The big news following the 59’ Uprising was, of course, the escape of the Dalai Lama from Lhasa, which was featured in cover stories in TIME, LIFE, Reader’s Digest and other journals and papers.  But the world press also took note of the violence and oppression taking place inside Tibet and journalists attempted to cover it, without much success ––understandably enough.

Some M10 Political Cartoons From Around the World

Bernard Seaman: Communist China’s policy of “peaceful co-existance” demonstrated in Tibet

Yet a few cartoonists around the world managed to create incisive depictions of the self-serving naivety of Indian Premier Jawaharlal Nehru and the cynicism of newly decolonized countries in Asia and Africa in ignoring China’s genocidal tyranny in Tibet. I have located contributions by the famous Times of India cartoonist R.K. Laxman, and the British cartoonist David Low, best known for depicting world leaders during WWII. The first image posted above is a vivid and brutal cartoon by S.Sawak or S.Samak, an artist I could not locate anywhere. (Reader Sangya Taythi-la later identified the cartoonist as Bernard Seaman whose work mainly appeared in the American union and the labor press.)

R.K Laxman illustrates the “panchishila” policy that blinded Nehru to Mao’s military occupation of Tibet. 
David Low’s comment on how nations newly liberated from European colonialism shut their eyes to the violent occupation and destruction of Tibet

Tibet Mirror Cartoons

We must, of course, not forget the cartoons that came out in Gergen Tharchin’s Tibet Mirror (Melong) newspaper. Some of these might have been drawn by Tharchin’s talented brother-in-law Rigzin Wangpo. The contraction “Rig” on the lower left of the first cartoon is perhaps an alias.

Tibet Mirror cartoon: Indian Premier Nehru meditates on world peace, ignoring Communist China’s slaughter and destruction in Tibet, 1559.
Tibet Mirror cartoon: Mao Zedong manipulates Indian Premier Nehru into hearing nothing, seeing nothing, and speaking nothing on the tragedy in Tibet.

Tibet Mirror cartoon. The Dalai Lama escapes to India and Nehru introduces him to Asia and the world but the Chinese dragon is still devouring Tibetans in the land of snows.
Seated from left: Rigzin Wangpo, Rev. Gergen Tharchin and his wife Karma Dechen.

Present Day Cartoonists and Cartoons on M10

So far I have located just one cartoon (from Tendor-la) but I am sure more will follow. This one is a mocking comment on the attitude of some exiles who attend a rally once a year on M10 and feel that they’ve done their heroic bit for the Struggle.


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