New RFA Director

Although I haven’t written anything for a while,  a few of you readers have been keeping up a small discussion on the RFA issue on the comment section of my previous blogs. Tenzin Tethong’s appointment as RFA director has received favorable comments from many of you who have  have pointed out that he is probably the best pick there is on the list of possible candidates. I do not entirely disagree with this. After all, I have written favorably of his accomplishments when he was a candidate for the Kalon Tripa elections.

But on the issue of RFA directorship, I feel that Tenzin Tethong should not have taken the job. Maybe I am being too cynical but I feel Tenzing Tethong’s appointment leaves the  impression (as it was probably meant to do by RFA management) that the issue of Jigme Ngabo’s dismissal has finally been put to bed.

And of course nothing really has been resolved at all. It is not just the unfairness and injustice of Jigme Ngabo’s  summary dismissal by RFA president Libby Liu that is so troubling. There is, after all, a lot of injustice in this world that we can do little about.  But we should all bear in mind that Libby’s  decision to remove Jigme was essentially instigated by Dharamshala’s scheming to control the channels of free expression in exile society and suppress opinions critical of it.  A tendency that has been increasing of late as has been pointed out in the latest editorial in the Tibetan Political Review, and also by independent bloggers as Tsering Woser la.

From what I understand Tenzin Tethong’s appointment was approved not only by RFA management, but in a roundabout way also appears to have had official CTA blessings. Someone from the old town phoned me that Dharamshala expects Tenzin Tethong to run RFA in keeping with its own policies and avoid the “mistake” that Jigme Ngabo made in allowing views to be expressed on RFA programs that were independent or critical of CTA and its Middle Way Policy.

Will Tenzin Tethong do that? Well, he is an old bureaucrat. A very capable one but a bureaucrat nonetheless. And I feel that Dharamshala is confident that he will, in the end,  play it safe, stick to the script, keep to the straight and narrow. I hope he doesn’t. He is undoubtedly intelligent, but conditioning trumps intelligence most of the time, as Dharmshala knows well.

Me? I don’t know.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one.


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  1. It all depends upon whether Mr Tethong can resist the lips of doom Libby lie. She kissed Kalden Lodoe and he kicks out Tsewang Rinzin out of Kalachakra. She kissed Lobsang Sangey and Ngapo got kicked out of office. Can he resist the kiss of the spider woman? The kiss didn’t work on Samdhong Rinpoche because he was even on a higher level than her.

  2. Point taken. But what is there to gain for Tethong really like I mentioned in a previous post. It will make sense if he coveted some position but he has pretty much done everything and I don’t think he will be fighting for Kalon Tripa anymore. His legacy is solid as it comes. I think he is doing CTA a favor, rather than the other way around. He might be the only one Rangzen people might not find objectionable for the post, thus helping to simmer down the deplorable state at RFA. A sitting US senator issuing off stern letters and an extreme majority of the personnel at RFA absolutely against Ngabo’s ouster does not exude a level of confidence such an institution requires. His neutral stance might be just the antidote the doctor ordered right now.

    Still, Ngabo’s case should not be forgotten. I guess the next step would be up to Ngabo since RFA had determined he is not going to be rehired, whether it comes through another round of public clarification or a lawsuit.

    Well, Dharamshala might expect a lot of things, but it is not clear whether they will get it or not. And I am going with NOT. As I see it, since he is doing them a favor, they should honor him with a special Title “Vice-Sikyong in Absentia, Vanquisher of all ill-advised plans, Holder of the Vajra, First Class.” It wouldn’t hurt to also make him a 5 star general since that seems to be the only title he is missing in his resume, even if we don’t have a military at the moment.

  3. This whole notion of TC doing a favor for CTA and in return CTA doing a favor for Tibetans inside and clueless exiles sees themselves as defender of Tibetan nation is fucking wrong and self-promoting. This entire exile organizations minus DL, Samdong, and some pious hearts, are like family based business. Making a life on the suffering of others. Shame on you guys! This entire using the misfortune of inside Tibet only isolated to Indian subcontinent, but brought to the West and manipulated their story for one’s legal documents. Once the documents are obtained, these are just fucking animals who care nothing, does nothing, but self interest.

    “the issue of Jigme Ngabo’s dismissal has finally been put to bed.”

    Really put to bed? This is hilarious lies after all the conspiracy theory JN created. I have been asking JN to show the evidences. JN just throws allegations like China did in 2008 about the Tibetan uprising, China framed it as “have solid evidence about premeditated, masterminded, executed”. Till date, no “solid evidences” which stuns their own people. In JN’s case, he created his new novel about CTA colluding with Libby to censor his kinds of views while remaining silent about the fact RFA is arm of US external propaganda tool which fits very well with its foreign policies. Can CTA influences US foreign policy? Zero chances. US left Tibet as one of its cold war orphans. JN should be transparent about his so called “friends and informers” in order to either mislead general public or excite his zealot and fanatical folks who does nothing more than talk. He should not be sneaky in presenting his case if he fills it is really true. We are in democratic countries, if we use the logic of TPR, “freedom to be stupid”. If person can be freedom do be stupid, why not freedom to cite your contacts and contacts also candid about the allegations, so we can start new and fresh by weeding out rotten apples? Hiding always means sneaky conspiracy and cannot gain trust of real educated and analyst. Remember, talk is cheap. Don’t frame me as anti-rangzen or zealous-middle pather. As every Tibetan, no one denies rangzen or despise it. The problem with JN is doing nothing except penning some articles, creating controversy out of conspiracy rather than real facts under the guise of rangzen. So it is so easy to attack anyone who disagrees with JN as either dumbass middle pathers or religious zealots. Take a gun or something in real against COMMUNIST CHINA if you really love rangzen, then I will be there behind you. Otherwise, stop practicing hypocrisy.

    “A tendency that has been increasing of late as has been pointed out in the latest editorial in the Tibetan Political Review, and also by independent bloggers as Tsering Woser la.”

    TPR is another dumbass writings who only cites “freedom to be stupid” from John carry as their standard of argument. This freedom thing can be bend in any fashions if don’t foresee consequences or merely to fulfill self-interest and use it as a lame excuse. One day, you might come out to say freedom to kill you parents or might be something else which is very bizarre.

    Let put Tsering Woeser’s criticism in context, she did not make it in the context of either Umay Lam or Rangzen or anything else. She made it because stubborn LS did not count the first self-immolator Thabkay from Ngawa Kirthi Gompa in his official statistics, most distressing thing is he did the same thing during Kalachakra in the presence of HHDL even though Woeser complained about the missing head several times. Out of emotions, she accused LS of stubborn bureaucrat once in power does not regard public suggestion. She is 100% right and LS gave a lame excuse and response later. Please stop misusing quotes in order to prove your points.


  4. So there is no other capable candidate ,well educated and had experiences other then Tethong lak, who by the way deserves a quite retirement after serving tibetan comunity tirelessly for many years.

    may be the perk is not upto the mark or the job itself is boring without any challenges for creative young folks.
    Good luck Tethong la…JN will be scrutinizing your move very closely!!

  5. I once heard JN at one of his talks, which he did pretty well when comes to China apologists and their way of producing apologists’ literatures. All the apologists quotes each other in order to make it real intellectual and fact and also make a living out of it. JN was 100% right in his analysis. But now it seems JN and his followers learnt the same tactics like a vicious circle. TPR cite JN, JN cite TPR, JN cite his followers Comments, Followers cite JN as true source! Validating each other and patting on each other’s should as good comrade gesture. Hilarious structure! After having being involved with this entire episode, I am fucking tired of hypocritical people. When coming to hypocritical personas, Tibetan have plenty in offer.


  6. NG (NG Tuberculosis): I see you are taking this “freedom to be stupid” thing to heart!

    You should know this means freedom to say stupid things, which is byproduct of free speech. Or else we can have a Communist system where someone in power can decide what is or is not allowed. Otherwise with free speech, we take the good with the bad.

    And obviously free speech is not the same thing as “freedom” to commit murder. You don’t do your argument any favours with that failed comparison.

    By the way, it’s John Kerry, not John Carry.

    By the way also, what’s your problem with TPR or anyone else commenting on a controversy in our community? Come on man, this is something many of us are talking about. Everyone has the right to say what they think, you, TPR, everyone… And all TPR said was “don’t rush to judgment on RFA” so I don’t see what your problem is there. You are one angry dude.

  7. @Dhasa Baba, first of all, be happy in your exile hut. Enjoy the scene in the Indian hill and enjoy in your special case and defeated self. When you buy land, make sure that you will not repeat Karmapa’s case. No one will protect you, at least Karmapa is protected by his mere title from a rich cultural source.

    Another thing, communist system probably and will not be practiced in exile. They cannot even if they ant too. Remember, you are in India and rest of your folks are in other countries. These people subject to rules of the host countries not CTA. The one you have in Dhasa as one of the three pillars of democracy: The judiciary, is nothing but an empty symbolism. It serves no purpose in practical at all except parading in front of others for showcase. If a system has no land, then they have no legitimate authority to enforce its written letters in the charter. Remember, plenty of cases taken to the Shimla court. Carry or Kerry, who cares, he is the guy who lost presidential bit years ago and Obama appointed him as Hilary’s successor. Don’t Add “Rodham Clinton” as a reminder to me in your next post because I am fucking aware of it without you telling me.

    Can you tell your agu JN to prove all his allegations regarding the dismissal of son of aristocrat? If not, JN is guilty of protecting another aristocrat, and you are nothing more than a silent participant. In front of law, you are guilty of being supporting the crimes as being an silent observer and collaborator, thus eligible for long term imprisonment under the basement of Department of Information and International Relations.

    @TheOwl: I described your type of fucking animals in my previous post about how animals secure personal interest and manipulate suffering of Tibetans inside not only isolated to Indian Subcontinent, but also brought to West. We need to ask host judicial system to re-open all the exile stories and cases regarding asylum papers. I am sure fucking 100% of you will be either imprisoned for lying and intentionally misleading authority and falsifying documents. Thus liable for long term imprisonment and then deportation to your place of import.


  8. @ 8
    how dare you say that 100% of the people lied to authorities. most of us came here with valid papers and with that you cant misrepresent or falsify your story.Yes there are few cases and Maura Moynahan has written about it already and we are all aware that sometimes these things happen.
    Thats why i think its time to seriously consider acquiring Indian citizenship for all Tibetans in India. atleast start the debate. that way, Tibetans in India will not have to resort to this kind of desperate measures to go abroad. They can feel more secure in India, and also contribute more meaningfully to the host country but never losing sight of our goal of freeing our fatherland Tibet.
    Also i want to mention here that CTA should not involve in the matter of approval for who gets US visa. i heard some thing like that. I dont know if its during Samdong time or Lobsang Sangay time that they requested the US embassy to be conssulted for approval.

  9. NG,

    You are so totally right on many points.

    Particularly JN recent tendency to conduct circle quotation from among his own friends.

  10. The writings of JN or TPR have demonstrated little intellectual integrity( a trend amongst amateur, but strong-willed exile writers), and are, as would have been apparent to most readers, prone to ill-substantiated and ludicrously exaggerated claims. JN-one evidence of CTA’s involvement in the alleged maneouvering of RFA’s affairs. TPR is shit. Their latest article bizarrely evokes provisions from international treaties which have no applicability towards CTA. CTA is an anomaly, a special case devoid of territory,jurisdiction,and constitution in the human construct of statehood. Those provisions don’t apply. Unity of a race is more important than democracy for perpetuation of its culture,characteristics,and spirits. Remember that democracy is often a propaganda tool that America wields like magic wand to demonize and topple regimes that don’t cater to her needs. It is said that democracy can destroy and stunt the growth of struggling nations, eg. India while it works and prospers in developed nations. we know where tibetan exile cta is.

  11. #10: Kusho la, when you say “international treaties which have no applicability towards CTA” — do you mean that our Tibetan casuse should not be committed to basic human rights principles?

    Do you mean that when we protest for “human rights in Tibet” we are being hypocrites?

    That would be a very sad conclusion.

    I personally wish my CTA representatives to be the very embodiment of upright moral behavoir, which includes respecting universal human rights.

  12. I see what JN la mean when he says that Tenzin Tethong la should not have accepted the job because we don’t yet know how Ngabo Jigme got outed. But on the other hand, if Tethong la didn’t accept who can we think of that would be more independent of CTA with same level of experience and integrity?

  13. @Dhasa Bhaba: “international Treaties” are treaties between countries involved. The treaty can be “equal” or “unequal” depending upon balance of power between the two parties involved. For example, 17th Point Agreement is between Tibet and China, no other country has been a signatory to it. This is called international treaty which is applicable to only Tibet and China, no one else. Therefore, international treaties which TGIE is not a signatory, then it is not applicable to TGIE. How can you international treaty between North Korea, South Korea, and US to Tibet. Grow up boy!

    Human Rights is a principle, not a rule. All countries make their own rules and laws, some of the principles are used, while others are ignored. There is no single country that is practicing all the points in the UN Human Rights Charter.

    Human Rights and variety of freedoms cannot bypass beyond national security clearance and classified documents.

    Therefore, shed the simple-minded in your head. Educate about the real world.

    @Dawa: “When JN says Tethong should not have accept the job”, it is part of aristocratic practice of humility. In the depth of his heart, he loved and laughed because his cousin got the job. So, in the near future, his contract will be renewed. Thus, the normal business continues. JN already declared that RFA saga came to an end while evidences never surfaced about his allegations against TGIE. He declared its end because his wish is fulfilled.


  14. Hilarious how NG stamps all he scripts with his acronym at the end, as if protecting himself against others who may illegally quote mine his patented dumbass opinions. Hahhhhhahahahaha O’ God! too funny hahaha…

  15. #13 NG Tuberculosis la,

    So you are saying that internationally-accepted standards of human rights are not applicable to our own CTA?? Do you know how stupid you sound making that argument?

    Set aside the ethical backwardness of your position. I direct your attention to the words of our own Tsa-trim (Tibetan Charter), which makes it clear that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is binding on the CTA:

    “It shall be the duty of the Tibetan Administration to adhere to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as specified by the United Nations, and to also urge and encourage all other countries of the world to respect and comply with such Declarations, and shall emphasize the promotion of the moral and material well-being of the Tibetan people, the safeguarding of their social, cultural, religious and political rights, and in particular, the ultimate achievement of their common goal. ”

    I stand ready to accept your acknowledgement that you were not only ethically backward but factually wrong.

  16. Kasur la congrats for your new post. But I hope u will shine light on RFA. The difficult task is ahead for u and it is the beginning now.

    The relation between kalden lodoe and Libby liu will be hindrance to u.Good luck for that one too.

  17. @Dhasa: Human Rights are not internationally recognized treaties. You better go back to school and educate yourself. Tell me a country that is practicing the full human rights mentioned in the declaration? Go to Kashimir and check out! In the country of largest democracy…..All constitutions mentions it, it is an aspiration, not a practical one. It is like United Nation in New York. Tibetans still think that UN will do something because only know to shout against it for mercy…..but the fact is, UN is nothing more than empty halls where big powers butcher your bodies like nothing. Human Rights is a fodder for conflict or peace whenever needed. That does not mean it is not being practiced…it is practiced, but the real difference is to what extent. It depends on laws of the country and security. If I am a Kalon, I will never give a security clearance to enter Kangkyi for you being dangerous dude due to your idle and niave ideas and dangerous stupidity. I would love to see you run around and shout for human rights. I will take the national and government security out of my beg and others governments agreed, and you will be nothing and a stupid dude.

    Go to Bagsu and take a shower!


  18. @TheOwl: I taught you a lesson to get ride of your religious hypnosis that bothers youh too much. Did test the effect of bloody Buddhas statue and thankhas of all sorts that your mama built in your house? I hope you tried it well! Time to get out and show the result…..Dawkin dick sucker as you are the only educated scientist! lol


  19. NG Tuberculosis:

    Clearly you will say anything to excuse the actions of the self-promoting politicians currently running the CTA — you are an apologist in the true sense.

    You are also an embarassment to the Tibetan people. If you don’t respect human rights or the clear words of our Tsatrim/Charter, then I have nothing more to say to you.

    As for any honourable Tibetan, I believe they will agree that human rights are important, that they are enshrined in our Charter, and that our CTA officials should be held accountable then they infringe.

    As for NG Tuberculosis, he has shown his true colors.

  20. @Dhasa Bhaba, first of all, I don’t suffer from Tuberculosis like exile brethren who bring Tuberclosis wherever they go. It is your type tag.

    What is Gay and Lesbian rights in the UN Declaration of Human Rights? In exile charter? Which countries do practice all the UN Human Rights declarations?

    Simple question, answer them!

    Dont mention Tibetan people, you are one of the gyakhampas. You are more Indian at heart and in action than Tibetans. Your Tibetan is dirt poorer than your filthy English. Your interest is sweet chia than butter tea, you fantacy is bolliwood than great Tibetan cultural heritage. You got an identity crisis and at times might be at loss. Accept your poor fate and wait for the visa to the West like rest of your brethren all over settlements and monasteris. Ready to falsify documents.

    After all, those questions I asked.


  21. @Dhasa Bhaba: I think you got a 101 international relation lesson and realty of the world rather than citing something that you are taught in school. Dhasa is small like well, be prepared to learn more. Don’t be a frog in a well….

    Anyway, you take the victory for refusing to answer my simple questions.

    Suggestion: If you still think CTA violates your human rights or not honoring it. The United Nation is the caretaker of Declaration of Human Rights and also the enforcer. You should petition UN general secretary, Mr Bang. He will consult with the 5 permanent members of security council. They will discuss about deployment of Interpol and deployment of international force. Most probabaly, Tibet Military based in Lhasa will be dispatched as it closest as compare to all other members. Maybe it will be headed Padma Choling with a garrison of Chinese militia to restore Human Rights Order in Dharamsala with official order from UN and Approval from the rest of the members.


  22. 2Dhasa: Then who will enforce and protect UN declaration of Human Rights all over the world?

    Each country has policy force to maintain each country’s law. UN must have similar otherwise, Human Rights Declaration is nothing more than an empty statement which invoked by any states whenever needed a reason to something so called “Legal” to destroy “Illegal”?


  23. NG la, you really don’t know much about anything, do you?

    I respectfully suggest that, if you want to be an apologist for our Sikyong’s administration’s ham-handed attempts to scare away free speech in our society, you try a less intellectual strategy. You are embarassing yourself otherwise. Like tell us again how someone in Tibet wrote a song about him, or how the youth of Dhasa are supposedly all getting the “Sangay hairstyle”.

  24. The key thrust of my argument can well be resonated by the proverbial Tibetan maxim’ Fox can’t emulate where Tigers jump.’ Developed states are macho tigers of socio-economic, intellectual civilization at the peak of their glory that they can well afford irresponsible gruntles and noises by the imbecile public. After all, they have gone through the similar stages of our exile existence centuries back. However, regarding CTA and general Tibetan populace, common sense and exigencies of the time beg for responsible voicing of criticisms so as not to negate the very legitimacy of the administration, and destroy loyalty between leaders and masses. CTA, as was succinctly put by a Tibetan diplomat once, is a ‘ humble hut built on the foundations of thin ice. If we hammer it down every now and then, it will soon very likely break down.’ And,by extension, encouragement of respect and loyal towards Sikyong is of fundamental importance. In absence of law enforcement and social mechanisms of developed states which bind state and citizens, and lead the nation, our exile administration has to rely substantially on ancient past, shared religion and culture,of course, personal charisma of the person of Dalai Lama and Sikyong to retain the sense of nation, identity, and hope. It is not that I am ignorant of the value of freedom of speech. In fact, I am aware of human right laws, theories, treaties etc during the course of my legal studies, and have debated and discussed ideas with many informed persons. I have come to the conclusion is unity prevails over intellectual dissent in form of constructive criticism. If our society disingegrates, one million intellectuals, critics, and wise men can’t save Tibet.

  25. @Dhasa: You are seriously being eaten by jealousy! My goodness……

    If Dasa boys of your town and your type copying LS’s hair….tell them fuck LS and march to Kachari from McLOED Bus station.

    If Tibetans sing for LS, none of your fucking business of narrow-minded and kudra apologist.

    I swear, in a free Tibet, kudras, descent, and apologist like you will be dealed with dearly. I will see where you human rights will lie by then….


  26. @Dhasa, I am so surprised at you about so much difficulty in answering my simple questions. It seems you don’t understand what you are talking about. Remember, your guru JN and rangzen wall are center of Tibet nor they are center of Tibet or defender of Tibet or its cultural heritage. You are just bunch of clueless whiners who cannot sacrifice comfortable and never stopping to have a dream of settling in the West. I advise you and your types, stop be hypocritical and be honest. Without your noise, Tibet wont be dead. I stand with my statement.


  27. NG what have YOU sacrificed for Tibet? A simple question, now answer me! you piece of sh…!

    Aside: Someone ordinary once said, “don’t play with sh!t, lest you want to stink up the place”. But sometimes I get reckless. Sorry folks for all the crap that might spew from Mr NG Tuberculosis as his answer to my simple question. He is always demanding answers to HIS simple (stupid IMHO) questions, so I thought I’d return the favour.

  28. We are sure that the issue of Ngabo is gone. We need someone reliable, knowledgeable, neutral yet someone who shares the aspiration of the Tibetan people. Excellent selection at this stage, and to uphold the faith of especially those in Tibet. It will be a challenging task, yet his long years of experience in all aspect of Tibetan will help him to take rfa to the new level…

    with the very best,


  29. Could you all please stop acting like retards and please stop using insults like that. If there is an iota of intelligence involved it won’t be SO hard to ignore them but this is not the case here. It’s such a pain to read through this poison and inanity. It’s like we are being subjected to witness pack of full bellied hyena’s cackling and tearing at each other for no purpose.

  30. @ Old Monk
    When Dr Lobsang Sangay adopt the western (usa) style of political campaign, he ushered in a new political reality that change the whole tone and tenor of Tibetan Political culture -for better or for worse. For that i give him full credit. No doubt he has charisma and raw confidence to go with that and that accounts for lot but now time to see some real long can people rally around his charisma and confidence?
    I think i have more confidence in the deep abiding unity of our people than you seem to have.because its really not about the Sikyong or CTA or the intellectuals.(although they all can help in fostering unity)but like you said its much more than that – of our past, shared religion, culture – of our tibetanness. and bearing in mind the interdependent nature of all phenomenon we all can reflect and work on how best to foster unity, respect and loyalty to each other.

  31. @ Allen Yangzom,

    I understand that you are pleased with the selection of Kasur Tethong as replacement for Ngabo and thats all well and good. but how quickly you can say that the issue of Ngabo is gone is quite something.

  32. only time will tell if Tethong will rise up to the occasion. He seems to hold some water with some people and that is well and good. But Ngabo issue shouldn’t go away as that is quite important for checks and balances, and we can’t hide it like we usually do with all the ugly stuffs in our society. You want to be modern, then act like it.

    And if you start a shouting match with a retard, he will win because of experience. Think about that.

  33. The whole issue is about a perfectly capable person being kicked out apparently for no good reason, isn’t it? How do know Ngabo’s fate doesn’t await Tethong down the line?

  34. Jamnorla is very perceptive. He treated this development rather delicately but there’s no 2 ways about his hunch.

  35. The terms and conditions of Tethong’s selection is any boy’s guess. As spaculated by several regulars on this site, RFA’s decicision to circumvent the so-called worldwide search was closedly monitored by those close of the issue, including the disgrunted Tibetan staff, and especially by several of those who innocently applied for the position only to be awakend that the management had already christined their choice while keeping the rest of the applicants, including four of five inmates in the dark. My source claim that on the day Tethong was being taken around to meet with authorities, other candiates were being called for interviews.

    Ngabo’s deliberative delay in seeking legal action against RFA managment prompted it to jump start the selection process. Tethong’s was asked to join at the earliest, but he wanted it postponed for about a month so that he could visit India, according to my sources. Unless this is an pre-planned visit not related to his new job, speculaltions are afloat that he is going to Dharamsala to get vetted by highest Tibetn authorities.

    There is little doubt tht he will uphold Ngabo’s upright an solitary line of defense when it comes to RFA’s murky mission,including free speech. Jigme’s bold encouragement of dissenting voices, and for which the Tibetn Service is widely known for, will remain Tethong’s biggest challenge. So much has changed since Ngabo’s dismissal, that it would be difficult for Tethong to restore some of its controversial but very popular programs. The listnership has gone down, I was told. It is only a matter of time that major media outlets, who until yesterday looked upon RFA for breaking news from Tibet will look else where. VOA and Voice of Tibet was looked upon as propaganda out lets just as China’s Xinhua.

    By the way, Ngabo has landed a plum job at the State Department!

  36. both VOA and RFA are propaganda agency funded by US Congress to fulfill its foreign policy mission. Whereas VOT is pure Tibetan propaganda agency pure owned by Tibetans. The common thing amongst all these agencies, they only dig the dirt and report some tragedy as news items. They barely cover anything of innovation in Tibet. Sometimes, they instigate, either directly or indirectly Tibetans who are in Tibet who are cut of from outside information. These agencies are partly responsible what happens in Tibet as well. They should report truthfully, if there are 50 people, they say it 50 people out of 3000 people…..if world looks else where, they report that too…..small act of appealing or someone’s personal opinion of any government agencies as real news to Tibetans inside as the official line of the particular foreign government, so people have a false impression of if something really happenning outside. THe fact is, people are just dead and in search of food and shelter, in the ended up being used by others.

    State the FACT


  37. @NG: Perhaps, it is time for you to come out of your closet and create the innovation that you think its lacking from these propaganda agencies, and enlighten us how they “instigate” and how are they are “responsible for what happens in Tibet” in writings. This effort will help us more instead of just bad mouthing everyone except Sikyong. At the least, give us some proof or a circumstantial evidence proving your allegations.
    Take care of your brain!
    Yours Agu,

  38. Tethong is a good guy and he will cooperate anybody who works for the good cause of Tibet. He will certainly help restore trust in the Sangye’s administration as well as RFA and no one can better suited to this task than him. Also, he never consider Lobsang Sangye as his enemy. Tethong and Sangye both might have vested interest in restoring trust in RFA as they are both true patriotic Tibetan. They are doing it for Tibet
    Having said that Tethong must make sure one thing that RFA must remain independent of CTA and ask Sangay not to treat his supporter as enemy. Its been said that Lobsang Sangay deliberately transfer many of the civil servants who doesn’t support in the election to unfavorable places and to accommodate his own supporter. Elections are over and treat everybody same. Proof can be found in the pudding.

    New Generation

  39. I do not know as of now who is supporting and doing best for the tibet cause. RFA saga is all for one.s own benefit trying to ladder up the post by buttering one another.

    Building a strong foundation is always difficult. So many people die for the cause as freedom is not free,does not come from so called non violence.there has to be so many bloodsheds, thorns,pressure,struggle. People like jamyangnorbu ,ngabo jigme are paving that path and there are the ones we the future generation look upon. Both of them are highly qualified scholar,independent mind, able to speak and implement their thoughts for the cause of tibet.they have the opportunity and the platform to butter up exile higher authorities but they choose the other way .
    I called them ,freedom fighters for the tibet, holder of truth bearer and wish both of them long life and prosperous health.

  40. While RFA Tibetan Service is awaiting its new director, there is an errie absence of the trouble maker Kaden Lodoe(didn’t some one call him Kudun’s Apso!) who has been commissioned by Libby Liu on a trip of sorts (whatever it is) to India. My source tells me tht even Libby joined Kalden in India. Can some one help!

    We can understand the patience of the Tibetan Staff at RFA -many of whom have been former Dharamsala hands,including Kashag,Security, Finance and parliament-but it remains to be seen how they will or can reconcile the aacromonious company of the shameless man behind all this – Kalden Lodoe.

    We have learnt that RFA itself has virtually become a fiefdom of the Chinese Dragon, and the dysfunctional BBG, with some of its members known
    to have succumbed to Libby’s moves, is unlikely to do anything to restore the normalcy at RFA.

    There are those who beleive that had it not been for CTA’s blessing, Libby would have neen removed from RFA long time ago. The law works in USA, but when foreign hand is involved, the law takes a beg stage.

    So, while the new director (Tethong) cannot be expected to challange Libby, he will be under tremendous pressure as to how he handle the raw in the Tibetan Service, which is Kalden versus the Rest of the 40-plus staff.

  41. Just as Tethong started work at RFA, RFA started celebrating the death Anniversary of Hu Yao Bang!

    Hurray to JN and his dirty politics and his naïve followers! Go and get more education!

    We must thank Woeser la pointing out the fucking farce out of RFA!


  42. “听今日自由亚洲藏语广播,在怀念胡耀邦,深感荒唐!有没有认真研究历史啊,胡耀邦固然对西藏有怀柔的政策,但是当时西藏清算文化大革命是被他中止的。当时全中国清算文革"三种人",西藏像在文革中发迹的热地等造反派却被胡耀邦保了下来。今天西藏问题这么过分,与一大批藏汉造反派至今在台上有关。


    By Woeser la


  43. @NG: Perhaps, it is time for you to come out of your closet and create the innovation that you think its lacking from these propaganda agencies, and enlighten us how they “instigate” and how are they are “responsible for what happens in Tibet” in writings. This effort will help us more instead of just bad mouthing everyone except Sikyong. At the least, give us some proof or a circumstantial evidence proving your allegations.

  44. why you all are fighting for such a useless topic plus attacking on personality. At micro level, this is very bad scenario which surely blocks the possibility of seeing reality!

    Please shut up for sometime.

  45. Kun Kham Sang all,

    I read through your opinions and comments. And I am stunned to find, not finding thereof anything on the ethics and guidelines of a journalist and that of how a leader, appointed in this case, of a newsroom should uphold the editorial integrity of a newsroom (RFA).

    I understand that the lines between true journalism for the sake of public service and personal agendas and ideas (products) is becoming more murky than ever before. And RFA is no different than other news outlets with agendas and those that buckle under corp advertisement control.

    I do hope, especially for our audience inside Tibet, that Tethong will upload the ethics of RFA with a clean conscious and not be deterred by any individual or governmental agendas.

    We have the privilege to exercise our right to free speech in this country. Let’s honor our right by adhering to the code of ethics.

    Thuk je che

  46. I pretty much enjoy reading all the opinions specially NG’s. I agree with him about JN. He’s nothing but hypocrite mofo. He’s using intellectual merely to play politics and always always talk highly of his cousin. I am glad Tethong got the Job and it will keep him busy for couple of years. I think Tethong doing Katri’s job is grave danger to all Tibetans. He will do less harm being RFA director.

  47. I pretty much enjoy reading all the opinions specially NG’s. I agree with him about JN. He’s nothing but hypocrite mofo. He’s using intellectual merely to play politics and always always talk highly of his cousin. I am glad Tethong got the Job and it will keep him busy for couple of years. I think Tethong doing Katri’s job is grave danger to all Tibetans. He will do less harm directing RFA.

  48. apart from Verbal abuse by NG, there are some crucial points to analyse. I agree with him and I understand what he’s trying to tell us- the truth of your situation. JN la is glad Tethong got the job and most of time he try to promote his cousin through his blog. I guess Tethong can do less harm to our cause by directing RFA than fighting for Prime Minister post.

  49. In regards to the article, there is too much conjecture on the part of the author. CTA’s Blessing, toe the line seems to be too vague with no point.
    In terms of Ngabo Jigme, the question you need to ask him is why is he quiet? Has he already made a deal a year before he resigned? Everyone else is making assumptions but he is still silent? Why? Has he something to hide in regards to his resignation or removal?
    And in terms of free and open, is Rangzen the only topic if discussed shows a free press, what about all the other issues that you don’t discuss. Rangzen Vs Middleway is one of the issues but not everything in our community is about that.

  50. Tenzin Namgyal Tethong will put you back in RFA payroll. TNT may be intelligent but unfortunately he plays some really disgusting politics….Kutrak politics…Your tone has changed now on the RFA issue? Shame on you!

  51. whats cooking with kalden lodoe thesedays? What happened to Tibet Center in Virginia which Lobsang Jinpa and Kalden have been fund raising? Where is the fund now?


    The turmoil at RFA Tibetan Service has,almost, reduced this once highy regarded media into a ‘mere’ surrogate of the newly re-christened Gaden Phodrang.

    Any regular listener to RFA, should have noticed the sea change enacted around and the after the first director(Jigme) was fired witout disclosing a just cause, as several regular secular programs were replaced with teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. And more is on way.

    The newly annointed director (Tethong) must have been surprised to find out that a familiar but very controvertial Amdowa – Hortsang Jigme – has been hired to pile up another program to pivot the message of Dalai Lama’s teaching. My source says, it is call the ‘The Unmistakeable Guidance of the His Holiness the Dalai Lama’. This is on top of two similar programs introduced recently.

    How intriguing that while RFA, like any US government funded agency is dealing with the severe sequestration, Libby Kalden has been able to accommodate one of the most controvertial Amdowa as the behest of who else other than Gaden Phodrang and CTA.

    As I have mentioned in earlir postings, RFA, in general, and the Tibetan Service in particular has lost its initial lustre as an indepedent voice of the suppressed people. I won’t be surprised if it listenership dips markedly, and eventally meet the same fact as that of the yore All India Tibetan Service.

    There is not much hope that the new director, despite all his accholates, will be able to tolerate, leave alone restore, some of its popular programs terminated earlier due to pressure the powers that be from no where but from Dharamsala.

    The frustation with CTA, including Gaden Phodrang is swelling all over, thanks to the cybar space chat that is mushrooming amongst the concerned Tibetans, many of whom still voices and greviences in disguise (of course there some some brave souls who have the gut to identify themselves openly). While, the Tibetan community itself and our leaders should be responsibe and accountable for any consequences from such outbursts, the US government, and for that matter any government that is helping the Tibetan cause, will find it hard to tolerate if they find that their scarce tax payers’ money is being misused to strifle and free speech in the first place, and the Tibetan administration wants to turn RFA into a programda machine, like the ones in China and North Korea, citizens of free societies won’t tolerate their governments to waste their money.

    At the internal Tibetan level, arguably the best solution to resolve the simmering problem at RFA Tibetan service is to ask the Gaden Phodrang to take Kalden Lodoe into its folds, and leave the rest of the dedicated staff to move forward under the new director.

    My sources have convinced me that unless Kalden Lodoe is removed from RFA, there will no resolution to the imbroglio. Period.

    It is in the ultimate interest of the Gaden Phodrang to shelter Kalden Lodoe under it cloak before it becomes to late. The guy has lost his wife and son. Locals call him a prostitude.And if what I keep on hearing is true, and I have am sure by now it must be true – the raw at RFA Tibetan Service has become the survical one virsus the rest 40. Simple. The math speaks out aloud!

  53. RFA and VOT should be shutdown, these agencies stir trouble back in Tibet. Fucking morons who has no stake personally always hide behind Tibetan cause and encourage and instigate more troubles in the land of snow. If you need radio in exile and new rfa program stop your Tibetan cause, built one in one of shitchak, it can cover all your 150000 exiles, you can talk anything from bolliwood to holliwood to your empty topic. Don’t rub our ears with your bullshit, enough is enough.


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