speak.

  5. @Lhakpa Dolma: Look at mirror before talking on my behalf….wherener you sit…it is your business!

    I dont represent anybody or anyone’s stance. I am a pro-fact! I dont have to please anybody and fit into a group of brainwashed kids……
    I am vehemently anti unfounded allegations and conspiracy. This is the process of evolution as a person…..

    If got problem with my writting, give a rebuttal against points I raised against JN and his types on various platforms…….

    In politics, allegations should be exposed unless proved….otherwise, able to write and speak is no better than cattles grazing on the grassland……


  6. 1 & 2.

    “We dont need people to place our community in another’s countries image, it simply does not work. Citing American democracy and its social situations will not work for our community. …”

    “Therefore,it is important for our self declared scholars and self declared educated with your fancy degrees and certificates, with your newly gained niave knowledge nd perspective by reading couple of books by foreign authors. It is important to view our community as it is and in its own context and try to best improve it, not to view it from your swallowed facts and figures from different countries and view our community through those lens.”

    NG – you confused and ignorant fool, you behave like a member of a Tibetan Taliban.

  7. Yo Fanatic Observer: go and blow up with your rangzen abchus and gurus…..spill all your learnt and consumed points from western literature…..that does not actually make yourself an educated, spilling others opinions actually means plagiarization of worst case….I got some originality.


  8. NG Crapwalla, are you quite mad? Nobody is interested in reading your silly “points”. Get over it! A nobody like you asking for facts! And that too on Jamyang-la’s blog, and under a fake name! If you want facts and have even one ball (am assuming you don’t have any) you should ask the congressman who is pointing accusing finger at foreign (CTA personnel) hand involvement in the RFA affair. Jamyang-la is just reporting it on HIS blog. He can write what-the-bloody-hell he pleases on HIS blog! Get it, you dim wit fartface!
    Rangzen for Tibet!

  9. In this RFA controversy; what practical thing Tibetan staff in RFA can do is to boycott Libby Liu and her co-conspirator dralog Kalden Lodoe in their day to day dealings in the office. Also they must be careful to those few Tibetan staff who are close to or lapdogs of these 2 evil persons. If the majority of the staff stays strong, those 2 evil persons nefarious activities would fail and the majority of the staff would eventually win. JUST SIMPLY DO NOT TALK TO LIBBY WHORE AND HER BOOT LICKING DOG, DRALOG KALDEN

  10. enough is enogh half Tibetans. Why so important that RFA and Nagba Jigme. Don’t you see Tibetans in Tibet? Stop talking about Nagba Jigme and RFA!
    It doesn’t make sense anymore and useless topic!

  11. What a turmoil and sad event happening in the Tibetan Cause.

    Inside Tibet self immolation is happening specially around Ngapa area while outside tibet the principle holder of freedom of speech and Media NGAPO is fired. What is common here is the human rights violation. It is just sad sad incident.

  12. Oh Yes, Go to hell to Lobsang Sangay, Lobsang Nyandak, Gyari, Samdhong and their lap dogs without whom Libby whore and dralog Kalden wouldn’t have pulled this off. These people will rot in hell for creating such an unnecessary problem to many and wasted lot of energies and time of the innocents.
    Hope wheel of justice will circumvent them soon and nolmacy return to one and only Tibetan independent news media in the whole world – RFA.
    May god bless RFA Tibetan service.

  13. Jamyang Norbu is a highly admired great writer and he has been writing a lot especially on the issues related to Tibet and Tibetans; yes, the controversy regarding junior Ngabo’s misfortune continuously and explicity highlighted by him has opened a pandora’s box; the episode hasn’t helped the Tibetan cause in any way whatsoever, on the other hand we are witnessing a sad and unwholesome culture of name calling, this is unfortunate and it must stop. One can be sure as hell that Jamyangla shall keep on writing as much as he can because he is a writer, but i must say emphatically and unequivocally that his oft unsubstantiated insinuations and romantic stories, no matter how exciting and sensationalisng his exploits are, at the end of the day, such practices stand to harm the Tibetan cause adnauseam.It is highly hoped that Jamyangla is listening to the call of a redundant, but a sincere compatriot.

  14. Sonamtopga,
    “the episode hasn’t helped the tibetan cause in any way whatsover…” But it hasnt harmed our cause either. The process of democratization cannot stop because it inconveniences some people. As for name calling etc., I see that on both sides. And dont forget this is Jamyang Norbu’s blog. yet you can read for yourself the postings by negentib and lhasawa.
    “Ngabo’s misfortune”?you call that misfortune? HYPOTHETICALLY, if i were to become the sikyong tomorrow and you were somehow fired from your job/sholarship revoked, and i just wash my hands off the case, how would you like if someone said that was your misfortune? I know we have a tendency not to care if it doesn’t involve us or our friends and relatives. And please, there’s nothing exciting and sensational about such news, its disturbing that such things allowed to happen. I know we cant have a perfect democracy and govt but atleast we can try.

  15. Without getting bogged down by ‘distractions’ we need a clear & sound reason for the dismissal of Ngabo Jigme. Congressman Rohrabacher in his letter to Ms Liu dtd 12/06/12 is certainly NOT satisfied with her answer.


    If Libby Liu has ANY reasons and supporting information as to Ngabo Jigme being a threat to the US National security then it is her duty to share & reveal her findings to her Boss the congressman; ASAP! That is her top priority to her country.

    So far the only person who has come out with such an allegation is Harry Wu who stated in his letter to the same congressman:
    “I have become fully aware of his “murky” relationship with the Chinese government”.
    “I believe that the management at Radio Free Asia must have solid evidence to force him out”.


    Libby Liu/BBA/RFA – end your silence and come out with the TRUTH.
    It’s all too easy for us to be smug and accuse an easy victim…..

  16. The coup detat at RFA Tibetan Service may be nearing full circle.

    By now, any reasonable person, has to accept CTA’s tacit involement from day one. Thanks to Mama shri, Kalen Lodeo, who has finally reportedly disclosed,intentionally or otherwise, that there is no need to worry about the FRA Tibetan Service because he has the support of both CTA and RFA leadership.

    It seems Mama shri is virtually running the Tibetan Service these days behind the scene at the behest of the Libby. It seems there is no other chain-leadership at all at the Tibetan serviceat this time.

    Meanwhile, the exploits of cohorts , Libby and Kalden, is unfolding. Libby’s father was recently imprisoned for embazzlement and corruption chargess by the US government. Maama shri has has lost his wife and children. He has moved to a new house apparently acquired soon after the Kalachara teachings in DC two years ago. His famous inlaw Lobsang Jinpa has distanced himself, fearing another trouble for himself. His decision to hand over his ill-fated Culture Center in Virginia to the local Tibetan Association and his sudden return to the Gaden Phodrang fold speaks volumes for him.

    Let’s face the ugly truth. Without CTA’s involement from the inception, and its contiued support even now, there is no way, Libby would have ever dared to embark upon to demage and distroy the Tibetan Service in the first place

    Secondly,there is no way that CTA would get involved with the RFA affair without Mama shri Kalden Lodoe pulling stings in both Gangchen Kyishong and Gaden Phodrang. Thirdly, Mamashri himself alone wouldn’t have plotted the unholy alliance with Libby without Dharamsala’s prior blessings to begin with.

    Now, it is only a matter of time when and how Libby’s exploits will be revealed by the Inspector General’s investigation over several issues, including miseuse of BBG’s $10 million money under Libby’s stewarship, earmarked to counter jamming of American international broadcasts to repressive nations like China, and siphoning of $1 million dollars to BBG board member Mehan’s coffers. And Jigme Ngabo is reported persuing several avenues in earenest noly only to his personal gratification, but to save RFA’s mission from being hijacted by some this unholy conspiracy.

    Despite Congressman Rohrabacher’s latest call for reinstatement of Jigme, Libby-Kalden clique have shown no visible sings of retreating. The post of RFA Tibetan Service Director has been announced. The Tibetan community would be closely watching how applies. While the general public has no control over what goes on RFA, the Tibetan Service itself is not likely to forsee a better replacement for Jigme. That is what I am hearing loudly. Some names of familiar quarters have already thrown their hats into the ring, accordingly to insiders. Let’s see how things unravel as the wintry days go by in Washington DC. Early Spring might, might reveal the ferment.

  17. @Tenam
    You have put forward your arguments in a polite and civilized manner and it is highly appreciated.I think the hall-mark of democracy is to agree to disagree,yes, JN’s blog is wonderful platform where people can exchange their views frankly and truthfully, yes, i agree that we have a long way to go before the Tibetan society is satisfactorily and reasonably democratised. Speaking of Junior Ngabos’s setback, i was not at all trying to be unconcerned or indifferent when referring to his predicament as misfortune – yes, misfortune it was as he had lost his job and i fully sympathise with his bad luck, sure, i would like to see that he is reinstated if the ongoing investigations should prove that he was wrongfully fired at the instance of an unholy and insidious conspiracy.

  18. What is next political drama on paper by rangzen wallas? Now, we have reached a new chapter where we have to put everything into the context of boring debate rangzen versus U-Lam which JN insinuated through his recent writings. It is like either you bash CTA or Support CTA. Well, I am in the middle, to take these online argument on case by case basis and also put the written talks in the proper context of cultural, geopolitical, and ideological context. The most two recent drama that JN fed his politically uninitiated folks is “RFA Drama” and “Unholy death of Sonam Topgyal La”. Or maybe for JN and his folks need to change the lens….


  19. Dear Editors,

    The article, Free Radio Free Asia is yet another tirade against Tibetan Administration (CTA) by one of its former members, who is trying to settle scores. Jamyang Norbu la was Director of Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in late 1970s. As I heard from friends, reliable friends of course, that people of McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala at that time literarily dragged him from his office one day, holding him by his neck, for a show, that they said, humiliated Tibetan tradition and culture. They humiliated and beat him up like a dog. It was a shocking embarrassment and great humiliation for Jamyang la. Even though I just heard about it and not witnessed, but I still regret the deed of those people that time. I think, he was doing a great job as director of TIPA. He gave it it’s present name TIPA, a mission and direction. TIPA started moving forward as Performing Arts Institutes. I think, Jamyang la’s talent, interest and aptitude matched the goal of the Institution. If Jamyang la remained as TIPA director for some more years, TIPA might be doing much better comparatively than it is now. Unfortunately, that did not happen; and he left Tibetan Administration all together after the incident to never come back in any other capacity. Instead, he has been cooking up stories against it that are half true and half false. The article Free Radio Free Asia is one such cooked up story.

    On the pretext of supporting Jigmey Ngabo, Jamyang la is outrage for the suspension of a Talk Show hosted by RFA’s Karma Zurkhang in which he was a participant. He misses the opportunity to talk loudly into Tibet against CTA in general and middle way policy in particular. Whenever he writes about CTA and its functions he writes with full of contempt and malice for its officials, which in a way has created a pattern of its own for some younger writers who mimic him in bad mouthing CTA and its members, and even questions His Holiness’s Intellectual Wisdom in middle way policy.

    I do not know much about the people involved in Jamyang la’s article except that they are/were responsible members of Tibetan Administration and are doing their best to see the welfare of Tibetans in exile and to create awareness of Tibetan situation in Tibet. One thing that made me to write this piece is his negative view about Samdhong Rinpoche working “covertly” against Tibetan programs of RFA headed by Jigmey Ngabo. That is absolutely false accusation. I cannot imagine a staunch believer in the Just cause of Tibetan struggle, who has profound faith in the intellectual wisdom of His Holiness, be working against RFA, which is disseminating information about the real, day-to- day situation of Tibet and Tibetans all around the world. Jamyang la’s Professor friend, who commented on his article, as a detective thriller and a compelling proof of “Beijing wanting to control CTA to stop RFA Broadcasts of splittist talk into Tibet “ should, in fact, know that this piece is a tactical and an indirect accusation against Middle Way Policy as those people like Samdhong Rinpoche and Gyari Rinpoche are ardent believers in it; and have worked diligently for a negotiated settlement of Tibetan issue with China in accordance with the principle of middle way policy as formulated and enunciated by His Holiness. In every step of the way they tried to fulfill His wishes.

    I think, Jigmey Ngabo’s terminations happened in the process of corporate consolidation as Jamyang la knows it too well. Hiring, firing and layoffs are commons practices in corporate America, specially these days with downsizing, consolidating, and merging of companies taking place on frequent basis. Nobody needs to worry about RFA as long as it is a US federal agency taken care of by a federally empowered Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).

    Norbu Samphell, Chicago

  20. Jamyang Norbu: “To reassure our American friends and supporters, the exile Tibetan parliament should set up a high-powered parliamentary committee to thoroughly investigate this issue.”

    I have a perfect solution in order to get to the bottom of this impasse.


    The state oracle which even Dr Lobsang Sangay says that he consults in a Phayul video interview. So, why has no one thought of this? Are we turning away from our traditions?

    Why not ask the Gods?

    I’ve been told many times, the Medium is uncanny and infallible, not unlike Sylvia Browne the psychic. Anyone remember when our State Oracle predicted that the Dalai Lama will soon return to teach in China and will convert all the Chinese to Buddhism, thereby solving the Tibetan issue once and for all?

    His Holiness, CTA, and the Sikyong seem to have bought this hook, line, and sinker, because, after the prediction, Dharamsala has been stressing the return of His Holiness to Tibet over and above any other demands made by the self immolators.

    The Sikyong’s letter to Obama in the wall street journal, where he states; “The common cry of ALL self-immolators is the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and freedom for Tibetans.” Exclaiming that, “Today there are reportedly more than 300 million Chinese Buddhists and millions of other Asians. “

    In the latest White Paper titled ‘Why Tibet is Burning?’ –“ Since 2009, almost 100 known Tibetans, most of them in their teens and early twenties, have set themselves on fire in Tibet protesting Chinese rule and demanding freedom and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from exile.”

    Unless the Nechung is busy on other errands, give the Oracle a go. Costs next to nothing, short trance, a little drool and Vola! Everything is revealed!

  21. @Norbu Samphell, You wrote, “Hiring, firing and layoffs are commons practices in corporate America”

    Yeah right, I guess being escorted out by Security personnel from your own office after years of dedication and excellence is also a daily occurrence in corporate America.

    Besides, how does the label “Corporate America” apply to RFA? RFA is a non-profit agency funded by US government, not a private corporation that has to meet quarterly profit targets.

    Remember, the first step to being honest is not to pretend to know things that you don’t know.

  22. Norbu Samphell just posted here his old letter to editor (TPR). Reading it again, i feel we have all the more reason to appreciate what Jamyang Norbu la is doing. Norbu Samphell la, you just may be projecting your own feelings on to Jamyang Norbu. When will you realise that there are people who feel strongly about protecting rights, freedom and democracy and ensuring a just system. Its not always about petty politics.

  23. I wish Sikyong Lobsang Sangay hadn’t started the oracle consult. It is totally fine when His Holiness consults the oracle. HH has been doing so and the NechungOracle i guess is devoted to HH. But its just an oracle after all. HH even says we human are better equpped to think, rationalise and gauge situation than some oracle.(and guess what, we human still have the potential to attain enlightenment!) I respect tradition but this practise is something we can stop.

  24. Tenzing, you attempted to rationalize two completely contradictory viewpoints which his holiness holds, one very much at variance with the other.

    He consults oracles via intuitive a priori revelations.

    He advocates a posteriori knowledge via experience employing tools of logic, rationality and reason.

    How can you have both without performing some fancy mental gymnastics, or cognitive dissonance coming into play?

    You can be excused, this is the problem with Kundun, in his inimitable ways, one minute he is all for Science and reason, til even a sophisticated neurophilosopher like Patricia Churchland simpers, “The Dalai Lama has no dogma.”

    Next minute he is all for deities, oracles, unhinged from reason and experience–going out of his way to warn pious, semi literate, old Tibetans from Tibet who come to seek his blessings at the Kalachakra; to be wary of evil Dorje Shugden, as if some malevolent spirits had after all managed to escaped the genocidal wrath of Guru rempoche.

    On many instances, depending on the audience, he even mixes science and superstition inveigling the fundies with apocryphal, just so stories.

    Makes one suspect His holiness has fallen foul of the Forer Effect- you know, where one makes statements designed to appeal to just about anyone..

  25. Repeating someone’s saying does not make a point, the worse is when the saying is proved wrong…..it is time for Tibs to look for salvation in western literature…..Condemn the gods, goddesses, lha, lhu, lamas, yidam….I think Chinese have done a super job in eradicating these surperstitioons. However, Kudras re-established the superstitions. Thankfully, some people sipping from the knowledge base of western literature….often half understood or scrutinized…..

    Parroting is not knowledge, simply plagiarizing. Knowledge means you own the basic principle through investigation and awareness.

    Nextime, JN will feed his folks with stories of Greek gods and goddeses before democracy. Even today, such gods and goddess are cornerstone of western classical literature. Those are taught and encouraged to take classes in underground course……


  26. Nachung oracle seems to fulfil the wishes of the establishment and thus legitimizes the already decided positions, much like what Mohammed used to do during his trances with Allah. God sets down rules for everybody but Mohammed seems to find favour with God whenever he needs something, so much so that even Aisha (his fav. child bride) chides him mischievously,”I feel that your Lord hastens in fulfilling your wishes and desires.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 6, Book 60, Number 311). Can you smell what the rock is cooking??

  27. NG. please don’t shame me by showing up my hypocrisy with your formidable, original thinking intelligence. Obviously, I don’t mean to come off as a culture vulture of Western scientific, philosophical thoughts and technologies.

    I realize, an autodidact individual like you have no need for such base Western imitations, moreover, since you are utilizing Chinese concocted cyberspace, independently conceived at CERN-JING, powered by Tibetan electricity, invented over 2 thousand years ago by that brilliant physicist, Lama Tesla Edison Nagarjuna of Khumbu Valley Kapilavastu.

  28. Haa! I smell phayul here with Scientist’s odour!

    I would have agreed with some of you if you bring about suggestion like ” CONSULT THE SPIRIT OF EINSTEIN OR EDISON” rather than Nechung oracle.Those are the one who have sawn seed of what you are ranting against…can be very useful tool for many idiots..lol!

    you are as confused as we met a year ago!

  29. The owl,
    “His Holiness has no dogma” I agree with that. certainly over the years HH has reconciled the age old cultural practises/traditions and buddhism.Its complicated but it works. after all, everything is mind over matter. I used to be like you at one time. totally put off by the lama -tulku system but i know better now. they dont bother me that much. some are quite good. however, everyone is different. you may be just fine with your rigid scientific views. As for the practise of using oracles it has nothing to do with buddhism. many differnt cultures have it, but off course the oracle(spirit?) in our case is obviously a buddhist. thats about buddhist as it gets. an age old tibetan cultural practise incorporated into buddhism after buddhism was adopted by tibetans.
    To NG,
    we’re only discussing about the practise of CONSULTING the Nechung Oracle for IMPORTANT matters. we’re not gettin into the worship of lha, gods, godesses, dieties etc. we’re all free to worship whatever whoever we want.

  30. @TheOwl: I am not shaming you….since I am not you and not ready to be like you fool. I even foubt you study those hard sciences or mathematics……applying culculus to differential equations to objective third party matter. If you dont know, dont shame yourself by reading someone’s scientic phisolophy lacking real scientific philosophical background and its implications. At least get some education in scinece at higher level. Dont shame yourself with you shallow knowledge. You are typical of those hoo-hoo Tibetans who knows nothing of Tibetan culture and pursing some western interllectual background, in the end, ended nobody who knowing nothing but parroting someone’s saying. I am not firmly based my Tibetan phisolophical background, but I did have an education of hard science at college…..

    next time, try to solve some differential equations and apply it to quantum mechanics where role observer actually affect the outcome of the experiment. In a sense, mind the most subtlest forms of human tries to understand the subtlest particles where it changes shape, either particle or light to the observer. This is the line everything crashing down……If you dont like Tibetan culture….then I would say fuck out and live your life, it is your after all. You got no right to down right comdemn it. If you dont agree with politics, it is your right to criticize. But criticizing the subject with so called ammunitions f science which yourself dont understand, makes you a fool.


  31. @TENZING: Nechung is a specific Lha. Nechung, the lha need a medium which needs a third party medium called oracle or kuteng.

    It is like, lha similar to human. The thing is which lha or which human? Either Nechung or some specific lha. In the same vein, you cannot shut down the concept of human when you talk of Tibetans because Tibetans are specific humans.

    Point to be noted!


  32. NG,
    yes, i understand that Nechung is a “Lha” and needs a human medium.
    let me put it this way, if you are the believer type, you can worship any lha, lhamo you want in your private lives – ask for good health, wealth, what have you. but when a whole nation of people having diverse views and aspirations is seeking an answer, wont there be a conflict of interest? That is my simple point.

  33. @Tenzing: Nobody is forcing anyone to believe or not. It is neither my role to convince someone to believe or questions anyone’s belief nor it is important to tell if I believe or not. My point was a very direct answer to your response to me: “we’re only discussing about the practise of CONSULTING the Nechung Oracle for IMPORTANT matters”.

    In fact, I put Nechung in Lha’s category. It is a cultural and religious understanding and its interllectual tradition.

    Thanks for your clarification. If you want wealth, as far as lha is concerned, definitely Nechung is the wrong lha to pray or worship. There is another specific lha called Zampala. Lately, Shugden followers claim worshippng shugden is also grant your wealth and happiness. If you noticed in Chinese businesses, there is fat laughing Buddha, it also supposed to grant wealth or increase the chances of obtaining wealth. Even though it is a CHinese lha, but it does have a Buddhist background and context. I sure other traditionally Buddhist countries have similar lhas. I noticed a lot in Thailand when I was. It was quite a cultural and religious experience.

    In our half educated and half politicized world, we are just confused. When Chinese came with guns and destroyed everything, we blame them for cultural destruction for not allowing “The Tibetan People to practice our religion”, well, not surprisingly it is a polical rhetorics. So these days, half read, but not wholesome read or well read, start questioning the lhas or religion or spiritual tradition and blaming it for holding us back……while accussing Chinese of destroying the thing which accussers are bend to destroy, albeit for a political rhetorics. I doubt their integrity and dept of interllectual learnings. They must be suffering of cognitive dissonance.

    All these gibbersih are born out of our passivity and hope of magic will happen for our political cause. No one taking responsibility in action, rather live a comfortalbe life and criticizing those who do things. If Lobsang Sangay consult Nechung, be it and he has couple of more years to go. If Obama takes oath under holy Bible, be it. It is a Christian tradition and they consider it holy. So, I would say shut to fuck up for all the loud noise good for nothing, but good for laughing.


  34. Thanks Tenzing, for that clarification. I finally got it now, someone who believes in reincarnation, wears a monk’s robe, styles himself Tulku, believes an invisible mountain in Tibet is the center of the universe, etc, is, in your opinion, not a dogmatic person, and that: “everything is mind over matter”.

    I always assumed that everything has a material basis, but you correctly deduced, like a good yogacaran, that everything is mind generated; the earth, the stars, you and me.

    I also agree with you Tenzing, we are all free to worship whatever or whoever we want, in the comfort of our homes. Yet what His Holiness believes isn’t contained in a fish bowl, right? He influences every facade of Tibetan culture.

    His Holiness and CTA has admitted, few times now, that the Tibetan Educational system has largely been a failure. This is so obvious when one is force to read the ramblings of that angry monk NG on certain topics.

  35. NG,

    Please spare us all that stuff we already know. all i’m asking is if its a good idea for Sikyong to start this practise of consulting the Oracle. thats it. please dont go off on a tangent like that. stick to the point.

  36. My last reply to you NG..

    I am accused of, “just parroting scientists and philosophers”, meanwhile you then blithely go on and on ad nauseum about, differential equations, mathematics, calculus, quantum mechanics, as if you personally discovered these tools independently in some cave. Its really laughable NG. HA!

    “next time, try to solve some differential equations and apply it to quantum mechanics where role observer actually affect the outcome of the experiment. In a sense, mind the most subtlest forms of human tries to understand the subtlest particles where it changes shape, either particle or light to the observer. This is the line everything crashing down.”

    Next time try to solve? What? hhahaa

    You are either an ex monk or happily plagiarizing the likes of Deepak Chopra.

    Demanding that I stop “Repeating someone’s saying”(though vague on who I am accused of repeating) yet, on the other hand quoting verbatim, scientific interpretations of quantum physics.

    FYI, the measurement problem is there (detected by instruments, not by the human eye)but in your muddled up, hasty, junk science elucidation, lacking even a modicum of excogitation, totally fails to note the difference between micro universe of the very small and the macro universe in which we live in.

    Ultimately, so what if “the observer effects subparticles”?? No matter how hard you stare at your laptop, using telepathy, you can not change it into a monkey or a hotdog.

    NG, you self styled metaphysico cosmonigologist, why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and go find an elegant equation which unifies general relativity and quantum mechanics since you think yourself soooo brilliant and original?

    I could go on and on with you, with this charade, but this isn’t the place, nor do I find you have the intellectual wherewithal to deal justly with me. So please, feel free to foam and froth at the mouth jabbering away with your psychobabble. I will ignore all your diarrhetic lexicon in the future.

    Oh and btw NG, please, I beg you and your band of baboons, stop hiding behind the bushes at McLeod Ganj ready to beat up on anyone who don’t agree with your closed minded world view.

  37. I humbly request Jamyang Norbula’s patience by allowing me to paste my opinion regarding the very reasonable, albeit, wishful thinking article by Tenpa Dhargyal Gashi la titled, The Final Step in a Democracy.

    I have send this to phayul for the last few days, but once again, Phayul.com editor has deemed my concerns too inappropriate to grace their webpage.

    That Dog Don’t Hunt

    An excellent write up by Tenpa Dhargyal Gashi, concordant with my own sentiments.

    Alas the skeptic in me find such moderate proposal dubious in the teeth of overwhelming resistance which will surely come from many fronts; i.e. the church, state, business sector, general public–if push comes to shove.

    And, to be fair, the other side might well have good reasons, shorn of a country by maintaining their monopoly, the need for mindless minions to serve the Queen no questions asked, One hive mind, follow without hesitation ala myrmidon at the heels of Achilles, Dalai Lama and the Tibetans, etc;

    Unity of group struggle under one banner entail less hassle, smoother flowing governance… and, as conceded by you, that Democracy isn’t just a Utopian fantasy, examples are ripe in USA politics, where extreme partisanship oft leading to legislative deadlock which seems inimical to the State by paralyzing the government….

    No doubt, the author must also be well aware that our democracy isn’t simply the child of Enlightenment as conceived by such great lights of men(and women) like, Bacon, Hobbes, Locke, Rousseau, Voltaire, Paine, Adams, Madison, Jefferson, Godwin, Hume, Bentham, Diderot, d’holbach, Mary Wollstonecraft, to name just a few of the major players..

    These iconoclasts challenged certain beliefs, mindful of Immanuel Kant’s maxim of sapere aude! (dare to know!) thereby moralizing the search for intellectual freedom.

    These philosophers, writers, scientists, challenged Tradition, Authority, Religion, even democracy based on commerce and property ownership, valiantly attempting to unbound Prometheus, to free mankind from the chains he carry around all his life because of blind faith in, Tradition, Authority, Religion, etc.

    And what about us Tibetans? We seem to love our chains, and woe to any man who endeavor to free us, unless that emancipation necessitate airy-faerie Enlightenment of the Buddha.

    Some may feel that such a hobby horse Democracy is generally no more than monkey see monkey do, and that, whatever egalitarian verbiage is penned in the Tibetan Charter can instantly be vetoed by invoking His Holiness. Yet I digress..

    Below I have pasted from one article, a small sampling of whats in store for any who dare challenge the monoparty status quo“. Keep in mind that these comments were made after Kundun allegedly retired from politics.

    Public Celebration Held in Dharamshala to Mark Middle Way Day
    Wednesday, 19 September 2012 17:33

    Dolma Gyari – minister of the Tibetan home department
    “We can discuss whether our current policies need changes,” said Ms Dolma, “but…it seems that some actions appear like those of an opposition party which wants to destroy the authority of our current administration, and we we must carefully consider, who stands to benefit from that?”

    Penpa Tsering – speaker of the Tibetan parliament-in-exile
    “We must carefully research and analyse His Holiness’ views and thoughts,” Mr Tsering continued, “even if they don’t appear immediately relevant to us. We should think, there might be great meaning behind his thoughts, and try to build our belief and trust.”

    Pema Jungney
    “Mr Jungney added that, in his view, it would be very difficult to find a Tibetan who had not received the Kalachakra initiation from His Holiness. Upon receipt of the initiation, Buddhists are required to trust and follow His Holiness’s guidance.”

    “Mr Pema continued that, since the age of 16, His Holiness has worked hard in the fields of Tibetan politics and religion, and that if the Tibetan people disappoint him, they stand to hurt the Tibetan cause.”

    “Another attendee, Bu Yunten, said that ten MPs attended a talk held by the Regional TYC, and asked whether they attended as individuals or as representatives of the Tibetan parliament. He added that the public trusts parliament and follows what it says, that the Tibetan public should not contradict His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and that the public also trusts him.”

  38. NG, Dont be fooled by the jackal in sheep’s fur! Non-Boerig does have some understanding of boerig culture,thanks to so called modern education.

  39. To consult Nechung or yul-lha is nothing more than consulting a friend on matter that requires every bit of info to make decision.
    To redirect this act against His Holiness indirectly is nothing but your fking mind needs my dig up your asr.

  40. I do not understand why we are still consulting ther oracle.This is the topic which confuse us youngster when we talk about tibetan bhuddhist culture among us.
    On one hand we consult Nechung, gardhong, tseringchaenga, actually I saw a tape where all come together and offered long life prayers to HHDL. On the other hand, Lha lhu is always discourage by his holiness during one of the many teachings, Science is important, Quantum physics… and so on.

    But come losar and the show begins with all the oracles…

    I am confused!!!!

  41. @The Owl: From your writing, I can only infer you are type of those Tibetans who is afraid of diving deep into science courses, who is bend to choose either Arts or Commerce, since you are dead afraid of those basic calculations, let alone college level hard and pure physical sciences and mathematics. You only able to cite them because you read it somewhere in the context of judeo-christian conflict with science. You definitely read couple of early western philosophy and religious interface with science, mainly Christianity. Obviously You dont know anything about Buddhism beyond casual observation about your mama’s prayer and those thankhas in your house. Therefore, you dont deserve my respect and I DONT CONSIDER your spilling of some information as regirous interllectual understanding. Even your guru JN condemned religion as such, most prominent is his Sherlock Holmes on the Mandala on the story’s cover. Yet, when JN’s mama was dead in his house, he called drepung monks to perform a religous and superstitious rituals for his mama’s dead body. Interesting? At the time, I questioned his integrity as a writr and critics.

    You are dead right about me, I am a dralock. It is due to your mama. She wanted to satisfy her sexual need, I had no choice but to help her in that needy situation since being monk is to help others in need situation, put others before self. She was happy after sucked my balls like whores. Next thing was your sisters…..

    It seems your problem with DL and Nargajuna that he cites often. Let me help you out with your psychological anguish. Get Nargajuna and those thankas down, when your mama, sisters, daughters start bleeeding every month, put in their pussies. It will help you personally. If Lord Buddha hinders your interllectual growth, get its statues from your altar that your mama built, but the head into your ass and put in her pussies like a dildo (it will be having double effect, healing you from mental torture, and satisfy your mama’s sexual needs). That is the possible way to reduce the religious hypnosis. It will definitely help you out. I heard when Chushi Gangdruks fought the Chinese, the Chinese bullets rained, but because of their personal deities and blessings, not a single bullet hurt them. The story is part of JN’s Mustang team. Wait, JN did not fight, probably he does not know. If you have doubt, ask 22 armies who fought for India with Pakistanese at Kargil, their personal protection given by DL helped them a lot. If dont believe, ask those x-22 armies. In those cases, both Paks and CHinese, realized the effect of deities, they put women’s pussy blood on the bullet, thus able to reduce the effect of those blessed Protection and penetrated the protection. Therefore, my advice to you is, put thankhas and lord Buddha’s statues into your mama’s pussy and bloody it. Otherwise, those deities, buddhas, nargarjunas and all are dead men by now. Releasing your anguish to them is useless and it looks bad on you. Follow these advices. Then come back and tell us the result with regirous scientific menthod. You can use any methods, either classical method of Newtonain world or modern method of quantum machenics based on uncertainty principle or theory of relativity.


  42. 10 more honest and patriotic Tibetans like Jamyang Norbu lak can do more good to the benefit of entire Tibet than 100000 more Lodo Gyaris.

  43. Thank you Juju for your comment. I appreciate your sentiment and your thoughtful insights. Lets hope you are wrong and parties are accepted in the spirit of democracy because without parties, it will never be a democracy – thus effectively curtailing the participatory democracy envisioned by H.H. That would be actually going against the expressed wishes of His Holiness. I doubt Sikyong Lobsang Sangay la, being a lawyer himself, would go for such an undemocratic course of action, especially since he based his doctoral thesis on Democracy and History of Tibetan government in exile from 1959-2004. That would make his lawyerly credentials a disgrace and Harvard a joke of an institution. No, I think he will actually welcome this development and encourage disversity of thoughts and opinions. Here is when rubber meets the road and the chicken will cross the road. Lets find out in the months to come. I remain hopeful.

  44. The search to replace to replace Ngabo Jime as RFA Tibetan Service director might become a big joke. Why? Firstly, as a divided and damaged BBG, this most disgraced federal agency cannot be expected to do justice to save guard RFA’s professionalism and independence. Second, since RFA has virtually become a fiefdom of the Chinese dragon lady (Libby), she and CTA link (Kalden) will make sure who gets the job. The future looks very bleak for the Tibetan Service, unless CTA back off in time, and Jigme is reinstated as demanded by Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and allies.

    My sources suspect that as long as CTA remains front and center, Jigme’s replace will be a toothless bureaucratic fiddle who will never ever protect journalistic professionalism and independence of RFA Tibetan Service.

    Unless, a third party strikes a grand compromise, in which Libby retains her endangered position, and Jigme is reinstated and restores his dignity, peace and stability at RFA remains aloof.

    It can also be surmised that if RFA Tibetan Service turns into a mouth piece of a foreign entity in the eyes of US administration, its very survival is at risk.
    It is, therefore, not surprising the many senior Tibetan staff are carefully contemplating going some kind of strike or resign en-mass.

  45. Jamyang norbu, please stop blaming and stirring up within our own community …. do something for the cause of as a general Tibet citizen …..why you r always crying without any reason? If really want to blame on someone who have worked tirelessly, then joine to shugden party where your father was belong to ……n make contact with traitor kalsang Gyatso from England lol..

  46. Mr Jamyang notbula!! thank you for your articles could be shared for us! really you are not a normal writer someone like to be only their job.

  47. zahwa,
    People like you makes me scary. Just by reading your comments, reminds me of dictators like Kim jong ill.

    Shugden party… what bad qualities do they have? please do not judge by their belief system. Do not segregate like Taliban.If you really practice secular, then you should respect their devotion to the diety, no matter in the eyes of one if it is not good.
    Not long ago,thirty years ago, Shugden is the top diety of Tibetans now what happen.. nobody can predict future, may be thirty years later it will be a top again….
    Similarly if you do not like Jamyang norbu’s article,it is OK but do not accused his father of some kind. Oh! the habits….

  48. Broadcasting Board Breakdown

    By MARY KISSEL, Wall street journal

    America’s international broadcasters have seen their share of trouble in recent years. In the George W. Bush era, Middle East TV channel Al-Hurra morphed into a friendly outlet for terrorists and Islamic radicals under the Broadcasting Board of Governors’ watch. Today, the BBG is so dysfunctional that two of its eight Senate-confirmed members resigned in January, and sources tell me more may soon follow. This is a problem that needs urgent Congressional attention.

    Enlarge Image

    Getty Images
    Hillary Clinton delivers her final speech as Secretary of State at the Council on Foreign Relations on Thursday.
    The BBG oversees two government entities (Voice of America and the Office of Cuba Broadcasting) and three nonprofits (Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and Middle East Broadcasting Networks). They are often the only reliable news stations available to listeners in countries like China, North Korea, Cuba and Iran. But they are in need of modernization and consolidation. The current board tried to tackle both issues (and more) in a five-year strategic plan issued in October 2011.

    That plan never came to fruition, thanks to infighting amongst board members, according to a January report from the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General. This week the Government Accountability Office chimed in, too, noting that the BBG doesn’t consider “cost and impact of overlap in its annual language service reviews” and thus “risks missing opportunities to reduce overlap as appropriate, strengthen impact, and improve coordination among its entities.” In other words, the BBG’s governance of its broadcasters is in shambles.

    Outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the House Committee on Foreign Relations last week that the BBG “is practically defunct in terms of its capacity to be able to tell a message around the world. So we’re abdicating the ideological arena, and we need to get back into it.” How right she is. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty proved a powerful tool to combat Soviet propaganda and provide hope to dissidents across the Eastern bloc. Revamping the BBG and its broadcasters should be a bipartisan priority.

  49. Jamyang Norbu’s public stance on Shugden:

    “…….But even now the big lie about His Holiness’s relationship to Asahara is used by China’s propagandists in the West and by Shugden devotees in their counter-attacks against CTA. Just having the truth on your side is not enough. It is nearly impossible to fully contain a scandal once it has broken out……”

    From his article PROTECT KUNDUN, FREE RFA on December 3rd, 2012

    The question is, did he really mean it? Or meant to strike on the religious sentiment of general Tibetans at the right moment of controversy in order to manipulate the situation for his political crusade against all the obvious parties, that are barely led throughout his writing in the name of rangzen. You be the judge!


  50. I am looking forward to seeing a leaked list of applicants for the post of RFA Tibetan Service Director? My sources claim leaks are eminent although no names are our yet. But the same source acknowledged that prospective applicants include old and new CTA bureaucrats and little known names too.

    But one thing is sure. The plotters have asked a select few to apply to ensure the downfall of the Tibetan Service from a highly respected media to a mere propaganda outlet.

    The fact that RFA has resolutely rejected calls from many quarters for Jigme’s reinstatement is indicative of CTA’s covert and overt role in firing Jigme. The damage done to RFA’s image is irreclaimble as of now.

    The dragon, Libby is under several investigations, and it is only a matter of time when she will ultimately meet her fate. I would caution those applying for the post to replace Jigme to think twice consider the consequences down the lane. Who would not like to keep one’s image intact -unless of course you don’t care in the first place and would do anything to get the lucrative job.

    I will get back when names come out. But I doubt, if serious contenders’ name will get leaked, unless of course, purposely.

    Let’s wait and see!

  51. As promised in the previous post,here is the list of leaked names of some contenders to replace Ngabo Jigme as director of the Tibetan Service at RFA.

    Here they are: Rigin Dorjee(Nepal), Tephun Tenzin Shastri; Lhawang Ngodup and Tashi Tabten from NY; Jamyang Dhargyal, Lobsang Tenje and Tenzin Tethong from CA;Karma Yeshi(D’sala); Chope Paljor Tsering (Australia); and Sonam Tsering (Mundgod.
    In this list, the only candidate best qualified and meeting the requiredment spelled out by RFA, seems to be Tenzin N. Tethong. And if he has
    ctually applied for the post, it will be very difficult for any candidates to surpass him.

    The partial leak purposely excludes two current employees – Karma Dorjee and Palden Gyal as well as Tseten Wangchuk of VOA.

    There is also strong suspicion that several (chosen) candidates such as Kalden Lodoe’s in-law
    Lobsang Jinpa, and Tseten Samdup, brother of Chime Rigzin of Gaden Phodrang are not being leaked or they have opted out of the raise fearing repercussions.

    Also, it is being learnt the Ngapo Jigme is all set now to file law suit against Libby Liu and RFA. The speculations is: If RFA fails to provide definitive justification for his firing, which it has failed to do until now, chances of ruling in Jigme’s favor is pretty strong.

    Remember, Libby herself, under investigation by the State Department is in damage-control-mode,and her own future is uncertain. Her only refuge, in the end, might be CTA whose agents are trying everything possbile to safe her and her crony Kalden Lodoe whose ruination of the Tibetans Service’s journalistic profesionalism by virtually interferring and ordering his in-law,spineless interim director Benpa Topgyal,goes agonizingly unabatted, according reliable sources.

    Let’s wait and see.

  52. Ding! Ding! Ding!
    There is a rumor unfolding that RFA has now started interviewing the candidates but they are doing it in a very creepy way.it is so secretive,more so than the FBI or CIA.

    Show is about to present on the stage and will see who is the thread holder of the puppet.

  53. Yes mechael,
    My sourced said there is no worldwide search that RFA promised.
    It was only RFA consultant and inner staff and told they r going to annouce the possible candidate(so familiar) before April fool.

  54. With the exception of Tenzin Tethong, all the mentioned names are not worth the salt. Hope Dralog Kalden and wicket witch Libby would be smart enough to make no more unnecessary trouble this time around.

  55. It appears Spring will break the winter of discord at RFA’s Tibetan Service with words spreading that the principals responbsible for this sad saga had no choice but to settle with compropmise. My sources claim that public outcry over Ngabo Jigme’s firing without just cause has done so much damage to RFA’s image that its so-called world-wide search has become a joke. A cursory look at the leaked applicants list lacked a wide field of choice. As indicated in my earlier post, among those applied, Tenzin Namgyal Tethong,has emerged as the only suitable candidates, and if early rumors are true, he might replace Jigme come April baring any surprise moves by the plotters who have even managed to poision ears of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

    If Tethong is chosen, RFA Tibetan Service is
    ready to reconcile and move forward, my source claim,unless there are string attached to his selection that would compromise RFA’s journalistic professionalism.

    As yet another unsettling sign, Libby is despatching a team lead by non other than her immisary Kalden Lodoe to Dharamsala. God know for what!

  56. Don,t be tricked. The plot is not done. Candidates are not done. Even Tethong is part of scam. Don,t forget. His brother is key player in private office. Network is complex . The true will unfold slowly but surely.

  57. My source slipped three finalist names:

    RFA Amdho Dialect Head Palden Gyal
    VOA Tseten Wangchuk
    and Tenzin Tethong.

  58. Rumour mongers had it right, Tenzin Tethong is now confirmed Radio Free Asia’s new Tibetan Service director.

    Now it is pertinent that he must be strong and not influenced by any individuals or institutions or Central Tibetan Administration in the content of the RFA Tibetan service programming. All the more he must not come under evil designs of dralog Kalden Lodoe or Gyari Lodoe and their lap dogs or co-conspirators.

    If he wouldn’t be able to run RFA Tibetan serivce as a reputable independent news media organization; it would become same as totalitarian Chinese Communist propaganda outlet to which Tibetans despise and criticize everyday.

    If it turns out like Communist propaganda outlet then it would be a tradegy to Tibet and Tibetans and to the U.S. taxpayers too.

    Aside from this, that son of bitch, dralog Kalden is out to India now. Hope this wretched is not upto some more evil designs in India.

  59. So, finally, as asserted in my last post, RFA announced March 27 that Tenzin Namgyal Tethong has been selected as the new director of the Tibetan Service. He will be reporting to his post around May 13rd according to a memo received by the Tibetan Service, my sources claim.

    While the Tibetan Service, as a whole with few exceptions, are cautiously welcoming the selection, I am told that many speculate that Tethong is chosen as a ‘compromise candidate’ who must have been subjected to accept certain conditions by the management, Libby to be presise,in the vetting process.

    It remains to be seen if Tethong rises above the fray, and restores the independent journalistic professionalism that the former director Jigme is known to have strived so hard, which ultimately saw his fate sealed.

    Couple of things that the new director must face upfront include: The Tibetan Service,and for that matter, the whole Tibetan community, knows without shred of doubt that Kalden Lodoe is the throne and the Tibetan Service will never reconcile with. The bigger thorn for RFA itself, is the Chinese dragon Libby who has virtully lost the confidence of the entire nine services.

    As an observer, one feels that the Tibetan should get rid of Kalden, and RFA should search for the new CE0. Untill then, no real peace and tranquillity will prevail.

  60. Under the circumstances, this could be the best option possible.
    Tethong at least is nobody’s puppet and he is well versed in democratic principles
    to adhere to the policies of RFA which are laid down in black and white.

    Still, that Kalden Lodoe guy needs to go. He can find a job in
    private office, right next to Samdhong Rinpoche’s desk. Now he
    can take orders straight from his mouth instead of using
    the phone or the Internet. And the dragon lady should move
    on to another job where she can ruin that place too.

  61. While masquerading as a Devil’s Advocate, I want to douse the somewhat optimistic attitude in here with a fine spray of golden shower in the form of skepticism. I am keenly cognizant that Tenzin Tethong is much beloved on this site but my skepticism compels me to point out that TT is a politician, and the odds (probabilistically speaking) are high that he would have a strong penchant for compromise. Dharamsala, Lubby Liu and Kundun’s apso Kalden Lodoe would not have favored him without some trade-offs in the contract.

    Sure the gentleman has a good reputation in the past, but reputations shouldn’t blind us to the reality that people are fluid, dynamic, opportunistic, as opposed to reputations, which are, by and large, carved in stone, static, and at times, superficial. The cart should never be allowed to run before the horse to market when analyzing individual’s ambitional appetites at any given time. If TT had won the Kalon Tripa election, would he have been any different than the great helmsman of the MIddleWay Dr. Lobsang Sangay? I very much doubt it.

    I am just illustrating a cautionary tale, it may happily be that I will be proved wrong, and that the man is indeed the very quintessence of integrity–only time will tell I suppose.

  62. Why is Jamyang Nobru so siilent after his own TNT (Tenzin Namgyal Tethong) was chosen to head RFA? No more angry articles or updates…

    Hypocrisy deluxe…

  63. Hi Guys:

    Our calculations and speculations is close for many aspects of this saga. Tenzin Tethong got the job, as expected Ngapo had not been reinstalled, Libby lady got away with her mischief, and a strong hand by the exile administration seemed worked.

    My speculation now is that Kaden Lodoe will be promoted to the deputy Director position (The real guy who runs the show) and will fire a couple of people to show Kaden’s wrath. I see Karma Gyatso and some of the news reader going to pack soon.

  64. It is good to be cautious at anytime and with anything in life, especially when you are dealing with such mercurial creatures like human beings. Or should we say cautiously optimistic in this particular case? But at the same time, we could use previous records to speculate and formulate a reasonable hypothesis. Based on that criteria, one can safely say Tethong la is his own man and isn’t a person who will let others sully his principles and walk all over him. And like so, he will abide by the guiding principles of RFA which is to disseminate information without prejudice.

    I am sure there is always a little bit of political calculation going on, especially when one has led one’s life consumed in one. Yet I feel that draw has to be weak by now as I believe he has played all his cards in the last election. Unless Sikyong does something totally unforgivable like, I don’t know, run naked down Gankyi for example, he will be re-elected again. We can safely say that avenue is closed. Tethong has pretty much served in every other capacity imaginable in our Govt. and outside. Been there, done there, so to speak.

    Now, personally, he doesn’t need this job. He has a comfortable job in Stanford, his kids are grown up, and he is financially well off. He has provided exemplary service to our govt and our people for more than three decades. There is not many who can say that. And yet why did he take this job when he should be comtemplating his retirement? Why put himself in the middle of this tempest full of back stabbings and shadowy characters?

    Personally, I feel like he is doing a favor for all concerned. He is probably the one person who all can trust at this juncture because most of the other candidates are unknown commodities or have real or imagined skeletons in their closet. And he is coming from outside with no known affiliations to anybody’s cousin or Kashag or private office. I am sure the staff at RFA are quite happy and relieved to have someone like Tethong la whose reputation precedes him and who will at least give them a fair hearing.

    Of course, I guess I will be expected to say exactly that, right? In any case, there you have it. But this is not to say we have forgotten what has happened to Ngapo Junior because I believe that must be brought to light and he must have his due. It is only fair.

  65. The requirements for qualified RFA director candidate must have a bachelor degree. Does tenzin teething has a collrge degree?Not that I know .

    We can see the pattern how unruly and dysfunctional RFA is. Setting themselves requirements and ended up not implementing. There postings is all over the tibetan website and the chosen candidates ? On the degree,

  66. I second Tenpa Dhargyal Gashi’s thoughts and sentiments. A fair and balanced assessment.

    I thinking Tenzin Tethong la is the best choice and have high hopes that he will serve our cause well.


  67. I hope Kasur tethong la has the same courage like Ngabo jigme la to stand for truth, have great vision, not buttering and licking up the leaders who are shotsighte and selfish.

    I hope Kasur can carry the torch of press freedom, which Ngabo had laid a good foundation,

    Watch out for kalden maiden who is so creepy. He is always these days at Libby lui office, god knows what they are planning to do next?

  68. Testing Dhondup, there is no need to start wild, unfounded speculations about Lubby Liu and Kalden Lodoe involving themselves in some shady business, scheming and plotting in Lubby’s office. There might be an innocent explanation why the office door is locked, they are having sex.

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    am impressed! Extremely helpful information specifically the remaining
    section 🙂 I take care of such information a lot.
    I was looking for this certain info for a very lengthy time.
    Thanks and good luck.

  70. Criminal Libby and dralog Kalden hadn’t had any punishments and are they going to get scot free for their criminal act?. Why the BBG didn’t give the reason for Ngapo’s firing? This is all farce worse than Communist China. Are in Communist China or in democratic U.S.On top of this some elements in RFA are smooching up to Kalden and his sex partner Libby. Hope the wheel of karma will never forgive them. Also hope the new Tibetan RFA Service director Tethong would have some spine just like Ngapo.

    The good news is whore Libby broke her legs recently and dralog was divorced by his wife. Hope more misfortune be fallen on these two criminals as well their lackeys such as Benpa Topgyal,Tsetan Namgyal,Karma Dorjee and Ngawang Chophel etc….

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